Are Nike Revolution 5 Good For Running? Cheap But Decent


While being cheap, light, comfortable, and flexible, are Nike Revolution 5 good for running?

Nike made a commitment to make cheaper sneakers and the Revolution 5 is definitely one of them.

A cheap shoe means we should not expect a great cushioned underfoot feel or some luxurious upper material. So, you’re probably looking at this cheap Nike Revolution and thinking “is it any good?”

Let’s dive right into it…


Are Nike Revolution 5 Good For Running?

The answer is YES. The Nike Revolution is good for running. It is part of the Nike running range, but I wouldn’t want to run long distances in it.

But who is the Revolution best for?


  • You are a beginner runner,
  • You are looking to start running casually,
  • Maybe you are doing a couch25k,
  • You are not 100% certain on the specifics of the activities you’ll use it for and want a shoe that’s a good all-rounder,
  • You don’t want to be spending a lot of money on your first pair of running shoes,

…. Then the Nike Revolution is an entry-level well-priced running shoe you should be getting. It’s made with a soft foam to ensure a light comfortable ride over short distances like 5ks.

The Nike Revolution is designed for fair-weather road running as well as indoor workouts.

Out of the box, you’re going to be impressed with the way it looks and feels appearing more expensive than its listed price, and also something you’d happily wear when not working out.

It kind of looks like a hybrid between the Infinity and the Epic React.




The upper consists of one layer of breathable mesh keeping the foot cool on warmer days, but on a rainy run, the whole of your foot will get soaked. However, it does dry a lot faster than other running shoes.

So, it could be a good one to pack if you’re going traveling and planning on going for a run.

The shoe comes in loads of different colorways so you can match your running shoe to your running gear or you can go bright and really stand out.

There’s a fair amount of structure around the heel, which is quite a nice surprise.

The tongue is not too thin or too thick, it’s just the right amount and actually provides decent lockdown.




The fit is true to size and comfortable as I find with all Nike shoes. The upper is soft and has some width in it, which means these would also be suitable for wider feet.

As the Revolution is so light and thin, there’s plenty of room for the foot to move and no hard points or pinch points. It feels just like wearing a sock.

As the sole stretches out further than the width of the foot, the shoe feels stable yet comfortable to move in.

Overall, the initial fit was comfortable and padded yet light.




It has a basic lacing with enough cushioning around the heel area.

The laces are on the short side, but they do stay put during the run and the tongue is well padded.

Here’s a full article on how to lace your running shoes for different foot issues.




There is no Air element in this midsole and it’s just a basic foam midsole, which is what really you are paying for.

The 10mm drop sole unit presents a much more modern look than models from other brands in the same price range like the Saucony Cohesion 12 and the Asics Gel Contend 5.

This foam cushioning feels a little harder and also a bit responsive during the run.

The foam also feels like it will maintain its structure over time and it hasn’t flattened yet in areas where there’s more pressure on the foot.

You can definitely feel the road in the Revolution if you don’t mind that because you’re a lot lower to the ground.

The spacing in the tread means the foot can flex naturally and comfortably with no issues when running even from the first run, and this has really maintained over time.

Overall, there is some give in there, but they’re not the most comfortable. There isn’t a lot of cushion when it comes to these sneakers.




The outsole is very basic rubber with a very basic crisscross tread.

The rubber isn’t as thick or as deep as most traditional-looking running shoes, meaning the shoe will be outperformed by these on more challenging terrain or over time.

This thinner outsole will wear down faster than the thicker outsole on outdoor surfaces, which is why I would recommend this running shoe more for indoor use.

The pattern of the outsole looks a bit like the Nike Epic React. It’s ok in the rain but not brilliant.



I think the Revolution is pretty good. It’s not incredible and it’s not the most creative imaginative sneaker silhouette that you’re going to find.

To be honest, this is quite a basic sneaker for a basic price. I don’t think it’s going to turn any heads, but overall, I think it’s quite good-looking.

If you’re looking for a good-looking Nike shoe that performs across all areas of exercise, the Nike Revolution 5 will be a great starting point.

The Revolution appeals to runners who want the look and quality of a Nike running shoe in a variety of colors and at a low price.



  • Very cheap.
  • Fairly lightweight.
  • Quite good-looking.
  • Quite comfortable.
  • Quite breathable.


  • There’s no real bounce element to the midsole.
  • The ride is on the firmer side.
  • The laces are quite short, but they do stay put and provide no issues when running.

All in all…

If you have to wear sneakers every day for work because you’re standing all day, for school, college or you just want to walk to work, switch up your shoes so you don’t get sore feet at the end of the day from wearing shoes all day, this pair of sneakers is for you.

I wouldn’t take them for a long-distance run, but then it is certainly pretty good for a short gym session.

I think what you’ll get for the price is a great pair of sneakers.

That’s it for this article. If someone asks you “are Nike Revolution 5 good for running?” Now you have the answer.

See you on the next one.

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