Bape Shoe Size Chart for Men, Wome, Kids + Sizing FAQs


In today’s article, we have the Bape shoe size chart for women, men, and kids. We’ve got a conversion chart with US, UK, EU, and Japan sizing.

Not only that, but we’re going to be discussing:

  • If Bape shoes are true to size
  • Why they were so popular
  • Why they are no longer as popular
  • How they could get away with copying the Air Force One
  • How to tell fake Bape shoes from genuine
  • (…)

 Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right into it…


Bape Men’s Shoe Size Chart



Bape Women’s Shoe Size Chart




Bape Kids’ Shoe Size Chart



Bape Shoes FAQs

How Do Bapesta Fit?

Bapestas typically offer a true-to-size fit, accommodating most foot shapes comfortably. However, for individuals with wider feet, opting for a half size up can provide the extra room needed for a more comfortable and spacious fit.

Are Bape shoes true to size?

Bape shoes generally have a reputation for running true to size. And according to other reviews, many wearers also find that Bape shoes offer a comfortable and accurate fit when they choose their usual size. Keep in mind that the materials used as well as the construction of some models can affect the fit as well.

Also, as with any footwear brand, individual fit preferences can vary and so finding the right fit with Bape shoes will depend on your foot shape and personal comfort preferences.

If possible, it’s recommended to try on the shoes in-store or consult the official size charts above before making ordering your shoes. For online purchases or when buying from resellers, reading customer reviews or seeking advice from fellow sneaker enthusiasts can help determine the best size to go for.

Again, when it comes to most Bape shoes, definitely stick with your normal size unless you have wide feet or you like wearing your shoes either tight or loose.


How Do Bape Sk8 Sta Fit?


Like many other shoes, the Bape Sk8 Sta typically fits true to size. Most of my Air Force 1’s, Air Max’s, and Jordans are 9. I got my true size 9 in the Sk8 Sta and it pretty much worked for me.

If you are a half size like a 9.5, you might want to get a 9 because there is no 9.5. However, if you are a true size 10, sizing down to a 9 since there’s no 9.5 might be a little bit too snug for you.

But if you have wide feet, you might need to size up, otherwise, your feet might squish up together on the sides. If you have normal-width feet, go true to size and you’ll be fine.

If case your Bape shoes are too big, these do come with extra insoles. Using these extra insoles would make your Bapes a little bit more fitting for your foot.

Some wearers might find them slightly snug at first, but the shoes tend to break in and conform to the foot’s shape with regular wear.


Do Bapestas Come in Half Sizes?

Bapestas only come in full sizes like 7, 8, 9, 10, and so on.

How Do JJJJound x A Bathing Ape Bape Sta Fit?


The JJJJound x Bape Bapesta collaboration definitely feels like they run a little bit more snug than a traditional Air Force 1. I found that the toebox area runs ever so slightly more narrow than the Air Force 1 as well.

The length of the shoe is ok, but I feel like the curve on the toebox touching the pinky toe makes it feel pretty uncomfortable.


How Does Bape Shoe Sizing Work?

Here’s how Bape sizing works. Bape shoe sizing typically follows standard shoe size conventions, ranging from men’s to women’s sizes. Bape sneakers run in US sizing, generally from 7 to 13 for men and 4 to 6.5 for women.

For most models, Bape shoes run true to size, meaning that your regular shoe size should be a good starting point. However, it’s essential to remember that individual fit preferences can vary, and certain Bape shoe silhouettes may have slight sizing nuances.

It’s recommended to try on the shoes in-store or refer to the official size charts above if you missed them. Additionally, reading customer reviews or seeking advice from fellow sneaker enthusiasts can help determine the best size to go for.


Are Bape Shoes Comfortable for Everyday Wear?

Bape shoes are known for their premium quality and craftsmanship, which often translates into a comfortable wearing experience. They are suitable for everyday wear and prolonged use due to their well-cushioned midsoles and supportive construction.

However, like any footwear, comfort can be subjective, and individual preferences may vary. It’s advisable to try on the shoes and walk in them for a while to gauge personal comfort levels before getting them for everyday wear.


Are Bape Shoes Suitable for Casual Wear?

Absolutely! Bape shoes are highly suitable for casual wear and are designed with streetwear aesthetics in mind. The brand’s iconic and eye-catching designs, often featuring vibrant colors, camouflage patterns, and striking graphics, make them a perfect choice for adding a bold and fashionable touch to any casual outfit.

Whether you’re pairing them with jeans, joggers, shorts, or even dresses and skirts, Bape shoes can elevate your look and make a style statement. Their versatility, comfort, and resemblance to some of Nike’s iconic silhouettes make Bape shoes a popular choice for those seeking trendy and casual footwear options.


What are Bape Shoes Made of?

Leather. Bape often incorporates genuine leather in its shoe designs, which adds a luxurious touch and enhances durability and comfort.

Patent leather. Bape incorporates patent leather material into some of its shoe designs, adding a touch of sophistication and glossiness to the footwear.

Patent leather is a type of coated leather that has a high-gloss, shiny finish, achieved through a special coating process. The distinctive appearance of patent leather sets it apart from regular leather, making it an eye-catching and luxurious addition to Bape’s shoe offerings.

This glossy material is often used for specific design elements like overlays, accents, or even the entire shoe upper, enhancing the visual appeal and adding a sleek touch to the overall look.

Canvas. Canvas is frequently utilized for its versatility and breathability, which is great for more casual or summer-oriented styles.

Suede. Suede lends a soft and textured appearance that adds depth to certain designs.

Mesh. Mesh is often used in Bape’s sportier and performance-oriented models, providing excellent ventilation and lightweight support. BAPE and New Balance released the 57/40 which is crafted from a mix of mesh, suede, and leather materials.

Synthetic materials. Bape may also use synthetic leather or technical fabrics to achieve specific design elements or enhance performance attributes.

The outsole is made of rubber, providing excellent traction and stability.

Inside, Bapestas often feature a comfortable cushioned insole to enhance the overall wearing experience.


Who Wears Bape Shoes?

Bape shoes are favored by a diverse range of fashion-conscious individuals who embrace streetwear culture and seek to make a bold style statement.

Celebrities, musicians, athletes, and fashion enthusiasts were often seen sporting Bape shoes. The sneakers’ popularity extends to a global audience, with enthusiasts from different backgrounds and ages appreciating their blend of urban aesthetics and premium craftsmanship.

Whether it’s on the streets, at events, or on social media, Bape shoes are frequently seen on the feet of those who appreciate the brand’s distinct and influential presence in the world of street fashion.


What are the Most Popular Bape Shoe Designs?

Bape has produced several iconic shoe designs that have gained immense popularity among sneaker enthusiasts and streetwear aficionados. Some of the most sought-after and popular Bape shoe designs include:

Bapesta. Drawing inspiration from Nike’s Air Force 1, the Bapesta is one of Bape’s most recognizable shoe silhouettes. 

Shark Sta. The Shark Sta is another notable design, known for its unique shark-tooth-like design on the midsole.

Roadsta. The Roadsta boasts a sportier look with a running shoe-inspired design.

JJJJound x Bape Bapesta. This is a highly coveted collaboration between A Bathing Ape (Bape) and JJJJound, a design studio known for its minimalist aesthetics and curated approach.

This collaboration brings a refreshing twist to the classic Bapesta silhouette, combining Bape’s streetwear flair with JJJJound’s clean and understated style.

The shoes often feature premium materials and subtle detailing, showcasing a restrained and sophisticated take on the iconic Bapesta design.

Bape ABC Camo Canvas. This is a stylish variation of the classic Bapesta silhouette, known for its canvas upper adorned with the brand’s iconic ABC (Ape Head, Bape Sta, and Camo) camouflage pattern. This design merges the casual appeal of canvas with the bold and eye-catching aesthetics of Bape’s signature camo.

Bape x Adidas NMD. Bape’s collaborations with Adidas on the NMD silhouette have been highly sought after. These designs combine the comfort and technology of Adidas NMD with Bape’s iconic camo patterns and branding.


Reebok Instapump Fury x Bape. Bape’s partnership with Reebok resulted in unique versions of the InstaPump Fury, featuring camo prints and the brand’s logo.


Does Nike Own Bapesta?

Nike does not own Bapesta. While both brands have a significant presence in the sneaker culture, they are distinct entities and are not affiliated with each other in terms of ownership.


Did Bapesta Copy Air Force 1?

Bapestas are iconic footwear produced by the Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (Bape). And yes, the Bapesta copied the Air Force 1, but they said it was just inspired by the iconic Nike Air Force 1 silhouette.

In the late 1990s, Nigo, founder of Bape, designed the Bapesta as “a homage to the Air Force 1”, incorporating the classic silhouette and signature star and ape motifs while adding his unique flair to the design. The Bapesta’s creation was intended as a playful homage rather than a direct copy, and it became a significant part of Bape’s identity and success.


Why are Bapestas So Popular?

Bapestas have attained widespread popularity for several compelling reasons…

Air Force 1. Their design was inspired by the iconic Nike Air Force 1 silhouette, which granted them almost instant popularity among sneakerheads.

Patterns. The incorporation of eye-catching camo patterns, vibrant colors, and the brand’s recognizable star and ape motifs adds to their allure, making them instantly recognizable and covetable.

Collabs. The brand’s collaborations with celebrities, artists, and other notable figures further elevated their desirability and exclusivity.

Limited editions. Limited-edition releases and a sense of scarcity create a sense of urgency among enthusiasts, fueling demand and collector culture.


How Popular is Bape Now?

How did Bape go from being one of the most influential and recognizable brands in the late 90s and throughout the 2000s to where it is today?

Back then, the Bapesta caught the eyes of celebs in the West like Biggie Smalls, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, Ronnie Fieg, KAWS, and most notably Kanye West. When that happened, the Bapesta exploded and eventually became one of the most sought-after sneakers by westerners.

We soon saw some collaborations with Marvel, Daft Punk, Sponge  Bob, N.E.R.D, Hajime Sorayama, JJJJound, etc.

Sadly, Bape now is just a shell of its old self and their recognizable designs look like every other generic streetwear brand.

The brand managed to stay relevant and in the spotlight for almost 20 years until 2011 when Bape was officially sold. Honestly, since this point, it has all been downhill for Bape and their public image.

One thing that’s really holding Bape together is that they are nostalgic. When you think of Bape, there’s a good chance that it can be directly tied to who was wearing it. They provided great pieces of history and photos that many looked back on and wish they could relive or be a part of.

I think the decline of Bape was for numerous things. Firstly, Nigo potentially foresaw what Bape might have become, and instead of sinking with the ship, he jumped ship. Also, Bape really had similar designs that were kind of played out and repetitive.

Finally, the trend cycle just moved on from Bape simply. Honestly, I don’t think they could have done anything to change that.


How Can You Tell if Bape Shoes are Genuine or Fake?

Determining whether Bape shoes are genuine or fake requires a keen eye and attention to detail. Here are some tips to help you identify their authenticity:

Official Retailers. Try to get your Bape shoes from authorized retailers or the brand’s official website to ensure their authenticity.

Packaging and Labels. Examine the shoebox for any discrepancies in printing, logo quality, or misspellings. Authentic Bape shoes come with high-quality packaging and accurate labels.

Quality of Materials. Inspect the materials used in the shoes. Authentic Bape shoes are known for their premium quality, so any signs of cheap or flimsy materials may indicate a fake pair.

Logo and Branding. Pay close attention to the iconic Bape Ape logo and brand markings. Look for clear, well-defined graphics that are consistent with the brand’s official designs.

Stitching and Craftsmanship. Check the stitching for neatness and precision. Authentic Bape shoes boast meticulous craftsmanship, whereas fakes may have uneven or shoddy stitching.

Price. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Bape shoes are typically expensive due to their exclusivity, so unusually low prices should raise suspicion.

Seller Reputation. When buying from resellers or online platforms, research the seller’s reputation and reviews to gauge their credibility.

Sizing and Fit. Be cautious if the sizing is off or the shoes don’t fit properly, as this may indicate a counterfeit product.

If you are still unsure about the authenticity of Bape shoes, it is best to seek advice from experienced collectors or the brand’s official customer support to verify the legitimacy of the product.

Here’s a video explaining how to spot fake Fakestas as they call them…

How Did Bape Get Away With Copying the Nike Air Force 1?​

The act of ripping other brands is nothing new, but the iconic Bapesta by A Bathing Ape has been the most successful rip in history. The Bapesta is a good example of doing a copy right, all puns intended. The idea is to take something familiar and spin it to the point where people actually respect it.

Nike have filed a lawsuit in respect of a number of sneakers that it alleges Bathing Ape have copied:

  • Bapesta (Air Force One Low) 
  • Bape Sta Mid (Air Force One Merge) 
  • Sk8 Sta (Dunk Low)
  • Bape Court Sta (Air Jordan One High)
  • Court Sta (Air Jordan One Low)

We know Nike are not shy when it comes to suing other companies for copying their designs. Cases have famously gone all the way to the Supreme Court against the likes of Yums. We have seen in more recent times cases brought against the likes of John Geiger and MSCHF, and we’ve also seen in recent times other bootleggers like Warren Lotas and Omi and Hellcat being sued for similar types of infringements.

So, how did Bape get away with it?

The very existence of the Bathing Ape Bapesta seems to fly in the face of copyright infringement and trademark violations. With Nike being so itchy with the legal trigger finger to sue other companies that have taken obvious inspiration from the Air Force One, it has brought about a lot of questions as to why they’ve never done the exact same thing with Bape.

So, Nike finally brings about legal proceedings against Bape, and we’re going to address some of the conspiracy theories out there as to how Bape have been able to get away with it for so long.

Here are some theories…

Slight modifications

Some people have suggested that the Bapesta was modified just enough to skirt around any overt trademark infringements.

This includes:

  • Replacing the Nike Swoosh with the iconic Bapesta icon
  • Replacing the word Air with the word Ape or Bape
  • Changing the outsole pattern a bit
  • Changing the upper material from leather to patent leather 

Nike Owns Bape

Another theory as to why Bape have been able to avoid getting sued is the idea around Nike having stock or part ownership of Bathing Ape. This idea is a little bit tricky to get on board with because Bape collaborates with basically everybody including a lot of Nike’s direct competitors including Adidas and Puma.

I can’t envisage a situation where Adidas would knowingly be giving money over to Nike. So, this theory is a little less tenable in my opinion.

Expired Patent

I think this is the most logical reason why a giant like Nike could not really bring Bape down. 

US Patent Law patent in America and Japan only protects utility for 20 years. So, since the Air Force One came out in 1982, Bape were able to avoid copyright infringement by releasing their product after the patent had expired.

That’s a major reason why copying is ramping today among older silhouettes because lots of patents are up.

What happened after Nike met with Nigo…

In 2009, Nike met with Bathing Ape and then CEO Nigo to discuss the Bapesta and its potential infringement on Nike trademarks and copyrights.

Following their meeting, Bape significantly diminished their presence within the U.S. markets, and in the same year, their CEO Nigo stepped down as CEO.

Shortly after in 2010, Bape shut all of their US stores but one. They then shifted their focus to the Chinese and Taiwanese markets and obviously, the Japanese market where they’re from.

In 2016, Bape actually redesigned the Bapesta to make it look less like the Air Force One.

So there was a period of relatively quiet time where Bape wasn’t encroaching in the U.S. markets.

But in 2021, Bape decided to reintroduce the original Bapesta as well as the Court Star and the Sk8 Sta. They did this whilst concomitantly increasing their physical presence within the U.S. market with more stores and more online sales.

So what’s likely is that the reintroduction of the old-school Bapesta back in 2021 that infringes heavily on the intellectual property of the Air Force One design alongside an uptick in physical presence in the U.S. markets as well as these other bootleg rip-off sneakers has brought about some negative attention from Nike and rightly so and brought on all of the smoke again.

So, in 2023, Nike is officially suing Bape for copying its most iconic shoe designs.

There you have it. This was the Bape shoe size chart, sizing guide, and some pertinent questions related to Bape. What’s your favorite Bape shoe?

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