ASOS Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women


In this article, we have ASOS shoe chart for men and women in 2024.

ASOS is a renowned online fashion retailer that offers a diverse and trendy selection of footwear. Known for its fashion-forward approach, ASOS provides a wide range of shoe styles, from casual to formal, catering to various tastes and preferences.

With an emphasis on inclusivity, ASOS also offers a “Wide Fit” option, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit for individuals with broader feet.

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ASOS Shoe Size Chart / Conversion Chart 

Men’s ASOS Shoe Size Chart / Conversion Chart

Foot Length (MM)USUKEU


Women’s ASOS Shoe Size Chart / Conversion Chart

Foot Length (MM)USUKEU


How to Measure Your Feet

When it comes to finding the right size for any type of shoes, including casual or dress shoes, here’s a guide on how to measure your feet:



Gather Your Materials. You’ll need a piece of paper, a pencil, and a ruler or tape measure.
Find a Flat Surface. Stand on a flat surface with your heel against a wall.
Trace Your Foot. While standing, trace the outline of your foot on the paper. Ensure the pencil is perpendicular to the paper for an accurate shape.
Measure Length. Use the ruler or tape measure to measure the length from the heel to the longest toe. Do this for both feet, as they may have slight differences.
Measure Width. Measure the width of your foot at the widest part, usually across the ball of your foot.
Consider Arch Length. If you have higher arches, measure the length from the heel to the ball of the foot along the arch.
Refer to Sizing Charts. Different shoe brands may have varying sizing charts. Compare your measurements to the brand’s chart to determine your shoe size.
Account for Sock Thickness. If you typically wear specific socks, consider their thickness when measuring for a more accurate fit.
Try Before You Buy. Whenever possible, try on the shoes before purchasing. Walk around to ensure comfort and that there’s enough space for your toes.
Understand Shoe Styles. Different types of shoes may have different shapes and fits. Consider the style of the shoe and how it may affect sizing.


ASOS Sizing FAQs

Does ASOS run big or small?

ASOS design tends to run slightly larger than other retailers, but in general, you should be okay buying your usual size. It’s always a good idea to refer to ASOS’s specific sizing chart for each product to ensure the best fit based on your measurements.

What is a 44 in US shoe size?

EU 44 translates to US 10.5 and UK 9.5, 275mm in foot length.

What is a size 10 in ASOS?

A size 10 in ASOS translates to UK 9 and EU 43, and 271mm in foot length.

Should I size up or down for ASOS?

When it comes to sizing for ASOS, it’s generally recommended to go with your usual size. However, some ASOS models often run slightly larger than other retailers and you’ll most likely need to size down, but in most cases, sticking to your standard size should provide a good fit.

What does ASOS wide fit mean?

ASOS wide fit refers to a specific sizing option provided by ASOS for individuals with wider feet. Shoes labeled as “Wide Fit” typically have a wider toe box and a broader overall design to prevent pinching or discomfort. If you find that regular-sized shoes are often too narrow for your feet, opting for ASOS Wide Fit can be a practical choice to ensure a better fit and enhanced comfort.

In conclusion, ASOS stands out as a versatile online footwear destination, offering a diverse range of styles from casual to formal. Their commitment to inclusivity is evident in the provision of “Wide Fit” options, catering to individuals with broader feet. To ensure the perfect fit, ASOS provides detailed size charts for each product, allowing customers to make informed choices and enhance their overall shopping experience.

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