Adidas Yeezy Slides Size Chart for Men, Women, and Kids


In this 2023 update, we have the Adidas Yeezy Slides size chart and guide for men, women, and kids.

I know how frustrating it is when you order footwear online only to find that it runs either small or big. The Yeezy Slides run small and the worst thing is they only come in full size.

But don’t worry. Below is the Yeezy Slides size chart, and right below that, we’re going to be talking about:

  • 2023 Yeezy Slide Azure sizing
  • Yeezy Slide sizing
  • Price
  • Materials and colors
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • How to clean Yeezy Slides
  • How to spot fake Yeezy Slides
  • And more…

If Yeezy Slide sizing is really confusing for you, here’s an article where we discuss whether the Yeezy Slides run small or big.

Let’s dive right into it…

Adidas Yeezy Slides Size Charts

Unisex Yeezy Slides Size Chart (US, UK, EU, Brazil, Japan, Korea) 

Yeezy Slide
US Size
Yeezy Slide
EU Size
Yeezy Slide
UK Size


Kids’ Yeezy Slides Size Chart (age, inch, cm, US, UK, EU) 

Foot Length
in Inches
Foot Length
in cm
Yeezy Slide
US Size
Yeezy Slide
UK Size
Yeezy Slide
EU Size
3.7″9.31 Inf0-3 Mth0 Inf16
3.9″102 Inf3-6 Mth1 Inf17
4.3″113 Inf6 Mth2 Inf18
4.6″11.64 Inf9 Mth3 Inf19
4.8″12.35 Inf9-12 Mth4 Inf20
5.1″135.5 Tod12-18 Mth4.5 Tod21
5.4″13.76 Tod18-24 Mth5 Tod22
5.7″14.47 Tod2 Years6 Tod23
5.9″158 Tod2 Years7 Tod24
6.1″15.69 Tod3 Years8 Tod25
6.4″16.39.5 Tod3 Years8.5 Tod26
6.7″1710 Kids4 Years9 Kids27
7.0″17.711 Kids5 Years10 Kids28
7.2″18.412 Kids6 Years11 Kids29
7.5″1913 Kids7 Years12 Kids30
7.8″19.713.5 Kids8 Years12.5 Kids31
8.0″20.41 Kids8 Years13 Kids32
8.3″212 Kids9 Years1 Kids33
8.5″21.73 Kids10 Years2 Kids34
8.8″22.33.5 Kids11 Years2.5 Kids35
9.0″234 Kids12 Years3 Kids36


2023 Yeezy Slide Sizing Update! (Azure Blue)

This is the Azure color that dropped in 2023. I can confirm that the sizing problems still exist with the Yeezy Slide Azure colorway.

Most pairs in the past have fit small with some older colors having all kinds of strange sizing inconsistencies too, but while the Azure looks really nice with this bright blue, it does fit small like the older pairs.

Of course, I would definitely go up to the next size if you’re in between sizes since they still only make these in full sizes.

The other thing that these are notorious for is their comfort because these are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable slides on the market right now.

Like the sizing, I can confirm that the comfort hasn’t changed either.


The Yeezy Slides are notorious for having the weirdest sizing ever. I ordered the older slides in a 12, but surprisingly, the size 11 in the Yeezy Slides Azure fits me really well. Each colorway is sort of different and so it’s honestly hard to tell which sizes is right for you.

Again, size 11 in the Azure fits me perfect.

Here’s our full review of the Adidas Yeezy Slides.

Everything you need to know about Adidas Yeezy Slides


In this section, I just want to talk about a few things you need to know about Yeezy Slides…


Are Yeezy Slides Unisex?

The Yeezy Slides are unisex and don’t come in half sizes. Keep in mind that Yeezy Slides are primarily available in men’s/unisex sizing, but you can easily convert that to women’s sizing.

Do Yeezy Slides Run Small?

Absolutely! Yeezy Slides run very small, so it’s highly recommended to size up. If you normally wear a size 10.5, I definitely recommend you go a half size up to a size 11. And if you have wide feet, you might even need to get a size 12 because, again, Yeezy Slides aren’t available in half sizes.


Kanye West just released his first Yeezy after leaving Adidas. It’s called the Yeezy Pod. Check out our initial review.

How much are the Yeezy Slides

The retail price on these is $60 making this the cheapest Yeezy shoe to release so far. But while it is still about $30 too expensive, it is a decent price considering the Foam Runners are about $100.

The price has gone down significantly since they started putting more pairs out and started restocking them.

But if you take a look at some of the colorways that haven’t had a restock recently, they’re still insanely high on the aftermarket.

What are Yeezy Slides made of?


When it comes to the materials and the design, the sole is unbelievably cushioned. I can’t even explain the amount of cushioning that’s in this slide, but it is heavenly.

The Slide does not have any Adidas Boost technology. Instead, it is injected with a single piece of EVA foam inside the sole and it is insanely comfortable and water-resistant.


Are Yeezy Slides comfortable?


In terms of how comfortable these slides are, I got to say Adidas and Yeezy really did a good job with the comfort.

Since the entire slide is made out of EVA, it feels really plush and really soft on your foot. The footbed area feels super soft almost like a pillow. It sort of has this molded feel to it and it kind of molds naturally to the shape of your foot.

It does give your foot some sort of arch support because of the way that the inside is structured.

It’s not really flat inside and so it might be good if you have foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis and you need some arch support.

The good news is the newer 2022 versions of the Yeezy Slides feel even softer and more comfortable than previous versions.

Overall, the Yeezy Slides feel just like a marshmallow on your foot. They’re super squishy and they just kind of mold to your foot.

Design & Looks

The Slide is really minimal looking with no kind of huge logo. There’s no Yeezy branding or anything like that on the outside of the Slide. But the only bit of branding you get is the Adidas logo on the heel cup.


One thing I like design-wise is everything is kind of rounded and there’s no sharp edges in the design.

In the midfoot, there’s an elevated arch area to provide some arch support while the heel area is a little bit indented and it curves around the entire back end.

Around the toe area, you do have a bump to give you some support around your toes so that your toes have something to grip on when you’re walking.

Not only is the comfort level superior, but the Sides are very stylish with their more minimalistic look. In my opinion, the elevated sole gives these a more high-fashion look.

Also, they do look like a substantial pair of sneakers because they’re pretty chunky and big. So, when you are wearing them out and about, they don’t just look like you’re walking around barefoot.



The outsole has this serrated pattern which is done in these horizontal lines. It’s probably the coolest feature of the shoe, at least visually. In terms of traction, these grooves are supposed to give you some traction and support as well.

But even though these slides have some pretty aggressive tread on the bottom, the traction isn’t anything special.

This is just foam and there’s no rubber on it. So, if you feel you have to wear a slide outside in slippery weather, then I probably wouldn’t recommend wearing these. But for indoors and for dry outdoor climates, these will be great.

One of my favorite things about the Yeezy Slides is they kind of mold to your foot nicely and don’t slap your heel when you’re walking around.


The Yeezy Slides are available in these colorways:

  • Azure (2023)
  • MX Moon (2023)
  • Onyx (2022)
  • Flax (2022)
  • Ochre
  • Bone
  • Resin
  • Soot
  • Core
  • Pure
  • Enflame Orange
  • Green Glow

Resell, Resale, Restock

What I really found surprising about these at first is the fact that there’s actually resale on this Slide. I think these shoes are already overpriced at retail, but at the end of the day, the value of something is what you perceive it to be.

The good thing is these slides will be restocking every two to three months. So, if you strike out on this round, I’d probably hold off on paying resale.

Break-in Time

In terms of the break-in time, I had to break in the old versions. They weren’t really comfortable the first week that I wore them because the rubber on them was really stiff.

However, the newer versions do not have to be broken in because they’re comfortable right out of the box. 

Yeezy Slides & Socks


Another thing to consider and something that you need to know is that I suggest you wear socks when rocking these slides.

The material on the Slides feels very rubber-like and so you don’t want this strap rubbing on the top of your feet because that might feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

If it’s a hot day and your feet are getting sweaty, you definitely don’t want this rubbing there because it might feel painful throughout the day.

Also, I think these slides look better with socks and it’s a good thing to do to kind of hide your crusty toes.


Adidas Yeezy Slides – FAQs


Do Yeezy Slides fit true to size?


The Yeezy Slides are not true to size for all foot shapes. They actually run small and tight around the midfoot.

  • If you have super narrow feet, you might get away with going true to size.
  • If you have normal feet, you really have to go a half size up.
  • If you have wide feet, you really have to go a full size up because the midfoot is really tight.


What size should I be in Yeezy Slides?


Yeezy Slide sizing is all over the place and they tend to run small. If you own a pair of Adidas Yeezys, pick one size up from your usual Yeezy size.

Should you size up or down in Yeezy Slides?


Yeezy Slides seem to run on the narrower end of the spectrum. We recommend you definitely size up for the best fit.


Do Yeezy Slides come in half sizes (1/2)?


The Yeezy Slides don’t come in half sizes. So, if you are between sizes, what should you do? If you’re between sizes, you need to get the next full size.

For the Yeezy Slides, everything is in men’s/unisex sizing but can be converted into women’s sizing. If you’re looking for Yeezy Slide sizing for women’s, your women’s sizing should be calculated by subtracting one size and a half to get the Yeezy Slide equivalent. So, if you’re a women’s 8, your men’s size is going to be 6.5.



The Adidas Yeezy Slides are definitely worth it especially if you can get them for retail at $60, which is incredibly doable.

One of the things I never expected to learn is that the Yeezy Slides is the most popular pair of Yeezys. Recently, the Yeezy Slides have become one of the most sold items on platforms like StockX, Goat, and even eBay.

Overall, I really understand why the Yeezy Slides is as popular as it is.

  • The comfort of these slides is incredible.

Once you step into this shoe and feel the squishiness under your foot, you’re going to love it.

  • The aesthetics and looks of the Yeezy Slides are great.

It’s kind of wild-looking and different than any other pair of slides I’ve ever seen before. However, It’s also got this super minimal super clean aesthetic.

Are Yeezy slides comfortable?


Yes. The Yeezys are super comfortable slides. But what makes them comfortable?

They are made out of a lightweight EVA foam, but it does have some density too. The cushioning is really soft underfoot without being too mushy or unstable.

This EVA is actually a lot softer than the Adidas Boost or the New Balance foam slides, which is kind of like what you want.

If you’re going to wear some shoes around the house or around town, you definitely want something to feel very comfortable and soft and these slides definitely deliver that.

One thing to point out is that the upper part does not have any padding. There’s also no lining for additional comfort next to your skin.

Do Yeezy Slides come in kid sizes?


Yes. For infants and toddlers, the Yeezy Slides come with a comfortable back strap so that they don’t fall off.


I would avoid wearing the Yeezy Slides to the beach, especially if exposed to the sun, salt, and sand all day.

How can you tell fake Yeezy Slides?


The Yeezy Slides are simple and the material is really easy to replicate.

If you’re concerned about getting some Yeezy Slides only to find out they are fake, maybe this section will help you out.

First off, when you first open the box or the plastic bag the fake slides come in, smell them. Fake Yeezy Slides stink like a strong factory glue smell.

The fake Slides tend to be a little bit more texturized at the bottom, whereas the real Slides are really smooth.

The majority of fake Yeezys have no branding or Adidas logo on the footbed.

The upper strap on the real Yeezys feels a bit more rigid and doesn’t squish down all that much, whereas the fake ones feel definitely a little bit softer and more malleable.

Also on the fakes, you can spot a lot of uncut little bits around the edges and the slides don’t look as finished as the real ones.

The only good thing about fake Yeezy Slides is the opening where your toes slide through is kind of wider compared to the real ones.

Overall, try to look out for the key signs…

  • Does the upper strap feel solid?
  • Does the strap have a lot of give to it?
  • Does it squish down easily?
  • Does the slide have a strong ‘gluey’ smell?
  • Is the Yeezy logo solid?
  • Is it the right font?
  • Is it in the right place?
  • Is the design clean?
  • Does the design have any flaws or imperfections?

How to clean Yeezy Slides?


Some people just use soap and an old toothbrush to clean their Slides. But keep in mind that you’re going to be cleaning your slides whenever they get dirty, and that happens quite a lot.

So, in order to clean your Yeezy Slides the proper way, keep reading…

You need the Reshoevn8er sneaker cleaner kit which comes with the cleaning solution, a collapsible bowl, and a brush. I also use a suede eraser because some of the scuffs are really hard to get off.

Last but not least, you need a microfiber towel to make sure all the water is up when you’re done cleaning up your slides.


The good news for people who have always been looking for black Yeezy Slides, Kanye, and co released the Black Yeezy Slides in 2022.

How to style Yeezy Slides?

To conclude this Yeezy Slides size chart article, the Yeezy Slides do feel really comfortable and they do mold to your feet quite well, which is something you’re going to be very impressed with.

And for $60, the Yeezy Slides definitely deliver what they were intended to do.

They’re comfortable and they’re something you can wear around the house or around town depending on what feels practical for you.

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  1. So I’m a 12.5 in a yeezy 350 V2 and the fit perfect! So what size slide should I get? Size 13 or 14? Thanks Mike

    • If you have super narrow feet, go true to size. If you have normal feet, go half a size up (13). If you have really wide feet, go a full size up (14).

  2. where can I find Yeezy slides in a regular store or department store ?? it’s been really hard for me to find them other than like goat, stockx, etc. I would like to find a place in SoCal where I live or I wouldn’t even mind buying online as long as I know they’re authentic please let me know if you can help thanks so much !! Anastasia B.


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