19 Best Running Shoes For Bunions According To Podiatrists In the USA

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Get comfy with wider and deeper running shoes.

Get wider and deeper running shoes that don’t rub against the side of the bunion. The list below has shoes that even have a bunion window to give much room for your bunions to spread. Also, your shoes should have less overlays especially on the front of the upper.

In short, look for comfortable roomy shoes with a wide toe box, a bunion window, good arch support, and stretchable qualities.

19 best running shoes for bunions

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Important: whenever a shoe is available in wider sizes, go for that.

Altra The Torin Running Shoe



The thing I really like about Altra shoes is the gigantic toe box. If you’ve never experienced a shoe with a wide toe box and you have wide feet you may not be able to put your feet in another shoe ever again. Your bunions will thank the Torin.

When you’re running, the bones in your feet spread out. Over long runs, your feet are also going to swell, so the expansion of your foot due to swelling plus the movement of your bones during running requires a lot of room, otherwise, you’ll get issues like blisters and hot spots. This can ever over time lead to stress fractures in your foot. The Torin will give you enough cushion without impeding your midsole strike.

Every shoe that Altra makes is zero drop and that’s their big thing. There’s a zero ramp angle from the heel to the toe. The Torin does feel a little bit loose when you first get it if you’re used to tighter shoes, but over time, you’ll get accustomed to that and get to love them.

The other nice thing about the Altra is it comes with two sets of insoles – the contoured insole and the strength insole. The contoured insole has a little bit of heel cushion and it also has a little bit of arch support for mild pronation. The strength footbed has no support and very little cushion. It’s flat all the way across.

If you’re coming from a higher drop shoe, you need to work your way in the Torin slowly with shorter runs and alternating them in and out because they will put a little bit more initial strain on your calves and Achilles, but eventually like any progressive training you’ll be fine with it.

Altra Women’s Intuition 1.5

Altra Women's Intuition 1.5 check today's price

Altra Women's Intuition 1.5 Running Shoe

The Intuition is an award winning shoe and definitely one of the best running sneakers for bunions and Tailor’s bunions.  It also increases balance and offers a great running experience for neuromas, hammertoes and a lot of foot conditions.

The Intuition is the women’s version and the Instinct (below) is the men’s. The cool thing about it is that it has a wider toe box and a narrower heel to accommodate the shape of your foot and give comfortable room for your bunions.

The Intuition 1.5 is categorized in the neutral category. However, it still is a good option for mild pronators, but it’s not recommended for severe pronators.

It is a zero drop shoe, which means that both the heel and the forefoot have the same distance from the ground, which encourages a more natural and more efficient running style. It’s also female-specific meaning it’s shaped like a woman’s foot. These are some of the best attributes of these shoes.

The outsole combines a couple cool technologies, the A-Bound technology and the Natural Ride System (NRS) that both give you good feedback from the ground and a flexible protection that you need on any surface.

The upper has an A-wrap technology, a see-no-seam stitch-free technology, asymmetrical lacing and a heel claw and that just leaves a really snug and comfortable fit.

Best for road and cross-training, the intuition 1.5 has that women’ s specific shape, delivers solid comfort and cushioning and leaves plenty of room for bunions to move without hindrance. It is all about natural running, biomechanics, and injury prevention.

Altra Men’s Instinct 1.5

Altra Men's Instinct 1.5 check today's price


The Altra Instinct, the men’s version of the Intuition above, is a great choice for those whose bunions make running painful rather than enjoyable. Also, it’s a comfortable shoe for those suffering from hammer toes or those who want a minimalist platform without the bone-crushing feel of the pavement underneath.

The Instinct 1.5 should be on your list if you like the natural foot strike the zero drop shoes offer but want a bit of cushioning underneath. It gives you additional protection so that your feet and joints still feel comfortable after plenty of miles. The cushioning of this shoe is pretty good for all sorts of terrain.

The toe box is wide but still the overall comfort of the shoe is great for any sort of running you want to do.
Even though the Instinct has a roomy fit, it still offers good adjustability to tighten up in the midfoot area. I still recommend using a runner’s loop at the top lace to cinch down the fit of the heel collar which may feel loose around the ankle.

The Instinct 1.5 certainly does not offer the squishy softness of a traditional trainer, but it does have a good amount of protection from the ground. That said, runners who overpronate, those with a history of Plantar Fasciitis and others with foot stress injuries still need to be careful when transitioning to the Instinct.

Testers felt a gradual increase in mileage, which is essential for success. They have found that the Altra Instinct 1.5 makes a little noise than most typical shoes due to the flat bottom it has. However, the ride is still super smooth.

One of the things you’ll like is that your feet in the inside will be extremely free and very active. Runners have enjoyed the natural foot placement possible with the Altra Instinct and also felt comfortable as they racked up the miles in this shoe thanks to the underfoot protection.

How to tie a runner’s loop

Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe

Salomon XR Mission Running Shoe check today's price

Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe

The Salomon XR Mission is a neutral trainer, so make sure it works for you and your biomechanics. It features a wide toe box while its SensiFlex panels give plenty of extra room for your bunions and toes to spread.

The XR Mission is a follow-up to the XR Crossmax and it’s designed to be a door to trail running shoe. It’s designed to be a short to middle distance running shoe that offers a great performance on both roads and trails. It’s also light and flexible and should appeal to a wide range of runners who enjoy the trails and roads.

The XR Mission serves as a great first trail shoe for those making the transition from the roads. One of the features that really makes it stand out is the Quicklace System, which only takes a few tries to get used to. You just need to tuck the laces into the lace pocket and you’re all set. Getting them off is even quicker.

Testers have found the Mission to perform well on both roads and trails. The shoe even provides a great traction over some very muddy terrain. The Mission also provides a lot of cushioning for a very smooth ride.

One of the really cool things about this shoe is the women’s model is designed completely independently from the men’s. That means women are going to get a shoe that’s customized for their biomechanics. And after all that, the XR Mission is a really good looking shoe available in some great color schemes.

Saucony Women’s Stabil CS3 Running Shoe

Saucony women's Stabil CS3 Running Shoe check today's price

saucony Women's Stabil CS3 Running Shoe

The Saucony Stabil has mesh right where your bunions hit making it feel great when you walk or run. It’s also available in wider sizes if you want to add your orthopedic support to keep your bunions from developing.

This shoe is the successor to the Stabil CS2. The CS3 is a running shoe built for severe overpronation giving you both enhanced cushioning and enhanced stability as well. It corrects overpronation and gives great arch support.

The upper has a ton of mesh making it virtually weightless and very breathable. The upper is very reflective for great visibility.

It features a support frame that helps lock the heel securely into place. It also features Sauc-Fit, which is a unique system that helps lock the midfoot down over the midsole while keeping the heel securely in place.

The Stabil’s Hydramax technology in the collar lining is designed to wick away moisture while its removable ComfortLite insole gives you not only cushioning but the sweet opportunity to customize the shoe with your own custom orthotic if you have one.

There’s a full-length PowerGrid midsole that helps center the foot and absorb impact and shock to help distribute pressure to create a smooth responsive ride that you will love.

An SRC impact zone under the heel gives you supreme shock absorption and helps give you a smooth feel.
The XT 900 carbon rubber has been added to the high-abrasion areas and IBR, which is 33% more lightweight than typical blown rubber, gives you enhanced cushioning.

If you’re looking for the perfect shoe that will enhance your stability on your runs, you can’t go wrong with the Stabil CS3.

Saucony Omni 12 Running Shoe

Saucony Omni 12 Running Shoe check today's price

Saucony Omni 12 Running Shoe

At first, runners used to recommend the Saucony Progrid Omni 9, but the Omni 12 has proven to be far better. The Omni 12 is also one of the best running shoes for your bunions and high arches and features a bunion window.

The Omni 12 is Saucony’s moderate support shoe for overpronators. From its wide base of support from the heel through the midfoot all the way into the forefoot, runners who need a strong foundation are going to get it with this shoe.

It features XT-900 rubber compound in the heel to give you great durability properties as well as Saucony’s IBR blown rubber compound in the forefoot for that extra cushioning you need in the forefoot. Saucony has improved its midsole by decoupling the heel crashpad making it more beveled, so you’re going to get a really nice transition.

They’ve also incorporated their PowerGrid foam technology to give the runner unbelievable cushioning through the heel all the way through the forefoot.

The real benefit of the Omni 12 comes lies in the medial post. The medial post runs all the way from the heel through the midfoot and goes from the base of the shoe all the way through the upper giving you that premium amount of stability you need with this shoe. In working conjunction with that, the Omni 12 features an Arch-Lock technology that gives you that support through your arch area as well.

The Omni 12 is perfect for the runner looking for that moderate to ultimate stability while getting all the comfort for their bunions.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 check today's price

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

With its narrow heel, wide toe box and bunion window, the Adrenaline GTS 15 comfortably accommodates bunions on both feet.

The GTS 15 is good for heel strikers and overpronators, but it’s bad for forefoot strikers, neutral runners and those who are accustomed to light shoes.

The pattern of the outsole is completely changed to coincide more with the natural landing of your foot. This combines with the midsole to provide a smooth landing.

The crash pad on the midsole has been extended to the whole length of the shoe making it more similar to the Ghost 7. The whole midsole as well has been replaced with a BioMogo DNA combined sole making it far more flexible and a lot lighter.

If we look at the medial side, we can see that the support system has been extended and the “dome” has been removed with a slightly adjusted Trusstic, which makes the shoe a lot more flexible.

The upper has seen a couple of updates. First, the mesh has been improved making the shoe more reminiscent of the GTS 12 and 13. Second, it has printed overlays, which means less stitching and much more security without any excess weight.

The lacing system has been completely changed from the GTS 14. It is now a more traditional layout of eyelets and loops making the whole shoe a little bit snugger. The heel counter is still an internal heel counter, which makes the shoe nice, secure and stable.

The collar is fairly wide so people with narrow ankles may struggle with this. However, there’s a lot of padding in there making it really comfortable for those that it does fit. Overall, the GTS 15 is a bit more stable than its predecessor GTS 14 and it’s softer and smoother as well.

ASICS GT-2000 3 Running Shoe

ASICS GT-2000 3 Running Shoe check today's price

ASICS GT-2000 3 Running Shoe

The GT 2000 3 is also one of the best running shoes for bunions and hammertoes as well.
Many runners confirm their chiropractor told them that their huge bunions and callouses would be lessened by the Asics GT 2000-3.

Year after year the 2000 series has become a go-to shoe for runners looking for a cushioned moderate support option. With the 2000 3, runners will find a supportive 2000 series’ feel matched with the new FluidRide cushioning and improved upper wrap. By modifying the original FluidRide midsole, the newest version of the series receives a 20% improvement in bounce-back while also reducing weight.

Testers found the shoe to be slightly stiffer than the previous models, but the new midsole provided a more energy efficient ride without sacrificing the classic 2000 feel.

The continued use of both forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning provides runners with plenty of shock absorption, which is great for daily training on the roads.

The 20000 series has become known as one of the premier moderate support trainers, and the newest version is no exception. Continuing the use of the Guidance Trusstic System that works with Asics’ Guidance Line, runners find the third version of the GT 2000 to provide plenty of pronation control.

Along with a newly shaped heel crash pad, runners find the shoe to result in a more efficient ride that creates a smooth transition at toe-off. Huge improvements are also seen in the upper with a new seamless design. Runners enjoy the soft foot wrap and find the new heel clutching system to provide a snug heel fitting experience.

With upgrades in cushioning and comfort, runners continue to see this daily running shoe as one of the leaders of the moderate support category.

ASICS GEL Nimbus 17

ASICS GEL Nimbus 17 check today's price

ASICS GEL Nimbus 17

This high-end cushioned neutral shoe is the 17th version of the legendary Nimbus series. One of the things you’ll notice right away about this update is its complete seamless construction of the upper. Asics has made the Nimbus 17 without any seams, stitches, and overlays that often cause friction and irritation and don’t give enough room for bunions. It’s also a great option for bad knees.

The FluidFit provides you with a super stretch mesh combined with mesh inserts on the inside to hold and structure the foot up.

The midsole features FluidRide 2.0. The top layer of the FluidRide midsole features about 20% more bounce-back while the bottom layer is about 15% lighter than the previous model. Sandwiched in between the FluidRide is Asics’ world famous gel. Asics has extended the gel into the midfoot and combined the previously tri-segmented parts of gel into one seamless cushion piece in the forefoot leading to a completely soft cushioned ride.

On the outsole, the shoe features the Guidance Line, which is all about combining the shock attenuation with stride repetition. Despite all the updates and enhancements, the Nimbus 17 is the lightest Gel Nimbus ever with the men’s version weighing in from 11.4oz. from the previous model to 10.8oz. and the women’s from 9.4oz. all the way down to 8.8oz.

The women’s model features gender-specific Plus 3 technology where the women’s is up 2mm in the heel and down 1mm in the forefoot.

To keep in mind that some women tend to suffer a little bit more Achilles tendon injuries, the Gel Nimbus 17 is a high-end neutral cushion shoe for that neutral to underpronator runner.

ASICS GEL Venture 5

ASICS GEL Venture 5 check today's price

Asics GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoes Women

With great fit and comfort, this Asics Gel Venture 5 is wide enough for your poor foot with bunions.
This great looking shoe is supremely lightweight. It’s the successor to the Gel Venture 3. With a durable mesh and synthetic upper, the venture 5 is breathable and built to last.

It’s fully lined in the interior with a plush collar and tongue to provide you with comfort next to your skin and give you a great in-shoe feel.

It also features a removable footbed in the bottom for some added cushioning and comfort giving you the opportunity to swap it out with your own custom orthotic if you want to.

The midfoot design is made with lightweight foam with rearfoot gel cushioning to help absorb impact and shock with every single stride you take. The shoe features a handy back pull tab and a removable insole.

It’s all on a trail-specific outsole that’s flexible featuring reversed lugs at the front and the back to help make up and downhill climbs easier. The bottom of the shoe features a very durable AHAR (Asics high-abrasion rubber) outsole that is trail-specific to keep you nice and steady over a variety of terrain while offering excellent flexibility.

ASICS GEL-Foundation 8

ASICS GEL-Foundation 8 check today's price

ASICS GEL-Foundation 8

With a mesh bunion window right where you need it, the Asics Gel Foundation 8 is one of the best shoes for bunions. This shoe is made perfectly for the overpronator and doesn’t sacrifice flexibility or comfort. It is lightweight and feels like next to nothing on the foot and has a nice amount of flexibility.

The Foundation 8 , of course, has a breathable mesh upper with durable synthetic overlays and a little bit of reflectivity for those early morning or late night runs. It has breathable mesh throughout the entire interior to help wick away moisture as well as a nice amount of cushioning at the tongue and collar.

It has a removable Comfort Dry footbed that provides you with cushioning and anti-odor properties within the shoe making your feet super happy. The midsole features Speva midsole material that is super lightweight and provides fantastic shock absorption and energy return. It also features forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning to help absorb shock on impact like a sponge.

The Gel Foundation8 features Duomax on the inset of the shoe, which helps give you added cushioning and a wonderful amount of support to help enhance the support and stability throughout the entire shoe so that you can run with greater ease while reducing pronation.

It’s all on a DuraSponge outsole featuring blown rubber and super sticky rubber where you need it to help increase the shoe’s durability.

Believe me, the right foundation makes a difference and you can’t go wrong with the foundation built by Asics.

New Balance 940V2 Running Shoe

New Balance 990v3 check today's price

New Balance 940V2 Running shoe

Able to comfortably accommodate even the largest bunions, the New Balance 940V2 is a shoe that’s going to propel you to the front of the pack. It’s built for the runner that needs that accommodation of enhanced cushioning and reinforced stability.

It has a highly breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays and nice cushioning around the collar area. Its insole is removable and it’s Ortholite, which is very shock absorbing and has anti-microbial properties to help fight odor.

Under that, there’s full-length Abzorb Strobel Board which is going to give you another layer of cushioning. The shoe offers more cushioning in the midsole with the N2 midsole that’s shock absorbing and very responsive as well.

On the medial side, it’s where you are going to get all the support you need to keep your foot running straight and hold it into place. The outsole features high density and high-abrasion resistant rubber which will give you a lot longer shoe life while the deep flex grooves give you a ton of flexibility, road feel and just overall comfort.

Brooks Glycerin 11 Running Shoe

Brooks Glycerin 11 check today's price


With the Brooks Glycerin 11, bunions, Morton’s neuroma, and bone spur issues are all addressed.

This is a premium neutral trainer that has great cushioning and comfort combining both maximum impact protection with a plush fit and feel.

In this update, the midfoot shank has been removed and replaced with midsole and outsole materials, which creates a continuous ground contact for a smoother ride from heel to toe.

In the upper, seamless 3D Fit Print overlays have been used and this creates a seamless environment to reduce irritations and blistering.

Premium cushion trainers similar to the Glycerin 11 include the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 and the Asics Gel Nimbus 15. The Glycerin 11 sits in between these two shoes in weight. In addition, this shoe is the only one to offer continuous ground contact in the outsole as well as seamless overlays on the upper.

Testers enjoyed the adaptive cushioning and the full-length DNA insert. The shoe offers a soft ride upon stepping at slower paces but becomes more responsive on picking up the pace or running downhill. The transition of the Glycerin 11 is fluid and smooth while the fit is more accommodating than most shoes in its category, especially in the forefoot. They also enjoyed the relaxed fit offred by the Glycerin.

The Glycerin 11 is a solid update in the maximum cushioning category and a great choice for the runner seeking an ultra-plush ride with great stability and support.

New Balance Women’s W1080V4

New Balance Women's W1080V4 check today's price

New Balance 1080V4 Running Shoe

The New Balance 1080’s bunion window accommodates even extreme bunions and Morton’s neuroma.

The 1080v4 is a big daily neutral cushioned trainer from New Balance that offers a lot of cushioning. New Balance did a lot of tweaks to the midsole and the outsole, but the cool thing is they didn’t change the weight of the shoe nor the height, so you still sit at the same distance from the road way as in previous versions.

The shoe weighs just 10oz. and that’s kind of unusual for a shoe providing such great protection and cushioning. For a shoe that delivers a lot of protection, especially for bigger runners, you still get that sporty feel and a really good performance.

One of the things that did change with this shoe that’s going to give you more of that sporty performance is the forefoot flexibility. Underneath the shoe, you have a hexagon-shaped foam and rubber, and when you flex the shoe the outsole stretches and gives a lot of forefoot flexibility so you’re going to feel like a little bit livelier as you toe-off.

You’re going to get a lot of flexibility with this shoe even if it’s not a real stability shoe. You have the segmented crashpad, and what happen is when you heel strike, you hit the crashpad which gives you a smooth landing without thrusting your foot in and speeding up that rate of pronation. Even if you still pronate, the 1080V4 features an asymmetrical heel counter and a hard rigid piece inside the heel area that grasp your heel and keep your foot in place and do not let it twist too much in the shoe.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 check today's price

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

Get inspired on that next run by the unbelievably cushy ride given to you by the Wave Inspire 10 from Mizuno. The Mizuno fits great and feels great while its mesh provides plenty of room for you bunions or Tailor’s bunions so they don’t get aggravated.

This running shoe is built for the moderate to overpronator who requires a combination of stability and cushioning.
It features Heat-bonded synthetic overlays that provide structure and support while keeping a really smooth surface.

It also features a U4ic midsole that provides exceptional shock attenuation, resiliency, durability, and a smooth ride while weighing 30% less than the previous midsole material. Also, its Fan Wave technology gives you that perfect combination between shock absorbency and support.

There’s an updated full-length Wave that tends to deliver maximum cushion support and an X10 carbon rubber compound that provides supreme stability and delivers maximum durability along high impact zones.

It has a traditional lace-up system and extremely breathable mesh material on the upper. It’s also super flexible.
It features reinforced areas around the tongue. It’s cushioned all throughout the collar and tongue as well while its removable footbed gives you that added support and cushion as well.

Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris

Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris check today's price

Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris

You’ll certainly love the fact that the mesh let’s your bunions and toes poke through to give them more room.

Named after a prehistoric reptile, the Evo Cursoris marks Mizuno’s grand entry into the minimalist running shoe market. Featuring a 12 mm platform both in the heel and in the forefoot, therefore offering a zero heel-to-toe drop, the Evo Cursoris promotes a natural midfoot strike and has great cushioning for a minimalist shoe.

Mizuno’s Proprietary Wave plate is built into the forefoot giving the Evo Cursoris a nice responsive, but not too softer, flexible feel that runners really enjoy.

With some beautiful extra room in the forefoot, the wide toe box really gives your foot enough room to sprawl out and absorb some of the impact of your midfoot strike then power through the toe-off strengthening the muscles in your foot and your calf.

The upper is extremely light and breathable. The Cursoris is a very lightweight shoe even by minimalist running shoes’ standards. It has minimal overlays, a minimal upper and lightweight materials throughout.

The Cursoris features an asymmetrical lacing system which is found to contribute to some mildly irritation yet manageable tongue slippage.

It’s been a lot of runners’ go-to shoe for easy runs, speed workouts and long runs up to 13.5 miles. But as is the case with minimalist, you want to taper your mileage with ease to avoid injury.

Newton Running Gravity III

Newton Running Gravity III check today's price

Newton Running Gravity III

Say hello to better with the Gravity III from Newton as its anatomical stretch panel areas and wide toe box are great to accommodate your bunions and bunionettes.

This is a neutral trainer that is suitable for daily runs as well as races ranging from 1 block to 100 miles. It’s made with a breathable lightweight mesh and synthetic upper. It also features a heel lace lock. There’s a plush tongue and collar for added comfort.

It has breathable lining that supplies a soft instep feel. It has a removable footbed that’s cushioned and contoured for comfort and it can also be replaced with your own custom orthotic if you choose.

You will find that it has Action/Reaction technology in the forefoot and in the heel, which is going to be highly responsive, kind of trampoline-like, giving you lots of reaction to your energy with every single step.

It does also feature a biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate which is going to allow the foot to sense the ground promoting a lighter more efficient stride. The Gravity III has an enhanced medial midsole platform and features a very flexible SHERC outsole.

If this is your first time running in a Newton shoe, I highly recommend you spend some time walking in the Gravity 3 before attempting to run in it.

Brooks Addiction 10 Running Shoes


Brooks Addiction 10 Motion Control Running Shoes

Choose the extra wide to save your bunions. The Addiction 10 is much wider in the midfoot, which gives it a more torsional stability offering a lot of control.

This fantastic shoe from Brooks features a very breathable mesh design and synthetic placements throughout the structure. It also offers a lot of support and stability along with abrasion-resistant materials at the toe and heel.

The key update to the 10 is actually the aesthetics. The addiction 10 has done really well mechanically and serves its customers really well.

It has abundant padding on the tongue and collar for additional comfort. You also have a very soft lining. The footbed is efficient, removable, and padded right where you need it to be for all day comfort. The Addiction has got the Cloud Liner Technology to make sure every step is comfortable on it.

And, of course, there’s the Brooks MOGO & BIOMOGO midsole, which is great because it is bio-degradable. There’s also DNA cushioning located on the midsole, the forefoot and rearfoot, which helps absorb shock and keep the foot comfortable. DNA is a gel technology that helps absorb impact, so the greater the force on it, the more impact it will withstand.

The Brooks Addiciotin 10 offers thick cushioning on the inside for pronation control while having a nice sturdy and flexible design. The rubber outsole is flexible and is structured for additional stability.

The Brooks Addiction 10 has a super cool feature that holds the tongue and doesn’t let it slide around at all while you’re running.

Altra Running Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe

Altra Running Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe check today's price

Altra Running Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe

The Olympus is one of the best options for bunions, hammer toes and neuromas.

In the front, there’s a reinforced toe bumper so you get a little bit of extra protection. A feature that really stands out in the toe section of the shoe is the wide foot-shaped toe box. So Altra Olympus 2 gives you a much larger toe box to allow your feet to splay out naturally, gives your bunions enough room, keeps your big toe pointed forward and lets you get a natural stride and more propulsion from your step. So compared to those traditional aggressively-shaped trail shoes, the Olympus is going to give you a much wider and more comfortable design.

With maximum cushion and an innovative zero drop platform and still remaining lightweight for those long distance trail runs, the Altra running Olympus 2.0 is built to tackle any trail.

The upper is constructed with a Quick-Dry trail mesh which is super lightweight and extremely breathable. It’s going to allow you to dump heat quickly when you’re generating a lot of it from those long runs.

The back of the shoe has a neat little gaiter trap designed to work with the Altra trail gaiters which are sold separately. But for those times when you may be kicking up some loose rocks or dirt and you don’t want them getting inside the shoe, you can use that gaiter trap so they attach really easily and securely to the shoes, and when you don’t want to use that, you just flip that tab up and it’s like it’s not even there – it’s really convenient to have that gaiter trap.

Moving down to the midsole, we’ve got a dual-layered EVA midsole within an A-Bound top layer, which gives you great shock absorption and cushion. The A-Bound top layer gives a lot of rebound and puts a spring in your step so you can keep moving quickly and easily on the trail.

Like I said before, it’s built on a zero drop platform, which means that the heel and the toe are elevated the same distance from the ground so there’s no angle from the heel to the toes. This gives a really natural feeling shoe and promotes a natural stride. It’s meant to reduce the impact on your joints over a long run, which will increase your endurance and reduce your fatigue.

Taking a look at the outsole, the Olympus has the Vibram Megagrip outsole and it’s built with really aggressive tread patterns that put the key-grip areas in those spots where you’re going to get the most pressure or impact on the trail. That Megagrip is a really durable, flexible and sticky compound that’s going to give you an optimum traction on wet or dry terrain remaining flexible and durable overall.

The Olympus is a little bit softer on those areas where you don’t need much of that sturdier rubber. That being said, it’s a really unique and interesting design on the outsole.

With a maximum amount of cushion but still remaining on that zero drop platform, the Altra Running Olympus 2.0 is a very well cushioned and comfortable shoe for those long distance runs.

What are bunions?

A bunion, also referred to as hallux valgus, is a bump that forms at the base or the side of the big toe joint. Bunions can be unsightly and painful and sometimes they can form on the outside base of the little toe; those are called Tailor’s Bunions or bunionettes. So if you see telltale bumps, then most likely it’s a bunion.

Yes, it’s true some people are actually born with bunions in which the bone that creates the bunion is actually positioned too far outward right from birth, but most people develop bunions after walking and standing on flat feet for a long period of time. So it’s not because of tight shoes, it’s actually because of one’s foot structure and the way people walk that gradually over time causes this bunion deformity to form. However, tight running shoes can cause extra irritations to a bunion that’s already formed.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Reddening and inflammation around the bunion from pressure and rubbing.
  • Pain when walking or when wearing restrictive shoes.
  • Blisters and calluses that form around the first and second toes.
  • Your second toe overlapping your first toe.
  • Weight loss.
  • Arthritis of the big toe.

If you have any of those symptoms along with the bump, then you most likely have a bunion. Women and the elderly are more likely to have bunions. Bunions can be inherited or can develop over time due to, as said earlier, walking and standing on flat feet for a long period of time.

Bunions are caused by certain bones that are unevenly positioned in the feet. This imbalance forces the big toe to push inward disrupting the alignment of the main foot bone and causing a bump to form on the side of the foot. That’s also why there’s often crowding or overlapping of the other toes.

75% of patients have bunions on both feet whereas 25% can have a severe deformity on one foot and the other foot is essentially normal.

Bunions start small but can grow worse over time and lead to other painful foot conditions. I recommend you consult a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis if you haven’t already. Most doctors agree that pain relievers, cold therapy, wearing the right shoes, and modifying your activities are all ways to help with bunion pain. It is quite difficult to find shoes that conform to the deformity but also fit the back of the foot, but we did the digging and put together a the list of the best shoes for bunions above.

How to relieve the pain

  1. Cushion

Look for padding and shields to help protect the tender areas around the bunion. Cushioning, like silicone pads will also help get rid of pressure around the toe joints.

running shoes for bunions silicone pads    2. Realign your bunion

Use splints and toe spacers to make sure your toes are properly positioned and aligned. Splint and toes spacers also help to give more room for your overlapping toes decreasing irritation.

running shoes for bunions silicone pads

3. Shoe Lacing Techniques: Bunion Step-Over

Do tight running shoes cause bunions?

One question people commonly ask is whether or not some running shoes, especially the tight ones, can cause bunions. The answer is simply no. There’s no shoe in the world able to cause bunions to form.

When a person develops a bunion it’s due to a number of different changes that occur to a particular foot over a long period of time. These changes are usually always because of genetic factors which cause the bunions to form in the first place. So if surgery is not an option for you, opt for the shoes above to ease your bunions and enjoy running like everybody else.

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