Choosing the Best Keen Sandals for Women

If you’re in the market for a pair of walking sandals, you may find that you’re still stuck on one of their fundamental problems; no matter how comfortable they are, you still find yourself kicking rocks and hurting your toes. You don’t want to scrap the idea because of all the positive parts about walking sandals, like the breathability and the comfort, but you do need some kind of toe protection.

Two Keen sandals are among these amazing sandals for Plantar Fasciitis.

This is where Keen comes in. A company that was founded just twelve years ago in California. Keen has grown by leaps and bounds selling walking sandals with a thick toe guard. By combining the breathability, support and comfort of a sandal with some real toe protection, Keen is the perfect fit for those of you who want to feel confident taking their walking sandals off the beaten path.

Top 2 Keen sandals for women

Here today, we’ve got two prime examples of Keen women’s sandals, designed for the trail but comfortable enough for anywhere else. These are certain to make an impact on your outdoor excursions from the moment you put them on.

KEEN Whisper Sandals for Women


Keen’s top selling women’s sandals have a lot going for them right out of the gate. A tough rubber sole running up to the standard black toe guard gives you all the durability you need, while the EVA footbed and neoprene lining feel good on your sole and ankles.

What this model does differently, however, is that it uses quickdraw elastic cord and an on-heel loop to secure itself to your feet, rather than straps or laces.  This means that the sandal is going to fit snug across the entire length of the upper and doesn’t require any tying or adjusting.

The anti-microbial lining and textile upper means that this sandal has a good chance of resisting foot odor and, failing that, can be easily washed. It’s a pretty safe bet that wherever you’re walking, the Whisper is going to stay with you.

Having such a secure hold on your feet means that, in addition to being a comfortable trail sandal, the Whispers are perfect sandals for women who like rougher watersports. If you’re worried about losing your sandals in fast currents, having a snug elastic cord keeping them on your feet is a huge comfort. Plus, once you’re done in the water, these sandals drain quickly through well-designed drain channels, so you can move from the water to the trail without changing shoes or carrying the whole stream with you all day.

If you’re looking for a trail running sandal that can take the occasional stream and protect your toes from roots and rocks, then the KEEN Whisper is your best choice.

KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandals



Definitely designed for the woman who likes her hiking boots but wishes they were more breathable, the Newports are KEEN sandals for women that look like stripped down boots. The whole thing is done up in leather and laced up with a tough elastic bungee cord, but this sandal is vented to drain water, just like its less formal companions.

What isn’t stripped down on the Newport, however, are the features. In addition to KEEN sandals’ signature hard rubber toe, these sandals have a serious outsole that grips surface wet or dry, plus a metatomical EVA foam footbed that keeps your foot as comfortable as possible.

Already, you can tell what this walking sandal was designed for; to be a more water-tolerant, easier breathing trail shoe. To that end, you can do with the Newport pretty much anything you had initially planned to do with a good trail shoe, whether that’s trail running, hiking, or, as their sales pitch points to, sailing.

Even if all you want to do with KEENs sandals is walk, the Newports have you covered as well; they look so much like shoes that, if you wore dark socks with them, nobody would even know the difference. If you really don’t like having your feet sweat while you walk, the Newports from KEEN are going to quickly become your best friends.

Conclusion? Whispers for Water, Newports for Utility

While both of these women’s KEEN sandals are great improvements over slide-ons or flip-flops, it’s pretty clear that both the Whisper and the Newport were designed with different purposes in mind, most notably in exposure to water.

If a little water is the exception rather than the norm, you’re better suited to the leather Newports. If, however, you’re going to be spending a lot of time wearing your new walking sandals in the water, you’d have better luck with the Whisper.

Keen has a variety of outdoor footwear designed for your feet’s comfort. You can choose from different Keen sandals best for your feet if the Whisper and Newport are not your style.

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