Adidas Yeezy 700 Size Chart And Fit


Hey everyone! Get ready for a sizing adventure as we have the Yeezy 700 size chart you’ve been hunting for. In this size guide, from men to women, kids, youth, and teens, we’ve got all bases covered.

Join us in exploring the iconic Yeezy journey through the V1 Wave Runners, the dad-shoe pinnacle of V2s, and the futuristic and athleisure vibe of V3s.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Wave Runner or got hooked on the instant sellout allure of the V3s, our Yeezy 700 guide has something for everyone.

Beyond sizes, we’ll tackle burning questions like:

  • Do Yeezy 700 run big or small?
  • Yeezy 700 V1 vs V2 vs V3.
  • Are Yeezy 700 comfortable?
  • How to clean Yeezy 700?

So, from comfort to fit to how to keep your Yeezys looking sharp, dive into the Yeezy world with us – it’s sizing made simple.


Adidas Yeezy 700 Size Charts

Men’s Yeezy 700 Size Chart (inch, cm, US, UK, EU) 

Yeezy Men
US Size
Heel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
Yeezy UK
Yeezy EU
48.7″22.1 cm3.536
4.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *
59.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *
5.59.2″23.3 cm538
69.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *
6.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *
79.7″24.6 cm6.540
7.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3 *
810.0″25.5 cm7.541 1/3 *
8.510.2″25.9 cm842
910.4″26.3 cm8.542 2/3 *
9.510.5″26.7 cm943 1/3 *
1010.7″27.1 cm9.544
10.510.9″27.6 cm1044 2/3 *
1111.0″28.0 cm10.545 1/3 *
11.511.2″28.4 cm1146
1211.3″28.8 cm11.546 2/3 *
12.511.5″29.3 cm1247 1/3 *
1311.7″29.7 cm12.548
13.511.9″30.1 cm1348 2/3 *
1412.0″30.5 cm13.549 1/3 *
14.512.2″31.0 cm1450
1512.4″31.4 cm14.550 2/3 *
1612.7″31.8 cm1551 1/3 *
1713.0″32.6 cm1552 2/3 *
1813.3″33.5 cm1753 1/3 *
1913.7″34.3 cm1854 2/3 *
2014.0″35.2 cm1955 2/3 *


Women’s Yeezy 700 Size Chart (inch, cm, US, UK, EU)

Yeezy Women
US Size
Heel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
UK Yeezy
EU Yeezy
58.7″22.1 cm3.536
5.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *
69.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *
6.59.2″23.3 cm538
79.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *
7.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *
89.7″24.6 cm6.540
8.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3 *
910.0″25.5 cm7.541 1/3 *
9.510.2″25.9 cm842
1010.4″26.3 cm8.542 2/3 *
10.510.5″26.7 cm943 1/3 *
1110.7″27.1 cm9.544
11.510.9″27.6 cm1044 2/3 *
1211.0″28.0 cm10.545 1/3 *
12.511.2″28.4 cm1146
1311.3″28.8 cm11.546 2/3 *
13.511.5″29.3 cm1247 1/3 *
1411.7″29.7 cm12.548
14.511.9″30.1 cm1348 2/3 *
1512.0″30.5 cm13.549 1/3 *
15.512.2″31.0 cm1450


Kids’ Yeezy 700 Size Chart (inch, cm, US, UK, EU)

Children Yeezy
4 – 7 yrs US Size
Heel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
UK Yeezy
Yeezy EU
10.5K6.5″16.6 cm10K28
11K6.7″17.0 cm10.5K28.5
11.5K6.9″17.4 cm11K29
12K7.0″17.8 cm11.5K30
12.5K7.2″18.3 cm12K30.5
13K7.4″18.7 cm12.5K31
13.5K7.5″19.1 cm13K31.5
17.7″19.5 cm13.5K32
1.57.9″20.0 cm133
28.0″20.4 cm1.533.5
2.58.2″20.8 cm234
38.3″21.2 cm2.535


Youth & Teens’ Yeezy 700 Size Chart (inch, cm, US, UK, EU)

Youth & Teens Yeezy
8 – 16 yrs US Size
Heel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
UK Yeezy
Yeezy EU
3.58.5″21.6 cm335.5
48.7″22.1 cm3.536
4.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *
59.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *
5.59.2″23.3 cm538
69.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *
6.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *
79.7″24.6 cm6.540
7.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3


Yeezy 700 V1 vs V2 vs V3


With the 700 family, we have the past, the present, and the future. There are a lot of similarities and differences between the Yeezy 700 V1, V2, and V3.


In this section, I am going to be comparing the new 700 v3 Azael against the 700 V1 Wave Runner and the 700 v2.

We’re going to be breaking down the sizing, the fit, and the feel of these shoes.

Comparing the V1 and the V2, you’ve got that same midsole and outsole and only the colors are different.

The 700 Wave Runners are probably one of the most iconic Yeezys of its time. It was the start of a new trend, the dad shoe.

The Wave Runners were hit with a lot of hate, to begin with, and it took a long time for it to grow on people.

The 700 v3 Azael ended up selling out instantly and it was super hard to get. It started reselling very well right after it released.

Aesthetically, the 700 V1 and 2 are totally different compared to the 700 V3. We’re talking about a dad shoe and way more of a futuristic vibe of the V3.



The 700 v1 has full-length Boost. When you have Boost, you just can’t beat it. So, as far as comfort is concerned, the 700 V3s will not match up to the 700 V1 and the V2.

However, I will say on the 700 V1, you don’t feel that Boost as much because of that chunky midsole.

On the 700 v3, it doesn’t have Boost. Instead, you’re getting an EVA foam which is very similar to the Yeezy Slides.

If you do own a pair of Yeezy Slides and you like that comfort, you’re going to find it quite similar.

No, let’s move to the fit and feel of the shoes…

Fit & Feel

The V1 has more padding inside and there’s more cushioning especially around the heel and on the tongue.

The 700 V3 has a sort of slip-on feel and it kind of has a lockdown feel. It kind of gives you that sort of basketball sporty feel. It’s tight and it fits a lot narrower compared to the V1 and V2.

The 700 v2 has got a whole new Ortholite insole, which adds to the comfort underfoot.


So, how do the Yeezy 700 v3 fit?

Sizing-wise, it’s generally advised to stick to your true shoe size when buying Yeezys, but for me, even though I go a half-size up on all Yeezys, I will say that the 700 V3 fits a lot narrower. And if you have wide feet, you might even have to go up a full size on the 700 V3.

As for the 700 v1, because of that loose tongue and that you can loosen the laces up, it kind of gives you that extra room. I feel the laces on the V1 really have no difference to the feel of the sneaker.



As far as the design standpoint, these shoes are totally different. We’re talking about a futuristic shoe (V3) and a dad shoe (V1 and V2).

The v3s glow in the dark, which is a nice feature and it looks like all the upcoming colorways will glow in the dark. The 700 Wave Runners have a lot of 3M.

The bevel on the heel of the 700 v2 has a steeper slope than the v1.



The Wave Runners are made out of leather, suede, and cloth whereas the V3 has a little bit of Primeknit on the side, a hard plastic material on the toe box, and a neoprene tongue.

Honestly, I don’t even know why they called the 700 v3 a 700 because it’s a different shoe and they should have just given it its own number.

I would say if you’re a Yeezy fan, you definitely need to own a pair of the Wave Runners and you will need to own a pair of the 700 V3.



On the 700 v2, the tongue is actually stitched in and you can’t really move it. This is called a gusseted tongue and it’s a good feature to have because the gusseted tongue stays on top of your foot and doesn’t slide around.

On the v1, the upper is not sewn in.

Now, let’s put the 700 V3 against the 700 V2.

700 V3 vs 700 V2


Aesthetically, the Static 700 V2 is the peak of dad shoes. Everyone was creating memes on the Internet of this shoe because it does look like a grandpa shoe.

The upper on the 700 v2 has got some woveness, some leather, and a little bit of 3M. The upper on the 700 v1 is mesh, a little bit of leather, and some suede.

The upper on the v2 is lighter and gives way a lot easier whereas the 700 v1 is a little stiffer and takes a little bit more breaking in. It doesn’t mold to the foot quite as well.

The one thing I will say it is the same that is very comparable between the V2 and the V3 is that they’re both breathable.

I feel the 700 V2 are one of the most comfortable Yeezys that are out there.

Aesthetically, I really like the new futuristic more athleisure vibe the V3s have.

Last but not least, both shoes can fit into the box of each either version. Interesting, isn’t it?


Yeezy 700 FAQ

Do Yeezy 700 Run Big or Small?

So, what size should you get in the Yeezy 700? Well, it depends on the 700 model you have:

The Yeezy 700 Wave Runners run true to size. No need to size up or down.

The Yeezy 700 V2 runs small. You need to half size up.

The Yeezy 700 V3 runs tight around the midfoot and ankles. Go half a size up or a full size up if you have wide feet.

The Yeezy 700 MNVN is a slip-on style and runs snug. Go true to size if you have narrow feet. Go up half a size if you have wide feet.


Do the Yeezy 700 V3 Fit True to size?

No. The Yeezy 700 V3 Azael and Arzareth do not fit true to size. You need to go half a size up. 

Are Yeezy 700 comfortable?

Yeezy 700 V1 Wave Runners

The 700 Wave Runners have a really comfortable Boost midsole. The upper is really wide-foot friendly, which makes them really comfortable to wear.

The 700 Wave Runners fit really similar to the Nike Monarch 4, which is the ultimate dad shoe. But the 700 Wave Runners are more comfortable than the Monarch obviously because it’s Boost and because it’s, again, really chunky and wide foot-friendly.

Yeezy 700 V2

While the Yeezy 700 V2 doesn’t have that same softness and squishiness out of the box that the 350 v2s have, I feel like over time, the 700 v2 gives you a good balance between and softness and support. As you break them in, they become more and more comfortable over time.

Yeezy 700 V3

The 700 v3 has an EVA midsole which is actually encapsulated by the dark foam. Of course, it has to be said that the EVA foam used as cushioning in the midsole of the sneaker is nowhere near as comfortable as Boost.

However, I think it’s a lot cheaper and that’s why this shoe is $100 cheaper than every other .

Is the Yeezy 700 v3 uncomfortable though? No, but it’s just nowhere soft as Boost, and if you’re used to wearing Boost, this shoe is definitely going to be kind of a letdown.

Do Yeezy 700 come in kid sizes?

Yes, they do. Starting from 8 years old, your kids can wear the Adidas Yeezy 700 Boost sneakers.

How To Clean Yeezy 700?

Here’s a video to help you clean your 700s.

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