Best Motion Control Running Shoes

Motion-control shoes are the most rigid, control-orientated running shoes. Designed to limit overpronation (or slow the rate at which a runner overpronates), motion control shoes are generally heavy but very durable.

You should buy Motion Control Shoes if:

  • you are an overpronator who needs control features and places a premium on durability
  • you wear orthotics and want a firm midsole and deep heel counter
  • you are a heavy runner who needs extra durability and control
  • you have flat feet

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4 popular Motion Control running shoes

New Balance 1011

A premium motion control running shoe for the runner who is looking for a high level of cushioning as well as the ultimate stability control. Recommended for bigger runners with flat arches who need plenty of motion control.  The upper incorporates N-Lock, Lightning Dry and Phantom Liner to increase overall comfort.

Asics Gel Evolution 5

The Asics Gel Evolution 5 running shoes are designed to provide maximum support and stability whilst allowing for the natural motion of the foot and ensuring maximum comfort.  Severe over-pronators will enjoy the DuoMax Support System, and note that it doesn’t interfere with gait or toe-off.

Brooks Beast

If you’re a heavier over-pronating runner with flat arches, look no further than the Brooks Beast.  In updating the Beast to be even better, Brooks combines maximum support and long-lasting cushioning into adaptable running shoes that any self-respecting motion-control freak won’t want to live without. It still features Brooks Hydroflow cushioning, Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, and all the other goodies that have given the Beast a cult following.

Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS

This is less weighty than many motion control shoes, but it isn’t lightweight on the performance front. is Saucony’s best Motion Control shoe yet! Enjoy maximum stability without that brick-like feeling! The women’s Saucony Pro-GRID™ Stabil CS gives you incredible cushioning AND a flexible forefoot for smooth comfort.

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