My Impression Of The Adidas Energy Boost

By Ed. Ramos.

So I finally got around to getting out and trying on the Adidas Energy Boost running shoe. I unfortunately didn’t run much in them but I wanted to share what I thought about them on my first impression wearing them.

Adidas Energy Boost

The Upper

The upper of the first generation reminded me of a pair of Under Armor running shoes. They fit kind of like a sock and have that warm gear kind of feel to them. The first generation I thought felt better then the second that just came out. The shoe does fit true to size which is always nice when ordering them online.

They have a hard plastic that cups the heel and attaches to the laces to give some stability to the highly stretchy upper. I personally am not a fan of the super stretchy upper being of set by the hard plastic. But if you like that feel it fits quite well. On The second generation they moved this plastic forward a little to give a little more stability to it.

Also, where the upper and mid sole attach behind the heel, there was a little pinching going on. I think this is just a by product of mixing elastic and plastic to the upper.

The Mid Sole

There were a few odd pressure points to the mid sole but I tend to find this with most new shoes. There was a point of pressure horizontally along the foot where there would be arch support, in front of the heel to the outside of the foot. The mid sole is extremely soft though so it is not irritating. I believe it will conform to the foot after wearing them in.

Though the shoes were responsive brand new out of the box I was unable to test how they would remain responsive through wear. Again the shoe was pretty soft.

The Sole

Adidas attached a very thin layer of a harder, higher abrasive sole. This is obviously to cut on weight. It reminded me of the Asics Hyperspeed.


This shoe was pretty light compared to the Asics Cumulus type of shoe. The fit was odd to me and was not my cup of tea but again some of you might like the feel of wearing elastic upper. I like to wear shoes that have only a little bit of give to the upper. Cozy shoe but just don’t know how it will hold up. The only reason I would not get this shoe is the pinching on the back of the heel. That would just get annoying.

I also did hear around from some shoe geeks that there is not a lot of data supporting the true responsiveness of the boost mid sole. So you will have to just try it out and see for yourself.

Remember as well, everyone has different feet and there are shoes that work for some and not others.  Give them a try and see what you think. And if you have any experience with these shoes feel free to leave a comment and add to the discussion.

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