Are Vans Comfortable?


Since its inception in 1966, Vans has been one of the most popular sneaker brands in the market. But are Vans Comfortable for everyday wear?

Even though they have been around for so many years, it wasn’t until 2019 that Vans started to change things up with their new line of comfort-focused shoes.

So, similar to what Converse did recently with their new line of Chuck 2s that include Lunarlon in the midsole, Vans started to really update their core lineup of shoes creating their own updated version of their shoes, the ComfyCush line.

As of right now, pretty much all of Vans’ core lifestyle sneakers have a ComfyCush version. So, you’ve got the ComfyCush Old Skool, the ComfyCush Authentic, the ComfyCush Era, and the list goes on.

To give an accurate answer to whether or not Vans are comfortable, I’m going to compare the Vans Old Skool ComfyCush to other brands and then compare it to the regular Old Skools.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Are Vans Comfortable?


Vans has always been one of my personal favorite sneaker brands, but I never expect my regular Vans to be super comfortable.

So usually, people that buy Vans or Converse know what the comfort is with Vans or the Chuck Taylors. It’s a heavy rubber outsole and a heavy rubber midsole that is very significant and hard on your feet.

But what about the ComfyCush versions? Are they any better in terms of comfort?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but compared to other cushions and foams in the market, ComfyCush cushioning compound is definitely nothing special.

So, if real comfort is your main goal, I would definitely suggest going to the sale rack at Footlocker, for example, because you could probably find some Adidas Bounce sneakers or something like that for cheaper.

However, compared to my standard pair of Vans, the ComfyCush versions are definitely a noticeable improvement in terms of comfort.

The ComfyCush looks pretty similar to a regular Old Skool on the outside, but there are a couple of improvements that I’m going to discuss below that make the new version more comfortable.


How to Make Vans More Comfortable

To make your Vans more comfortable, consider a few simple tricks. If your Vans feel snug, consider stretching them slightly by wearing thick socks, then flex and move your feet to loosen the material. Invest in quality insoles for added support and cushioning. Adjusting the lacing to alleviate pressure points can make a significant difference. Additionally, breaking in your Vans gradually by wearing them for short periods before extended use can help mold them to the shape of your feet. 

Here’s a video showing you this simple technique…

Midsole is more comfortable


The midsole on the ComfyCush version is squishier and more comfortable underfoot.

Vans did a really good job integrating the ComfyCush cushioning into the ComfyCush version. It doesn’t look like anything different at first glance, and for those people that know what the Van slip-ons look like, the ComfyCush look exactly like them.

ComfyCush is lighter

The Vans ComfyCush Old Skool is actually lighter than the regular ones. So, if you’re looking for a lighter sneaker and you don’t really like regular Vans because they are so darn heavy, the new ComfyCush is not as bottom-heavy as the other pairs.


Gusseted tongue


Underneath the laces, you’ve got this black canvas tongue which actually has a little bit of padding, which is definitely a new addition for the ComfyCush version of the Old Skool.

Not only that, but the ComfortCush version also includes these teal elastic bands (gussets) that actually hold the tongue in place, which definitely makes this more of a slip-on type of sneaker.

Runners are the ones who appreciate gusseted tongues more because this feature helps prevent the tongue from sliding around, which adds to the comfort of the shoe.

However, I read some people are not huge fans of that and said the new tongue actually made the sneaker a little bit harder to put on.

But, if for whatever reason you’d like to wear this shoe without laces or you just didn’t want to tie the laces at all, you can do that with the ComfyCush.

As for the lining, you’ve got this pretty well-padded sockliner that feels good against your ankle.


Comfortable insole

Honestly, I think the new ComfyCush insole is pretty comfortable. It adds a layer of squish to the footbed and it just makes walking in the ComfyCush a little bit more comfortable than the regular Vans.

The insole is not removable and that’s because it’s attached to the ComfyCush midsole. It actually has perforations throughout the insole to help with breathability. But to be honest, I really didn’t notice a difference at all.

In terms of arch support, Vans are advertising these as having good arch support. When I first heard that, I said this was going to be an excellent addition because it was definitely something I felt was lacking in all of the other Vans.

The truth is there’s not a whole lot of arch support and the insole looks and feels pretty flat to me.

Overall, the Vans ComfyCush Old Skool is squishy and is supposed to be a lot more comfortable than the regular Vans Old Skools.

However, this might be one of those things where you are sacrificing longevity for comfort, and this is the first con we’re going to discuss next…



ComfyCush is less durable

The new ComfyCush version just feels different in hand and does not feel very substantial versus the regular pairs that we’re used to with the hard rubber and the canvas.

It feels like it’s going to be a lot less durable because of this new technology which is lighter and softer and probably not as durable as the rubber tape on the regular Vans.

I also noticed that the black line above the midsole scrapes off quickly compared to the regular Vans where that line is part of the shoe. This is going to look nasty.


Also, the ComfyCush actually has these dots around the midsole that don’t seem to be durable as well.

Overall, the ComfyCush shoes aren’t going to last as long because they’re made of comfortable materials instead of strong materials.


The OG has a lot of layers of tape on the outside to bind the whole shoe together. It’s got several layers of different foams and rubbers on the inside and it’s a lot more complex shoe, which makes the regular Vans more durable than the ComfyCush.



ComfyCush is narrow

If you’re used to wearing regular Vans that are not well-cushioned, the ComfyCush version is going to mix it up and confuse you a little bit since it doesn’t fit like a traditional pair of Vans.

The ComfyCush Vans fit a little bit too small in the toebox and I felt it was squishing my toes up. So, going a half size larger is the safest move in terms of sizing and fit.

However, if you have narrow feet, the ComfyCush Old Skool does seem to fit true to size.

Overall, other than them being small, I think they’re pretty comfortable underfoot if you have the right size.

As I always suggest, if you have a chance to try the shoe on first before you buy it, make sure to do that to make sure you’re grabbing the right size for you.


Not many colorways

The other downside, other than the $10 price hike, the cheap materials, and the narrow fit, is that you don’t really get as many color options on the ComfyCush version of the shoe vs the regular version.

But if that doesn’t bother you and you’re fine with the standard black, blue, red, etc., you should be good to go.

ComfyCush feels cheaper

The other con that I want to mention is the upper is not the regular canvas upper that we know and love.

It’s a different type of material and I wish they would have done just regular canvas on here.

So the upper feels really cheap in comparison to the regular canvas Vans. It’s crazy that Vans made a shoe feel cheaper than regular canvas, especially that Canvas isn’t expensive at all.

Again, I don’t know why they changed it up, but the regular pairs feel more premium than this.

I think it was probably to streamline the ComfyCush and make these as light as possible.

So for those that want more of the traditional look and feel of regular Vans, the ComfyCush doesn’t feel the same.

Overall, the ComfyCush actually feels really cheap. I know this shoe is supposed to be lighter and more comfortable, but in general, it just feels like a cheap knockoff, to be honest.

The overall shoe looks the same from a distance, but in hand, you can tell it doesn’t feel the same.

Other specs of the ComfyCush

On the upper, the ComfyCush has the same sort of stylings, the different panel sections, and the Vans logo on the back. Even the piping around the midsole looks pretty much exactly the same.

You’ve got this black suede toecap and two suede panels around the eyelets. The toe cap on the ComfyCush feels harder than the regular.


And of course, weaving through those eyelets, you’ve got flat white laces which are similar to the ones on the regular Vans.

I don’t know if you care about this but when I was lacing the ComfyCush up, the lace holes actually felt way bigger than the normal ones. I don’t know why they chose to do that, but it is what it is.

Continuing back in the shoe, you’ve got this black canvas midfoot panel with the white leather Vans logo stitched into it.


Then moving around to the back of the shoe, you’ve got another suede panel on the heel.


On the midsole, you’ve got your ComfyCush midsole rubber instead of that typical rubber binding tape on the outside of the sole of the regular Vans.


Just like the ComfyCush Old Skool, the ComfyCush ERA has this weird “shark nose” thing in the front. I think it’s because of the new ComfyCush setup instead of the regular binding.


Then moving to the bottom of the shoe, you’ve got this interesting new gum outsole. You can actually see through to the white ComfyCush foam as opposed to the regular one which has full rubber coverage.

I guess they’re doing this to make the grip and traction better.

In terms of pricing, the ComfyCush is $60 and it’s only $50 for the traditional classic look, which is not terrible.

Final thoughts

One last feature that Vans mentions is the ComfyCush version now features a one-piece internal construction, but I’m not exactly sure what that means.

Although they do look very very similar on the outside, for a $10 premium over the standard sneakers, you do get some pretty nice upgrades but with the sacrifice of longevity.

Are Vans ComfyCush comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable, but when you want shoes, you’re going to want to look for quality and you wouldn’t want your shoes to bite the dust prematurely.

Are the ComfyCush worth the extra $10? In my opinion, it’s a big NO.

Even though it’s a cool concept of a reimagination of a classic into a more modernized comfortable sneaker, this does not feel as good in my opinion.

I think everyone’s better off getting just the regular Vans unless you actually have a foot problem for which you need a comfortable Vans.

If you’re into quality, you can also get Pro Vans, but those are mainly for skaters. They’re made with tougher materials but are actually heavier.


If you like the traditional feel of the harder outsole and midsole of the Van shoes, you might not like the ComfyCush as much and you’re going to be happy with the traditional pair.

If you’re really into Vans, you’re looking for straight comfort, and you don’t care how long the shoe lasts, you might be happy with the ComfyCush version.

If you’re looking for longevity in your shoes, get the original Vans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vans have good cushioning?

Generally speaking, Vans are not known for good cushioning. Their cushioning system lacks the softness and bounciness that people looking for cushioned shoes love to have underfoot. However, with the inception of the ComfyCush, the Platform, and the Stacked lines, we now have some Vans shoes that offer better cushioning than the regular Vans. So we have some cushioned Vans like the Classic Slip-on Stacked, the Vans Authentic Platform, the Old Skool Stacked, the Old Skool Stackform, and the Sk8-Hi Stacked.

What are Vans shoes good for?

Vans are good for skateboarding, lifting and squatting thanks to their zero-drop solid platform, mountain biking, and the list goes on. They have become extremely popular with celebrities, rappers, and actors all wearing them. Also, pretty much every person you’ve ever met may have probably owned a pair of Vans at one point in their life.

Do Vans support your feet?

Vans do offer some decent support thanks to their midsole, solid outsole, and padded insole, but in terms of arch support, I think they’re the best thing to get. Vans advertise them as having good arch support underfoot, but the midsole and insole are flat and offer no arch support.

Are Vans comfortable for walking all day?

Unfortunately, Vans are not the most comfortable shoes for walking all day. Vans are flat and aren’t really cushioned. Plus, they offer no arch support which is important for all-day wear. However, if you’re a die-hard fan of Vans, you can always add extra cushioned insoles, get the Pro versions, or get the UltraRange Pro 2 which features an Ortholite midsole. These offer better cushioning which might make walking all day in Vans a bit more comfortable.

Are Vans just for skaters?

Although they’re known for being skate shoes, Vans are not just exclusive to skateboarders. Now people use Vans for lifting, working out, mountain biking, and more.

Are Vans considered barefoot shoes?

Yes, Vans are considered barefoot shoes because of their minimal cushioning, zero drop, and flat platform.

Can you wear Vans If you have wide feet?

Absolutely. If you have abnormally big feet or wide feet and it’s hard for you to find shoes that fit, Vans are going to be great for you if you get the right size because Vans don’t come in wide widths.

Are Vans good for ankle support?

Most Vans have a low-cut construction and so they offer little to no ankle support. But the Vans Sk8 Hi goes really high up your ankles. It features padded ankle protection all around the ankle so you have a little bit of ankle support. The ankle features four layers of padding, which is a blessing if you’ve got weak ankles. It’s also going to shield your ankle bones in case your board hits you in the ankle.

Do you wear Vans with socks?

Generally speaking, you should never wear any shoes without socks. However, if you love the sockless look, you can always wear some really grippy no-show socks and you’re good to go. 

So, are Vans comfortable? Now you got the answer and that pretty much wraps up this article for today.

I would love to know your thoughts on the Vans ComfyCush Old Skool and whether you consider grabbing a pair for yourself.

Is the Vans ComfyCush more comfortable than the regular Old Skool for you?

Make sure you leave a comment in the comments section down below.

Until then, see you in the next one 🙂

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