Best Running Shoes For High Arches – Correct Your Running Form

best running shoes for high arches

Today we’ll be reviewing some of the best running shoes for high arches.

And if it’s a hassle for you to find some best sandals for your high arches, we’ve reviewed some sandals that might be your next best friend.

Know your foot type

Knowing your foot type will help you take the first steps to better foot health. Everyone has a unique way of running and depending on the way you run, your feet can be classified into three basic foot types based on the height of your arches.

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A simple wet test can help determine your foot type. Just dunk your feet in water and step onto the floor, or better yet, step onto a piece of cardboard. When you look at your foot’s imprint, you should see one of the three most common foot types: flat, normal, or high arched.


Fat feet, or flexible feet, have a low arch that flattens or rolls inward too much, or overpronates, and leaves an almost complete imprint that looks like the whole sole of the foot.

Normal feet have a medium arch where the foot lands on the outside of the heel then rolls slightly inward or pronates, to absorb shock.

High arches can be rigid where the foot rolls outward too much, or supinates, and acts as an ineffective shock absorber.

What is a high arched foot? More details.

Pes Cavus means you have a very high arched foot. Normally, a foot has a slight curvature to the bottom of it and that provides some of the area for the muscles to work and gives the foot its natural spring. On the contrary, a high arched foot would be much more pronounced, so there would be a larger curvature. It can occur because the back part of the foot angles up or it can occur because the front part of the foot angles down, or it can be a combination of both. And when you have that, it creates a very rigid foot that can sometimes be associated with less movement and more stresses going on the foot. This can sometimes result in stress fractures or other problems in the foot.

In treating this, you can’t do much about the fact that your foot has a certain shape, but you can accommodate to that by using an orthotic device or a custom insole that provides extra support to the arch within your shoe. But the good news is you can use a shoe that provides additional support.

Decisive features of running shoes for high arches

People with high arches have a very distinctly different need than those who have flat feet in choosing the right running shoes.

Shock absorption

The body absorbs the shock of running by flattening the foot out. When you have too much flattening, that can cause problems. And when you have just the right amount of flattening, your foot is generally considered normal and you don’t have as many foot-related issues. However, people with high arches have a little bit of a more distinct problem that the foot can’t flatten out hardly at all. Therefore the shock that would normally get absorbed by the flattening process is transmitted through the foot and into the ankle, often through the ball of the foot and the heel as the primary area where the shock is received in the foot.

Soft cushioning

People with high arches need a very soft cushioned shoe as opposed to people with flat feet who need a very stiff and supportive shoe. When you have high arches you need to select a shoe that is cushioned and supportive enough that it will provide a lot of padding to the bottom of the foot. Particularly, this means you need to choose a shoe that has a very good spongy outsole that will help to absorb a lot of the shock that takes place as you’re running.

By running in the right running shoes you can avoid poor shock absorption that can eventually cause things such as pain in the heel (Plantar Fasciitis) and pain in the ball of the foot (Metatarsalgia).

How to lace your shoes

10 Best running shoes for high arches

Brooks Glycerin 13
Women / Men



Treat yourself to some luxury with Brooks Glycerin’s 3D Fit Print. The 3D Fit Print creates a seamless structure that cradles to your foot as you run. This shoe is built for the neutral to underpronator runners with medium to high arches who seek enhanced cushioning. It’s also lightweight and breathable to keep your feet feeling nice and comfortable.


Taking the shoe technology to the next level, the dynamic saddle captures and adjusts to the arch of your foot to create the ultimate running experience. The Element mesh upper offers a ton of protection from the various elements in a lightweight breathable fabric that is made to withstand even the toughest runs. The Brooks Glycerin 13 also has a padded tongue and collar for added comfort along with a removable insole so you can customize your level of comfort all day long.

The Glycerin 11 features a Full-length Super DNA midsole that delivers maximum cushioning and enhanced energy return and support with every stride you take. The outsole also features ideal pressure zones that maximize pressure distribution throughout the heel and the forefoot.

On the bottom, you have a really durable outsole with some soft blown rubber in the forefoot. And you also have these crashpads throughout to give you excellent shock absorption and the Omni grooves are there to ensure maximum stability.

Runners like myself have found the Glycerin 13 to be one of the most cushioned shoes we’ve ever run in. You’ll feel as cool as a cucumber because the Glycerin is super breathable.

The Brooks Glycerin 11 and 12 are still being produced.

Asics Gel Cumulus 17
Women / Men



The award-winning Gel Cumulus series gets even more powerful with the new Cumulus 17.

With a 10 mm drop, the Cumulus 17 is a standard daily running shoe designed for the neutral runner. This mid-level cushioned shoe has been a standard in Asics’ line for years and is one of Asics’ legend running shoes.


The 17th version of this shoe receives some notable upgrades and cushioning with increased rearfoot and forefoot gel units as well as a new FluidRide midsole for a lightweight responsive ride. It features bonded overlays to help reduce the friction and irritation that comes from having stitched overlays and create some more glove-like feel.

The Cumulus also sees the updated FluidRide 2.0 that many other Asics models have got. Think of FluidRide 2.0 as a pillow top mattress. The Cumulus 17 gives you that soft cushy super SpEVA midsole under the foot known to improve bounce-back and a super Solyte midsole on the bottom which is lightweight and offers increased cushioning and durability.  The midsole is sandwiched between some fantastic gel in the heel and under the ball of the foot.

In the outer sole, Asics have kept using their great AHAR (Asics high-abrasion rubber) in the heel and a super soft DuraSponge for great propulsion and toe-off.

The Guidance Line helps reduce that vibration when the heel hits the ground. It guides and channels that all the way to the ball of the foot to create a smooth and balanced heel to toe transition. So you really get that same strike path every time you hit the ground. All that together makes what Asics call IGS (Impact Guidance System) – that’s the FluidFit working with the FluidRide working with the Guidance Line all as one seamless piece.

The men’s weighs in at 11.4oz and the women’s weighs in at 9.4oz.

Here’s the full review of the Asics Gel Cumulus 14.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 High Arch Support Shoe
Women / Men



These awesome New Balance running shoes are built for the neutral runner. It has a breathable engineered mesh upper with really lightweight synthetic overlays on top of that to give you some added durability while still allowing your foot to breathe and stay nice and cool while you’re out there on your run.

It has a bootie-like style construction with a lace-up system in the front to keep everything locked right in place. It’s also lined with fabric for a really nice in-shoe feel with an Ortholite foam sock liner to give you some great underfoot cushioning.

It also has a redesigned Fresh Foam midsole that will give you maximum cushioning and shock absorption.

On the very bottom, you have a blown rubber outsole with that tread configuration to keep you really steady and give you amazing flexibility with every stride you take.

Before you head on your next run, you have to have a nice pair of shoes on your feet like the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080.

Mizuno Wave Rider 17
Women / Men



Most of you are probably familiar with the Mizuno Wave Rider series. This popular neutral daily running shoe has long been delivering reliable high-mileage cushioning with a nice responsive feel. The 17th version of the Wave Rider is a pretty significant update.

U4ic midsole

The biggest change is the new U4ic midsole. U4ic is thought to be 30% lighter than Mizuno’s previous AP+ material resulting in an extremely lightweight shoe for the daily trainer category. I did find the U4ic midsole to be slightly firmer than the AP+ material, but those who like that responsive Mizuno feel continue to appreciate the energy-return in this shoe.

In addition, the outsole has been beveled on the lateral edge which gives this shoe a slightly smoother ride. Blown rubber is now used in the forefoot and the outsole and gives you a little bit more of a cushioned feel underfoot.

Similar running shoes

The Wave Rider 17 is similar to other daily trainers such as the Saucony Ride 6 and the Asics Gel Cumulus 14. Again, weight is a key differentiator here. But those who like a slightly more cushioned ride will find that in the Cumulus or the Ride, whereas someone who wants a more responsive firmer ride can find that in the Wave Rider 17.

The first thing noticed about the latest version of the Wave Rider is clearly the weight. The shoe is incredibly lightweight especially for a high-mileage everyday running shoe. It continues to provide a good amount of cushioning and the Wave Plate extending from the heel to the midfoot disperses impact for a smooth foot strike.

The upper features seamless overlays on the midfoot and forefoot, which locks your foot in securely. The seamless upper keeps hot spots and rubbing to a minimum and really wraps around the foot for a soft like fit. The fit is slightly lower in volume which could a little constrictive for those with wider or higher volume feet.

In all, the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 is a versatile shoe featuring enough cushioning for high mileage training, yet is light enough for speed work and even racing.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33
Women / Men



The upper is similar to the Pegasus 32. It has a really light construction that’s going to provide amazing breathability. It features a nice engineered mesh which has a better fit than the 32’s. The upper is made out of a really soft mesh so your feet will stay super cool.

It features Flywire technology on the side which works together with the lace-up system, so when you lace up you’ll have super securely locked in feet.  The Fly Wires help to lock in the midfoot yet keeping the toe box pretty roomy.

The midsole has an additional Nike Air Zoom unit in the forefoot, so now there’s one in the heel and one on the forefoot for amazing impact protection and shock absorption. The midsole will give that amazing energy return with every stride you take. The inside lining is fabric so it’s going to be very comfortable.

The ride

The ride of this shoe is greatly improved. The 33 has a much-needed bounce in the forefoot yet it keeps that nice cushion in the heel, which makes the shoe really great for longer runs. It’s also light and more responsive for quicker paced runs or workouts as well making it a really nice versatile running shoe.

Runners including myself were surprised at the outsole. The redesigned waffle lugs actually added to the responsiveness of the shoe making it more springy and steady over all types of surfaces. The outsole is also more durable than I thought it would be as well because the lugs are pretty aggressive and haven’t worn down a ton from the miles I’ve put on them.

The heel to toe differential of 10 mm, the extra cushioning, the redesigned outsole, and the comfortable upper really make this shoe a great shoe. So if you’re looking for a shoe that’s cushioned, super responsive yet also lightweight, this is the shoe for you.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 9
Women / Men



The Vomero 9 has a cool-looking mesh upper which is very soft and has a nice pattern. The mesh on the forefoot is a bit different and it kind of feels soft and squishy like a Flannel blanket. It has overlays on the toe box going up the laces there. It features a really thick padded thong, which, in case you happen to tie your shoes really tight, it’ll have you protected. One thing that I will say though is that the tongue is not attached, so if you’re on longer runs, it’s going to sway a little bit.

It has some cutouts for great ventilation. Underneath the cutouts, you can see those Dynamic Fly Wires which provide really good support. It features an internal heel counter.

The Vomero 9 has a nice cushioning setup. It’s got a nice and cushioning unit on the bottom and on top of that it’s got Zoom Air cushioning.

The bottom offers a huge and a lot of traction. It features full-blown rubber on the back high wear areas and also on the toe which is pretty hard. The forefoot has Duralon which is a mix of rubber and foam able to give you a nice soft feel but not much durability. The bottom also features a shank plate for torsional rigidity.

Overall, it’s a really nice shoe as it offers really great comfort, cushioning, and lockdown.

Adidas Supernova Glide 8
Women / Men



It’s all in the name! You’ll glide through your run thanks to the torsion system which is designed to give you midfoot integrity and aid smooth transitions from midfoot stance to forefoot push-off.

The Supernova is going to give you that unmatched energy you need to keep your feet feeling nice and active throughout your entire run. You have a differential from heel to toe of 10 mm with a super shock absorbing boost midsole. The midsole provides excellent energy return and makes sure your foot feels nice and lively getting that rebound you need every single step.

It has the classic Adidas 3 strap design on the side with a nice lace-up closure in the front. Say goodbye to blisters as the engineered mesh upper adapts to your foot and enhances breathability. The Supernova Glide 8 has a mesh interior that’s very soft and breathable and plenty of cushioning in the footbed. It also has a nice and removable insole that’s got good padding to keep your foot nice and cushioned.

You can take this shoe on any adventure. It features durable Continental branded rubber outsole and ADIWEAR™ heel outsole. ADIWEAR provides added grip for uneven terrain and makes sure you stay nice and steady over all types of surfaces including both wet and dry surfaces.

Altra Torin 2.5
Women / Men



The “.5” in the model name designates some really nice tweaks. It features breathable quick-drying mesh all through the upper with some supportive synthetic overlays on top of that.

The midsole and the outsole are going to stay the same as the previous model. It’s still that plush ride the Torin is known for. It offers a lot of cushioning especially in the forefoot. The forefoot is much softer than the average and the heel is a little firmer than the average so you get that really soft ride especially if you’re a midfoot or forefoot striker.

It has lots of padding around the inside collar and tongue especially down there in that footbed. It has a really thick midsole which has a dual-layer EVA material with an A-Bound top layer and that’s going to combine to give you amazing shock absorption and energy return with every step.

Zero drop 

It has a zero-drop platform, which means that your heel and your toes sit as far off the road. This is meant to help align the body promoting a natural low impact landing throughout your stride.

The Torin 2.5 offers a lot of good contact with the road as it has a totally sturdy flat outsole that’s super flexible to keep your feet moving. Altra has eliminated some rubber where you don’t need it and put more where you do need especially in high-wear areas.

Up top, one noticeable difference that you might appreciate is the toe bumper. It has been raised a little bit so it actually lifts the materials up off the top of your toes. This makes sure you don’t get any extra pressure rubbing across the top of your feet. You still get that Altra foot-shaped fit on the roe box. The toe box is a little bit wider than you’re going to normally find in most other shoes. This gives extra room for your toes to splay and keeps them feeling nice and comfortable all day. The wide foot-shaped toe box makes the Altra Torin 2.5 a great choice for Morton’s Neuroma, bunions, and hammertoes.

Whether you are running, cross-training, walking or doing just about anything physical, the Altra Torin 2.5 has got you covered.

Saucony Kinvara 5
Women / Men



Read full review of Saucony Kinvara 7

The Kinvara is a favorite amongst runners who are looking for a lightweight natural ride. In this fifth version, Saucony has put a lot of work into making this shoe a lot more durable without adding any weight.

The Kinvara features a brand new upper with increased FlexFilm overlays positioned to frame the foot and still allowing for maximum comfort. High abrasion rubber has been strategically added for a little bit more durability while increased heel decoupling will give this shoe a smoother laydown. Saucony has also enlarged the pods of the outer sole as well to increase comfort, cushion, and durability.

The upper

The upper sees a new technology called ProLock around the midfoot. ProLock is a feature that will help to cinch up the midfoot giving a more performance snug conforming fit to the upper. It features very light and breathable mesh. It also has a seamless feature internally to eliminate any hot spots or flex points within the shoe.

Lastly, Saucony has smoothed out the heel collar. Now the shoe has a continuous layer of memory foam just to enhance the total experience from heel to midfoot to forefoot to launching with the new improved outsole.

Despite all these changes, the weight will remain the same around 7.7oz for men and 6.7oz for women.

Brooks Ghost 8
Women / Men



The Ghost 8 is one of the best running shoes for high arches and plantar fasciitis. For sufficient cushioning on the road, the Brooks Ghost 8 is an everyday running shoe designed for the neutral to underpronator runner who is looking for enhanced cushioning and support.

The crashpad is basically running from the back of the heel all the way up forward, and it’s really segmented. The updated full-length segmented crashpad paired with BioMogo DNA will really help isolate impact and provide an ultra-smooth foot transition. So whether you’re landing on the heel or the outer side of the heel, the shoe doesn’t throw off the foot as you move through the gait cycle.

The upper

The upper is softer specifically over the bunion window making it a great option for the runner suffering from bunions. The overlays on the upper are bonded not stitched. Stitching can cause irritation any time you perforate and put a piece of material through on the upper, you could have a hot spot or something might develop there. By eliminating stitches, you eliminate that risk.

The outsole has omega flex grooves that optimize flexibility allowing for a more natural range of movement. It also features blown rubber with reinforcements in the high-wear areas to help increase durability. We also see the addition of a virtually seamless engineered mesh upper for improved fit and comfort.

Winning Runner’s World Magazine Editor’s Choice, the Ghost 8 weighs in at 10.3oz for men and 8.8oz for women.

From my experience and what other runners have confirmed, the Ghost 8 is a good running shoe for Plantar Fasciitis, flat feet, and bad knees.

Saucony Triumph ISO
Women / Men



The Triumph is within the neutral category and the highly cushioned category. There are some key stories about the new Triumph. It all has to do with the upper construction and the construction of the midsole.

The new Triumph ISO has three major components that will represent the update to the upper. The first component is the new Inner Fit Sleeve. So there is a sleeve that the runner will slip their foot into and it conforms individually around the shape of the foot. The second component will be the cradle or the little fingers that come up around the foot on either side. So when one laces the shoe, it will adapt to the shape of the foot not only during the fit process but also in motion. The final component is the seamless upper of the toe box. This will enhance the user experience, provide a lot of comfort, and again personalize the fit and the feel of the shoe.

The midsole

The midsole is PWRGrid+. This is the next generation of Saucony’s most cushioned midsole material. The Triumph ISO has a stack height of 29 mm in the heel and 21 mm in the forefoot. The midsole material will now be more cushioned by 20% and it will also be more resilient so you’ve got the best of both worlds. In doing so, the shoe has become lighter with the evolution of the midsole. It’s on average about half an ounce lighter than the previous version of the Triumph.

To complement the update to the midsole with PWRGrid+, the Triumph ISO also has a newly engineered outsole. The purpose of the outsole is to provide maximum cushioning, flexibility, as well as a nice center path of design.


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