Are Birkenstocks Good for Your Feet? What Makes People Put Up With The Blisters?


Their shoes are engineered for comfort and are really durable. But more recently, Birkenstocks have become insanely popular. But are Birkenstocks good for your feet as they claim?

Three things are sure…

  • Birkenstock’s master shoemakers have been dedicating themselves to foot health for generations.
  • Birkenstock is a comfort company and not a fashion company.
  • They will never compromise the comfort of their shoes.


Without further ado, let’s see why Birkenstocks are really good for your feet…


Are Birkenstocks Good for Your Feet?

The short answer is absolutely yes.

One of the great benefits of Birkenstock shoes, sandals, and clogs is how they alleviate foot pain.

Many people with pain in the ball of the foot (Metatarsalgia), chronically sore feet, Plantar Fasciitis, and toe ailments have traded their improperly fitting shoes for Birkenstocks and are happy that they did.

Just to give you an example, 50+ Amazon reviewers confirm that their Birkenstocks helped alleviate their Plantar Fasciitis pain. Read their stories on Amazon.

I have insanely flat feet and my podiatrist said that I needed shoes that had better arch support.


Interestingly enough, 20+ people with flat feet say their Birkenstocks provide the needed arch support for their fallen arches. Read their stories on Amazon.

Overall, if you wear a pair of Birkenstock every single day, you’re going home at night with happy feet, and that’s what people are looking for these days.

In fact, the Arizona and Gizeh are two of these supportive sandals for plantar fasciitis.

Are Birkenstocks Comfortable?

Lovers of Birkenstock shoes understand how truly comfortable wearing this incredible footwear is even from the moment you slip your foot inside.

Amazingly enough, the level of comfort heightens exponentially the longer you wear them because Birkenstocks are designed to mold to the shape of your foot making the wearing a wonderful experience.

So, Birkenstocks are really good for your feet but surprisingly, all those magic benefits come down to one particular thing, the magic Birkenstock footbed…


Birkenstock Footbed


First off, here’s a detailed review of the Birkenstock regular fit vs. narrow fit. Give it a read!

First off, Birkenstock invented the word footbed. When I talk about the term footbed, it actually is a bed for your foot which is orthopedically and anatomically correct.

Think about checking in to the most luxurious hotel and sleeping in the most luxurious bed, that’s what wearing a pair of Birkenstocks is like every single day.

In short, the footbed is made out of cork and latex. When those two materials warm up, they compact and form to your foot making them extremely comfortable once they’re molded.

The shaped heel cup supports and stabilizes the foot upon hitting the ground and giving the heel the correct orthopedic position.


This is followed by the heel mold which is these raised sides that give the heel additional support and guidance.


The longitudinal arch support strengthens the inner arch of the foot.


The transverse arch support supports the midfoot.


There’s a nice raised toe bar in the front of the shoe which provides the needed gripping action and stimulates the toes’ rolling motion, which increases circulation.


The footbed edge protects the toes and the entire foot.


As a result, the sophisticated anatomically shaped construction spreads the weight of the body evenly across the entire foot.

So, the metatarsal arch, medial arch, lateral arch, and transverse arch together give you one of the healthiest footwear that you can put on your feet.


Curious about pairing socks with Birkenstocks? This article has you covered with insights and style tips to help you decide!

Sustainable Materials

Four sustainable natural products and Birkenstock’s orthopedic expertise are all it takes to make the Birkenstock footbed the centerpiece of their shoes.

  • Leather
  • Cork
  • Latex
  • Jute


The springy natural cork cushions extremely well, breathes, and is light. It also offers the foot optimum insulation from heat, the cold, and moisture.

The cork heats up from pressure from your feet, especially on warm days and your feet mold into the footbed. The footbed just gives you a custom fit almost like an orthotic would.

The natural latex milk is highly elastic making it the ideal binder for the core granules.

Two integrated layers of jute give the footbed optimum stability and guarantee durability.

The footbed is rounded off with soft highly breathable suede that feels pleasant next to the skin and controls the moisture level.

This is simplicity perfected by Birkenstock.


Soft Footbed & Regular Footbed

What makes Birkenstock footwear even more appealing is you can get your favorite style with either a soft footbed or a regular footbed…

The soft footbed has a little latex and a little soft almost like a memory foam feeling underneath the suede liner.

For newbies that try Birkenstock for the first time, the soft footbed may be a little bit easier to adjust to the fit and feel of a Birkenstock.

The other type of footbed is their classic called the regular footbed. This footbed is practically the same except it doesn’t have the layer of memory foam or latex that sits under the footbed.

So, some of the people that have been wearing Birkenstocks for 30 or 40 years may be accustomed to the classic footbed while more of the new customers may actually pick up the footbed that is considered soft.

Here’s a detailed article explaining the differences between the Birkenstock soft footbed vs. the regular footbed.


Birkenstocks Are Easy to Maintain 

It is a good idea to try to avoid getting your Birkis wet as this can make the leather hard and brittle and may cause the cork footbed to crack.

Fortunately, though, there are products available that can repel moisture in leather products and even revitalize the leather should you get them a little bit brittle.

If the cork starts to chip over time, you can apply some cork sealant and you’re good to go. Or, you can send your shoes to a Birkenstock repair person and get them fixed.

Even the EVA outsole can be replaced, but make sure to do so prior to wearing down the sole far enough to reach the cork.

Overall, proper care of Birkenstock footwear is likely to make them last much longer.

Birkenstock Styles

The Birkenstock Arizona leather and the Arizona EVA is one of the most iconic looks in the industry today. It’s a two-strap design which buckles nice and easy in the front and across the instep.

The taupe suede is probably one of the most sought-after colors in the Arizona today.

A few other of the key styles in the Birkenstock collection are going to be this three-strap style called the Florida.

Birkenstock also has a nice more feminine look called the Mayari which is a toe-loop design with two adjustable buckles.

Then, of course, we have the iconic thong, the Gizeh which has one adjustable strap and the same cork and latex footbed.

Break-in Period

When you first buy Birkenstocks, they can be a little rough. I had blisters for about a week when I first bought mine.

But why would I put up with a week of blisters when I’m sure there are plenty of other sandals out there that could be comfortable right out of the box?

The answer for me, which I’m sure is the same for most Birkenstock owners, is that they last forever. Every year, I make sure to repair my Arizonas to keep them in working order.

Talking about repair…

Repairability is good for the environment and creating memories

The repair strategy is no accident because every single time that you repair a piece of clothing or your shoes, that’s one less thing going directly into a landfill.

Also, Birkenstock is one of the few shoe companies that carry a story and that’s what repair is all about because as soon as you throw away a pair of shoes, they leave your life and they become trash.

But when you fix them, they carry all of those stories with them even longer, and that’s why people love Birkenstocks.

Yes, they’re insanely comfortable and really reliable and built to last, but they’re also more than just a shoe. They are something that you become fond of because you’ve had them for so long.


History in Short

To give a short overview of Birkenstock’s history, it was an insole company before they started making sandals.

Their shoes have been around since 1774 when Johann Birkenstock was first registered as a shoemaker.

Back in 1896, Konrad Birkenstock designed the first insole to be put inside of a shoe, and that same insole is what you see being used in Birkenstocks today.

Karl, in 1954, joined his grandfather Konrad and later in 1964, developed the Madrid sandal.

While on vacation in Germany in 1966, a woman named Margot Fraser purchased the first pair of Birkenstocks. Her feet were hurting her.

She happened to find Birkenstocks. After vacation, her feet felt great and she was so impressed with the way the footwear relieved her pain.

She actually called the Birkenstock family and started importing the sandals, and Birkenstock USA was born.

By the start of the 1980s, the name Birkenstock became known all around the United States.

Birkenstock USA celebrated its 30th year in the country in 1996 and up to 300 color and style combinations of shoes, sandals, and clogs.

By 1999, the company was supplying shoes all over the world.


Wrap Up

Birkenstocks don’t do any celebrity placement or outreach. Every person you see when you open up the magazines has bought their pair of Birkenstocks at one of Birkenstock’s retail stores.

Birkenstock is one of the iconic leaders in the footwear industry today because they have a unique take on footwear. They come in a clog, sandal, and various colors and styles.

Since they’re made from quality materials, Birkenstocks are guaranteed to last for years if taken good care of. Once people wear a pair of Birkenstocks, they really become stark raving fans.

These incredible shoes are now world-known for quality, durability, comfort, and great style.

So, are Birkenstocks good for your feet? Now you have the answer.

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