Best Hiking Boots For Ankle Support


Today, we’re going to be reviewing some of the best hiking boots for ankle support for men and women.

Be it a day spent hiking or camping or even a week spent backpacking, just simply getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors is important to a lot of people.

But what’s even more critical is having the correct gear that’s going to allow you to enjoy those outings even more.

That equipment needs to be comfortable, supportive, and durable. It also needs to perform great in the harshest conditions, be it at the dead of winter or the dog days of summer.

Lucky for you, the hiking boots we’re going to review provide the great ankle support that you’re looking for.

Let’s dive right into it…


Best Hiking Boots for Ankle Support

Salomon Quest 4 GTX High Rise


The Quest 4D 3 is one of the best hiking boots of all-time.

These boots are very protective and they come nice and high off the ankle to keep your ankles nice and safe from any twists or breakages that might occur on uneven ground.
This is the third iteration of this really popular boot. As far as hiking and backpacking boots go, it’s super-comfortable and super-lightweight with little breaking time.


GTX Upper

The GTX obviously refers to the fact that these are gore-tex-lined boots, which makes them waterproof.

Of, course the amount you’re going to sweat through your feet probably is going to leave your feet a little bit damp.

Other than about the top inch and a half of the boot, they are waterproof right up to there to stop any water getting into your shoe if you find yourself having to cross streams, large puddles, or anything like that.


Lacing System

In terms of practicality, the upper and the laces are very strong and high-quality as you’d expect from Salomon hiking boots.

The first loop that you actually put the laces through when you do these things up, that’s your lace lock and wow does it lock. There’s going to be no slippage out of there whatsoever.

So, the lacing system is really good and really easy to dial in, which lets you customize the fit depending on the terrain you’re doing.

Then you’ve got your two optional hooks above there if you want to get them laced up much higher.


The Ortholite insole is nicely cushioned and there’s plenty of padding and insulation in the walls of the boot.


The outsole is the Contagrip outsole and it is fantastically grippy. You’re going to get really excellent traction on pretty much any ground apart from the loosest of surfaces.

Salomon built the Quest on this 4D chassis. Basically, it’s like a piece of plastic or composite material that’s built into the sole that kind of wraps all the way around your heel up through the midsole.

It sort of acts like a shank giving you really good stability especially on rocky uneven terrain like the Appalachian Trail.

Also, hunters and fishermen who end up being off-trail sometimes can wear this boot. So, it’s just an added bonus to have that little bit extra support versus like say a low top.

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Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boots


Offering reliable traction and durable waterproof materials, the Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry is sure to appeal to hikers or backpackers who need durable trail-worthy performance.



Starting with the upper, we have got a durable waterproof nubuck leather that fully wraps around the shoe.

It is a really nice material. It is going to provide some great durability and overall longevity in the boot’s life.

We have got a mixture of cloth or fabric and metal eyelets. It is going to provide some extra flexibility with the fabric eyelets.

The boot does have a gusseted tongue so it is going to hold its waterproofing up to about the mid-ankle portion there.

You have got a molded rubber toe cap that is great for protection if you happen to kick up against any rocks or if you happen to bump your toes a lot when you are hiking.

And on the back side, we have got Oboz’s molded heel counter. It is a rubber-reinforced heel as well.

So, as the leathers start to wear and break in and loosen up, that heel is going to provide a nice stable hold throughout the life of the boot.

And we have got some perforations on the upper to allow for more breathability.


And there is a B-Dry membrane throughout underneath the leather. So, the B-Dry will be a waterproof breathable piece of footwear.

And with that B-Dry membrane, you get a nice wicking liner on the inside so it is going to help to pull the sweat away from your foot, helping you to feel more comfortable and more dry along your hike.

Talking about the liner …


The insole is Oboz B-Fit Deluxe insole.

It is a lot different from insoles I have seen on other shoes. It is a lot more sturdy and rigid instead of being just a flimsy piece of foam.

And by that I mean there is actually some structure in the arch and in the heel. So, you will get a much more supportive overall fit with the shoe because of this insole.

Another neat feature there is that they have got these EVA pads in the high-impact zones under your foot.

So, in the heel and in the toes there is some extra shock absorption there for added comfort.


Moving down to the midsole, we have got a dual-density EVA with a nylon shank. That is going to provide really good shock absorption and some extra stiffness as well as just an overall comfortable fit.


We have got an Oboz Granite Peak outsole. It is a really toothy and rugged-looking tread. It has got a nice TPU chassis built-in with that.

It is going to help to protect your foot from any underfoot stone bruising as well as giving the boots some extra stability and torsional rigidity without inhibiting the flex.

The outsole has got directional 4-millimeter lugs which are self-cleaning lugs. Again, they are very toothy and they are going to provide really nice grip on the trails.

Another neat feature about this tread is that it comes up around the side, which is a pretty cool system.

So, if you are on an off-camber trail or potentially a crooked trail or doing some switchbacks, it is going to provide good grip on the sides of the boot as well as the underside.

The Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry is a great, durable hiking boot that is suitable for hikers, backpackers, or anyone who just needs trail-worthy performance.

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Merrell Moab Mid 2



The Merrell Moab 2 is going to give you great out-of-the-box comfort with a little break-in period to keep you going all season long.

The Moab is called the ‘mid’ for the mid-height cuff, which is going to help lock your heels in place and give you a little bit more support torsionally to keep you from rolling your ankle on the trail.

There’s also a nice heel so when you’re going down steeper rock terrain, it helps give you a little bit more support and really grip in to help give you a brake system on the back of the shoe.

This boot is perfect for the everyday hiker. It’s great for short distances and for lighter backpacking overnight trips.

GTX Upper

First, we have the M-Select Dry which locks out moisture so you can stomp through rocky creeks or city gutters without getting your socks wet.

Merrell updated the upper with a more durable leather. The boot still has mesh that’s a little bit more aerated to give you a little bit more breathability across the tongue and across the front of the foot where your foot heats up the most throughout the day.

Then, there’s a nice wide toe box fit that’s going to give you a little bit more space for your toes to move around and breathe a little bit better.

They’ve updated the tongue to have a closed-cell foam so it doesn’t pressure pump water through the tongue, which keeps it a little bit more waterproof and a lot drier.

They still have the Gore-Tex lining built into the shoe. That’s going to give you better waterproof protection on wet muddy days but still allow breathability when it’s warmer outside.

The Moab has got a nice added toecap feature to the front of the shoe, which is going to help protect your foot from rocks and stumps on the trail.


The lining on the inside of the shoe is going to help protect your foot and give you a little bit more abrasion resistance against your foot to cut down on blistering on hot days.


The M-Select Fit EcoPlus contoured footbed is extremely comfortable. The footbed has a little bit of added arch support with a little stiffer foam base to it but still giving you a softer EVA foam under the heel for a little bit of extra shock absorption.


The boot has a nice EVA midsole for great out-of-the-box comfort and great shock absorption in the heel as well.


Merrell has gone with the TC5+ outsole from Vibram. It’s really tacky and really grippy on wet rock surfaces.

The 5-millimeter lugs on the bottom help shed a lot of dirt and debris from underneath the shoe.

Comfortable, stable, and sleek, whatever your terrain, check the Moab 2 Mid hiking boots from Merrell.

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Danner Mountain 600 Mid 4.5


Danner has been making boots and they’re based out of Oregon. These Mountains actually look really good and they kind of blend both street style and mountain style performance.
The Mountain 600 is a performance heritage style piece from Danner. Basically, it’s for anyone who is on long trekking hikes that need quality, durability, and a lightweight boot that’s water-resistant and waterproof.



What Danner has been known for lies with its waterproofing.

You might think that you wouldn’t want to get the leather version wet, but when you are either walking through puddles or even crossing short streams, the fact that these keep water out of your boots is something that will allow you to continue on and remain comfortable and dry.

Even though it could be sunny and warm outside, wet feet can ruin a trip very quickly.


It features a special dual-density compression-molded SPE midsole, which stands for Specialized Performance Elastomer.

This allows for greater, support, comfort, and flexibility with the boot. This is just a combination of EVA and rubber which absorbs lots of impact and lots of compressions.

The Danner Mountain have actually a softer style flex because of the new updated midsole and outsole.


Why the Danner Mountain 600 stands out lies directly with that collaboration with Vibram. This rugged Vibram Fuga outsole and the Danner’s Mega Grip technology actually adapts to the kind of rocks that you’re on because it has these little slits that allow it to flex just a little bit better.

Together with the SPE midsole, the outsole provides a really wide grip on the bottom of the boot that helps with multiple pitches and angles.

It doesn’t matter if you are vaulting over rocks or climbing up loose dirt, this provides incredible traction all winter and summer long.


There’s a full gusseted tongue with traditional D-ring laces. I like how the classic red lace with the full-grain upper really looks.

Another nice little thing about the Mountain 600 is that it has another kind of exterior style cradle.

This means your heels are not going to be shifting around and kind of protects you against some rocks and other sharp objects that you may be hiking across.


The Ortholite footbed has a small little arching cradle and offers a little bit of arch support but really not too much.

It is removable so if you have your own insert that you want to put in, you can definitely do that.

Again, this is a great heritage looking piece with a lot of updated technology.  You can wear it in the city and look cool or you could be on the hiking trail and go for hundreds of miles.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, the Mountain 600 is going to be one that’s going to last for a very long time.

Again, the Danner Mountain is one of the best waterproof hiking boots.

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Keen Targhee II


What’s great about these low-top hikers is they give your feet plenty of support thanks to a torsion control ESS shank.
This provides a more rigid platform for your feet and also protects against side twisting.

Altogether, this protects your feet and ankles from mechanical injury and fatigue on rocks and on uneven ground.


Waterproof & Odor-free

The Targhee II is waterproof yet breathable. It’s coated with an environmentally friendly PFC-free waterproof coating on the outside and Keen Dry membrane on the inside to let vapor and moisture wick away.

Additionally, an eco anti-odor chemical-free probiotic insole naturally breaks down odor-causing bacteria and doesn’t harm the bees in the manufacturing process.


There’s a metatomical dual-density EVA insole that conforms to the shape of your foot protecting you from all sides while also leaving plenty of room for your big toe so it isn’t pressed into the shoe.

This is not only more comfortable, but it also helps to avoid blisters and damage to your feet.

The fiitbed is an eco anti-odor chemical-free probiotic insole that naturally breaks down odor-causing bacteria and doesn’t harm the bees in the manufacturing process.


An attractive nubuck leather with hydrophobic mesh top and tongue make the boot look great and also stand up to a lot of use.

Keen also sources their hides from certified tanneries and they use processes to reduce chemical use and impact on our watersheds.

The Targhee II is waterproof yet breathable. It’s coated with an environmentally friendly PFC-free waterproof coating on the outside and Keen Dry membrane on the inside to let vapor and moisture wick away.

An oversized bumper on the toe and heel protects you from bangs and bumps like a helmet for your feet. This also helps protect your boots to add more miles to their lifespan.

To keep the Targhee in place, a wide webbing lace keeper allows the laces to move with your steps and a nylon strap attaches the top lace to the heel with a range of motion to allow it to be cinched tight and support the top of your foot by linking it to your heel.

Midsole & Outsole

There’s a special dual-density compression-molded midsole to give a lot of support to your feet so that mile 15 feels like mile 1.

Keen has created heavy 4-mm multi-directional lugs for a positive grip on any terrain or weather.

No matter if you’re traversing a sandy dune, rocky scree, or flat hard-packed dirt, the Targhee will conform to the terrain for great traction.

They can get a little slick on wet slippery rock, but the tougher sole means more miles over their lifetime.

For a supremely comfortable low hiker that protects your feet and ankles and keeps them dry while also being committed to protecting and conserving the great outdoors we enjoy, the Keen Targhee is your go-to boot.

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Lowa Renegade GTX Mid



The Lowa Renegade hiking boots are mid-weight hikers that offer a snug fit and incredible ankle support. It’s actually Lowa’s best-selling boot anywhere in the world.
Because these are mid-weight hiking boots, the construction is more substantial than that found in lighter boots, which also means that they have a higher ankle collar and offer more ankle support and stability.

They’re light enough to travel fast and maybe even do some fast packing but structurally allow you to carry a load and travel through some really technical terrain.

The overall comfort you get is really the selling point of this boot. You can wear it to work and it’s just comfortable to wear around town.

So, if you’re looking for a light weekend boot and you got 20 pounds on your back and you want something that’s unbelievably super comfortable that’s waterproof and form-fitting because of all the leather it has, then you definitely want to check out the Lowa Renegade.

But if you’re looking for a boot to carry 40 or 50 pounds on your back for an extended period of time, this is not the boot for you.

They’re also very versatile. You can wear them not only to hike rugged trails but also to walk the dog.

You can also wear them to work on days that you know you’ll be outside and on your feet for extended periods of time.


The outsole kicks mud and stuff caked in there down all pretty much right out.

It’s got a lot of flexibility in the shank. The shank is not really stiff so it gives you a lot of comfort and allows you to roll very easily.
The hikers are made with durable sticky Vibram outsoles which are going to easily take on the different terrains you’ll put them through including steep muddy declines and wet slippery rocks.

Speaking of wet …

… the Renegades have waterproof and breathable seamless Gore-Tex liners. It’s definitely one of the highlights and they are going to keep your feet 100% dry.


One of the first things you’ll notice about these hikers is the quality. They’re handcrafted in Europe and they’re going to take you wherever you want to go for many years to come.

The Renegades have a very comfortable collar and they have a climate-controlled footbed. Even on really hot dates, your feet are going to stay comfortable and will not sweat, which is going to help you stay blister-free all day.

The Lowa Renegade hiking boots aren’t cheap, but I really believe that you’re getting what you pay for.

Don’t forget that good comfortable boots on a long hike can be and often are the difference between an amazing experience and a horrible one and that makes them a good investment.

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Meindl Vakuum GTX


Meindl is a German company that makes fabulous hiking boots to a very high standard.

You’re going to be overwhelmed with the level of detail, the quality, the love they have for what they do and they just produce wonderful boots.


The Vakuum has a nubuck leather upper which is about 2.6 mm thick. Their leather is really well-sourced.

Then inside, it has a full waterproof Gore-Tex sock which is waterproof and breathable.

There’s a rubber rand around the boot, which will protect the leather from impact but also protect the boot from dew and groundwater.

Midsole & Outsole

There’s a polyurethane and EVA wedge which absorbs shock and gives great comfort.

Then the outsole is a really classic Vibram unit which will give great grip in all directions but will clear mud very easily.

The midsole of this Vakuum is beautifully balanced and has a really nice progressive flex throughout.

It is not so soft when you’re walking up a set of rocky steps, but it’s also soft enough so if you’re walking up a steep grass slope, you’ll get plenty of sole unit onto the slope rather than just standing on your toes.

The torsional stability is just superb. It allows a little bit of movement, but it’s really stable.

Why is that good?

That’s good because if you’re walking up a zigzag path in the mountains, your foot very often side onto the slope.

So, it’s important that you get support across the lateral side of your boots, otherwise, it tires your legs.


On the inside, you have what they call their MFS system, which is Memory Foam System. This memory foam is great in that when you put your foot in, you can feel its shape around your ankle.

Over time, the memory foam retains that shape. So, every time you put your boot on, it feels like a customized fit. It just gets better and better and better.

So, although the Vakuum is a very supportive shoe, it just feels like a really lovely slipper as the leather softens and creases slightly and the boot shapes to your foot.

In addition to the memory foam, two other things are going on. The profile is low and it isn’t a big deep thing that your foot can slide forward into. It’s nice and low and holds your foot flat.

Lacing System

These boots have this lacing system which they called is Digifix. What it does is it pulls your heel backwards into the heel cup.

So, your heel and ankle are held firmly and securely and your foot is held gently and it doesn’t move forward when you’re going up or down a slope.

The Meindl Vakuum is the Rolls-Royce of hiking and walking boots. It’s absolutely beautiful and it will give years and years of comfort and great support and use.

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Oboz Wind River III BDry


This boot is solid. It’s got a lot of technical design features packed into a fairly lightweight package.

It’s built for hikers and backpackers. It has a stiffer platform and a rugged outsole package that really handles weight and maintains support and stability.


The upper of the Wind River is a leather and textile blend around the bottom. Up around the back of this boot, you’ll get nubuck leather materials and on the top, there’s this durable mesh material to let air escape.

There are a few fabric eyelets down low, but the majority of the hardware is metal and riveted for extra durability.

You have a sturdy rubber toe cap that is installed at the tip to protect you as you charge down the trail.


The Wind River is completely waterproof thanks to treated materials and a B-dry bootie. Under the outer material is a fully waterproof bootie to keep you dry while allowing breathability.

Each bootie is individually tested before being installed in Oboz boots to guarantee performance.


There’s a lot of thought put into the midsole of this boot. Oboz has dubbed this specifically the Wind River midsole for this shoe.

There’s an asymmetrical TPU chassis, which provides substantial support. It also acts as an integrated shank to add some stiffness but is cut in a way that still lets the shoe flex in the right areas.

It wraps up and around the heel cup to properly provide really good stability. Under that chassis, there is a cored-out PU heel pod which is a bit stiffer than your standard EVA foam but still provides cushion.

It’s a longer-lasting cushion material that better handles heavier loads.

The forefoot uses a single-density EVA foam to cushion each step and trim down some weight.


The outsole is beefy. This is the Wind River outsole aptly named. It’s the burliest outsole in the Oboz line and it gives you support with deep 4.5-millimeter directional lugs.

They’ll grip on climbs and descents thanks to the deep tread pattern.

To go along with the boot, a map of the iconic Wind River Range in Wyoming is molded into this sole.

The Oboz Wind River III B-Dry is a true hiking and backpacking boot that still keeps a fairly light weight. It’s stiff and supportive with some key flex zones.

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Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX



The X Ultra are great for hiking and trekking across kind of varied terrain.

So if you want a supportive fast hiking boot, they’re great for that. If you’re looking for something a bit stiffer, maybe a crampon compatible boot, these probably aren’t the right boot for you.
Also, if you want something slightly more traditional like a traditional leather boot, again I’ll probably look elsewhere.

Other than that, if you’re after a lightweight fast hiking boot that can take on pretty much any terrain, this is the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid Gore-Tex.


The X Ultra 3 features a PU-coated leather and textile upper. So, it’s nice and soft and supple and will particularly keep your feet protected.

The upper also features Sensifit technology, which makes the upper wrap around your foot for a really secure foothold.

These also have a traditional lacing system, which is nice and easy to adjust to the shape of your foot.

These boots come with a full gore-tex membrane so they’re 100% waterproof. They’ll keep your feet nice and dry and they will also help to keep the wind chill off, too.

They also come with an Ortholite footbed. This provides an extra layer of cushioning underfoot for more comfort.

Finally, these boots feature a protective mudguard and toe cap. This protective round runs around the boot and over the toe for extra durability.

It just helps to give your toes a little bit of protection against anything that might be out on the trails.


The midsole of these boots is EnergyCell midsole. This features a high-performance EVA and provides lots of extra cushioning and an extra bit of firm protection underfoot.


The outsole is Contagrip. This is a sticky rubber with specially placed chevron lugs so it gives you loads of grip on varying terrain whether that’s kind of rock, mud, or anything that might be changeable.

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Timberland MT Maddsen



Hike your favorite trails without leaving a carbon footprint.

This collection has been a family favorite for years offering a waterproof boot to keep you dry for miles and miles whether on the trail or in the city.

It’s a great overall hiking boot, lightweight, good leather coverage for protection and durability, waterproof, and just a real versatile boot.

So, a lot of people use it as just a kick around shoe that they can work in their backyard, they can go and hike with it, but it’s also super durable and you can do work in it any kind that you want.


They’re constructed with premium full-grain leather that comes from a tannery that is rated silver for its water, energy, and waste management practices.

The fully gusseted tongue keeps debris out.


These waterproof hiker boots feature a lightweight compression-molded midsole with exclusive Timberland’s anti-fatigue footbed technology to absorb shock and return energy to your hard-working feet.

The Maddsen offers green outsoles made from a recycled rubber material, a waterproof TimberDry dry membrane to keep your feet dry and wick moisture away from your foot.

An internal TPU shank provides torsional rigidity for support and durability over rugged terrain.

Again, the Timberland MT Maddsen is a lightweight boot that’s very capable on the trail but also not so bulky that you’re going to feel uncomfortable wearing it day to day.

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TimberlandDicks Sporting Goods

Lowa Camino EVo GTX


The Camino GTX is a great boot for carrying heavy packs.



It has a Vibram Apptrail outsole which is designed to be self-cleaning. So, when you’re walking along, it’s going to push rocks and mud away from the sole unit, which is going to give you better grip for longer while you’re out there.


The Camino also has a PU midsole. PU is a very supportive midsole and it is very long-lasting.

In terms of the flex of the Camino, the Camino tapers from a 5mm through to a 3mm nylon stabilizer, which gives you a lot of support through your ankle but nice comfort through the forefoot when you’re out on the trails.


It has a rubber toe and heel randing for protection. The boot also comes in a wide so when you’re out in the stores, it’s very easy to fit.

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So, there you have it. I hope our list of some of the best hiking boots for ankle support can meet your expectations. If you have any boots you would like us to consider, please let us know in the comments below.

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