Balenciaga Shoe Size Chart (+ How Triple S, Speed Runner, Xpander, Defender, Boots Fit)


In today’s article, we have the Balenciaga shoe size chart for women and men.

Not only that, we’re going to tell you whether Balenciaga shoes run small, big, or true to size.

So, we’re going to be looking at:

  • Balenciaga Triple S
  • Balenciaga Speed Runner
  • Balenciaga Track Sneakers
  • Balenciaga Defender
  • Balenciaga Xpander
  • Balenciaga Crocs Boots

Finally, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Balenciaga shoe sizing…

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Balenciaga Shoe Size Chart

First off, Balenciaga shoes only come in full sizes and not half sizes. Also, their shoes are done in European sizing, and if you want to get them in your size, you’re going to have to find the equivalent of European sizing.

Unfortunately, that may fluctuate and it may be a little bit less clear because sometimes, people with a 10 or 10.5 US size can fit into a 42 to 43 and maybe even 43.5.


Balenciaga Women’s Shoe Size Chart



Balenciaga Men’s Shoe Size Chart



Balenciaga shoe sizing vs. Adidas & Nike

Men’s US sizes

Foot length

Women’s US sizes

Foot length

Now, for the more fun part, our reviewers are going to tell you whether their Balenciaga shoes run small, big, or true to size.


Does Balenciaga Run Big?

Yes, Balenciaga sneakers are generally known to run one size larger than usual. For the perfect fit, it’s recommended to consider sizing down by one size when purchasing Balenciaga shoes.


Do Balenciaga Triple S Run Big?

Yes, The Balenciaga Triple S fits pretty big. In fact, the Triple S runs a half size big so you’ll need to go a half size down, but if you have narrow feet, you might want to need to go a full size down.




I’m a size 38. The Triple S do fit bigger and I recommend you buy a half size down, but the problem is they do not sell them in half sizes.

So, if you’re US 8.5 or a 38.5, I’d buy 38. Again, the Balenciaga Triple S do run a little bit bigger


I normally wear US 7.5 or 8 depending on the type of shoe and the brand. Based on the reviews and everything that I saw, people were saying to go a full size down with the Triple S because they are a little bit larger-fitting.

I did order the size 37 and I did go down a full size because apparently, the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers do run bigger. So, I have to say the advice to size down a full size was spot on because these are a perfect fit.

Again, I’m usually a 7.5 – 8 and I go these in a US 7 or EU 37 and they are absolutely perfect.


With the Balenciaga Triple S, I recommend you size down a full size. I sized down because I want my shoes to fit moderately tight. Not too tight but snug fitting.

If you go true to size, they will be a more relaxed fit, but I would definitely recommend going down a full size.


In terms of sizing, the Balenciaga Triple S runs a half size big. So, if you’re a US 12, you could do 11.5.


I’m usually a UK 6 because sometimes a UK 5 is quite small for me. I got these in EU 38 which is UK 5 and they fit really perfectly.


In the Balenciaga Triple S, I suggest going a half size down than going more space inside the shoe.

But why?

When I was trying these on, a 44 was good, but I had space and my foot was slipping around a little bit. So, I had to size down because I wanted to have a snug fit and better lockdown on my foot.

Also, the Triple S is big, and the bigger the shoe, the more it’s going to move around, and the closer you can lock it down to your foot, the better it’s going to be for walking and for the inside comfort of your foot.

That’s why I strongly suggest sizing down than sizing up.


I normally wear a UK 5 which translates to EU 38 and US 8. For me, the Triple S runs too big and so I went a full size down to a UK 4, and the shoe fit perfectly.


Balenciaga Speed Runner Sizing


Do Balenciaga Speed Runner run big or small?

The Balenciaga Speed Runner run big.



As for sizing, the Balenciaga Speed trainer, unfortunately, seems to run big. I went with the size 42 which is a size 9 in US men’s, which is my true size, and it fit big.

It was definitely workable like I could throw on an extra pair of socks and I would be able to go.

But if I had the chance to go back and do it again, I probably would have gone with the size 41 instead of 42 which would have fit me better.

The sizing on this shoe kind of makes sense because there aren’t any laces to tighten the sneakers and so you want to make sure you grab a size that’s going to stay on your foot no matter what.

So, it does make sense to go down a size just to make sure your foot isn’t sliding out of the shoe every step that you take.

But as I always suggest, if you had the chance to try this shoe on first before you buy it, make to do that especially when you’re dropping like 780 bucks on it.


I ordered the exact same model and color except one is EU 39 and one is EU 40. I found that even though you were a size 39, a size 40 can still fit you because the upper is an unstructured knit material that can stretch with your feet.

However, it’s better to size down and have the upper material form to your foot because if the shoe’s a little big for you, the upper will fold and look ugly on your foot.

I’m usually a size 40. When I tried both sizes on, I found that the 39 fit about three-quarters of a size larger, if I was to be precise.

But since the Speed Runners are unstructured and basically are very stretchy, it doesn’t matter too much if you get your true size or you do size down. It’ll still fit your feet, but for me, I did slightly prefer the size 39 over the 40.

While walking, I found that the 39 was less prone to slipping off my feet, especially if I do happen to rush somewhere.

Overall, I do recommend sizing down, especially if you are going to purchase them online.


Balenciaga Track Sneakers Sizing

Do Balenciaga Track Sneakers run small or big?

The Balenciaga Track Sneakers run big.



I’m normally a size EU 35, but there’s something about these Balenciaga Track sneakers.

Because they are wide through the toe box, which means there’s a lot of room for your foot especially if you’ve got narrow feet, I feel like that these run so big.

Even though they say these are true to size, I would still recommend you size down.

So, I got a size 34 and they fit like a dream.

Overall, if there’s a Balenciaga store nearby, definitely go try them on before buying them. But if that’s not an option, I would definitely say you need to size down because the Balenciaga Track Sneakers do run big.


I typically wear a 7.5 and sometimes 8 depending on the shoe. So, I tried the 8 but was too wide and just looked too chunky on my feet.

Unfortunately, Balenciaga does not have half sizes and so I got a size EU 37 (US 7) and they fit me perfectly.


For reference, I’m normally a size 38 in most sneakers, I’m a size 37.5 in Gucci and Stuart Weitzman. Balenciaga only runs in full sizes and so I ended up getting a size 37 which is a full size down from my true size.

They’re still very comfortable and I think it has a lot to do with this very soft material because if you try on your regular size, they just feel loose and your foot is floating around in there.

Overall, sizing down gives that snug secure fit.

Balenciaga Defender Sizing


Do Balenciaga Defender Sneakers run small, big, or true to size?

The Balenciaga Defender Sneakers run true to size.


These aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but they’ll give you about 1.5 or 2 inches of height. The stride is interesting but very comfortable.

If you’re wondering about sizing, I’m typically a men’s US 11 or EU 41 and I will say you need to go one size down because the Defender sneaker runs big for me.

So for me, I went a size down and got a 40 which fit perfectly. I could even have gone a 39, but for the fit-wise, just go down one size because, again, these run big.


I would say these run fairly true to size. I got these in a 43 and they fit absolutely perfectly


I find these to fit pretty true to size. You can use these for off-roading, trekking, and anything in between, but I’m just going to be using them for city and suburban wear.

Another fun fact is these do not crease no matter how hard you try to crease them because the midsole and outsole have a kind of rocking design that will let your feet roll smoothly, which gives a very orthopedic feel to them.


Balenciaga Xpander Sizing


Do Balenciaga Xpander Sneakers run small, big, or true to size?

The Balenciaga Xpander Sneakers run true to size.


I got EU 43 which translates to a US size 10.

Sizing is pretty interesting. I would say they fit generally true to size and maybe even the tiniest bit tight, but they definitely fit smaller than the Speed Runners.

So, if you’re considering what size of these to get, I would say pick your normal size and you should be safe because the Xpander Sneakers run true to size.


I went true to size in these because I like my shoes to have a little room in them. I usually get a 41 and this is a 41.

If you’re short, you should definitely get these.


In regards to sizing, I went true to size with these. I’m a UK 8 which is EU 42 and these fit very well unlike the Triple S which fit big.

Balenciaga Crocs Boots Sizing


Do Balenciaga Crocs Boots run small, big, or true to size?

The Balenciaga Xpander Sneakers run big.


I think the Balenciaga Crocs Boots fit half a size bigger. So, if you’re considering getting a pair, I recommend you go a half size down or you can go your true to size and you can always wear thick socks.


I got a size 39 which equates to a size US 6. If I didn’t know any better, I would have probably got a size 41 which is a US 8. That would not have fit.

Definitely, I recommend you size down one full size if not two for your best fit.


Like all Balenciaga shoes, the Crocs Boots do come in full sizes only. I’m a half size and I did size up, which was a mistake. I should have sized down in these because they run big in general.

I even tried thicker socks but that didn’t help. So, if you’re going to pick up the Balenciaga Crocs Boots, I would say size down.


In terms of sizing, I went down a size as I usually do with my Balenciaga footwear. I’m usually true to size 10.5 or 11. With these, I went with a US size 10 which is equivalent to a size EU 43.


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Balenciaga shoe size chart FAQs

What size is 40 in Balenciaga?

Size 40 in Balenciaga is equivalent to men’s US 7 and women’s US 10 or men’s UK 6 and women’s UK 7.

Do Balenciaga shoes run big or small?

Generally speaking, Balenciaga shoes tend to run big like most designer shoes.

Are Balenciaga true to size?

The only two Balenciaga shoes that I know run true to size are the Balenciaga Defender Sneakers and the Balenciaga Xpander Sneakers.

What is 42 size in US?

Size 42 is equivalent to men’s US 9 and women’s US 12.

Do Balenciaga boots run small

No, Balenciaga Boots don’t run small. They run a half size big and so we recommend you half size down when you’re getting the Balenciaga Boots.

Are you supposed to wear socks with Balenciaga’s?



Are Balenciaga’s comfortable?

In terms of the upper, while it isn’t anything groundbreaking, it’s a very comfortable stretchy knit material with a sock-like fit and feel. Also, the midsole is comfortable to walk in.

How can you tell if Balenciagas are fake?

Are Balenciaga Triple S heavy?

I weighed the Triple S size 43, one shoe weighs approximately 2lbs and so both shoes come in at 4lbs. This means you’re putting about 2lbs of additional weight per shoe on your feet when you’re wearing the Balenciaga Triple S.

What you need to know before buying Balenciaga Triple S 

You really need to know all the ins and outs of each shoe before you buy it, especially designer shoes that cost an arm and a leg.

In this section, I’m going to let you know what you need to know about one of Balenciaga’s best-selling shoes, the Triple S, before you hit the buy button.


Size Number


The number on the front of the shoe is just the size of the shoe. So, 36 is just the European size.


The Tripe S look heavy and are ridiculously heavy, which means they’re going to take you a few weeks to get used to them.

So, if you don’t really like heavy shoes, the Balenciaga Triple S probably isn’t for you.


Another thing is because the Triple S are heavy, you’ll probably hit them together, which is a common thing for a lot of people to do. This causes marks on the midsole which are unbelievably hard to get out.

So, when you’re walking, try to actively not hit your heels together, and if you feel yourself doing it, don’t worry but try not to do it all the time.

Lace Holes


Another thing is you don’t need to use these lace holes on the side. You can use them, but they’re not really how you’re supposed to tie the laces.


The Balenciaga Triple S run big.

What I would recommend with the Triple S is sizing down a full size. I sized down because I quite like my shoes to be moderately tight, not too tight but quite tight.

If you go true to size, they’ll be a more relaxed fit, but I would definitely recommend going down a full size.


Places on the shoe that wear quite easily is three places.

The first part is the heel. Because they are heavy, you kind of like slide your shoe on the floor. So, if you notice yourself banging your shoes in the middle, try not to do it.

Another part would that is more susceptible to premature wear is inside the shoe on the heel especially when you take your shoes off with your other foot.


The other part is the Triple S logo on the tongue. It wouldn’t be too bad if it’s white. But where it’s black, when you tie your laces, your laces rub against this rubber part and it comes off.

Maybe tuck your laces in or just don’t have your laces dead tight against that logo because it will wear quickly.

Outsole vs. Stones


One last issue is the stones actually get caught in the ridges on the outsole. If you keep them in, they can damage the outsole quite badly.

So what I would say is just check your shoes every time you wear them, and if you see a stone in there, it’s just easy to take out.



There are a few pairs of Triple S which are distressed. So, if you get a pair and they have bits of white on and you think it’s there from the shop that you bought the shoes from, it’s not. It’s how they’re meant to look.


The Triple S are going to cost you quite a lot of money. There are definitely better shoes, in my opinion, you can get for the same price.

So, if you really want them, I would say go for it. If you don’t or if you’re a bit hesitant on them, I would say maybe save your money and buy something else or wait until something comes up that you do really want.

That’s it for this before-you-buy the Balenciaga Triple S.

Let me know in the comment section what other things you’ve noticed about your Triple S if you’ve got them.

let me know if you’re hesitant about buying it and why you are hesitant and what you think about Balenciaga sizing.

Thanks for making it to the end of this Balenciaga shoe size chart. I hope you’ve learned something new today. I hope you’re staying safe out there and see you in the next one 🙂

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