Asics GT 2000 vs 1000 – Very Similar And A Little Difference


Today, we’re going to talk about the general difference between the Asics GT 2000 vs 1000.

So you need some extra support in your life and you heard about the Asics GT-1000. And you may also have heard about the 2000.

But is one really better than the other and which might be better for you, the GT 2000 or the 1000?

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Let’s get right into it…

Asics GT 2000 vs 1000

After comparing the Asics Gel Nimbus and the Gel Kayano, I remembered runners would constantly ask about the difference between the GT 1000 and the GT 2000.

These two shoes might look very similar, but there is a little bit of a difference between them that we need to differentiate.

Just to be clear with you, Asics makes a new model of each of these shoes each year. So, the GT 2000 and the GT 1000 might be a little bit different year by year.

But I’m going to talk about the general difference between those shoes. That way, you can apply that information no matter which year you pick one of these shoes.

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If you were recommended the GT 1000 or the GT 2000, it’s going to be for a couple of important reasons.

It could be that your arch heavily collapses inwards while you step, meaning you overpronate, and you need that extra support to stop that heavy overpronation.

It could also be that you’re flat-footed. Or, maybe you just have neutral or normal arches and you just want a shoe with a bit of extra support

Whatever the reason is, that is what the Dynamic DuoMax is going to do in the Asics GT 1000 and the GT 2000. It’s going to provide you with that extra support.

Asics GT-1000 9



You can think of the GT 1000 as the base model of the GT series. And although it is the base model, that does not mean it is bad at all.

The GT 1000 has many of the things that we have come to love from the Asics line.

For example…

… the GT 1000 now features the FlyteFoam midsole which is Asics’ perfect blend of foam. It’s very responsive and it has a very good amount of bounce-back while still being very lightweight.

It also features the Dynamic DuoMax Support System. This is the most important part of this shoe.

Asics GT 2000



To be honest, the GT 2000 is very similar. Just like the GT 1000, the GT 2000 features the FlyteFoam midsole, meaning that it’s nice and responsive yet very lightweight.

The GT 2000 also features the DuoMax Support System. So, whether you need that for overpronation or you’re flat-footed, you’ll get that too.

Main Difference

With that being said, what is the difference between the Asics GT 2000 and the 1000?

The real difference is the GT 2000 has a much softer cushioning setup than the GT 1000.

It’s not by an extreme amount by any means, but it is typically softer and runners usually notice that the GT 2000 feels a little bit more comfortable.

This better amount of cushioning or softness in the GT 2000 will be very good for you when you’re going on long runs. It’s going to help your feet feel better when you’re going for more miles.

This is a consistent difference between the GT 2000 and the GT 1000 year after year. However, there’s a catch.


The extra comfort provided by the GT 2000 comes at a cost as the GT 2000 is about $20 more expensive than the GT 1000.

So, extra comfort, better softness in the 2000, and a little bit of extra cash.

So, which of these two Asics running shoes is best for me, I hear you ask?

GT 2000 vs 1000 – Which One?

Here’s the easy answer. If you are ordering online and you have a bit of extra money to spend, then it is very simple, the GT 2000 is a better shoe than the GT 1000.

The GT 2000 will be more comfortable and proved to be better over long runs especially.

However, if you want to break it down, this question is very specific to you and your foot type.

Here’s the deal…

Asics likes to fit around with the sizing of each of these shoes every year. The sizing on both shoes tends to be different from one another.

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It is entirely possible that the GT 2000 will be softer for your foot. However, I’ve seen many times that although the GT 2000 is softer, the GT 1000 fits some runners’ feet a lot better and therefore they like that shoe better.

It is always better to go with the shoe that fits your foot best as opposed to what’s the most comfortable.

By the way, I’m not saying that the GT 2000 is 10x more comfortable than the GT 1000. The 1000 is still a pretty comfortable shoe, but the 2000 is just a little bit of a level up.

But again, if one fits your foot better, that is the one you want to go for.


So, there you have it. That’s the best recommendation I can give you. There’s little nit-picky differences that go on between the two shoes every year.

However, the price point and the cushioning are the general difference between the Asics GT 2000 vs 1000 every year.

Just a reminder, the Asics GT 2000 7, the GT 2000 8, and the GT 2000 9 are all great models that Asics has done a great job with.

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