Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma – Painful Toe Nerves!

Today, we’re going to be looking at the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma.

Morton’s neuroma is a painful condition that affects people’s feet. Typically, the person will experience pretty significant pain in their foot and sometimes it will cause shooting, burning or electrical light pain that shoots into their toes – usually the second toe and then possibly the third toe and sometimes even the fourth or fifth toe.

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But where does this pain come from? Your metatarsals are thought to pinch one of the nerves that passes between your foot and supplies your toes. It’s essentially like having sciatica of the toe, and anybody who’s ever had this condition will tell you that’s exactly what it feels like.

Why do people get it in the first place?

The reason why people get it is because those metatarsal bones are squeezing on the nerve and it causes it to inflame and swell. And when that happens, the only way to get rid of it is to take the pressure off the nerve. Much in the same way a chiropractor (foot doctor) would align your back to take pressure off the nerve.


After getting the foot aligned, it’s important to support the metatarsal area. One of the strategies to do this is to use something called a Neuroma pad or a Metatarsal pad. You place a metatarsal pad exactly where it needs to be as you can see in the picture above. What the goal of the pad to do is provide a lift to the metatarsal bones, and when it lifts the metatarsal bones, it also spreads them taking the pressure off the nerve. This is probably the most effective treatment for Morton’s Neuroma unless of course you want to visit a surgeon and they will just cut the nerve out and you won’t feel your toe anymore.

Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

Altra Women’s One2 Performance

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


The one “squarred” is actually one of the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma. People with Morton’s Neuroma, bunions, and hammertoes will definitely fall in love with the fantastic foot-shaped toe box. This is actually the signature of Altra giving that natural shape to the toe box instead of a very skinny toe box that other competitors use. This allows the feet and the toes to spread out naturally as it would if you wouldn’t be wearing shoes. It also helps improve your balance and reduce impact on the ground.

You’re looking at an awesome running shoe. Altra have come out with a shoe that has a bunch of features a lot of runners have been addicted to. These shoes have no heel lift (zero drop) and are flat, which prevents runners from heel striking and gives the foot the same elevation at the heel and the forefoot. Also, if you’re on your forefoot and not landing on your heel, you’re much less likely to roll your ankles. It’s also very comfortable if you’re running out on the tarmac.

This is a great lightweight running shoe that is very flexible. It’s a bit more stiff through the midfoot for more support and a lot more flexible in other areas, which gives a more natural bending to the foot.

Asics Gel Cumulus 16

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


The Asics Gel Cumulus 20 is the newest model in the Asics line-up. It is designed for the neutral runner or the underpronator who needs a high impact, high cushioned shoe.

It competes with shoes like the Brooks Ghost below, or the New Balance 880. I think of the Cumulus as Asics Nimbus’ little cousin.

One thing you will really love about the Cumulus 20 is that it has a great step-in feel. This shoe really hugs down on the heel giving you great support that goes through your run. This is something that the previous model didn’t have. Although the heel cup keeps the shoe secure, it’s a bit stiff and runs a little high. I didn’t have any issues with that, but if high-structured heel cups bother you, I think this shoe may cause some Achilles issues.

The upper uses an enginnered mesh that does its job well, and straight to the point, this is the best upper compared to any of the previous models in my opinion. There are less seams and overlays and has a nice modern style to it. The ventilation is improved, nothing too crazy but it works.

The toe box feels roomy and fit is nice. With no rubbing from the tongue or the upper, the Cumulus 20 feels very stable and secure.

The midsole introduces Asics FlyteFoam technology for the first time in the Cumulus series. FlytFoam is actually what gave this shoe some life because the Cumulus series was starting to feel a bit out-dated and not really improving much. But with the combination of FlyteFoam and Gel, this shoe has a nice responsive feel that was lacking a bit in the Cumulus 19.

I would still consider this shoe more of a cushioned model but a bit more versatile. The heel cushioning has a nice give to it while still keeping the shoe stable while going thtough transition. The toe-off sensation is decent, but this shoe wasn’t the easiest shoe to go fast in.

he outsole features rubber throughout with the guidance rail in the middle to help with the transition and stability throughout the stride. The traction is nice and works well on most surfaces. There isn’t much flexibility in this shoe and it’s definitely on the stiff side. Yet, I didn’t really notice it much chile running.

The Asics Cumulus 20 is definitely the best Cumulus I’v tried so far, and I wasn’t much of a fan of the 17, 18 or 19 but the 20s are solid. It’s not my favorite shoe though, but it’s a respectable shoe. It’s a good everyday trainer that will get the job done without any marketing gimmicks.

Brooks Ghost 9

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


With a 12mm heel to toe drop, the Brooks Ghost 9 is a standard daily trainer designed for the neutral runner. Utilizing a BioMogo DNA midsole, along with a Full-length Segmented Crashpad, this daily trainer provides adaptive cushioning with plenty of energy return.

On the outsole, blown rubber provides durable traction and the omega flex grooves offer a flexible ride. Along with a new engineered mesh upper for enhanced breathability and comfort, the Ghost 9 is your go-to daily trainer.

Weighing in at 10.5oz for men and 9.1oz for women, it features mesh material throughout the upper which is really going to allow your feet to breath and stay super cool while you’re out there on your next run.

It has a nice lace-up closure to lock everything into place. It has a smooth and very comfortable lining on the inside so it won’t irritate your foot while you’re wearing it.

The full-length crashpad together with that BioMogo DNA midsole will give you plenty of shock absorption, smooth transitions, and the energy return you really need. It also has a nice groove design throughout to give your feet that flex and bend that you need along with a very sturdy outsole on the bottom. You’ll be so fast people will thing you’re a ghost in the Ghost 9.

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New Balance 980 Boracay

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


With a 4mm heel to toe offset, the Fresh Foam Boracay is a natural daily trainer designed for the neutral runner. Taking over for the popular New Balance 980, the Boracay continues the use of Fresh Foam technology utilizing a mix of convex and concave hexagons to help enhance the sponginess and firmness in specifically targeted areas of the shoe. On the outsole, larger hexagons are used to create a soft smooth underfoot feel with plenty of flexibility.

In this update the midsole provides a slightly wider platform leading to a more stable feel and improved fit.

Along with a revamped air mesh upper with no-sew application, this trainer will provide a comfortable fit mile after mile. The men’s comes in ar 9.3oz for men and 7.7oz for women.

Altra Running Womens Provisioness 2

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


You’re looking at a shoe that’s built perfectly for the runner that’s looking to improve their form without sacrificing supportive fit and comfort and it just comes in at a lightweight 8 ounces. The upper is made with quick-drying breathable mesh for a fantastic feel next to your skin. There’s also a great lace-up design to provide you with a perfect fit. The lining on the interior is breathable mesh with a removable 5mm foam footbed.

The midsole is a fully-cushioned zero drop platform design, which means that you have zero heel to toe drop so your foot lands at exactly the same distance from the ground at the heel and at the forefoot area to naturally lower shock and align your body posture while helping strengthening your leg muscles too. Combine that with A-Bound cushioning to help absorb impact and wonderful natural stride system component that helps combine metatarsal mapping and the zero platform will be a wonderful experience that helps promote a more natural running stride.

StabiliPod technology helps act like a tripod for your foot increasing stability with each and every step.

The foot-shaped toe box is actually a wider-shaped toe box that allows your toes to splay comfortably allowing for a more powerful toe-off. The FootPod outsole design actually mimics the bones in your foot allowing for a more natural flex.

Altra Torin 2.0

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


These are high cushioned neutral running shoes. Every Altra shoe comes complete with a wide foot-shaped toe box to offer toe splay and proper foot alignment and the zero drop is even with the ground platform. New for this Torin 2.0 is an improved midsole material which is a little softer and more plush underfoot and the addition of Innerflex technology in the midsole for more flexibility.

It comes with seamless overlays on the upper. The weight comes in at 9.1 ounces for men size 9 and 7.5 ounces for women size 7.

The new Torin is a high cushioned neutral shoe for the everyday runner looking for a shoe to be comparable with the Nike Vomero, the Saucony Triumph, or the Asics Nimbus.

This is light and responsive enough to perform well for a 5k, but it’s cushioned and protective enough for your foot that you can go all the way up to post marathon distance like ultra.


New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


The 33 DFA sees the introduction of the new Fluid Foam midsole and a new 33 DFA. It’s going to provide really great cushioning but in a very unique way because it has very low density and soft platform. This makes the shoe nice and flexible. Because it’s engineered to be extremely durable, you don’t have to worry about it flattening out even though it’s very soft. Asics has also introduced FluidAxis which is a new anatomical flex groove technology which allows the shoe to move and bend exactly as the way the joints in your feet move, hence the name DFA – Deep FluidAxis.

It features a light midsole that will give you plenty of shock absorption and energy return with every single stride you take. It also features AHAR rubber outsole on the bottom to keep you nice and steady and give you that long lasting wear.

If you look into the upper, it features highly breathable seamless mesh construction throughout with some synthetic overlays to give you some structural integrity and a really unique fitting system that really hugs and secures your foot while the natural 33 last allows the feet to splay and move naturally as you would expect in a 33 shoe. It has a nice lace-up closure so you can always have some nice fit. The 33 DFA has plenty of padding on the inside with a really soft fabric material and good cushioning down there in that footbed.

The 33 is Asics’ lowest to the ground, lightest in their construction, and most flexible model in the 33 collection. The great thing about the it is it’s great for all kinds of distances. It really depends upon the runner and how far they want to run in it. So for some people they might just use it on shorter runs where they just want to mix the signals and add variety to their training regime, but for others they might use it as their everyday trainer because it does have enough protection and the new Fluid Foam that will really help them on their everyday training.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


The New Balance 1080v6 is a premium daily running shoe designed for the neutral runner. I would recommend this shoe for runners who tend to do a lot of road running and like a cushioned shoe. If this is you, you’ll be very happy with the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080s. The 1080 fits nicely and runs true to size while its toe box is wide enough that you won’t feel any rubbing or blistering even when breaking them in.

The sixth version of the shoe sees a huge upgrade with the introduction of Fresh Foam cushioning technology which utilizes concave hexagons to help enhance the comfort, sponginess and firmness in specifically targeted areas of the shoe. This is a feature that is definitely most noticed on the very first run in these shoes. This is also one of the features New Balance made improvements upon in this 6th version of the 1080. Along with the paired use of responsive N2 technology, the 1080 provides plenty of cushioning for the long haul.

The Fresh Foam 1080v6 will certainly treat you well right from first wear thanks to the Phantom fit technology used on the upper which provides a lightweight seam-free fit with an even plusher feel. The breathability of the upper would stand out even more on hot road running days.

The heel to toe drop is an 8 mm offset with 30 mm of cushion at the heel and 22 at the forefoot.

All of this being said, if you like running in a more minimalist shoe, there’s not much in terms of feel for the ground and I wouldn’t recommend these shoes for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy a shoe that is more cushioned when striking the ground, you will absolutely love the 1080s.

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Pearl Izuma EM Road N2

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price


The N2 is Pearl’s meat and potatoes high performance neutral training shoe. For a men size 9 it’s just a hair over 9oz. Like all of Pearl Izumi’s shoes, the EM Road N2 features a seamless upper for a seam-free all-day comforting shoe. It features a new Seamless Skin technology on the upper which is a bonded material to a spacer mesh to give you a lot of structure without a lot of weight.

The beauty in the platform is the midsole that features Izumi’s dynamic offset. It’s a really simple intuitive concept where they placed the toe spring back about 25 mm from where it would be under the ball of the foot and that creates a really nice smooth transition from initial ground contact into stance and through toe-off.

Pearl Izumi are talking about Project E: Motion and “E” stands for “efficient” and the Motion is the passion they have for running. The idea being that can they deliver a really smooth fluid efficient running experience for any type of terrain and any type of running whether you’re a heel striker, midfoot runner or what not. The idea is they can take this simple shape across of their shoes and deliver that same performance experience expectation.

What does the “N” stands for in the “N2”? It stands for neutral. The bottom of the shoe has an iconic Flow Line used across all of Izumi’s stability category and their neutral category that really mimics the pressure profiles of a runner in the neutral or stability category from heel strike, stance to the toe-off.

How much can you feel the road with the N2?

The N2 in particular is a really good blend between giving you some ground contact feel with a really nice high performance responsive ride.  

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