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Let me start by saying I was an overweight, out of shape lug of a man. I had never been much of one for walking, much less running. My days consisted of working at a desk for upwards of nine hours a day and then driving home to sit on my rear watching television until it was time for bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. I think I finally got tired of the fact that I spent my days alone doing the same thing over and over again. I wanted some excitement in my life. I asked around amongst my happier friends for some suggestions on getting my life on track, and all of them said exercise. I knew it was time.

Asics Gel Cumulus 14 Review

Asics Gel Cumulus 14 Today's Price

Getting Started

Once I made the decision to get active, I didn’t want to commit to a gym without fully confirming my intentions. I decided the best place for me to start was by running. So the first thing I had to do was decide on the best running shoe. My work shoes just wouldn’t cut it, and the only other sneakers I had weren’t fit for cutting grass in.

I started out looking at the brands I was most familiar with, Adidas and Nike. The Nike Air Max was the first one I looked at, and was immediately put off by the price. I know you have to spend money when looking for a quality shoe, but the price just seemed a bit excessive. I did like the physical appearance of the shoe, but unfortunately I have wide feet and these didn’t come in different widths to accommodate that.

My next option was to look at Adidas running shoes for men. I initially looked at the Men’s Marathon running shoe, but I’ll be honest, I just didn’t like the way it looked. To be honest, it looked and felt like it wouldn’t hold together under my weight and the pounding on the pavement I had hoped to give these shoes.

This is when I came across the ASICS Men’s GEL-Cumulus 14 Running Shoe. While it has a few color options, I chose the Lighting/Jet Blue/Black option because I would be able to wear it elsewhere, and not just while running. A lot of the men’s running shoes that I found came in wild colors that I just wouldn’t be able to justify wearing anywhere other than while running.

High Tech Benefits

Some of the things I noticed when looking at the information online about these shoes is that they have somethingasics-gel-cumulus-14-personal-heel-fit
called P.H.F., or Personal Heel Fit. It’s actually two layers of that awesome memory foam that comes in mattresses. It lines the collar of the shoe and will mold to my foot giving me a custom fit.

This shoe is also a lot lighter than other comparable shoes due to the Solyte material compound they use instead of their usual EVA and SPEVA materials. This Solyte comes in the midsole of the shoe and gives an insane amount of cushioning without compromising the durability of the shoe.

Given the fact that I am so incredibly clumsy, the fact that these shoes come with a little something called Space Trusstic System is a major benefit. It creates a pocket around the midsole to give more stability and improve my agility. It certainly wasn’t a bad thing that these men’s running shoes had also been given the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Real Life Experience

Once I made the decision for my running shoes, all there was left to do is run. Well, I actually just walked to begin with. For starters, the shoe fit perfectly. The memory foam was no joke. By the time I had a few miles on these shoes, they felt as though they were made specifically for my feet. I started out slowly, a mile here and there. I took a few weeks to work my way up to a full jog.

It didn’t matter if I was walking around the grocery store or running on rough terrain, these shoes were heaven on my feet. Once I got comfortable walking and running on a regular basis, I realized that I don’t actually live too far away from work. So, I started running to work and back. Within the first month I had already dropped 10 pounds. I gained an entirely new sense of self-confidence and with it came that excitement for life I had so desperately been looking for.

I won’t be deluded into saying that it is entirely thanks to these shoes. I know will-power and motivation have a lot to do with the progress I’ve made. However, I know it was definitely made all the easier because of these shoes. They cushion my feet in ways that words just don’t seem to do justice. Whether I’ve walked a mile or ran 5 miles, at the end of each session my feet feel just as good as they did before I started.

Now that these shoes have carried me through my first slow mile, on up through to the first time I ran without falling over; my next goal is to run a marathon. The Asics Gel Cumulus 14 gives me the stability and durability I need to make it through each run. Not only are they lightweight enough that they don’t weigh my feet down after a long run, but they have held up during some of my most vigorous trips across the park. I also haven’t had to deal with the first blister, not even during the time you would normally break-in a pair of shoes.

So, while these shoes aren’t the direct cause of my life improvement, they have certainly contributed. I look forward to signing up for my first half marathon or charity run. I have every intention of finishing with these shoes on my feet. They’ve gotten me this far, I know they’ll carry me across that finish line without a problem.

Asics Gel Cumulus 14 vs Asics Gel Nimbus

Both the ASICS Gel Cumulus and the Nimbus Gel Nimbus are cushion shoes that seem very similar to each other, but what is the difference. The Cumulus has everything that the Nimbus has but lacks a few specs.

Added specs

Asics now has a new FluidRide Technology that they have included in their midsole that allows for more bounce back in the cushioning while reducing the weight of the shoe.

The Nimbus also has FluidFit which is a multi-directional stretched mesh to increase the “fit like a glove” feel. This is nice for those of you who have put on a pair of shoes before and they fit great but are just a little tight in the toe box.

There is also a Heel Clutching System where they added some harder material to the outside of the heel section of the shoe in order to improve the fit.

My general observation of the two shoes, there seems to be more gel in the heel and forefoot in the Nimbus than in the cumulus.


In honesty, I don’t find these extra specs on the Nimbus to be worth paying extra dollars for. Shoes these days are getting expensive enough. The difference lies mostly in how the comfort of the shoe fits, and I personally find the ASICS brand down to the cheapest pair very comfortable. There is nothing different between the two shoes that will help increase performance and decrease the risk of injury. Both shoes have the injury reducing Impact Guidance System and Guidance, as well as gel in the forefoot and heel. For being trainers, both shoes are fairly light.

If you have the money to spend and you truly find the Nimbus to fit and feel better than the Cumulus, It is not bad that you purchase them. Everyone has different feet and need different shoes to fit them. I would personally suggest the Cumulus over the Nimbus because of affordability and equal ability to reduce injury.

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