Adidas Yeezy 350 Size Chart – Yeezy 350 v2 Size Chart


In this 2023 update, we’re going to give you the Adidas Yeezy 350 size chart and guide for men, women, kids, youth, and teens.

In June 2015, Adidas And Kanye released the Yeezy 350 v1. Then, only a year later, the Yeezy 350 v2 hit the market.

In these years, there have been a pretty large amount of changes to the original 350, but have those changes affected Yeezy sizing?

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate Yeezy 350 size chart, we’ve got you covered. Also later in the article, we’re going to talk about:

  • How the new 2023 Carbon Beluga fits 
  • Do Yeezys run small or big?
  • Are Yeezys unisex?
  • What Yeezy size should women get?
  • Yeezy 350 v1 vs 350 v2.
  • Yeezy 350 vs Mono Pack
  • Yeezy 350 vs Ultra Boost sizing.
  • Where to buy Yeezys for retail price
  • Where to buy Yeezys for resale price

In these Yeezy Boost 350 size charts, We’re going to give you the US size, UK size, EU size, foot length in inches, and foot length in centimeters.

Here’s the 2022 review of the Yeezy Slides.

Adidas Yeezy 350 Size Charts



Men’s Yeezy 350 Size Chart (inch, cm, US, UK, EU)

US Size
Foot Length
in Inches
Foot Length
in cm
Men Yeezy
UK Size
Men Yeezy
EU Size
48.7″22.1 cm3.536
4.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *
59.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *
5.59.2″23.3 cm538
69.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *
6.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *
79.7″24.6 cm6.540
7.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3 *
810.0″25.5 cm7.541 1/3 *
8.510.2″25.9 cm842
910.4″26.3 cm8.542 2/3 *
9.510.5″26.7 cm943 1/3 *
1010.7″27.1 cm9.544
10.510.9″27.6 cm1044 2/3 *
1111.0″28.0 cm10.545 1/3 *
11.511.2″28.4 cm1146
1211.3″28.8 cm11.546 2/3 *
12.511.5″29.3 cm1247 1/3 *
1311.7″29.7 cm12.548
13.511.9″30.1 cm1348 2/3 *
1412.0″30.5 cm13.549 1/3 *
14.512.2″31.0 cm1450
1512.4″31.4 cm14.550 2/3 *
1612.7″31.8 cm1551 1/3 *
1713.0″32.6 cm1552 2/3 *
1813.3″33.5 cm1753 1/3 *
1913.7″34.3 cm1854 2/3 *
2014.0″35.2 cm1955 2/3 *


Women’s Yeezy 350 Size Chart (inch, cm, US, UK, EU)




US Size
Foot Length
in Inches
Foot Length
in cm
Women Yeezy
UK Size
Women Yeezy
EU Size
58.7″22.1 cm3.536
5.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *
69.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *
6.59.2″23.3 cm538
79.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *
7.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *
89.7″24.6 cm6.540
8.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3 *
910.0″25.5 cm7.541 1/3 *
9.510.2″25.9 cm842
1010.4″26.3 cm8.542 2/3 *
10.510.5″26.7 cm943 1/3 *
1110.7″27.1 cm9.544
11.510.9″27.6 cm1044 2/3 *
1211.0″28.0 cm10.545 1/3 *
12.511.2″28.4 cm1146
1311.3″28.8 cm11.546 2/3 *
13.511.5″29.3 cm1247 1/3 *
1411.7″29.7 cm12.548
14.511.9″30.1 cm1348 2/3 *
1512.0″30.5 cm13.549 1/3 *
15.512.2″31.0 cm1450


Yeezy 350 Men to Women Size Chart

US Size
Foot Length
in Inches
US Size

Kids’ Yeezy 350 Size Chart (inch, cm, US, UK, EU)


4 – 7 yrs US
Foot Length
in Inches
Foot Length
in cm
Kids Yeezy
UK Size
Kids Yeezy
EU Size
10.5K6.5″16.6 cm10K28
11K6.7″17.0 cm10.5K28.5
11.5K6.9″17.4 cm11K29
12K7.0″17.8 cm11.5K30
12.5K7.2″18.3 cm12K30.5
13K7.4″18.7 cm12.5K31
13.5K7.5″19.1 cm13K31.5
17.7″19.5 cm13.5K32
1.57.9″20.0 cm133
28.0″20.4 cm1.533.5
2.58.2″20.8 cm234
38.3″21.2 cm2.535


Youth & Teens’ Yeezy 350 v2 Size Chart (inch, cm, US, UK, EU)

Youth &
8 – 16
yrs US
Foot Length
in Inches
Foot Length
in cm
Teens Yeezy
UK Size
Yeezy Teens
EU Size
3.58.5″21.6 cm335.5
48.7″22.1 cm3.536
4.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *
59.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *
5.59.2″23.3 cm538
69.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *
6.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *
79.7″24.6 cm6.540
7.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3


New 2023 Yeezy Boost Carbon Beluga 350 v2

I grabbed the new Carbon Beluga 350 v2 this Yeezy Day 2023. In terms of sizing, I found that this carbon Beluga colorway fits just like the standard Beluga colorway.

Adidas still recommends going up a half size, but if you prefer the more snug fit, you can actually go true to size if your feet are not wide at all.

So, if you bought 350 V2s before, you generally know what you’re getting with this shoe and I would recommend just grabbing the standard size that you usually grab.

Unfortunately, if you grab the wrong size from Adidas, you can’t return it and you’re going to have to resell it or exchange it or something like that.

One interesting thing I found in terms of sizing is that the knitting pattern can really determine how your 350 v2 fits. For the v2, you’ve got the Zebra, Static, and MX knit patterns.

While both the Static knit and the Zebra style stretch with wear over time, the Zebra is tighter in the mid-upper and toe box and the Static knit pattern is looser in those areas.

You can actually size up a full size and still be comfortable in the Zebra knitting pattern. However, your shoe might become loose after a few years.

Going a half size up gives you that snug “runner” feel where it’s still comfortable but you can’t wiggle your toes comfortably.

Yeezy Boost 350 v1 vs 350 v2

The Boost material in the 350 v2 is better and feels softer than the 350 v1. You can actually feel and get the benefits of Boost better in the Yeezy 350 v2 than the v1.

The casing on the bottom is more rubberized in the 350 v2 and the v1 has like hard plastic on the bottom. Adidas was so quick to correct things with the v2.

The outsole on the 350 v2 is a huge advantage for having longevity than the 350 v1 have.

Also, the Primeknit upper on the 350 v2 feels a little more stretchy and softer as well. The 350 v1 has a pull tab and the v2 uses the open heel as a pull tab.

The other major difference is the width of the shoes. The 350 v2 has a wider base than the v, but that doesn’t make it wider fitting.

Comfort-wise, the 350 v2 feels more comfortable than the v1 and style-wise, I like the v2s better as well.


Yeezy 350 vs Ultra Boost sizing

The Yeezy 350 runs smaller than the Ultra Boost. Go half a size up from your Ultra Boost true to size.


Here’s our latest review of the new Yeezy Pod.

Yeezy 350 vs Mono Pack


I guess your biggest questions are going to be “how has the Mono Pack changed up? Is this something I should be hyped about? Do I necessarily need the Mono Pack compared to a regular Yeezy 350 or a Yeezy 350 V2?”

First off, the entire upper has completely changed in material. This mono material is a brand-new material we’ve never seen on a Yeezy 350 before. That in turn has changed not only the feel of it in hand but also the feel of it on foot.

Of course, obviously, the appearance has changed quite a bit as well.

It’s called a monofilament mesh material which I guess the best way to explain it is it’s like a plastic kind of mesh material.

On some of the previous Yeezy 350 V2s when you had that semi-translucent stripe that went across the side, this monofilament material kind of feels like that.

The upper feels way more structurally stable like it holds its shape way better than any other Yeezy 350. When you press the upper, it just bounces straight.

The back area actually feels a little bit stiffer.

However, I will say that because of the monofilament mesh, you’re getting pretty much little to no stretch.



Because of this monofilament mesh, you can also see through it. It’s kind of semi-translucent and it obviously reveals the inner cage.

This gives the shoe a kind of alien vibe or just changes the look of this shoe completely. This cage not only looks dope, but it also adds some kind of structural integrity to the pair of shoes.

It’s not made of plastic or anything really hard. It feels kind of like felt or kind of suede material.





On this Mono version, the iconic 350 center stitching that moves up the center is pretty much one perfect seam as opposed to the previous versions where it’s kind of been a reverse or cross-stitch going down the middle.


The laces are made of the exact same monofilament mesh material, which I must say feels pretty strange when you’re using them.

They’re scratchy and they’re made of that same kind of plastic stuff. However, functionally, they operate just exactly the same as any other lace.

They’ve added little plastic lace holes which look pretty good. They kind of go with the look of the shoe and they’re going to add extra durability and prevent the knit from stretching or tearing over time.

They brought the Yeezy 350 pull tab and it is made of the same monofilament mesh material. This pull tab is kind of stiff and structurally stable.

How do these Monos fit and feel on foot? Should you size up or down?


Do Yeezy Monos run small or big?

The Monos are pretty different and they feel definitely different from a regular Yeezy 350 v2. You can definitely feel the less stretch around the toe box and then around the back area.

It kind of feels a little bit more like a sneaker, if you know what I mean. A regular Yeezy 350 feels like a sock because that knit is so soft.

Whether or not that made sense essentially, what you want to do is go the exact same size as your Yeezy 350 size. Or, for anybody who hasn’t tried on a Yeezy 350, go a half size up than you would normally go.


Where To Buy Yeezy 350?



If you’ve ever tried to buy a pair of Yeezy before, you may know that it’s not the easiest task to buy them at retail price.

There are plenty of places to shop to buy them on the secondary market for resale prices, and in this section, we’re going to cover both topics.

I want to give you the resources and the truth about how to buy Yeezys for retail price and then give you some places where I like to shop to buy them for resale prices.

Where to buy Yeezys for retail price, Adidas App, Adidas Confirmed App

I like to categorize this into three little buckets. The first one is from Adidas directly. Right now, Adidas releases the sneakers in a couple of different ways, but it boils down to either their website or one of two apps.

They have the Adidas App and the brand-new Confirmed App.

The Confirmed App has seen a lifespan in the past, which was a little bit different than what it is before, but I highly recommend checking out and then the Adidas App and the Adidas Confirmed App.

The second category is Yeezy Supply…

Yeezy Supply

Yeezy Supply is still a website that some people are unfamiliar with, but this is essentially Kanye’s way of selling sneakers directly through him.

It essentially looks and feels like Adidas in terms of how you check out, how you buy the shoe, and how the shoe is released.

It’s a completely legitimate website and it is linked from Kanye’s actual website They release almost every single Yeezy on

I will say it is fairly difficult to buy the shoes on there because they do a sort of virtual cue system where you have to wait in line.

The releases in the past have taken hours long and some models sell out really fast. So, it’s really a toss-up but always worth a try.

To be honest, though, this website does get a lot of attack from bots that take a lot of the stock of these sneakers.

The Adidas App and those raffles are not really as susceptible to that, but I will say Yeezy Supply can be pretty difficult at times, but it’s always worth a try.

Other retailers

Not every Yeezy goes to other retailers because there are some Yeezys that stick to just Adidas and Yeezy Supply. For instance, they are releasing the Carbon 350 at plenty of other retailers like Foot Locker, Champs, Foot Action, some regional retailers like Shoe Palace, and then smaller boutiques that are kind of in individual cities like Kith or Undefeated.

Essentially at this point in Yeezy releases, if a store has gotten any other Yeezy in the past, they’re likely to get whatever Yeezy you’re thinking of trying to buy at retail price.

So, I would reach out to those stores, check them out on social media, and see what the release procedures are.

Another big note though is that a lot of these retailers are affected by bots as well just like Yeezy Supply. So, they can be very difficult to buy online from.

However, in-store is usually a different scenario. If your local retailer like a citywide boutique or something like that is doing an in-store raffle, that may be a better shot for you.

That is really going to round out where to buy Yeezys at retail price.

Now, let’s move on to where you can buy Yeezys on the secondary market…


Where to buy Yeezys for resale price

A lot of Yeezys go for some amount of money over that retail price on the secondary market, but there are some that dip below that retail price.

But you can find any of these sneakers on any of these platforms that I’m going to talk about.

So, where can you buy them for resale prices? What are the legitimate places to go? What shoes are fake? Where should I try and avoid…?

Answering all those questions can be defined by these five retailers, some are websites and some are apps.

These are all very trusted and legitimate and they all vary in prices. Not one place is better than the other and it all depends on what you’re looking for, at what specific time, the best prices, the speed of delivery, and things like that.

This list is in no particular order.

  1. Amazon
  2. StockX
  3. Goat

All of these are excellent places to go and shop on the secondary market and all of them guarantee authenticity.

I look to these five places because I don’t even want to scour the internet and worry about what might be real and what might be fake.

I know these five do an excellent job at providing sneakers on the secondary market, so I highly recommend checking out any and all of these places for any shoe you’re looking to get on the secondary market.

That is pretty much going to round out this section. We have talked about where to buy Yeezys for retail price as well as resale prices on the secondary market.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Sizing- FAQ


Do Yeezy 350 run small or big?

The Yeezy 350 runs small.

  • If you have super narrow feet, go true to size.
  • If you have normal feet, go half a size up.
  • If you have wide feet, go a full size up.

Are Yeezys Unisex?

Yes, Yeezys are generally considered unisex. While some specific models may be released in both men’s and women’s sizes, many Yeezy styles are designed to be worn by individuals of any gender. The sizing often includes both men’s and women’s options to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes.

What Yeezy size should women get?

For female loyalists of the Yeezy, everything is in men’s sizing. Your true size in the Yeezy 350 is going to be men’s sizing plus 1. So, a women’s size 7 in Yeezy is a men’s 6.

Yeezy Boost kid sizes

Do Yeezys come in kid sizes? Yes. Starting from 8 years old, your boy or girl can wear a Yeezy 350 comfortably.

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