Best Brooks Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma


5 Brooks Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

Brooks Addiction Walker


The Brooks Addiction Walker are by far the best Brooks shoes for Morton’s Neuroma. 

I’ve recently compared the Brooks Addiction Walker to New Balance 928. Check it out first.

Brooks Ghost 11


This is the newest update of one of the most popular running series in the world.

The Brooks Ghost seems to be a favorite amongst many runners. The saying that “if it’s not boken, don’t fix it” is a safe rule to follow by Brooks.

In this 11th model, Brooks takes steps to change things up a bit, and well for better or worse let’s see what the Brooks Ghost 11 is all about.

Before you carry on, if you have heel pain flare-ups, these New Balance shoes are good for Plantar Fasciitis.


The upper keeps things simple with its engineered mesh and minimal design. Brooks seems to use less overlays which gives the shoe a much more modern look.

Fortunately, the look of the shoe also has its functional benefits.

The upepr feels soft to the touch. It’s breathable yet still provides a good containment of the foot.

The toe box feels roomy but not sloppy while the heel feels secure and structured.

But the best part of the upper is its interior feel. The Ghost has a nice slip-in feel and you will not feel any harsh seams or any hot spots.

The cushion in the heel and in the tongue is padded just right. It’s very comfortable while not being overly padded.

The upper of the Ghost doesn’t really have anything exciting about it, but it gets everything right. Nothing flashy, but it gets the job done.


The midsole brings back the DNA BioMogo technology. This cushioning has a very balanced feel of comfort with a slight responsiveness to it.

With that, Brooks has decided to bring along their new DNA Loft technology, which is supposed to be their soft yet durable cushioning. It runs from the midsole through the heel. As far as the feeling, it is definitely softer and adds an extra layer of comort.

The addition of this Loft DNA was noticeable while going on casual paces. While on the roads, the extra cushioning feels as if it’s embracing the impact just enough that my feet didn’t feel as beat up. While picking up the pace, the Loft DNA wasn’t as noticeable but the feel of the Ghost was still there.

The OUtsole

The outsole keeps things very basic. There’s rubber covering the majority of the shoe which gives the shoe a more of shock absorption while adding to the durability.

Overall, the Ghost 11 has a fairly supportive feel for a neutral style of shoe. It has a slight flex in the forefoot, which is enough to not interfere with your natural stride.

Traction on road and grass seems fine and maybe even a light trail will be ok if you don’t mind getting you new shoes dirty.

The biggest change to the Brooks Ghost 11 was the new midsole setup, which felt good for the most part.

For me, the change from the Loft DNA midsole in the heel to the standard DNA midsole in the forefoot did make the shoe feel a little bit odd in transition.

I wouldn’t say bad but I definitely noticed the difference of where the Loft DNA ended and where the normal DNA cushioning started. I just wanted a smoother transition between midsole densities.

12mm Heel Drop

I will also say that the 12mm drop of these shoes felt noticeable compared to previous versions of the Ghost.

It didn’t ruin the run but I know some people may not like the feel of a higher drop shoe and the Ghost 11 definitely has that feeling especially if you’re not used to it.

Other than that, the Ghost is still the Ghost. I do appreciate Brooks adding new things to the formula. Anyone who liked the previous Ghost 10 will most likely enjoy this version.

The Brooks series is one of the best-seeling shoes for a reason. It provides comfort for longer runs and it won’t hold you back from doing tempo runs.

If you need a shoe that can be your everyday all-around trainer, this is the type of shoe that you can depend on.


  • They squeak a bit but after the breaking period, the squeak goes away
  • Transition from Loft DNA to BioMogo could have been smoother

Here’s a recent comparison of two of the best Brooks lineup, the Brooks Ghost 10 and the Glycerin 15.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is all about stability and comfort.

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The upper is one of the nicest uppers I’ve put on my feet this year and it’s so comfortable. It’s got a very cushioned collar and a heel counter that comes in and locks your heel without feeling that pressure on the back of your heel.

The tongue is squishy without being too puffy and it doesn’t also stick up too high. I just don’t like it when the tongue comes up high on the collar and just kind of buckles up. I like it when it’s a continuation of the rest of the collar. Nice job there.

The front features flat laces which are easy to tie, stay tie. The laces fit really well in the front, the throat feels great and lockdown over the midfoot is fine.

What I really like about the upper is the engineered mesh.

I lot of shoes are going towards a knit upper and I just don’t feel like you get the support and fit that you get from an enginnered mesh. Maybe I just haven’t tried the right knit yet, but I still feel like engineered mesh has an edge on knit and this shoe does a really great job with the upper.

The GTS 18 accommodates even narrow feet with higher arches with no hot spots whatsoever.


The midsole has got Brooks’ DNA foam with some posting on the medial side for stability and a TPU shank that kind of holds that mid section together pretty well.

Stability shoes aren’t really my thing, but the nice thing about this shoe was that I didn’t feel like it’s over corrrecting my stride or adjusting my foot. It felt pretty natural although it did have a firm heel without a lot of sloppiness to it.

What was nice was the GTS 18 is a bit softer than the GTS 17 and it does provide a feel of a soft landing on the midfoot and a soft toe-off even though it doesn’t look that flexible.

I really did enjoy the comfort of this shoe and it’s definitely a shoe I would use for slower days, recovery runs and so on.

12mm Heel Drop

I didn’t feel fast in this shoe and I think it does have to do with the 12mm drop between the toe and the heel. I feel the midfoot kind of puts the breaks on my stride when there is a substantial drop. But it could just be in my head.

The Adrenaline GTS 18 is not that heavy and it actually weighs 10.4oz for a size 10.5. For a stability shoe, this is like featherweight.

It does feel a little bottom heavy though and maybe all that weight nestles in the midsole with that posting and that plastic shank.


The oustole features plenty of rubber contributing to the durability. For those of you who love the Adrenaline you’re going to like the GTS 18.

The upper feels great on your foot, which causes no hot spots, no heel lift and it just feels great coming out of the box. The midsole is soft enough that you can take it out of the box for a long run if you want to.             

Brooks Dyad Walker

This walking shoe features really nice durable premium leather for the upper with a lace-up closure for a secure and adjustable fit.

Brooks have added generous cushiong all throughout the collar and the footbed which is removable. The footbed adds to the cushioning and arch support of the shoe. The inside features breathable textile lining for a great feel next to your skin.

The midsole features great foam cushioning, which is going to give you a ton of shock-absorption. The midsole material also helps to keep the weight of the shoe down a bit.

The forefoot has a nice stiff flex to keep you stable and secure.

The outsole features a really durable blown rubber arch support pods, which is going to provide a lot of ground contact to add even more stability.

If you’re in the market for a new walking shoe, you cannot go wrong with the Dyad.

Brooks Chariot

With sleek athletic detailing and a comfortable and supportive upper, the Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 offers year-round performance on the trail or in the mountains.

You’re looking at a shoe that’s actually inspired by the iconic 1928 Brooks Chariot running shoe. The upper features a combination of breathable soft suede and synthetic along with a lace-up closure to make sure you can get a nice and snug fit.

It features a thin comfort tongue and a lightly padded collar along with a smooth fabric lining to provide a really great in-shoe feel.

The Chariot also features a really amazing molded tri-layer footbed to help keep yousuper comfy and supported throughout the day.

There’s also a medial wedge foam midsole that helps control pronation along with supplying even more comfort. The midsole is very shock absorbing and it actually keeps the weight down remarkably.

Everything here comes to you on a durable rubber outsole.

Get a little classy and a vintage feel with the help of the awesome Chariot from Brooks.

Brooks Heritage Vanguard

The Brooks Heritage Vanguard is actually inspired by the original 1976 Brooks Vanguard running shoe. It has textile soft pigskin leather aand smooth pigskin leather uppers along with a lace-up closure to give you a nice and snug fit.

There’s a thin comfort tongue and a lightly padded collar along with a smooth leather and textile lining so you’re going to have a great in-shoe feel.

Not to mention there’s also a molded textile covered footbed and a medial wedge foam midsole that gives you even more cushioning and cushioning for days.

Everything sits on a durable rubber Octopi oustole for great traction.

Treat yourself to one classic shoe with the Vanguard.

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