29 Best Nursing Shoes For wide Feet – Comfy Shoes For Happy Feet


Nurses work 8 to 12-hour shifts and honestly, at the end of the day, your feet get so tired. There are so many types of nursing shoes and in this post, I’m going to be talking about some of the best nursing shoes for wide feet that nurses, surgeons, and healthcare workers swear by.

PS. The nursing shoes below are in no particular order.

Here we go …


Along with the Alegrias, Dansko shoes are very popular among nurses. I would dare say that they are even more popular than Alegrias. Nurses that are literally on their feet for 12 hours a day are such huge fans of Dansko footwear.

They have their own arch support technology. They have a removable insole and they actually do support and accommodate most orthotics.

Dansko clogs have an anti-fatigue rocker bottom technology they are designed with a roomy toe box for wiggling and stuff like.

I love how protective Danskos are. They are also good for your alignment and posture.

You’ll definitely get the support you need from them and at the end of your day, even though you’ve been on your feet for so long, you’re still going to feel good and you’re going to be able to get up the next day and do it all over again.


  • They are easy to clean with any of your favorite wipes.
  • They will make you a little bit taller, and they can help you reach things on higher shelves. (This is actually a pro for some and a con for some).
  • They Will make you look more professional with your nurse uniform.


  • They are on the expensive side.
  • If you tend to extremely walk on the outside of your feet (you supinate) be careful not to roll your ankles.


1. Dansko XP 2.0

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These are some of the best nursing clogs for wide feet and some of the best Dansko nursing shoes

This iconic clog is back in this 2.0 version and it’s got a lot more to offer you.

The outside is made with a patent leather upper with a polycoat finish for extra scratch resistance and shine.

There’s also this floral pattern on it for extra added style. The outside has been hand-stapled to the outsole for long-lasting wear.

The inside provides you with a removable footbed made of leather material as well as synthetic foam. The insole gives you arch support as well as evaporates perspiration so your feet will stay nice and cool the whole day.

There’s a TPU heel counter in the pack to keep your heels in place. You also have a lightweight EVA midsole which will get rid of that shock as well as provide stability.

The bottom has that classic rocker design which will propel your foot forward when walking.

It all rests on top of a slip-resistant rubber outsole made for multiple surfaces.

Double the awesomeness and double the fun with the Dansko XP 2.0.


2. Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs

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If you’ve owned a pair of Danskos, you know all about their legendary all-day comfort. If you have not owned a pair, the Professional clog is the model that defines Dansko’s line of comfortable and professional shoes.

Dansko is renowned for their clean, no-nonsense appearance, and therapeutic comfort.

The Professional clog features a contoured midsole with excellent foot and arch support.

The rubber outsole offers superior shock absorption while the anti-fatigue rocker shape translates to true comfort when you’re on your feet all day long.

Complementing the shoe’s fit and comfort is their well-known durability. The Cabrio leather construction stands up to daily wear while maintaining its good looks.

Follow the lead of professionals who are on their feet day in and day out and get your feet into a pair of Dansko Professional clogs. Your feet will be glad you do.


Style-wise, Klogs are probably a smaller knockoff version of Danskos.

They have what’s called a TRUE Comfort insole for their healthcare line. Klogs are hard surface shoes so it’s going to be easier to clean.

3. Klogs Naples Clog

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Klogs USA Women's Naples Mule

I’m not repeating myself when I say that the Naples is a true Klogs clog.

But what really qualifies this slip-on style as a clog with a ‘K’?

They can pull double duty and they’re great for work or the weekend. With its streamlined design and wide array of colors and patterns, the Naples Clogs are versatile and fun.

There’s a reason nurses and waiters trust the Naples for their longest shifts. The contoured outsole and footbed work together to provide excellent arch support, shock absorption, and slip-resistance.

The Naples’ full-grain leather uppers are built to last and last. Thoughtful additions like the padded collar and roomy toe box are what epitomize its quality construction and thoughtful design.


The Klogs Naples tends to run a bit large. If you’re between size, I recommend you go down half a size.


  • A bit squeaky.

4. Klogs USA Mission

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The Mission is super sleek with a simple modern silhouette. It’s Made with genuine leather on the upper with hidden goring with either side of the collar for a stretchy secure fit.

The Mission is nicely lined on the interior with a removable latex-free contoured cushioned footbed that’s perforated for breathability. Also, the footbed has been treated to be anti-microbial.

The midsole and outsole design are completely lightweight and made of durable polyurethane that helps absorb shock.

The outsole is non-marking and slip-resistant as well.

The Klogs USA Mission shoes are definitely on a mission to keep your feet happy and comfortable.


  • A bit squeaky.
  • Might scuff.

5. Klogs USA Austin

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Proudly made in America, the Austin features a soft suede upper with gorgeous tapestry print highlights that stand out beautifully.

The buckle on the instep can be adjusted for a secure and precise fit.

There’s an anti-microbial footbed that is odor-resistant and provides arch support.

It’s super lightweight and sits on a shock-absorbing and slip-resistant polyurethane outsole that meets ASTM standards to provide stability on oily and wet surfaces.

Slide into absolute comfort with the Klogs USA Austin.


  • A bit pricey.


Alegria shoes are very popular in the nursing community. They do have removable and replaceable insoles made of cork and latex memory foam.

The memory foam footbed helps you get a pretty good shape of your foot and provides really good arch support.

These shoes are available in medium and wide widths and if you have flat wide feet, you are in luck.

Alegria shoes are like a hard surface so they’re easy to care for and easy to clean with just one of those purple wipes or any antibacterial wipes.

Alegria shoes are just simply not cute, but Alegria has expanded the styles and has a great range where you could choose and find something that really works for you.

For the best fit, make sure you check the Alegria size charts and sizing guide.

6. Alegria Keli

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At work, your feet can go through a battleground and that’s why the Keli will get you covered.

The Keli is made of a premium printed leather upper that’s got a slip-on design and dual-goring for easy comfort and on and off.

There’s some light padding at the entryway for a comfortable feel and there’s a leather lining for all-day wear.

There’s also a removable replaceable Perfect Fit footbed that gives you cork, latex, and memory foam to give you a personalized fit.

It all rests on a slip-resistant polyurethane outsole that’s designed to reduce pressure on central metatarsal and heel. It absorbs shock and gives you steady traction as you move throughout the day.

Cradle your feet in the best comfort when you slip on the Alegria Keli. Even when your day gets tough, your shoes will never be a problem.


  • A bit warm.
  • A bit squeaky.

7. Alegria Debra

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Rebecca says the Alegria Debra is the best shoe she’s found for her wide feet and high arches.

The Alegria Debra is an absolute workhorse and it is a great choice for professional footwear. Whether you’re a nurse, a doctor, a teacher or anyone that has to stand on their feet all day long, the Debra has got you covered.

It’s got a lab-tested slip-resistant outsole and a stain-proof upper, which means you can wipe off any stain at the end of the day. This feature keeps the upper of the Debra fresh-looking and more durable.

It has an easy slip-on style and a lightly cushioned collar with a dual-side goring at the instep for a comfortable fit.

There is a roomy toe box for all-day comfort and a smooth and breathable lining that feels great.

It also gives you a removable patented interlocking footbed that is made of cork and latex and memory foam for all-day comfort and support.

It does have a durable and structured outsole that gives you reduced stress on those joints and muscles. It’s also a slip-resistant polyurethane (PU) that is crafted to give you a natural walking motion.

The Alegria Debra is just a gem of a shoe when it comes to work-wear footwear. Just in case your feet forget how much you love them, just get them the Debra.

8. Sloggers Waterproof Comfort

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This is the Waterproof all-day Comfort slip-on shoe by Sloggers.

Like Klogs, Sloggers are made in the USA by a family-run company that has been making waterproof footwear for over 70 years.

These slip-on shoes feature deep lugs on the outsole for superior traction and an all-day comfort insole.

The Sloggers are made of medical-grade soft and flexible vegan-friendly materials to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

They also feature a heel kick tab for no-hands easy off.

Sloggers are really known for their fun prints and colorful patterns. From garden-inspired themes to animals and geometric shapes, Sloggers have a pattern for you that will add color and excitement to your workplace.

The Sloggers run true to size. If you’re a half size, order up and try Sloggers Half Sizer Insoles.

Sloggers Waterproof Comfort shoes are easy to care for. Just wipe them clean and leave them at the hospital for your next 12-hour shift.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Only whole sizes.

9. Clarks Leisa Sadie Clog

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The Leisa is a little bit lower of a heel height compared to other Clarks shoes. It’s an inch and 3/8 so it’s kind of that scooped out wedge that’s super lightweight.

The upper is really beautiful with that stitching detail. This kind of creates that asymmetrical toe. The leather on the Leisa is hand-burnished all on a burnishing wheel.

The instep has that strap detail with that contrast stitching. Then on the inside, you have a little bit of gore for that added flexibility.

Don’t worry; you’re not going to slip out of the Leisa because it’s all lined in that microfiber sock liner.

Also, the footbed has a nice heel cup which provides you with softness with the very first step that you take. Truly, this is a footbed that’s built to last.

The Leisa comes in medium and wide width and whole and half sizes, which makes it so nice because not a lot of shoe companies give you those choices.

For people with wide feet, you have that generous toe box. It’s an easy on easy off clog that I’m pretty sure will go with you wherever you go. It’s great for you if you also need to run errands or even travel in it.

The outsole is super lightweight that you’re not going to be dragging this around.

The Leisa is also bendable so it’s broken in for you the second you get it home. As soon as you put it on, it’s going to feel like your favorite shoe with no break-in time or band-aids.

If you have dexterity issues, you don’t have to fuss with buckles or laces. You just slip into this and you’re good to go.

There’s actually nothing you can’t and won’t wear these with. The fact that the Leisa is comfortable, fashionable, and stylish, it’s a home run.

The bottom features a durable EVA outsole.

You’re going to do a lot of walking in the hospital and the Clarks Leisa Sadie gives you that security. So give your feet the comfort they deserve.


  • Some colors are a bit different from the pictures.

10. Crocs Neria Pro II Graphic Clog

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These fun clogs are made of a thermoplastic EVA upper that’s got tons of colorful print going on to keep it nice and lively for you.

It’s easy to slip on with a soft material. The footbed has got Triple Crocs Comfort.

The heel has a little bit of a wedge to give you a tiny boost while the bottom is a slip-resistant tread.

Stay professional but have a little fun too with the Crocs Neria Pro II Graphic Clog.


  • Not good for high-instep feet.

11. Crocs Mercy Work

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The Mercy Work is Crocs’ specialty clogs designed specifically for women in the food hospitality, healthcare and service industries.

The Mercy Work is constructed of Croslite material, a proprietary closed-cell resin that makes Crocs shoes lightweight, ergonomic, and odor-resistant.

The Croslite material conforms to the foot to create an insole that perfectly cradles your feet with arch support and comfort.

The tread on the bottom of the Mercy is called Crocs Lock. This material offers slip-resistance that exceeds industry standards for oil, water, and other slippery surfaces.

The Mercy Work has an enclosed toe and tiny little nubs lining the footbed for a massage-like feel that stimulates circulation and increases blood flow.

A pivoting strap swings back for a snug secure fit or forward for an easy on, easy off slip-on.

The Mercy Work is super easy to clean and quick to dry.


The Crocs Mercy Work runs a little large. So if you wear a half size, we recommend ordering down to the next full size.


  • Make feet sweaty.
  • Not very supportive.

12. Crocs Unisex Bistro

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These are the best Crocs for nurses with wide feet.

These are designed specifically for those working in the food service, culinary industry, and healthcare workers.

They are built to keep your feet feeling fantastic all workday long and make sure you have a really steady stride.

It’s got a nice roomy fit on the front with plenty of cushioning in that footbed to keep your feet feeling energized so you won’t experience that fatigue.

There are some little nubs throughout the inside to help increase blood circulation in your feet. The inside gives you some incredible customization with every stride.

The bottom has a nice sturdy tread to give you some non-skid slip-resistance.

The Crocs Bistro kind of mold to your foot over time and they’re really comfortable, lightweight, and easily cleanable.


  • Makes feet a bit sweaty and consequently stinky.

13. Crocs On The Clock Work Slip Ons

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These are constructed out of a really lightweight and super comfortable material just like all Crocs. It’s going to keep your feet feeling fantastic throughout your entire work day.

These unisex slip-ons feature a sturdy synthetic upper, moisture-wicking footbed liners, and closed toes and heels that meet work standards.

The upper has also got a really relaxed fit throughout your front so your toes have enough space to splay naturally while the footbed offers good cushioning and keeps your foot feeling great all day long.

Plus, there’s Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread for added safety. Think of this reinforced slip-on as a caffeinated version of Crocs’ classic clogs all geared up for the grind.

On the bottom, there’s a nice outsole to help keep you steady.

If you spend hours on your feet, you deserve a comfortable pair that works as hard and looks as good as you do.


  • A bit tight on the top for feet with high insteps.

Athletic Shoes

14. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc 2.0

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The Jungle Moc 2.0 is a low profile shoe which is an updated slip-on of the classic and iconic Merrell Jungle Moc originals.

There’s been a couple of different iterations of the Jungle Moc, but this second version is by far my absolute favorite.

It comes with a nice little pull tab instead of the lace style loop. The goring comes all the way to the base of the shoe for more comfort and greater ease of on and off.

It’s extremely lightweight and the upper is made out of durable pig suede. The upper is a one-piece toe vamp and it’s highly textured and the back is a fairly stiff heel counter allowing that backslide.

One of the favorite redesigns of the Jungle Moc 2.0 is actually the heel counter. It’s a little more modern than what you’ll find in the former version.

There’s a light amount of cushion and padding along the tongue and quite a little bit more around the collar.

This is a slip-on and of course, it has no laces, which makes it really easy to slide on and off.

The inside has a single-density EVA mold injected style footbed. It has a little bit of arch support, a heel cradle, and perforations for breathability and a little bit better flex.

Talking about flexibility…

There’s more flexibility in the forefoot because there’s a decent amount of drop in the toe box than there is in that cushioned heel.

The midsole has Air cushioning inside for better shock attenuation while the outsole features really durable Vibram rubber.

There’s a nice solid flex notch across the forefoot right under the ball of your foot and there’s some decent tread.

If you’re after any kind of extraneous activity, you can actually hike around in this Moc.


  • Needs some break-in.

15. Merrell Encore Gust

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These are the best Merrell shoes for nurses with wide feet.

The Encore Gust is made with incredibly soft full-grain leathers with plenty of cushioning around that collar area as well as some goring on both sides for an easy on and off. It has that slip-on design, which is super convenient.

There’s a removable Ortholite footbed that adds a little bit of support and cushioning on the inside. The inside is treated with Aegis Anti Microbial treatment to help fight odor.

There’s also a nylon arch shank with air cushion in the midsole to help absorb even more shock.

There’s a very shock-absorbing midsole especially at the heel while the bottom has a durable Encore sticky rubber outsole with a nice tread pattern to give you great flexibility.

Super lightweight and incredibly comfortable is the one and only Merrell Encore Gust.


  • Not very grippy on wet surfaces.


Skechers have really come up in the nursing shoe game. I have tried them and I really enjoy them.

They have a memory foam lining on the bottom. They claim to have water and stain protection for some of their shoes, which is very interesting for an athletic shoe line.

16. Skechers D’Lites Sneakers & Mule

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These are the best Skechers for wide feet.

The D’Lites have a smooth synthetic leather and mesh upper to give you great structural integrity and keep your feet breathing on the inside.

It’s got two pull tabs at both the tongue and the back around the heel to get them on and off quickly and easily.

It’s got tons of cushioning and padding on the inside with that memory foam footbed to give you amazing comfort and support throughout the day.

The midsole is really shock-absorbing to give great energy return, which makes the S’Lites one of the best shoes for nurses on feet all day.

It all sits on a flexible rubber outsole with a nice tread pattern to keep you steady on all different types of surfaces.

Keep your feet feeling D’lightful with the Skechers D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker.


  • People with high arches might need orthotics.

17. Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe

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These Skechers are made of a sporty mesh fabric upper with synthetic trimming throughout.

What’s great about these Skechers is that they feature a rubber toe guard and a heel panel for a nice added protection in the hospital.

There’s a nice lace-up closure for an adjustable fit while the tongue and collar are nicely padded. There’s a pull tab at the back for easy for on and off.

The inside is lined with a fabric lining with a memory foam cushion footbed for all-day comfort.

There’s also a lightweight flexible midsole that helps with flexibility and shock absorption.

The bottom features a rubber slip-resistant outsole.

If you’re looking for comfortable nursing shoes that you need to stand and run all day in, the Skechers Comfort Flex are really comfortable.


  • Need some break-in.

18. Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe 

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This shoe is made with a really soft mesh fabric. It’s got some synthetic overlays and a full lace-up closure for added durability.

You’ve got water and stain resistance with Skechers’ Scotchgard protection, which is awesome.

The back pull tab is going to give you a little bit of ease with putting that on. There’s a heel panel overlay as well with some light padding in it.

The interior is really soft thanks to that memory foam footbed so you’re going to feel comfy all day.

The midsole gives you flexibility on every step while the outsole is slip-resistant.

These Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh give you a great fit in a really comfortable package.


  • Not enough arch support for high-arch feet.

19. Skechers Sport Empire Fashion Sneaker

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This sneaker is really great because you can slip right into it really easily. You also have that amazing relax fit so it’s going to be really roomy and super comfortable.

The smooth athletic flat knit fabric upper offers great breathability while the synthetic overlays offer great support and durability.

There’s a bungee lace-up system and the inside has a soft fabric lining with the Air Cooled Memory cushion insole which is super squishy.

The midsole is lightweight and shock-absorbing and it’s also really flexible.

Last but not least, everything sits on a durable rubber outsole.

Feel like a queen bee with the Skechers Sport Empire Fashion Sneaker.


  • Not easy to clean.

20. Nike Tanjun

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The Nike Tanjun has a really durable construction with a comfortable mesh upper that’s designed to give you premium breathability.

There’s a round toe silhouette along with a lace-up closure for a more snuggly fit.

It’s got a nice lace-up system to really lock your feet in and a really soft padded collar and tongue for great next-to-skin comfort while you’re wearing these shoes during your shifts.

On the inside, there’s a pretty great fabric lining as well that’s going to make your feet feel awesome.

There’s a soft padded textile footbed along with a really thick midsole and outsole that are designed to keep you comfortable and steady.

It’s really lightweight and will always give you good flex.

Get the comfort and the style that you love from Nike’s best shoe for nurses.


  • The back is a bit high for low socks.

21. Asics Gel Noosa Tri 10

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These are the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

The Noosa Tri 10 is made with a lightweight breathable mesh upper and feather-light synthetic overlays.

The sleek upper design features seamless construction and technical engineered mesh which is optimal for sockless wear.

At the top of the shoe, you’ll find a lace-up closure for a secure fit along with a padded tongue and collar. The inside gives you soft fabric lining along with a removable perforated sock liner that promotes enhanced breathability and moisture drainage.

The 10th version of the Noosa Tri series utilizes the new Solyte midsole (Asics lightest midsole compound) which reduces weight while still providing enhanced cushioning and durability.

The Dynamic DuoMax System increases stability and support with reduced weight and enhanced platform comfort.

Also, the Noosa Tri 10 has a glow-in-the-dark print that livens up each stride.

On the bottom, we have the Wet Grip outsole that is constructed of a mixture of organic and non-organic compounds. The outsole is designed to enhance traction on wet and oily surfaces.

Along with elastic laces and heel and tongue grips, this great sneaker will get you in and out of the hospital as happy as you want to be.

The Asics Gel Noosa 10 is so cool, so colorful, and so functional that you’re going to stand out in all the right ways.


  • On the pricey side.

22. New Balance Nergize V1 FuelCore

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This great shoe is really lightweight and it’s made of a textured mesh upper to give you some cool style.

It has a bootie construction and has a nice back pull tab for easy on and off. You can also adjust the fit with the laces, but the tongue isn’t going to give you any trouble because it’s not going to slide or irritate your feet.

The inside is breathable and really soft with a removable memory foam insole so you’ve got some extra cushioning support there.

The Revlite midsole offers great flexibility and some nice bounce back.

It’s all on top of a durable rubber outsole.


  • Not enough arch support.

23. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz v2

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This stylish athletic shoe is made for the neutral to underpronators with a minimal feel and an 8mm heel-to-toe differential.

It’s got that two-way stretch flat knit upper that’s going to keep it comfy on your shifts.

Combined with the foam at the heel, the Cruz V2 delivers superior comfort.

It has an adjustable midfoot saddle over the top to give you a customized fit while that bootie construction is going to be easy to get on and off and give you a superior comfortable fit.

Inside that midsole, there’s that luxurious Fresh Foam cushioning system to give you a plush and natural ride and lots of supportive flex.

The insole offers lots of extra cushioning while the rubber outsole has got lots of grip you’re going to be cruising down the hospital.

For lots of comfort and some cool minimalistic style, you don’t want to miss out on the New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz V2.


  • Have only three eyelets on each side.

27. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

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These are the most comfortable shoes for nurses with wide feet.

This sneaker is perfect for your next shift and it’s really great for overpronators (those who tend to roll their ankles inward). It has a heel-to-toe differential of 12mm.

It features an engineered mesh and a 3D Fit Print upper which is going to be perfect for a structured fit.

It also has that holistic Guide Rails system that’s going to be perfect to help protect your knees and joints on movement.

It comes with a full lace-up closure and a really cushioned collar that’s going to feel amazing around your ankles.

The interior has a soft and breathable fabric lining and it also comes with a removable molded foam insole so it’s going to be great for underfoot support.

The midsole has that BioMogo DNA and DNA Loft cushioning system and that Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB), which is great extra cushioning for your gait cycle.

The Flextra rubber on the outsole makes the Adrenaline super flexible. The outsole also has plenty of blown rubber on the forefoot for extra traction and the HPR+ on high-wear areas.

Go home with happy feet with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19.


  • Difference in prices for the colors.

28. Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2

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These are one of the best walking shoes for nurses with wide feet.

This shoe is really perfect for the moderate overpronator who needs stability and cushioning for their long shifts and a fantastic nursing shoe for wide feet.

It features an incredible soft full-grain leather upper with great support and flexibility and a removable sock liner that you can actually replace with your custom orthotics if you choose.

However, if you keep the shoe’s insole, it is contoured, super cushy and has a nice heel cup for added stability as well.

It’s got really generous padding all throughout.

There’s a visible rearfoot grid system that provides superior cushioning and stability by centering the heel on impact.

It features a forefoot HRC Strobel board, a high-rebound compound, that is a responsive EVA compound that provides cushioning through the later stages of the gait cycle.

There’s also a midfoot support bridge and an SRC Impact Zone for added support and shock absorption.

The rubber outsole on the bottom will provide you with all the stability you need while the flex grooves are there to give you some more mobility.

The Saucony Progrid Integrity ST2 is a lightweight design that comes with a traditional lace-up closure.

Greet the rising sun and get all the support you need by picking up these great shoes from Saucony.

29. Oofos Unisex Ooclog

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OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clogs for nurses

This luxurious clog is designed to soothe and reinvigorate your feet after your toughest shifts.

It’s also made with an-made uppers and boasts a really glossy finish. It has a super easy-to-slip-on design for easy on and off.

The inside has got really smooth lining as well as the foam footbed technology that works to absorb impact while cradling your arch and promoting your foot’s natural movement.

Everything sits atop a very durable outsole. You’re going to be comfy and you’re going to be in heavens in the Oofos Ooclog.


  • Makes feet warm inside.

So this pretty much concludes our list of the best nursing shoes for wide feet in 2020.

There are a few things that you need to take into account before picking your best nursing shoes for wide feet.

Things to consider before buying your nursing shoes

Your feet

One of the things that you need to consider before looking for a new shoe is your own feet.

I know that sounds kind of ridiculous, but you need to understand your foot type and what they actually need.

Are your feet flat? Are they wide? Are they over-arched? Do you have Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis, Bunions, hammertoes?

For example, I know I have extremely flat feet and I have long toes. So flat shoes with narrow toe boxes don’t work for me and I know that and I won’t get a shoe with a narrow toe box.

common foot conditions

Hospital Policies

Another thing to consider is any hospital policies that you may have. While some hospitals have flexible rules and you see directors and stuff like that walking around with tennis shoes, there are hospitals that are very strict with their shoe policy and they want you to have like hardcover shoes.

So make sure you understand your hospital policy.


Another thing I want you to consider is your budget. Some people may disagree with me here, but I do believe that you can find something that’s comfortable, stylish, and affordable.

So you don’t necessarily have to break the bank in order to invest in a good shoe.

Compression Socks

In addition to the shoe suggestions, there are some things that you can do to extend the comfort life of your feet. One of those things is compression socks.

Compression socks are a very popular and common thing that nurses wear and I personally wear mine every shift.

Compression socks are just going to increase blood flow through your legs and feet and get that life going back into your legs.


Another thing you can consider is insoles or personalized orthotics. Most of the shoes above do have removable insoles and you can always add an insole in them if you need to.

There are like personalized insoles like Dr. Scholl’s where you kind of like study your feet and know exactly what you need.

Also, if you go as far as meeting an orthopedic doctor who designs some orthotics for you according to your foot dynamics, you can put those in your shoes and they’ll just take your comfort to a whole new level.

Sit Down

I do recommend you exercise regularly and you take breaks. I know nurses feel like ‘I can’t sit down’. Well, ‘SIT DOWN’. You need to take a break and give your feet a rest.

Nurses are supposed to turn their patients every two hours to relieve pressure off their booty. So the least you can do is do the same thing for your feet, right?

Again take breaks whenever you have the chance to do so.

Last but not least, just a reminder for all my nurses out there, please take care of your feet, and you got a man and a woman at home that’s ready to rub them when you get home.

These were some of the best nursing shoes for wide feet. See you in the next one.

About Eric Barber

Eric Barber is a happy father of two little angels, a husband, and a runner. He eats, sleeps, and dreams anything foot related: running shoes, walking shoes, sneakers, you name it. It all started when Eric was a shoe store specialist watching and fitting people's feet day in and day out.

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    I don’t mean a wide insole, I mean a shoe that has the wide width built in the shoes itself.
    under the insole….
    I have an 16 year old pair of “New Balance” sneakers that has over a 3″ wide footbed in the most narrow part under the insole… Does anyone make them that way an more. I have bought Brooks, NB, Aviva, Rebok and a number of others in the last few years, but all are the same. A wide insole but underneath it, it is a normal medium width. Any suggestions ???

    • Hey Claudine. Thanks for stopping by. If you really need some really wide shoes, you won’t get disappointed with Altra shoes. Try the Torin or the Escalante. They’re running shoes but they’re zero drop.


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