Best Running Shoes For Hallux Rigidus Reviewed In 2019


It’s a bit sad when you love running and then a foot issue happens to make it impossible to keep running.

The good news is there are some nice running shoes for Hallux Rigidus/big toe arthritis than can get you back to running sooner than you think. Below are 9 of the best running shoes for Hallux Rigidus.

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Altra running shoes for Hallux Rigidus

Altra The Torin






The thing I really like about Altra shoes is the gigantic toe box which is great news for people with Hallux Rigidus. The Torin is a cushioned running shoe for runners who want a zero drop experience without sacrificing the impact protection of a more conventional every day running shoe. The cushioning on the Torin is on the softer side and offers plenty of protection yet we found it to deliver plenty of rebound for a resilient ride. A lot of runners find the zero offset design to place less strain on the lower legs compared to other options in the same category.

The Torin promotes a mid-to-forefoot landing although its cushioning also allows for heel striking n shorter runs.

The upper is super generous particularly in the forefoot to accommodate toe splay.

A lot of runners do enjoy the zero-drop platform of the shoe, however, they did find that with the amount of cushioning provided, it’s very easy to go back to a heel strike. The shoe provides a lot more plusher cushioning than most zero drop options. So in that way, it’s a great option for runners who are looking for long asphalt runs or if they just need a little bit more under their foot.

It has a wider fit which is more of a natural feeling for the toes because a lot of times runners have trouble in more of a traditional shoe with that pinky toe feeling kind of scrunched in. None of that happens in Altra running shoes.


Some runners complain the laces are too thin and eyelets are too close together. The laces aren’t going down over the forefoot like other running shoes.

Read what runners with Hallux Rigidus say about The Torin.

Altra Running Intuition 3 / Instinct 3





altra instinct intuition 3 running shoe fro hallux

First off, the Instinct is the men’s model while the Intuition being the Women’s. The women’s model is different from the men’s in that it’s designed around the specifics of a woman’s foot. This is something a lot of other running shoe brands do not take into consideration when providing the women’s versions.

This is Altra’s moderate cushioned running shoe. So this is going to live alongside the likes of like Mizuno Wave Rider series or the Saucony Ride series. It’s a shoe with a traditional amount of running shoe cushioning. Obviously being an Altra shoe, it has a foot-shaped toe box so it’s going to allow your toes to hit, spread out, absorb impact, stabilize and then push off the ground with more power than a traditional shoe. It’s also more comfortable with the generous cushioning it offers. It has a really lightweight breathable upper.

Zero drop

Along with that, all Altra shoes are zero-drop which is said to allow for an improvement in running technique. It’s also going to help optimize your running form but not necessarily make you change your form as it will unconsciously do it for you.

Every shoe Altra makes has a layer on top of the midsole called A-Bound™. A-Bound is a recycled material that’s kind of like a recycled bouncy ball. This is how the shoe will give you a lot of energy return off of that, and putting that on top of the midsole helps deflect some of the forces and helps the shoe last longer and also allows it to get more durability and more responsiveness in a lightweight package.

Altra’s principle is simple. If they can get people’s feet to be the same in the shoe as they are not in the shoe, good things happen and people run more efficiently with less injury.

Read what runners with Hallux Rigidus say about the Altra.

Altra Paradigm Max Cushion


altra running paradigm max cushion

The Paradigm is an awesome crossover shoe with tons of cushioning yet in a very light package. It enables runners to be able to run fast quick cadence and transition from road to trail with no problem. Over mountains, valleys, deserts, and streets, it doesn’t really matter.

Having a foot-shaped toe box is important for runners because it puts the toes in a natural position for running and it helps the form all the way through the knees and hips.

The zero-drop feature is really important in producing a proper foot strike keeping the legs under the center of gravity. This helps runners run faster and more naturally. For so many runners, having a lot of cushion really helps the soft muscle tissue to recover and keeps it fresh. The 34 mm stack height in this shoe really enables runners to run downhills without worrying about their feet getting bruised.

The upper is made out of a tough material but it can also dry quickly. Just get out there and be like a wild animal and run through the wilderness in the Altra Paradigm.

Read what runners with Hallux Rigidus say about the Paradigm.

Hoka One One for Hallux Rigidus

All Hokas are stiff-soled shoes with rocker bottom.

Hoka One One Infinite


hoka one one infinite running shoes for hallux rigidus

With a 5-millimeter heel-to-toe offset, the Infinite is a performance daily running shoe for mild to moderate overpronators. The Hoka Infinite is built to keep you nice and steady while you’re out there on your next run.

Built on a wider platform featuring a late-stage Meta-Rocker design and an oversized EVA midsole, the signature of the Hoka cushioning, this running shoe offers an ideal balance of maximum cushioning and support. The material in the midsole is super lightweight to give you that energy return and shock absorption without outweighing the shoe down.

On the upper, the breathable air mesh design provides plenty of breathability and a supportive midfoot wrap while the padded tongue offers additional comfort. On top of that, the Infinite has some supportive overlays to give you some extra durability.

Along with a full-surface outsole with strategic rubber placement, this running shoe provides extra durability and performance for the long haul and plenty of confidence throughout your stride.

Get ready to conquer anything you’ll hit out there on the run with these awesome shoes from Hoka.

Read what runners with Hallux Rigidus say about the Infinite.

Hoka One One Clifton 2


hoka one one clifton 2 running shoes for hallux rigidus

New to the Hoka One One line-up is the Clifton 2. This awesome highly cushioned performance running shoe is built for the neutral to underpronator seeking optimal cushioning and support. This shoe is ideal for any distance from long runs to tempo workouts to marathon races.

The Clifton has a lightweight and really breathable mesh upper with thin structural overlays throughout to give you a ton of added comfort and enhanced midfoot support. It has a no-sew Speed Frame design throughout the entire upper for ultra-lightweight comfort. The Speed Frame gives you a real steady stride and keeps your foot locked into place without bulking up the shoe. The upper has a softer padded tongue as well.

The Clifton 2 features an Active Foot Frame midsole geometry to give you a ton of comfort and integrated stability. You also have an early-stage Meta-Rocker construction that’s going to give you a smoother transition from heel-strike to toe-off.

The use of an oversized full-length compression-molded EVA midsole gives you that long-lasting comfort and shock absorption you’re looking for and continues to provide industry-leading cushioning while an early-stage meta-rocker geometry encourages an efficient gait from foot strike to toe-off.

On the outsole, we see a slight update on the rubber placement to help improve durability while keeping weight at a minimum.

The Clifton 2 has a handy pull loop at the back and a ton of cushioning on the inside. As an update to the award-winning Clifton, this remains the lightest model on the Hoka One One line.

Read what runners with Hallux Rigidus say about the Clifton 2.

Hoka One One Bondi 4


hoka one one bondi 4 running shoes for hallux rigidus

Recommended by most podiatrists, the Bondi 4 from Hoka One One of the best options for Hallux Rigidus. This is the shoe that first brought maximum running to road running. The Bondi 4 feels like nothing else and runs like nothing else because it’s built like nothing else.

Who is it for?

The runner that really is resonating very strongly with the Bondi 4 is someone who is looking for a high level of cushioning with a moderate level of stability. So the Bondi 4 is very stable because of the geometry with very high side walls which caters to a wide range of biomechanics. But for that runner who is looking for something that has that added level of cushioning and protection, this is what really the Bondi 4 is really about.


It features super thick foam to reduce impact on contact which is one of runners’ enemies on roads. So the Bondi 4 deals with that by providing a super cushioned forefoot ride and an oversized base that the foot is deep within which not only disperses impact beautifully but gives a really stable feel on the foot.

The Bondi has been Hoka franchise model launching in 2010. This is the first time they’ve taken the opportunity to actually revamp the shoe from the bottom up.

Starting with the bottom, what Hoka wanted to do with the shoe is really take a solution-based approach to build into a shoe. They weren’t looking to change anything other than making slight improvements.

The first of those improvements is in the heel. Hoka added a slight heel bevel so that it increases the contact patch on the ground. This makes the shoe more durable and also gives it a slightly smoother ride in transition into the forefoot.

The second thing they did is add a little bit more durability into the front part of the shoe. They had previously used blown rubber compound which gave a very smooth ride but it did tend to make the shoe break down a little bit prematurely. To address the issue, Hoka simply added a rubber section under the big toe to make the shoe more durable. Finally, in the front and back, there are rockers for smooth motion. Just like a wheel, the Bondi rolls over any terrain you want to throw at it.

The shoe is based on the same dimensions as the previous Bondi, which means it’s 33 mm in the heel and 29 mm in the forefoot giving a differential of 4 millimeters. So the Bondi 4 is one of Hoka’s signature models in terms of cushioning.


The other really important feature for the Bondi 4 is comfort. This shoe is all about comfort. It’s a very smooth riding shoe boasting a lot of cushioning. Some of the elements Hoka wanted to build into the upper are very comfort-based. So Hoka built in very soft materials in the heel making the shoe wrap around the heel very comfortably. The comfort continues into the tongue which is generously padded compared to the previous version which was a bit thinner in the tongue. In the forefoot section, Hoka made sure they don’t add a lot of overlays. So it’s very clean and accommodates a wide variety of foot types. In short, Hoka made sure everything in the Bondi 4 is geared around comfort.

The Bondi 4 is now available in wide fits for women and men. It really is the best example of just what Hoka is about – maximum running at its best.


Hoke One One Clifton 6 vs Rincon Side By Side Comparison

Hoka One One Constant


hoka one one constant running shoes for hallux

One of the things that makes this shoe so unique is that it combines the high level of cushioning you’d expect from Hoka One One with a lot of support.

Taking a look at the midsole, Hoka team emphasized the high sidewall wrap. This is something Hoka does on all of their shoes but it does even more so in the Constant. The idea here is your foot really sits down low in the shoe giving you a lot of support starting right in the heel.

The other thing Hoka did is they combined two different materials in the midsole. The Constant features an EVA body which is the grey material and that’s what gives the signature Hoka cushioning and also a proprietary compound called RMAT. RMAT is a little bit more elastic and a more durable compound. This allowed Hoka to tune the shoe to a runner looking for more support. If you look at where RMAT is used, starting in the heel and tracing that all the way through the midfoot, there’s a little emphasis on support through the midfoot as well as in the forefoot. On the bottom, RMAT follows the higher pressures that you would find in a runner who’s looking for a little bit more support for pronation. This material is a little bit more durable and a little bit more elastic giving you a lot of cushioning and support as well. The bottom also features a little bit of rubber in the heel and in the forefoot which gives you more durability.

The upper

Hoka created a mono-tongue construction. The tongue is linked across the arch which provides a high level of support again making the upper really more comfortable across the top of the shoe. That support just comes into the midfoot section as Hoka have used a medial Lycra wrap that’s very conforming. So the step-in comfort on the Hoka Constant is very good.

One of the other important features is the last shape. The Constant boasts a little bit more width in the forefoot. So if you’re a runner or a walker (not the ones in the Walking Dead) or someone who needs a little bit more width and accommodation in the front, this shoe is built on a slightly wider last than anything else Hoka have built in the range.

Read what runners with Hallux Rigidus say about the Constant.

Saucony Kinvara 7


saucony kinvara 7 running shoes for hallux rigidus

Read the detailed review here.

With a 4mm heel-to-toe differential, the Kinvara 7 is a natural daily trainer and performance uptempo running shoe designed for the neutral runner. it can be used for your everyday training, 5k, 10k, half marathon up to marathon distance without lugging around your normal trainer.

The toe box is generously roomy while the lacing system offers a nice midfoot fit without over-tightening the big toe area.

The updates the 7th version of this line has seen are quite interesting. Utilizing Saucony’s super lightweight EVA along with a new EVERUN heel insert, the Kinvara 7 provides plenty of cushioning to meet the needs of daily training. EVERUN is an insert placed in the midsection of the midsole. And then from there, you have the standard midsole Kinvara’s had since generation one – an EVA midsole.

On the upper, a new open mesh design provides plenty of breathability while Flexfilm overlays help to create a snug seamless wrap. FlexFilm is crafted around the upper of the shoe to give it that lightweight framing giving it a nice secure fit around the foot.

Prolock is Saucony’s midfoot fitting system, and what it does is lock the shoe around the foot just for a nice responsive feel.

Saucony has also modified the bottom a little bit with a TRI-FLEX outsole. What Saucony has done is they enhanced the surface area contact and at the same time assuring for great flexibility and responsiveness on take-off when the runner pushes forward propulsion phase of the run.

The Kinvara 7 is an iconic shoe within Saucony that’s first in class in the lightweight neutral category.

New Balance M840V3


New Balance M840V3 Running Shoe

These shoes are built for the neutral runner. It features breathable mesh all throughout and synthetic overlays with a no-sew application that will help reduce the likelihood of irritation. It has a plush tongue and a padded collar to give you premium comfort all day.

There’s a polyurethane insole that’s completely removable. It has a full-length EVA Strobel board that is going to give you long-lasting comfort and an ABZORB midsole to give you that added shock absorbency and energy return.

On the bottom, there’s a blown rubber outsole to keep you steady and give you a great flex.

What’s Hallux Rigidus? (Arthritis of the big toe joint)

No matter what your fitness level, Hallux Rigidus, can affect your way of life. Hallux Rigidus is the wearing away of the joint surfaces of the toe as well as the development of bone spurs. The big toe is a vital component of foot function. It bears much of the force created during walking and running. Due to this, a big toe affected by arthritis can be debilitated.

Symptoms of this ailment include:

  • Pain while walking or running.
  • Swelling.
  • Loss of mobility in the toe.

Over time, without proper treatment, Hallux Rigidus can change your gait causing even more systemic. To correct or alleviate this condition, it’s necessary to restore the foot’s optimal arch effectively unlocking the big toe and allowing it to function normally. It’s one of the most practical ways to address both the symptoms and the cause of many foot ailments including Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma, and Plantar Fasciitis.

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