Asics Nimbus vs New Balance More – Nimbus 25 vs More v4


Today, I’m going to be comparing the Asics Nimbus vs New Balance More.

Since it’s 2023, I’m going to be putting the latest Asics Gel Nimbus 25 against the New Balance Fresh Foam v4.

This is going to be a mega comparison. Why?

Right after I tell you which max cushion shoe is the winner for me, I will give the floor to our contributors Megan, Tim, Alan, Tom, Arjun, and Jamal to tell us which shoe is closer to their hearts and why.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Asics Nimbus vs New Balance More


Last year, the More v3 was my favorite max cushioned shoe. But the More v4, New Balance wanted to create the plushest softest running experience.


  • Did New Balance try and fix what wasn’t broken?
  • Did the More v4 deliver?

While the two prior Nimbus iterations were interesting, they were ultimately forgettable. I was always waiting for a version that would put the Nimbus where it should be, and I’m happy to say the wait is over.

For the 25th iteration, Asics gives the Nimbus 25 only the things that I like and it took out all the things I didn’t like. That’s genius!

They primarily did that by taking away some of the legacy technologies like:

  • The Trusstic system which kept the shoe from twisting too much
  • That big clunky gel in the forefoot.


Stack Height – Drop – Weight


Stack Height

Something that Asics is making for the Nimbus this year is that they’re going to change the way that they’ve been reporting their stack heights.

What Asics used to do was report only the amount of foam that they were giving you. But now they’re matching the rest of the industry and giving you the height from the ground to where your foot is. The stack height now includes the midsole, insole, and outsole rubber.

So, the Nimbus 25now has a stack height of 41.5 millimeters in the heel and 33.5 millimeters in the forefoot.

The More v4 has 38mm of Fresh Foam X in the heel and 34mm in the heel.



Something that Asics is doing away with this shoe is different drops depending on whether you have the men’s or the women’s size.

Previously, the women’s Nimbus had an 11mm drop and the men’s had an 8. Now both the men’s and the women’s shoes have an 8mm drop.

The More v4 runs on a 4mm drop midsole. I think the 4mm drop is really comfortable:

  • For those days when you want to take it nice and easy
  • If you want to be a little bit more relaxed
  • I you want your easy days be easy days


In terms of weight, all these changes, additions, and subtractions in the Nimbus come in at a total weight of 10.2 oz for men’s size 9 and 9.0 for women’s size 8.

The More v4 comes in at 10.9 oz for men and 9.3 oz for women.

As you can see, the Nimbus is slightly lighter than the More, but it’s hardly noticeable.

I know these shoes are on the heavy side, but it’s a lot of shoe that you’re mainly going to be using for your easy days. But they’re not incredibly heavy and they don’t feel like you’re paying too much a penalty for all that comfort.

Where the Nimbus and More shine

I know that there are a lot of other max cushion shoes on the market, but these have been the two that I’ve gravitated toward the most.

I think the Nimbus 25 and the More v4 are meant for:

  • Plush long runs
  • Relaxing easy runs
  • Recovery runs
  • Those long runs where you’re looking to get a lot of time on your feet

Also, after a tough workout, these shoes are a great way to still get in a run but also pamper or baby your feet a little bit.

The New Balance’s Fresh Foam X and Asics’ FF Blast+ Eco midsole compounds were built to take you the distance with complete comfort from the upper to the midsole to the outsole.

From another perspective, the shoes are really great shoes for travel where you just want to have a very relaxed and comfortable experience and go home with happy-feeling feet at the end of the day.

Also, if you have to spend a lot of time on your feet all day, I feel like these are going to be one of the top shoes that I recommend for you.


What the Nimbus and More don’t like to do

Neither one of these shoes is going to be your speed day option because they’re both on the heavier side.

These are not versatile enough so you could use them for tempo days or speed sessions in general.

These are max cushion shoes that are great for your recovery runs or long easy runs. Again, they’re not built for speed because they just want to stay nice and chill.

But which shoe is a bit more nimble than the other…

Which is more nimble

I don’t think these shoes are the fastest because they do have a very wide base and lots of cushioning. Plus, using a ton of cushioning makes any shoe kind of struggle in being nimble for some of your quicker stuff.

But for me, the More v4 is a little bit more speed-oriented than the Nimbus 25, and here’s why…

Compared to the Nimbus 25, the More has a very smooth ride and the biggest characteristic of it is how pronounced that rocker is.


It’s that curled geometry that helps the More roll a little bit easier even though there’s a bunch of stack height in this shoe.

The way I see rockers is it’s a way of making thick stack heights a little bit more manageable. I feel like if you didn’t have that roll in the front of the shoe, you would feel a little bit like you were trying to run in flippers on land.

Just getting past that point where the heel is getting off the ground would normally be a little bit more difficult if the shoe were just completely flat. But with that curl, everything gets to roll just a little bit more smoothly.

So, despite the More being very large and despite the Fresh Foam X not being the most exciting or dynamic foam in the world, this rocker technology is going to:

  • Keep things rolling smoothly
  • Make the shoe not feel like you’re dragging a lot of weight
  • Create a nice smooth transition from heel to toe on your easy runs 
  • Give you a little bit of an easier time getting up on your toes
  • Give the shoe a nice amount of bounce to it

So, when you start running in the More and wonder why this massive chunk of foam nearly disappears and why the shoe feels more nimble, it’s that rocker geometry that really comes into play to keep you ticking along nicely.

Runners with Hallux Rigidus really appreciate running shoes with a rockered forefoot as this helps take pressure off their big toe joint.

Overall, I feel like I’m rolling through just a little bit more smoothly in the More v4 compared to the Nimbus 25, 

Do you want a max cushion shoe that’s even more speed-oriented?


Nimbus 25/More v4 vs Saucony Triumph

The Saucony Triumph 20 is also a very comfortable shoe that’s also in the max cushion category, but it’s a little bit on the firmer side as far as big squishy shoes go.

I feel the Triumph is a little bit more speed-oriented whereas the Nimbus 25 and More v4 don’t really like picking up the pace all that much.

So, if you want to have a little bit more range in terms of the speeds that your max cushioned shoe can go, the Triumph 20 might be it.


Which shoe is more versatile

The one thing that both of these shoes have a lot in common is they’re not versatile when it comes to training.

When you start putting a bit more impact on these shoes and try and run a bit faster, the FF Blast+ Eco and the Fresh Foam X become fairly dull and don’t give you a lot back.

I think both of these shoes are best reserved for your easy efforts.

Although the More has always been this way in terms of versatility, the Nimbus 25 is a different story. The previous versions of the Nimbus were a bit more versatile and it was a shoe that sort of ticked a lot of boxes for runners.

It was one of those shoes that you could go and buy and it would pretty much be good for almost all your training, especially for beginners.

The Nimbus is now a max cushion shoe. It’s gone from being something that’s probably a bit more versatile to something that’s really cushioned just like the New Balance More v4 .

So, which shoe is a bit more versatile?

Although neither are versatile shoes, if you’re a newer runner who wants a very cushioned shoe to do all your running in, I think the New Balance More v4 is better for that. That rocker geometry does help the shoe to be a bit nimble for some of your kind of faster stuff.

Where I think that they do have some real versatility is you can use both of them as a lifestyle shoe. You can wear these to run down and get some groceries, walk to dinner, or if your job requires you to be on your feet a lot all day.

Which is more stable

First off, the More and the Nimbus are neutral shoes and not stability shoes. But as much as they’re cushy tall shoes, they’re still surprisingly stable as well.

Part of that is because the platform that you’re standing on in these shoes is a little bit wider, which provides a really nice stable ride as well.

The Nimbus also owes its stability to the FF Blast+ Eco being a little bit firmer. I feel like I’m at least not missing the old Gel or that Trusstic system in the Nimbus at all.

But which shoe is more stable?


For someone who overpronates a little bit but doesn’t want to go all the way to a true stability shoe like the Asics 860 v13, the More feels more stable than the Nimbus.


The More v4 is significantly wider, which makes it a bit more of a stable ride underfoot compared to the Nimbus 25.

New Balances has given the More the widest platform that they’ve ever given a shoe, which is designed to give the shoe more stability without having to insert extra dense or stiff portions into the shoe to control motion.

Plus, even though the stack looks enormous, the shoe has these big high sidewalls and so your foot sits right within that foam rather than on top of it, which adds to the level of stability.

Even on certain days when I’m taking it on some softer surfaces that may not be quite so smooth and even, I still feel like I have plenty of support in the More every time my foot hits the ground.

It didn’t seem to matter how I was striking the ground because I was always getting a comfortable feel, and that makes a world of difference.

Overall, The More v4 is not a stability shoe, but it’s a highly stable shoe if you have flat feet or tend to overpronate a little bit. It is going to do a really good job keeping you in a healthy level of pronation.


Which shoe fits better


Fit has a lot to do with your foot type and shape. A runner with a narrow foot will have a different fit experience than someone with a wider foot.

In terms of fit and based on my testing of these shoes, I’d say both the Nimbus and More run true to size, but you have to consider this…

The More v4 runs a little bit wider than the Nimbus 25 and has lots of room and volume through the toe box, especially if you have a narrow foot.

So, if you have a narrow foot and want to lace the More down, you’re going to get a little bit of puckering right at the start of the lace enclosure system, which is something you won’t get in the Gel Nimbus 25, again, if you have narrow feet.

On the contrary, if you have wider feet, the wider toe box on the More would be the perfect fit for you.

The Nimbus 25 has a form-fitting upper. If you have narrow feet, you don’t have all that excess room that you have in the More v4 and so the Nimbus’ upper is just dialed in.

But I’ve had no problems with lockdown around the heel or midfoot in either shoe.

So, which upper fits better?

I think all the changes Asics has made from the previous Nimbus make the 25 come out ahead in terms of a form-fitting upper. But I personally prefer the fit of the New Balance More because it gives my feet more room to wiggle and splay my toes comfortably.


Which is more breathable

Right off the bat, the Nimbus and the More aren’t all that breathable.

If you live in a hot climate and sweaty feet are a real issue for you, you might want to look for a different max cushioned shoe to run in because these both do run warm on foot.

However, if you live in a cooler climate or happen to have one of these shoes in wintertime, they’re pretty good for that. But again, in the warmer months or in warmer climates, you might feel like these shoes get a little bit sweaty.

But which shoe is more breathable?

As far as breathability goes, I think the Nimbus is slightly more breathable than the More v4 because the More has thicker upper materials.

I did run in low temperatures in the Nimbus 25, and while I did feel some air passing through, my toes didn’t freeze. That might be a good thing in winter, but in the hotter months, that indicates that this will be a sweaty shoe as well.

Which shoe has better traction


The Nimbus has the Asics Lite rubber in the front and then AHARPlus in the back area while the More v4 uses a Ground Contact foam on the outsole.

New Balance is using a similar outsole on the 860 v13 as well and I think you’re getting a similar level of grip and traction on the More.

So both shoes have good traction, but the Nimbus wasn’t that grippy from day 1…

After the first run in the Nimbus 25, the outsole grip was a bit slick at times. But after some use, it has got better and it has been fine for me on wet pavements and that kind of thing.

After long miles in these shoes, I am seeing some wear on the outsoles, but that hasn’t changed the way that the shoes ride at all and it hasn’t changed how good the traction is.

So which shoe is better in terms of grip?

I do think the grip is probably a little bit better on the New Balance More v4, but it’s not a huge concern with the Asics Nimbus. The rubber on the More has proved very hard-wearing and gripped well for me so far.

Overall, both shoes can handle dry and wet conditions pretty well, but I would probably prefer running in wet conditions in the More v4 in terms of the level of grip.

To be nitpicky, I did find both shoes to struggle on wet surfaces if you have to turn a lot of corners.

Which is more gentle against the ankle bone

Both shoes have lots of padding around the heel collar and the tab of the shoe.

The one thing I do want to note on the More v4 is the ankle curve seems to ride a little bit higher. I did notice this area kind of pressing up a little bit on my ankle bone but not so much that caused me any kind of hot spots like I said earlier.

It’s still comfortable, but it’s noticeable and I think it’s worth mentioning to you because if that is a sensitive area for you or if that’s an area where you have had trouble in the past, just know that these do ride up just a little bit more than what you find in the Asics Gel Nimbus 25.

The shoes look like they ride about the same height in terms of the ankle, but it’s a little bit deceiving because, on the Nimbus 25, you have a little bit of a guard around the angle that’s pretty soft and doesn’t bug my ankles.


Which is better for standing all day

If you’re maybe a nurse or something along those lines, these are going to do a great job in keeping your feet really comfortable so your legs will feel much fresher at the end of the day.

But even though the More v4 is bigger and looks cushy, I do think that the Nimbus 25 is more comfortable.


While that rocker geometry helps the More v4 be a little more nimble underfoot for running, it’s what really makes it not a good shoe for standing all day.

That really prominent rocker in the midsole curls really fast. So, for being on feet standing around, I feel like that rocker wants to make you move rather than stand, and that’s why I feel like the Nimbus 25 is going to be better because it’s more relaxed underfoot.

Which is better for traveling

I went on a trip and I took the Nimbus for all my runs whether it was easy runs, recovery runs, long runs along boardwalks or along the beach and the Nimbus 25 was a perfect choice. I even took it walking around or walking to dinner and it still was a perfect shoe to have on foot.

The Nimbus 25 is really comfortable for traveling and it looks great as well.

Let’s imagine you want to pair these shoes with another great shoe. While there are a lot of really fun pairing options, I’d recommend the Asics Superblast.

Nimbus 25/More v4 vs. Superblast

The Superblast also has that great FF Blast+ on the bottom layer of the shoe and you do have a really thick extra tall stack height of Asics racing foam called FF Turbo.

So, I feel like if you pair one of these shoes with the Superblast, you got the Nimbus 25 or the More v4 for your easy days, long-run days, and recovery days, then for your workouts and races, you can go with the Superblast.

If you’re a bigger taller runner, you are going to absolutely love this combo, and even for people that are smaller, I still think that you guys are going to enjoy this combo as well.


Asics Gel Nimbus vs New Balance More – Winner

This is a really tough decision for me because I truly love both of these shoes.

But in the spirit of this Asics Gel Nimbus vs New Balance More comparison and while I wouldn’t say necessarily that either one is noticeably better than the other, I like the New Balance Fresh Foam X More v4 a little bit better than the Nimbus 25.

The reasoning behind it is that:

  • The More feels like what a max cushion should be
  • It is just a little bit more natural through my gait
  • I like how wide and stable it is
  • It has a slightly better energy return
  • I immediately feel this is a comfortable max cushion cozy shoe
  • The ride of the More v4 is a bit more balanced and makes sense for my foot
  • I like the cushioning, relaxed upper fit, outsole grip, and flexibility
  • I love most certainly the $10 price difference

Overall, because the More v4 is max cushioned, it feels soft but not mushy. It does have a little bit of oomph, response, and energy return that a lot of the other max cushioned shoes on the market just don’t really have.

For me, it really balances the softness and the energy return aspect of the midsole foam.

New Balance has managed to give the More v4 just the right amount of firmness to set it apart from the quicksand shoes on the market.

But maybe it comes down to brand because I’ve noticed some runners are die-hard Asics fans while others are New-Balance-or-nothing type of runners.

But here’s the good news for everyone, you can’t go wrong with either shoe.

The Nimbus 25 is a phenomenal shoe, but when putting these two head-to-head, I got to give it to the More v4.

If you haven’t tried an Asics in a while because you tried a Nimbus or a Cumulus like 10 years ago and they weren’t for you, there isn’t a better time to jump in now, especially when Asics has shoes like the Novablast 4, the Superblast, and the Nimbus 25 for you to choose from.

It’s like a totally different brand now in my opinion and I love the direction that they’ve been going.

Where to buy More (not affiliate)
New BalanceDicks Sporting Goods
Where to buy Nimbus (not affiliate)
AsicsRunning Warehouse


To prove that you can’t go wrong with either shoe and that every shoe works better with different foot mechanics, I’ve asked some runners to share:

  • Which shoe they like better
  • Which shoe resonates better with their runs

Let’s go…


Which shoe 6 other runners picked and why


These are both really comfortable highly-cushioned running shoes.

But if I am just picking one up to go out for a nice slow easy run, I’m going to be reaching for the New Balance More v4. The More fits the mechanics of my running a little bit better than the Gel Nimbus 25.

It doesn’t matter which shoe you pick up, you’re going to be super comfortable in these.


It’s almost a tie for me. But I think what breaks the tie for me is what I feel is a more balanced feeling midsole. So, I would give the nod to the New Balance More v4.

The cushion is distributed more evenly from heel to toe, and the fact that it gives me a little more stability on the platform sets it apart.

The Nimbus 25 is not as responsive or as lively as the More v4 is, but I think it is softer than the More v4 is. So, it’s really going to depend on what you like in your max cushion shoes.


These shoes are very similar in many ways. But I just think that the New Balance More v4 is a little bit more enjoyable to run in. It’s a little bit softer and I just think it’s got a nicer fluid movement when you go running in it.

I think it’s just a little bit more about this shoe if you excuse the pun. I reach for the More all the time because I can feel the benefits of that Fresh Foam X and the build of the shoe that just works for my running. I really like the balanced feel and I like a little bit of softness in the shoe.

I also like the Gel Nimbus 25, but I just don’t think it’s a particularly exciting shoe.

The Nimbus 25 is a lot better than the previous ones for me and I think it’s a good improvement. Definitely, you’re not going to be disappointed in the Nimbus 25 if you get it for longer runs, training runs, recovery runs, and all those sorts of things.

But the big thing for me is when it comes down to price, the Gel Nimbus 25 is about $10 more expensive than the New Balance More v4. That pretty much makes the decision for me straight away.

But what if the More and Nimbus were the same price? I would still go for the New Balance More v4.

I know running shoes are getting more and more expensive now, but for a daily comfortable training shoe that really doesn’t deliver any sort of amazing benefits, the Nimbus 25 is very expensive.

Again, I definitely go for the New More v4 for value and cost and I just think it’s a better shoe in general.


First and foremost, these are two standout max cushion shoes. If you’re looking for running shoes that prioritize comfort, particularly over longer distances, then these are two of the best options.

Personally, if I had to pick between these shoes for those types of runs, I would go for the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 and I’d put that down to a few things…

First, I love the way this upper feels, how comfortable it is on my foot, and just what Asics has done on that front.

I also prefer the feeling and the ride I get from the midsole on the Nimbus as well. I think it’s a level of plushness that I like and want on those longer runs as well.

I know both of them are not light shoes by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t find the Nimbus 25 as heavy to run in compared to the More v4. Maybe the weight distribution is done better on the Nimbus.

With the More v4, you’re still getting a really comfortable shoe. I think the level of cushioning and the protection you’re getting at those longer distances is really strong as well. I think the rocker and the ride that you’re getting on the More v4 is a lot nicer than I would say on the Nimbus 25.

Then I would say you’re getting a better more durable outsole on the More as well.

Overall, both are very good max cushioned shoes. They’re built well for those easy longer runs where comfort is a priority, but I would go for Nimbus 25 over the More v4. Maybe the main reason is I’m a big fan of Asics in General.


Picking between these shoes for me is a case of picking what you want in terms of the ride feel of your max cushion daily trainer.

For me, I find the New Balance More v4 to have a very smooth slightly firmer feel that just rolls through very nicely. And if you’re in sync with it like I am, it’s going to feel fantastic.

I also find the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 to have a slightly softer, slightly bouncier, and really luxurious comfortable feel underfoot.

The rocker on the More v4 gives the shoe a balanced ride and a slightly more traditional feel, but both shoes achieve the same purpose in protecting the body very well on those long runs.

The Nimbus and the More are really great shoes and I like them pretty much equally for those long runs. But the decisive factor for me is the price obviously.

The More v4 is a fair bit cheaper than the Asics Nimbus 25 and so I would go for the More v4 on that basis.

But if money was no object, I’d probably lean towards the Nimbus 25. I think the Nimbus has the slightly more enjoyable ride that I think will work for pretty much anyone.

Also, if you don’t get into sync with that rocker in the More v4, I think it can feel quite dull and blocky because the foam isn’t as dynamic or responsive as the FF Blast+ on the Asics.

Overall, both are good shoes. In terms of which one I’ll have in my rotation, I probably just plump for the More v4 purely on the basis that it’s cheaper, but then if you’re just looking at performance, I think the Nimbus 25 is a slightly more rounded shoe.


I was expecting the Nimbus 25 to feel like the More v4 when I ran in it because of the way it looks and the way it feels, but it is actually a bit firmer and a little bit stiffer as well.

The Nimbus is not the stiffest shoe in the world, but when compared to the New Balance More v4, there just seems to be a little bit more rigidity to this shoe.

I can feel that the Nimbus doesn’t squish at all for me on my runs. As a real result, the Nimbus is probably a little bit more responsive than the New Balance More v4.

The Nimbus is a balanced shoe and I think that’s what the Nimbus range is designed for now.

It’s a shoe that is meant to have widespread appeal. But for me, it just doesn’t have anything that really sticks out about it. It’s just a good solid max cushion shoe that does the job and will have you happy for many miles of training runs.

So, I think the More 4 is a more efficient fluid running shoe. I feel like there is a nicer turnover in this shoe.

When I go out and do a long run in the More, it just feels like I can keep going for a while. The Nimbus is fine for that, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s really benefiting me in any way. I didn’t feel a nice rolling action in it or a rocker action in it like I did in the More v4.

Overall, both shoes are comfortably plush and they really hold your feet nicely. They’re such comfortable shoes that once you put them on, you really just think this is fantastic.

But again, I think the More v4 is slightly better and resonates with my foot mechanics a little bit better.

Asics Nimbus vs. New Balance More (More Details)

Let’s dive into more details and start off with the midsole…


Nimbus 25

The Nimbus 25 has a FlyteFoam Blast+ Eco (FF Blast+). We’ve all seen the FF Blast+ in shoes like the wonderful Novablast 3 which is one of my favorite shoes from last year.

This is the Eco version which is FF Blast+ but with 20% of that midsole foam coming from bio-based renewable materials so it’s going to be a little bit more eco-friendly.

You’re also getting a total of 20% more foam in the midsole of the shoe compared to last year.There’s also a much wider base where there’s a wider platform for you to stand on.

So, even though there’s no more Trusstic system to make the shoe very rigid, you’re still getting a stable place to land whenever your foot hits the ground.

So the Nimbus 25 feels nice and soft like a pillow under your foot. I love going easy in it because it just feels like your feet are attached to clouds.

Keep in mind that this FFBlast+ Eco is slightly different than the regular FF Blast material. What I can say about it is that it is a little bit less squishy and a little bit less responsive than the FF Blast+ that’s in shoes like the Novablast 3. But I will say that it is softer and more cushioned than the Nimbus Lite 3.

Talking about the Nimbus Lite…

Nimbus 25 vs Nimbus Lite 3

I was really excited about the Lite 3 because it had a lot of those sustainability features, but it only had FlyteFoam.

The Nimbus Lite was a promising shoe, but I think now the Asics Nimbus really delivers on that promise because you’ve still got that sustainability aspect to this shoe, but you’ve got a much more comfortable and exciting midsole to work with. You can see this is where this shoe has been going and I’m very excited that we finally actually got here.

What about Gel?

If there’s Gel in the name, there’s still Gel in the shoe. But immediately, I think what people will notice is that you don’t see any Gel on the outside.

While PureGel is still embedded in the back of the shoe right where your heel sets, they removed it from the forefoot.

In the heel, they’re using an improved honeycomb type of pattern which I think allowed Asics to get more of that gel feeling the way they’re looking for without using that much gel. This update helped the shoe shed some weight in terms of the amount of Gel used.

So, if you’re a heel striker, you’re going to get the benefit of that Gel helping to absorb the impact of your foot strike, and I think that it’s going to do a good job for you.

More v4

The midsole is nothing but a pure heaven of Fresh Foam X. But in the More v4, I feel like there is an airy squishiness to the Fresh Foam X.

Fresh Foam X is a foam that New Balance has been tinkering with aggressively over the years. And this year, I feel like they’ve done a fantastic job of getting that balance between absorbing cushion but also having it spring back and not having it be a very dense experience.

To help wrangle all of that foam that’s in the More v4, there is a significant rocker. New Balance is calling this the largest rocker to date.

Both shoes are not all-out squishy and bouncy shoes like the Nike Invincible. But the More v4 does give you a little bit more back while also having a bit of a rocker itself and a fairly effortless ride as well when you’re ticking along at those easy paces.



On the Nimbus 25, this time Asics is using two different kinds of rubber. In the forefoot, you’ve got AHAR Lite which is a softer material but it’s also a more sustainable rubber compound.

In the back, they’re using AHAR+ which is that super-durable very long-lasting rubber that’s a little bit more dense of a material as well.

On the More v4, the outsole has a very generous amount of rubber coverage. But like the Nimbus, there is a fair bit of exposed foam, but none of the key impact areas are left uncovered.

I think both brands are doing a good job in balancing the tensions of providing a lot of protection for those foams that are primarily intended to soak up a lot of miles while also not unnecessarily weighing down the shoes too much or taking away from the excitement of the Fresh Foam X or the FF Blast+ Eco.

Overall, I think both companies did a really good job keeping me tight to the road so I never felt I was unsafe in either shoe.  

In terms of durability,

For the most part, I’m impressed with the way the rubber is holding up in both shoes. I’m seeing very little degradation in the highest-wearing areas where I normally see wear and tear.

I feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds here. Both shoes are really comfortable and they’re long-lasting. Those two things tend not to go together in shoes like these.

When it comes to the outsoles, I don’t know. Neither one is particularly better or worse than the other. I guess I could give a slight edge to the More v4 just because it’s wider and flexes better.


Typically, a lot of brands will look at a shoe with this amount of stack height and just decide to continue with the puffiness and the moreness.

In the More v4 and the Nimbus 25, they have managed to resist that urge and kept everything very lightly padded just enough to keep things comfy but also not so much that you’re going to feel like you’re running in memory foam.

I really appreciate that from both companies.

With the Asics Gel Nimbus 25, the Eco story still continues because we have sustainable materials used in this knit mesh upper. Yes, a knit mesh and it feels very soft to me. In the midfoot, you have a little bit of structure from the Asics logo.

The New Balance More v4’s upper is an engineered mesh that is really soft and comfortable on the foot. Just like the Nimbus, you do have some overlays from that New Balance logo.

The materials both shoes are using are really comfortable and I didn’t have any issues with hot spots, blisters, or irritation.

Lacing System

The More v4 has a very traditional lace enclosure system with a basic eyelet chain, but the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 is a bit of a different story. The shoe has this kind of loop system.


Overall, I never felt the laces cutting across the top of my midfoot at all in either shoe because the tongues are really good.

Talking about the tongue…


I haven’t had any comfort issues so far in these shoes.

The tongue on the More v4 is pretty plush but not gusseted, but it’s fairly thick yet a little thinner than last year’s model.

The tongue sits nicely and doesn’t create any discomfort on the top of my foot. I haven’t had it sliding around at all even though it is not gusseted. But from what I’ve heard, if you have narrow feet, the tongue might slide around a little bit.

Unlike the More v4, The Nimbus 25 has a really stretchy fully gusseted tongue.

Overall, the tongues stay out of the way and are:

  • Fantastic
  • Super lightweight
  • Not super padded
  • Very comfortable both to the touch and on feet


I haven’t had any heel slippage because both shoes have really nice solid heel pockets for your heels to sit on. They’ve got a lot of nice plush comfortable padding in the heel to make sure that it’s comfortable but also fits a variety of types of heel shapes.

The heel counters are nice and sturdy but slightly different…


The New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 has got a slight Achilles heel curve and it rides up a little bit taller, which is nice because you can use it to help you get your shoes on.

I found that to be really comfortable and I’m used to that heel flaring out. But it took me a while when they first came out with that style.

On the Nimbus 25, it’s a more traditional heel counter. There’s no heel flare at all, but they do have this handy stretchy pull tab to help you get your shoes on, which helps compensate for the stretchiness of the tongue. The pull tab looks great and also is very pleasant to the touch.

There’s one more thing that you have to consider when it comes to the Nimbus 25…

Did you hear this?

I recently learned that the Nimbus 25 is particularly well-designed for those with triangle feet. Runners with triangle feet have heels that taper inward.

That means the Nimbus is good for runners looking for running shoes that are narrow in the heel and wide in the forefoot.

However, if you don’t have triangle feet, I think that you’re also going to really enjoy the fit of this shoe.

I think it’s a tie for me in terms of upper. I really like this knit mesh material that they’re using on the Nimbus 25. It’s soft, it’s a bit stretchy, and it just feels a little bit more innovative than the More v4’s upper.

But the upper of the More v4 fits me better because it gives more room for my toes to wiggle and splay naturally.

Final Thoughts

The Gel Nimbus 25 and the More v4 are two max cushion shoes that are designed to do the same job which is protect your body and help you cruise through easy and long runs in complete comfort.

The Nimbus 25 is a big change for the Gel Nimbus line becoming a max cushion shoe whereas the previous versions were more like cushioned daily trainers with lower stack heights.

Here’s a video about the history of the Gel Nimbus line…

While I’ve really enjoyed running easy in these shoes, there’s a difference in their ride feel that I think separates them.

I’d say the Nimbus 25 is a success and it’s finally an exciting shoe to run in. It’s a shoe that I’ve really been enjoying putting the miles in.

After the first run in the Nimbus 25, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. But since then, it’s really grown on me, and going to it on a Sunday at the end of a long week of training for your long run just feels really nice. It protects your leg nicely and it’s got a pretty smooth ride, a pretty soft ride, a very balanced ride in general I’d say.

But again, I personally prefer running my slower easier more comfortable longer runs in the More v4. I prefer the feeling of the Fresh Foam X combined with that rocker technology over the BB Blast+ Eco in the Nimbus 25.

The Fresh Foam X is bouncy, responsive, feels good, and it’s plush. When your legs are tired or you’re doing a recovery run or even if you’re just walking around in New York City for hours on end, this cushioning does an amazing job of keeping your feet comfy.

My only complaint was that maybe the upper was a little bit warm, but other than that, no issues.

But in general, these are both standout options based on my testing.

That pretty much concludes this Asics Nimbus vs New Balance More comparison.

Have you tried either of these shoes? What do you think of them? Put it down in the comments below.

Thanks for making it to the end of this hefty comparison, and until then, see you in the next one 🙂 

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