Alegria Size Chart for Men & Women + Sizing Guide


In today’s article, we have the Alegria size chart for women and men in US, EUR, UK, AU, and Japan.

Not only that, but instead of just giving you the size charts, we went the extra mile for you and we’re going to be talking about:

  • Do Alegria shoes run true to size?
  • How are they supposed to fit?
  •  Do they stretch overtime?
  • How long does it take to break them in?
  • The magic Alegria footbed
  • The technologies used
  • (…)

Then, we’re going to wrap things up with a quick review of six great Alegria styles.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Alegria Women’s Size Chart

5 – 5.5353421
6 – 6.5363.54.522
7 – 7.5374522.5
8 – 8.5385623.5
9.5 – 10406.57.525
10.5 – 11417825.5
11.5 – 12427.58.526


Alegria Men’s Size Chart



Alegria Shoes FAQs

A few years ago, not many people had ever heard of Alegria shoes, but word spread quickly about a shoe that provided exceptional comfort support, and style. Soon, nurses, teachers, hairdressers, retailers, and people like you and me fell in love with Alegria and the rest is history.

The first and most common question about Alegria shoes is whether they run true to size, small, or big…


Do Alegria shoes run true to size?

Based on the models we have our hands on and the numerous customer reviews and feedback, the general consensus is that Alegria shoes tend to run true to size.

However, as with any footwear, individual fit preferences may vary, and it is always advisable to consult the sizing chart above for accurate guidance.

Whether you have narrow or wide feet, Alegria offers various styles and sizes, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your unique foot shape.


How are Alegria shoes supposed to fit?

For the open-back clogs, you should have about 1/8 to 1/4 of inch of footbed visible behind your heel. The toebox should be roomy so that your toes have space to spread out naturally for comfort and stability.

If you’re getting a closed-back shoe like the Paloma or the Donna, then you would want your heel to be a bit closer to the back of the shoe but not so close that it’s rubbing.

Like Danskos, there should be a bit of room for your heel to come up and down and your arch should be fully supported by the footbed.

For sandals, you might want to get a half size down from your normal shoe size. This is mostly a matter of preference for less footbed showing.


What is Alegria size 38 in US shoes?

A size EU 38 in Alegria translates to US 8/8.5, UK 5, and AU 6 for women, but the men’s don’t come in 38.

Do Alegria shoes stretch?

Yes. While Alegria shoes may feel snug initially, they have a tendency to stretch slightly over time. However, keep in mind that the degree of stretch can vary depending on the style and material of the Alegria shoes you choose.

The genuine leather used in many Alegria shoe designs has the natural ability to mold and adapt to the contours of your feet with regular wear. As a result, the shoes become more personalized and comfortable, offering a custom fit that enhances the overall experience.

So, do you really have to break in Alegria shoes?


How long does it take to break in Alegria shoes?

Compared to Dansko shoes, the majority of people find that their Alegria shoes feel comfortable right out of the box with no break-in time needed thanks to the soft footbeds and quality leathers on the upper.

But depending on factors such as the specific style of shoes, the thickness of the leather, and the individual sensitivity of your feet, it takes about two to three wears of regular wear to fully break them in.

However, that doesn’t mean the break-in period is painful like with Birkenstocks. Alegrias break in seamlessly with no rubbing, blisters, or hot spots.

So while some wearers find that their Alegria shoes are comfortable right from the start, others may require a little more time to fully break them in.


Do Alegria shoes have good arch support?

Yes, Alegria clogs, sandals, boots, and sneakers offer excellent arch support. Alegria incorporates a contoured and supportive footbed in many of their styles, which helps to cradle the arches and align your feet properly. This superior arch support can be particularly beneficial if you have flat feet or high arches.

So, whether you’re strolling along the beach or exploring the city, Alegria sandals offer the perfect combination of style and support, ensuring your feet remain comfortable and well-supported throughout the day.


Are Alegria shoes good for standing all day?

Yes, Alegria shoes are widely regarded as excellent shoes for standing all day, especially on hard unforgiving surfaces. They are specifically designed with comfort and support in mind, making them a popular option for individuals who spend long hours on their feet.

To be able to provide all-day comfort, Alegria shoes have features like ergonomic footbeds, ample arch support, and cushioned soles that help alleviate foot fatigue and provide superior comfort.

So whether you’re a nurse, a teacher, working in any profession that demands prolonged standing, or you just need a really comfortable shoe for your Disney World adventures, Alegria shoes are a reliable and comfortable choice to keep you going from morning to night.

What are Alegria shoes good for?

Alegria shoes are versatile and cater to various needs, making them suitable for a range of activities and occasions. They are especially renowned for their exceptional comfort and support, making them an excellent choice for individuals who need to stand or walk for extended periods, such as healthcare professionals, teachers, or hospitality workers.

Their ergonomic footbeds and ample arch support provide relief to those with foot conditions or discomfort. Additionally, Alegria offers a wide selection of stylish designs, from clogs and sandals to boots and casual shoes, making them suitable for both professional and casual settings.


How do you clean Alegria footbeds?

Regularly cleaning the footbeds will help keep them fresh and comfortable, providing the optimal experience for your feet.

First, remove the footbeds from the shoes. You can then gently wipe the footbeds with a damp, soft cloth or sponge using mild soap or a mixture of water and mild detergent.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or soaking the footbeds, as this may damage the materials. Once cleaned, rinse off any soap residue with a clean, damp cloth and pat them dry with a towel.

Let the footbeds air dry completely before placing them back into the shoes.


The magic Alegria footbed

The secret to the success of Alegria is their patented interlocking footbed system and their signature classic footbed that feels so soft and good.

The footbed is a combination of polyurethane, memory, foam, and cork, and it molds to your foot quickly, meaning there’s hardly any break-in time required.

Literally, if you’re on your feet 8, 10, 12, or 16 hours a day, you don’t want the weight of your foot on the ball of your feet. You want it on your heels and Alegria shoes do just that.

So their shoes are designed to put the weight off of the ball of your feet and on your heels while the 1-inch sole makes you feel taller.

Alegria is also for the “two widths in one shoe” approach. So while their footbed is ergonomically designed, the cool thing about it is it’s removable and totally replaceable.

If you have an Alegria shoe that’s a little wide, you can always get the wide version. You can pop out that C width and pop in a wide width. The wide width is a D width and it also provides room for accommodation for your individualized needs.

The other awesome feature of the removable footbed system is that it opens up space inside of your shoe and you can put your customized orthotic.

New Enhanced Arch Support

The newest footbed is the enhanced arch support. It’s available in medium and wide widths and this is a great footbed for you if you have Plantar Fasciitis or your arches are falling. It’s also great if you already have a high arch and you just need that arch to be in the correct place for the structure of your foot.

Alegria utilize several key technologies and features in their shoes to provide a superior experience for their customers…

The Alegria Carina is one of these amazing sandals for plantar fasciitis.

Alegria’s Features & Technologies

Here are some of the notable technologies used by Alegria shoes:

Memory Foam

Alegria uses memory foam in many of their shoe designs. Memory foam molds to the shape of your feet, providing personalized support and cushioning. This helps alleviate pressure points and enhances overall comfort, making it an excellent choice for individuals who spend long hours on their feet.

Rocker Bottom

The Rocker Technology used in Alegria shoes involves a specially designed midsole/outsole that features a curved, rocker-bottom shape. This technology:

  • Creates a natural rocking motion from heel to toe when walking
  • Mimics the natural movement of the foot
  • Helps reduce the pressure and impact on the joints
  • Helps reduce foot fatigue during extended periods of standing or walking
  • Aids in maintaining proper posture and balance
  • Is an excellent choice for people with some foot-related issues.

Slip-resistant Outsoles

The outsole is a crucial component of any shoe, and Alegria pays meticulous attention to its design. They prioritize safety and their slip-resistant outsoles are engineered to provide optimal grip, shock absorption, safety, and stability on various surfaces like tile, hardwood, or wet floors.

This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who work in environments where slips and falls are common, such as healthcare workers, restaurant staff, and service industry employees.

Upper Materials

Many Alegria shoes feature high-quality leather uppers. They offer a range of luxurious, soft, and supple leathers that not only look stylish but also ensure durability and long-lasting wear.

Some Alegria shoes are treated with a stain-resistant coating on the uppers, making them easier to clean if something were to spill on them.

Water-resistant Construction

Alegria uses water-resistant materials in certain shoe styles, ensuring that feet stay dry and comfortable in wet or rainy conditions.

Whether for everyday wear or professional use, Alegria shoes offer a blend of style and functionality for people seeking lasting comfort for their feet.

Adjustable Straps

Some Alegria shoe styles come with adjustable straps, allowing wearers to customize the fit to their specific foot shape and size. This feature is especially useful for individuals with wide feet or foot conditions that require more adjustability.

Removable Cork Footbed

Alegria shoes are known for their anatomically contoured footbeds. The footbeds are made of a special blend of cork, polyurethane, and memory foam.

These are designed to contour to the foot’s natural shape, providing cushioning, arch support, shock absorption, better weight distribution, and stability.

The footbed is removable and replaceable, which allows wearers to replace it with custom orthotics if needed. This is ideal for individuals who need additional support beyond the shoe’s built-in features.

Vibrant Designs

Alegria is known for its wide range of colorful and vibrant designs. They offer an array of patterns and prints, making their shoes not only functional but also fashionable.

All in all, Alegria shoes’ rocker technology, footbed, leathers, outsole, and slip resistance combine to create a premium and comfortable footwear experience.

The rocker technology promotes a natural gait, while the anatomically contoured footbeds provide personalized cushioning and support. High-quality leathers ensure durability and breathability, while the slip-resistant outsole enhances traction and safety.

Now let’s review some of the great Alegria shoes…

6 Great Alegria Styles

Alegria Keli


The Keli is really special because it’s one of their styles that is APMA accepted, which means that a board of podiatrists decided that the Keli is actually good for your foot in summary.

This means the Keli is a shoe that promotes excellent walking motion, and proper foot motion and does not impede the integrity of your own foot strike.

The outsole has got slip-resistant padding, meaning the shoe is going to make you secure with every step.

Sizing & Replacement Footbeds

In terms of sizing, go to your US size on the left of the size chart and you’re going to find your correct European Alegria size.

Something that’s fun about the Alegria European sizing is that they have replacement footbeds. So when you have An Alegria shoe that feels a little bit snug or maybe you’re in between on that size chart, you can pull out the removable footbed that comes inside the shoe, and grab what they call the wide-width footbed.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to make your shoe wider; it’s just going to make it deeper and obviously provide more room for your feet. Alegria offers different versions and different thicknesses of their footbeds.

This is also great in summer if your feet tend to get puffy or when you’re wearing thicker socks and you want some extra room inside your shoes.

Alegria Keli Sketchy


The Keli Sketchy is one of the newest Alegria styles. If you look at this leather closely, you can see the sketch marks that are etched into every piece of the leather that surrounds the shoe. It is such a unique look, but it’s also a unique feel.

This is all leather, it’s a black base, and it’s got a great overlay that’s iridescent so it goes with everything.

The Keli is also super comfortable. It’s got slip-resistant padding, full foot coverage, and double goring so it’s really easy to slip on and off. And then the best thing is it’s got a pillow top and a pillow heel so everything feels incredible.

Have you ever seen hand-stitched comfort so cute? Enter the Paloma below…

Alegria Paloma


Have you ever seen hand-stitched comfort so cute? Like the Keli, the Alegria Paloma has received the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

The new Paloma runs on their full rocker bottom, has hand-stitched amazing hardware, and offers plenty of room to wiggle those toes around.

There’s a slip-resistant outsole and adjustability across the instep so you can snug it down or let it up. It’s a great shoe for just that overall full foot support and why not have a little freedom with your comfort?

The Paloma comes with their patented removable and replaceable footbed so you get that great high arch, but you get some cushion with that.

Alegria Carina


The Carina is another style from Alegria that is APMA accepted. It has been in the line for a decade and so it is a proven fantastic sandal that is worth its weight in gold.

This is a full rocker bottom thong sandal and it is amazing for several great reasons. It has the Alegria footbed that gives you great arch support and cushion, a leather-wrapped toe post, a leather upper, a full rocker platform, and a slip-resistant outsole.

What’s great about it is it adjusts across the instep. So, if you have a high instep, it adjusts and you can fit it perfectly to your foot.

Alegria Slip-on Clogs


This is the style that started the Alegria brand.

The back part of this style has essentially been removed so you can just slip right in and immediately feel that incredible comfort. This is the reason why it’s one of the most popular shoes for healthcare professionals.

The suede-lined cork/polyurethane footbed provides ample arch support and ultimate comfort and just becomes your own after a while.

Like any other Alegria style, look at the size chart, find your US size, and get your European equivalent. If you are between sizes, size up because it is a clog.

Alegria Solstyce Sneaker

The Solstyce is the epitome of what Alegria does for those that need a closed-in mesh sneaker.

Alegria noticed that most athletic shoes are built for an athletic function and so they’re not necessarily great to wear for 12+ hour shifts.

So here’s what they basically did…

First, they used a rocker technology called RoknRoll to provide you with that rocker sensation underfoot, which is really important for those long hours on your feet.

The RoknRoll technology shifts your weight back on your heel taking the weight off the ball of your feet.

Here’s a short video about the RoknRoll technology… 

Second, the majority of athletic shoes are made with EVA which has a lot of air in it and that’s what gives you that cushy feeling. Unfortunately, EVA tends to break down quickly, and if you’re on your feet a lot, you don’t want a sole that’s going to break down prematurely.

So the difference between the Solstyce and an EVA shoe is the midsole is rubber and PU. Basically, this combination gives you great cushioning and makes your shoes rebound and spring with every step you take. Also, this type of midsole will last a significant amount of time.

Last but not least, the inside has got their removable patented cork and polyurethane footbed featuring that great arch support. It is removable, replaceable, and comes in medium and wide widths.


The Solstyce has the same sizing chart as all other Alegria shoes, coming in European sizes 35 to 42 and US sizes 5 to 12.

If you happen to be in between sizes like 6.5 and 7, just grab the next size up. The reason is in a shoe that’s totally closed in, you want a little bit more room.


The upper has a combination of mesh and a wonderful kind of strapping system. The padding that surrounds your foot and the Achilles tendon is just so comfortable against your skin.

In terms of the lockdown, when your foot is inside the Solstyce, it is locked and loaded. The lockdown is great because even if your shoe comes untied, it doesn’t slip, which is unique because it slides your foot and your heel back into the shoe.

Alegria Violette Go For Baroque

If your style has changed a little bit over the last couple of years or sometimes you want to be a little bit dressy but a little bit casual too, that’s where this new elegant old-world pattern called the Baroque comes in.

This is a great way to do something that’s a little bit dressy and elegant while also being casual and comfortable. It sits on the mini outsole with a touch of rock at the toe, taking pressure off of your foot with every single step.

Both straps are totally adjustable so you’ll get the perfect fit for both of your feet and the footbeds are removable. So, when you’re taking these sandals out for your slightly elegant slightly casual walks and it gets dirty, you can pop it out and clean it or eventually replace it.

All in all,

We’ve done everything we could with this long article. We have given you the official Alegria size chart, answered some of the most pertinent questions about Alegria and their sizing, talked about their technologies, and reviewed some of their most popular models.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about Alegria sizing.

Until then, stay safe, and see you in the next one 🙂

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