About Me

My Name is Eric Barber. I have been a Runner for 10+ years now. I used to play your default sports such as football and baseball growing up. When I got older I noticed everyone else around me was getting bigger. It started to get difficult to play football when you only 75lbs and the average person tackling you was 130lbs+.

That was when I got into running. As soon as I started I fell in love with the sport.

When I first got into running I had very little knowledge about it. As I got older, throughout high school and college I learned more and more. The more I learned the better I got. I don’t remember a single year where I didn’t improve. I came a long way from my first mile race in middle school gym class of 7:47 to my best 5k in college 9 years later at Boston of 14:59.

Though I improved year after year I would always have one season where I got hurt. Every year it would be something different. I have had a whole bunch of different injuries. I had 2 stress fractures in my tibia, 3 times I had ITB syndrome, I ruptured my Achilles once, and I have had runners knee. I have seen time off from running varying from 2 weeks to 6 months. Because all that I have been through I have learned a lot about injury prevention and recovery.

Also, my experience through constantly reading running blogs has given me the opportunity to help other runners like you gain knowledge about running and about their running and walking shoes.

My goal with steadyfoot.com is to share the knowledge that I have gained over the years in training, injury recovery, prevention, and products. Since I have a big collection of running shoes, I decided to add a section to this blog where I review the shoes I wear.

I hope you find the information I provide helpful and that you may enjoy running more having attained more knowledge about the sport we love!