Are Crocs Still Worth It?


Now that the sneaker market has changed and that people, again, focus more on comfort over hype, are Crocs worth it?

Back in the day, the Off-Whites and all the Air Jordan Ones were super cool.

While these are still super cool in my opinion, at the end of the day, I see us prioritizing comfort more these days with brands like New Balance and other more low-key brands out there.

In fact, some of the best shoes out on the market right now aren’t even sneakers.

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be doing this kind of article, but here we are.

Let’s dive right into it…


Are Crocs Worth It?

Crocs have been around for a long time and are so popular right now. They started off as a kiosk in the mall that everybody used to avoid, but now they’re pretty much everywhere.

In fact, Crocs have definitely inspired some of the coolest models out there right now including the Yeezy Foam Runners.

But what makes Crocs really worth buying is:

  • Features.
  • Super comfort.
  • Affordability.
  • Versatility.
  • Breathability.
  • Great traction.
  • Collabs…

Let’s go into detail about these…

Crocs are comfortable & super breathable


A lot of people are kind of nervous wearing Crocs outside. But why should you be nervous about wearing something that’s going to keep you really comfortable all day?

Honestly, when I’m grabbing groceries, going to the mailbox, going to fill up gas, or doing whatever I need to get done, why should I be worried about what’s on my feet when I can be focusing on comfort?

I definitely think that anybody that just likes something cozy and comfortable and wants something simple to put on can definitely benefit from getting themselves a pair of Crocs.

They are even much more comfortable and much more practical than Nike Slides and they stay comfortable.

Overall, I know it’s hard to believe, but Crocs really executed the comfort.

KevOnstage (video below) couldn’t believe how comfortable his Crocs were…

Crocs have a million holes making them super breathable even though they’re a close-toe style.


Crocs are affordable

The best part about Crocs I think is the affordability factor to it. If you’re looking for a plain color, just wait for a sale to come around.

Trust me, there’s lots of promo codes that you can stack online to get yourself a pair of black, white, yellow, red, or any color of the rainbow out there for as low as $5 to $10.


Crocs are customizable

Another thing that I really enjoy about Crocs is your ability to customize them to your personal liking.

We’re all familiar with Nike By You (Previously “NikeiD”) where you can basically personalize the colorway of any sneaker that is available on Nike By You.

But when it comes to Crocs, they have something called jibbitz that you can stick anywhere across these ventilation holes on top of the shoe.


Jibbitz are available through Crocs and also other customizers online. You can find ones for your favorite movie, anime, TV shows, sports team, and even letters to put your initials on them.

It seems like recently this has been a huge thing, but just that ability to be able to customize your Crocs and add different jibbitz is cool.

Crocs actually released a book and it’s full of tons of these small little jibbitz.

Overall, at the end of the day, if you think your Crocs are a little too basic and boring, you can always customize them with those personal charms that come in a whole bunch of different styles.


Crocs are very versatile

Aside from the comfort aspect of it, Crocs are actually functional as well.

Crocs are very versatile and practical in any sense. They are comfortable shoes to wear inside the house, outside, and in the water.

I’ve truly just found them being my go-to just slip-on-and-go-do-stuff-real-quick shoes.

In fact, the four big ventilation holes on the outside are also designed for better grip.

Talking about grip…


Crocs have great grip & security

Strap Sport Mode 

A lot of people think that this strap is just there for aesthetics and they just leave it straight at the front and they kind of question why this is upside down.

This strap can actually be pulled back into a heel support system which is often referred to it as the four-wheel drive system or the sport mode.

What this strap allows you to do is have that extra support.

Just imagine one day you’re out and about and things just seem to get a little bit serious. You can immediately activate the sport mode and you’re going to have a lot more performance out of these Crocs for sure.


Also, when you’re going over some harsh terrain, you’ve got that extra support just above your heel that’s going to prevent you from slipping and give you that extra traction that you need.

One last thing about the strap is if your Crocs do sit a little bit low on your heel, you might actually have to use this strap flipped back just to kind of give your shoes that extra support and that brace against the back of your heel.

There’s also grip inside of the classic clog…

Footbed Nubs


On the inside, Crocs have got this textured footbed padding just to help keep your feet gripped well especially if you’re swimming or you’re near water.

These nubs kind of massage the underfoot, which is a cool feature to have in a sandal.

But while these nubs on the footbed are for comfort, they’re also designed to allow your feet to grip really well.

Interestingly though, these nubs are also throughout the inside of the toe box.

One other thing, Crocs are taking the traction seriously…


Bottom Tread


Inspired by nature, the bottom has an anti-slip texture all throughout.

Palm tree leaves and branches are meant to encapsulate an entire area of rain and funnel it to a single point to nourish the tree.

In fact, that’s what the outsole on Crocs is meant to do but in reverse.

Any time you’re stepping on water or a slick surface, these veins on the inside are going to collect the water, spread it outwards, and flush it away from the soles providing you as much traction as humanly possible.

Right in the middle, the rubber padding is actually very sturdy. So, I think these Crocs are definitely going to hold up for a long time.

We’re not done with the traction. Crocs are taking the grip to a whole new level…


Claw Mode


While all the other features we talked about mainly focus on traction and grip, my favorite feature is the big squarish holes on the side.

A lot of people would assume that these are made to help your feet cool.

However, what they’re really for is if the back strap in the sport mode and the outsole aren’t giving you enough traction and grip, you can actually stick your toes out through these holes and grip the ground as you’re walking or climbing.

So, if you’re going up a really steep hill and you need a little bit extra traction, you can stick your toes out and just kind of grip the dirt and get your way to the top of the hill.


Much like the palm tree pattern outsole, this feature is also inspired by nature, especially cats’ claws.

When cats are walking around in everyday life, their claws are retracted, but as soon as they need some extra grip or they’re trying to climb on something, their claws come out.

It’s kind of interesting that a couple of the features of Crocs are inspired by nature.

All in all, the grip on Crocs is surprisingly good, but this isn’t any type of athletic footwear. The most I’ve done is jogged around and played catch with my dogs in them.

Don’t try to scale a mountain in Crocs, but compared to a sandal, Crocs are good.


Crocs are good for wide feet

Another thing I love about Crocs is just that they are wide. So, for wide footers out there that have a hard time with narrow shoes, these are a dream come true.

Great materials that are easy to clean


Crocs are made with Croslite material which is their proprietary closed-cell resin. This is the material that makes Crocs super lightweight, soft, and super comfortable.

What’s also interesting about Croslite is it’s non-marking and odor-resistant, which is pretty cool.

Even if you wear them out and they get super dirty, Crocs are really easy to clean. Just put a little bit of mild soap, scrub a little bit, wash off, and they should be as good as new.


Crocs have a ton of colorways


They also have some pretty fire colorways like the cantaloupe colorway. They actually have like 20 colorways and they’re all pretty fire in my opinion.

Crocs have great collabs

Crocs have done a really good job standing out with the different collaborations with some big artists and designers.

They actually did some great collaborations like Post Malone, Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, Carrots, KFC, and also Salehe Bembury.


I think that’s where they’re really separating themselves from other shoes, especially because those collabs have some really big resale value behind them.

So by choosing the right collaborations and the right designs, Crocs are creating some of the most hyped pieces on the market right now.

But the truth is you don’t even need any of the collaborations to get yourself a good pair of comfortable Crocs.


Wrap Up

I know this is the potentially most controversial update that we’ve ever done.

Obviously, Crocs don’t look cool in the traditional sense like you’re never going to blow someone away in the fire outfit department with this on your feet.

These are not the prettiest things you’ve ever seen in your life let alone they’re probably ugly. However, they are actually so ugly that they are cool to me.

For what these are, they’re a 10/10 for me.

All in all, let me tell you that if you were a sandal wearer or a slides wearer, then Crocs are going to be right up your alley.

So, are Crocs worth it? I think the answer is a solid yes.

After wearing my Crocs regularly, honestly, I see what the hype’s about.

A lot of people will try to give you a little bit of a hard time because of the design of them, but Crocs are super lightweight, super comfortable, really affordable, very versatile, and very grippy.

Let me know what you guys think.

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