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You know what’s key in a solid daily trainer? Versatility. And let me tell you, I’ve put the Asics Novablast through its paces, tackling all sorts of runs and workouts.

Now, once we cover the release date of the Asics Novablast 5, I’ll dive into my experience with the Novablast 4. We’ll talk about how it’s holding up after all those 100 miles and workouts, and then I’ll dish out some suggestions for pairing options and alternative shoes that might give the Novablast a run for its money.

Asics Novablast 5 Release Date

The Novablast series has been on quite the journey since its inception with the Novablast 1 back on March 1st, 2020. With each new release – from the Novablast 2 on June 2nd, 2021, to the Novablast 3 on September 1st, 2022, and the most recent Novablast 4 that dropped on December 1st, 2023 – this line has consistently delivered innovation and performance. Priced at $140, each iteration has raised the bar, setting a high standard for daily trainers.

Given this pattern, it’s reasonable to expect the Novablast 5 to follow suit, hitting the market around December 1st, 2024. Keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter in this exciting series!

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Here’s the release date calendar of the Asics Novablast series:


Where the Asics Novablast Shines

The Asics Novablast truly shines as a reliable daily trainer, accompanying me through countless easy miles with ease.

Thanks to its FFBlast+ Eco midsole foam, the Novablast strikes the perfect balance between cushioning and responsiveness, providing a comfortable and exciting ride with every step.

What sets the Novablast apart is its versatility – whether I’m logging long slow-distance runs, recovery sessions, or even light workouts, this shoe handles it all effortlessly.

Plus, it’s not just functional; it’s fun. Spending the bulk of my weekly miles in the Novablast is a joy, thanks to its dynamic performance and lively feel. And when the need arises to pick up the pace, rest assured that the Novablast is more than up to the task.

Key Trends for Asics in 2024

In 2024, Asics is doubling down on some key trends that have been emerging in their modern lineup of running shoes. One notable trend is the emphasis on ample foam and pronounced rocker, particularly in the forefoot.


This shift is evident in models like the Metaspeed Sky+ and the Superblast, which feature enhanced toe rocker compared to their predecessors.

The latest iteration of the Novablast, the Novablast 4, follows suit with a significant increase in toe rocker, providing runners with a distinct and enjoyable sensation.

This trend towards maximal cushioning and aggressive geometries, especially in the forefoot, is likely to continue evolving in Asics’ offerings throughout the year.

Not only that, Asics is staying ahead of the curve by continually refining their super shoes to deliver lighter, faster, and more responsive performance.

This dedication to innovation is evident in their latest releases, such as the Metaspeed Sky+ Paris and the Metaspeed Edge+ Paris, which incorporate cutting-edge technologies to enhance the running experience.

Asics Classic Models


When it comes to classic Asics models, there’s a handful of iconic shoes that come to mind. The Gel Cumulus, Gel Nimbus, and Hyper Speed have been staples in the running community for years.

While the Hyper Speed has seen some updates, it still retains that timeless Asics feel. Additionally, models like the Kayano, GT 2000, and 1000 hold a special place in the hearts of many runners. These shoes make up the classic Asics lineup, embodying the brand’s legacy of performance and reliability.

Asics Modern Models

Over the past couple of years, Asics has created modern models like the Novablast, the Superblast, and the Magic Speed.

These shoes represent a departure from Asics’ classic lineup and offer fresh designs and innovative features that have caught the attention of runners worldwide.

However, what’s interesting is the distinct separation between these modern offerings and Asics’ traditional models. While the classic lineup, including shoes like the Gel Cumulus and Gel Nimbus, seems to be overseen by a longstanding design team in Japan, the modern lineup appears to have a different creative direction, possibly influenced by designers in the West, particularly the United States.

This divergence in design approach between the classic and modern models underscores some of the unique challenges faced by a company like Asics, deeply rooted in Japanese tradition.

Despite efforts to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, there remains a noticeable division between the classic and modern product lines within Asics’ lineup.

While the classic models hold a strong legacy and are deeply ingrained in the brand’s heritage, the modern offerings present a fresh perspective on performance and design.

This dichotomy reflects the complexities of balancing tradition with innovation, especially for a company with such deep roots in Japanese culture.

Ultimately, the coexistence of these two distinct product lines showcases Asics’ commitment to catering to a diverse range of runners while honoring its rich heritage.


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Asics Novablast 4 After 100 miles

It didn’t take long for me to hit 100 miles in my favorite daily trainer from 2023, and over the course of those miles, my opinion has changed a little bit.

Let’s talk about the Asics Novablast 4 after 100…

Asics has made some tweaks to the foam, switching from FFBlast+ to FFBlast+ Eco, and they’ve played around with the sculpting and shape of the shoe.

All these changes aim to give the shoe a tad more stability. I do feel it’s a move that could attract a broader range of runners because not everyone is into shoes that compress as much or offer the same dynamic feel during runs.

I have to admit, this new foam feels way more consistent. Whether I’m pounding the pavement week after week or just on a long, extended run, the squishiness remains constant. That’s a big improvement over the Novablast 3, where the feel could sometimes fluctuate.


Overall, it’s been an interesting journey, and the Novablast 4 has definitely left a positive impression. But let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how it’s held up over those first 100 miles…

How the Novablast 4 Has Been Holding Up


I have to say, the FFBlast+ Eco foam’s consistency is still shining through. Even after hitting that milestone, the shoe feels surprisingly fresh. I was genuinely taken aback by how it didn’t feel like it had endured a hundred miles of pounding the pavement.


It seems like this foam is built to last. Its durability is evident, and the rubber outsole, which provides both protection and traction, is holding up remarkably well. I can still make out all the intricate details and patterns etched into the outsole, which bodes well for its longevity.


Sure, there’s a hint of creasing starting to appear on the midsole foam, but overall, I’m confident that the Novablast 4 will deliver a consistent experience for many more miles to come.

In terms of appearance, apart from a bit of dirtiness, the shoe at 100 miles looks almost untouched.

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