Best Hiking Sandals Reviews – The 2 Most Popular Ever!

Many have found relief from leg and back ailments from orthopedic hiking sandals. Unlike fashion sandals and thongs, hiking sandals are equipped with an arch support, making them the best sandal for people with calf stiffness back strain, plantar fasciitis and bad knees.

2 Best Hiking Sandals

Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal

KEEN Women’s Whisper Walking Sandals Today's Price

Keen Footwear, the front runners in outdoor footwear for the past decade create outdoor hiking sandals that are not only practical but are stylish. Their closed toe hiking sandals are great because they give your foot plenty of support and heel cushioning whilst having enough air flow to allow feet to breath.

Features of Whisper Hiking Sandals

The closed toe means toes cannot slide too far forward when walking and provides protection from shells and stones you may encounter on your journey. Keen Footwear sandals feature their signature black bumper covering the shoes.Women and men have different needs in hiking sandals. Keen recognizes this and creates footwear to suit the individual needs of both males and females.

The Keen Whisper sandal for women is ideal for all situations, from city street walking to light hiking day trips. Unlike many of their competitors, Keen hiking sandals are extremely flexible. The sandal stretches to your foot, as feet swell during the day; the Whisper sandal accommodates this and stretches with you.

Read more in our full review of the Whisper sandal.

The thick sole gives you protection through rugged terrain, and the sandal has a shock absorbent rubber midsole and heel which takes maximum pressure. Such absorbency means you will not add unnecessary pressure to delicate ankle, knee and back joints.

The sandal has pull straps on the back of the heel, which enables the sandal to easily be put on and pulled off whether it is wet or dry. The straps have a bungy cord in them which can be tightened to secure the foot firmly into the shoe.

Traction support means that these sandals are perfect for wearing in conditions where you may come into contact with water, stones and unsteady terrain. Keen sandals are excellent for water-based activities such as fly fishing, where the terrain beneath the water’s surface can be varied.

Most have the idea that hiking sandals equal unattractive, clunky footwear. The Keen Whisper sandal is available in multiple colors so women can choose a colour that suits them. Unlike many outdoor hiking shoes, the Keen Whisper has a streamlined look about it and is not as bulky as some of its competitors.

Such streamlining gives this sandal a feminine feel, meaning the wearer feels comfortable, protected and attractive whilst donning a pair of Keen Whisper sandals. The insole is treated with an antibacterial spray so even if your feet go from wet to dry and back again, they will stay fresh all throughout the day, eliminating the risk of fungal infections such as tinea.

The suede, mesh and rubber design allows for quick drying, minimizing any dreaded stinky foot smells. They are machine washable, so even if they do come stinky they are easily cleaned.

Another women’s hiking sandals by Keen is the Newport sandals which is also recommended for women who like the comfort of hiking boots but wishes a more breathable sandal.

Men’s Arroyo II Hiking Sandal

Men’s Arroyo II Hiking Sandal Today's Price

When it comes to the best walking sandals for men, Keen know that practicality and support are the two most important considerations to factor in to any shoe design. The Arroyo II, gives the stability of a hiking shoe, with the comfort of a sandal, making it the ideal footwear year round.

Features of Arroyo II Hiking Sandals by Keen

The Arroyo II has ample support and protection whilst letting feet breathe. Constructed with a leather and mesh upper they are combined with an AGEIS shield, ensuring that stinky foot smells are kept at bay.

It has a bungy cord lace up system. When you pull the toggle at the top, the bungy tightens through the back of the heel and over the top of the foot, keeping the foot snug and secure in the sandal.

Keen advise these sandals run a little big, allowing for hiking socks to be worn throughout winter. As with all of Keen’s sandals, the Arroyo II has the Keen signature rubber toe guard, ensuring that sensitive toes are protected from any rugged matter you may come across on your journey.

A sturdy rubber sole means that whether on the streets on an uphill dirt climb, the Arroyo II has you covered. It has 4mm non slip lugs meaning that no matter what’s under foot you are assured that you will be able to put your best foot forward. These non-directional lugs dig into terrain such as dirt and rocks with determination.

The shock absorbent midsole also takes the brunt of any jarring movement, giving protection to sensitive joints. The combination of the no-slip sole with the shock absorption means these shoes can ever be used for light running throughout your journey.

The Arroyo II is machine washable, so even if you trek these walking sandals through some serious muddy terrain, a quick wash is all that is needed to get looking like new again.

No matter whether you want a shoe that is suited for inner city living or some adventurous hiking day trips, Keen has the hiking sandal best suited to your needs.

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