Best Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis According to Podiatrists

Best Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis

Today we’re going to go in-depth with 20 best sandals for Achilles Tendonitis.

Just a few years back, podiatrists used to hate sandals and flip-flops for the only reason they used to be very harmful to your feet.

Surprisingly, a lot of podiatrists now recommend some sandals and even some flip-flops to those who suffer from Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and high arch issues.

Why is that?

Well, some sandals do provide relief for most foot issues like Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, etc. because they feature ample arch support, a deep heel cup, a healthy contoured footbed, and a stable outsole.

If you have high arches, we’ve reviewed these sandals with great arch support.

Below, we’ve reviewed 20 of the best sandals for Achilles Tendonitis. But let’s briefly compare the best 8.

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If your heel pain prevents you from enjoying your sandals, these are some great supportive sandals for plantar fasciitis

Best Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis

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Vionic Rest Amber



The Amber is one of the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.


The Vionic Amber comes in a variety of uppers. It’s a really nice casual sandal style that features some stone adornments.

Not only that, but all the four straps also are fully adjustable with a hook-and-loop closure to give you easy on and off wear as well as a more customized fit.

This allows this gorgeous sandal to be completely tailored to your foot.

To make this look truly unique, the middle strap can be removed and you can convert the Amber into a completely different style.


The footbed is covered in a soft microfiber that is smooth to the touch. The superior built-in orthotic provides support and stability to help realign your feet to their natural position.


There’s a flexible EVA midsole that absorbs shock to reduce stress on your feet, ankles, and knees.

According to research, Orthaheel technology can successfully help reduce overpronation. This is believed to help alleviate common aches and pains like Plantar Fasciitis.


To complete this sandal, a durable rubber outsole with pattern tread will keep you upright on a variety of different surfaces.

With refined style, sophisticated technology, and incredible comfort, the Amber is sure to make it to the top of your list.


Vionic Tide II

All Vionic footwear have received the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).



It’s really difficult to find orthopedic supportive footwear that looks stylish. And everything about Vionic turns around providing comfort and support in stylish footwear.

The Tide II, the icon of Orthaheel technology, is a pair of flip-flops, but not your traditional flip-flops because those cheap plastic flat thong flip-flops are horrific on your feet.

Podiatrist-designed footbed

The most important feature that makes all Vionic sandals stand out is because they have built-in podiatrist-designed orthopedic technology.

The footbed is not only super soft to the touch and squishy, but it’s also a podiatrist-designed biomechanical orthotic footbed.

The footbed provides great arch support and a deep heel cup to help support, stabilize, and realign your feet to their natural position.

Orthaheel is really helpful for flat-footed people who overpronate because it provides the support needed for your feet and prevents them from rolling inward and putting too much pressure on the Achilles tendon, Plantar Fascia, the joints, the knees, and the lower back.

So it can really help alleviate common aches and pains such as Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, bad knees, and even lower back pain.

The footbed features a subtle dot design and geometric patterned tread to improve traction on and underfoot. This makes it perfect to grab the ground when you walk in it.


The Tide features a wonderful and flexible lightweight webbed upper with a stylish gorgeous trim and a genuine leather overlay.

The upper comes with a soft lining on the inside and a cushioned footbed for support.

Midsole & Outsole

The sandal is made with a lightweight flexible medium-density EVA midsole that absorbs shock to help reduce stress.

Then the bottom provides a durable TPR outsole with a wave pattern tread that provides traction to maintain your stride.

Toe Post

A lot of people hate flip-flips just because of the discomfort they get from the toe post between their toes.

Unlike those sandals with a plastic toe post, the Tide’s toe post is nice, soft and flexible.

As soon as you put your foot in there, you’re going to have that instant feeling of comfort between the toes as well. It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t wear or rub when you’re walking.


If you sit on the half size, we recommend that you size down.

What you’re getting with the Vionic Tide II is a technology that’s all wrapped around great-looking materials and fantastic vibrant colors as well.

Keen Whisper



Get ready to conquer any terrain with this classic silhouette from Keen.

The Keen Whisper is stylish, washable, waterproof, and odor-resistant. This is the famous Keen men’s Newport H2 comfort in a slightly narrower, lower-profile fit tailored just for women.

The Keen Whisper sandal is the ideal choice for the beach, Kayaking, canoeing, hiking up the trail, or just walking around town.


Keen has designed this spring and summer sandal with an amazing upper. The upper features polyester webbing lined with Hydrophobic mesh, which is going to be quick-drying and comfortable all day long.

There’s a pull tab at the back so you can easily slip the sandal on. You can adjust the Whisper with the QuickDry bungee lacing system so you can have a nice customized and secure fit while the EVA midsole cushions and supports the foot.

Toe Guard

The Keen’s patented toe offers tons of protection at the toes so you won’t have to worry about any debris or stubbing your toes along the way.

The EVA footbed is extremely cushy and it’s going to be really comfortable all day long. This metatomical footbed provides more stability even in high-activity situations.


Down on the bottom, the non-marking rubber outsole features really nice grooves that flex with every step you take.

It’s also going to give you more stability and great traction across all sorts of terrain.

Machine Washable

After a long day of hiking, trail walking or trudging through the mud, you can throw this sandal right into the washer without any problem.

Add a little bit of detergent on the gentle cycle and then let it air dry and you’re good to go.

For challenging the great outdoors or bopping around town, Keen Whisper is the perfect choice to keep your active feet happy.

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Clarks Morse Tour



The Morse Tour is a great sandal for ankle instability.

The Morse is such a popular sandal and one of the best Clarks shoes for Achilles Tendonitis.

It’s a leather sports sandal with leather and neoprene lining, which makes it super breathable and comfortable.

Three-point adjustability

What’s also great about the Morse is the three-point adjustability. There’s one hook-and-loop closure across the top, one across the instep, and one back at the ankle.

These straps truly provide a customizable and secure fit as well as an easy and off experience.

This makes sure your foot is nice and secure and all the toes are fitting nicely with no flyaway pinky toe.

When you’re doing all that walking, all that traveling, and sightseeing, you can easily customize the Morse Tour.

Whether you’re swelling throughout the day or you feel you need to tighten or loosen the sandal up, it’s just great to have all points of adjustability.

Anti-bacterial/microbial footbed

The contoured Ortholite memory foam footbed is amazing and is super cushiony from heel to toe. This makes the sandal feel like you’re walking on pillows.

The footbed has some perforations that make the sandal more breathable. It’s also moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and really feels great against your foot.

The footbed is bendable so this sandal is broken in for you the second you slide your feet in.

Again, if:

  • you’re going to those outdoor concerts,
  • you’re going to those parties,
  • you’ve got a long day ahead,
  • you’re running around the errands,
  • you’re on vacation,
  • you’re going to the boardwalks,
  • you’re going to those amusement parks with the boys and you’re running after them,

… you have to absolutely be comfortable and stable lest you want to slip and slide around or end up with ankle pain, knee pain, heel pain, or Achilles pain.

That’s what the Clarks Morse sandal does the best – provide the comfort for all that.

Midsole & Outsole

This sandal is incredibly flexible with an EVA midsole.

The midsole absorbs shock and provides a nice cushioned ride while the outsole offers lots of grip, traction, and shock absorbency.

Cobb Hill Aubrey



Cobb Hill are known for their rich leathers. The Aubrey is one of their best-selling collections that’s fueled by the New Balance name.

This combo gives us artisan quality of the leather on the outside, wonderful technology, and New Balance kind of sports comfort on the inside.

It has a wonderful stitching detail, a beautiful cross weaving with the leathers, and all the openwork, but it’s a closed-toe sandal.

New Balance insole

The insole features the famous New Balance foam that runs all the way from the heel to the ball of your foot. The Aubrey provides so much support under the arch area and it’s all cushion.

Cobb Hill leathers

Cobb Hill has married everything with beautiful burnished leathers. It actually did a good job at antiquing and making the leathers feel soft and buttery yet rich and elegant.

There’s also leather overlay strapping with a little bit of tonal stitching that adds a little accent and pop.


The sandal’s cute little T-strap design is beautiful and the back has some beautiful detailing with leather intersecting.

The ankle strap has a buckle that has some goring in there for some adjustability for that instep area. If you have a higher instep, the goring will help you fit better.


The rubber outsole offers some traction, stability, and shock absorption for your knees, Achilles, and lower back.

Cobb Hill has covered the whole circumference of the heel so you’re getting stability.

The Aubrey has a little bit of a heel (1 3/4″) so you’re getting a little bit more of an elevated look.

If you’re tired of wearing boots and things like that, the Aubrey is a great transition shoe, and not just transition from season to season but also transition from day to night.

The open sections of the sandal make the Aubrey more versatile and definitely make it more wearable because you get more bang for your buck.

Cobb Hill Angelina Dress Pump


This is a retro-style Mary Jane.


Its rubber outsole makes it super flexible for all-day comfort and support. 1 1/2″ gives you a little lift without putting a lot of pressure on the ball of your foot.

This model is burnished with the little black undertones and it really can go with so many different colors.


You also have some great contrast stitching with a beautiful T-strap running up the center adding that sophistication and style to your outfit.

There’s some laser-cut edge detailing in the heel with the padded collar just adding that little bit of flare.

The Angelina offers adjustability with the buckle and elasticity giving you that perfect fit in the instep each time.

The inside features all of that New Balance cushion and support that you may be used to from heel to toe.

Find your own handsome Pitt with the Angelina from Cobb Hill by New Balance.

Finn Comfort Jamaika



What we have here is a super comfy shoe that features a leather upper along with dual adjustable hook-and-loop straps to give you a really custom fit.

It’s really easy to slip on and off which is definitely convenient when it comes to getting ready when you’re getting out the door.

Removable Footbed

The inside features a really nice and smooth lining so that way it’s going to feel great against your skin.

Speaking of comfort, the Jamaica features a completely removable footbed that’s washable and it provides that maximum support.

Just take the footbed out and throw it in the washer (just follow the instructions). If you have your own custom orthotic, you can definitely use it with this sandal so that you don’t have to be torn apart from those custom orthotics that you love.

A removable footbed in a sandal is a feature only a few companies offer.

The Jamaica offers a little bit of a heel so you’re definitely going to get a little lift there.


Everything comes to you on a durable lightweight shock-absorbing PU outsole.

If you are looking for some really comfy shoes that are also easy to put on and are also super cute, then you may want to Jamaica this choice right here.

Mephisto Helen



This sandal is absolutely fantastic for everyday wear with a simple design that looks great with just about anything.

The Mephisto is available in a variety of uppers including soft leather patent or nubuck.


There’s a relaxed soft Air-Relax contoured insole that’s lined with super soft suede for added comfort next to your skin.


There’s a deep heel cup that features little holes. These holes actually pump air through the entire insole keeping your feet feeling fantastic the entire day through.

The Helen also features a super-cushioned midsole that’s infused with cork and latex to absorb shock with every single step.

It’s backed up with lots of stability and support thanks to the texture on the amazingly lightweight and flexible rubber outsole.

The cork softens overtime and conforms to your foot for proper heel, arch, and foot support while you’re walking.

The Helen features an adjustable buckle at the side so you can get a really customized fit.

Add a little slice of heaven to your closet today. You’ll get a super cozy sandal that looks really great and your feet are going to feel amazing.

Alegria Carina



You know when you’re packing up for a trip you ask yourself “do I want to be super comfortable or do I want to be super cute?”.

Sometimes it’s a compromise, but with the Carina, you can be super comfortable and super cute.

Alegria started out as an orthopedic professional footwear company. If you think about those healthcare workers who are working 12-hour shifts, those are the ones who made Alegria so popular.


Usually, with thong sandals, you don’t have any adjustability. The Carina is one of the rare thong sandals that Alegria has built and designed as a thong post sandal for women who wanted that type with adjustability on the top.

It is a lot of fun thanks to the beautiful unique slip-on design. The upper is made with super soft genuine leather.

The Carina is really forgiving and has a generous amount of room in the toe box. And if you do have a narrower foot, you can make that adjustment because there’s hook-and-loop where the embellishment is.

You can tighten the strap up or loosen it if your foot is a little bit on the wider side or if your feet tend to swell.

You can also adjust the Carina on the fly if you’re flying on an airplane.

The leathers and the colors are amazing but it’s really what’s inside and the marriage between the technology, the comfort, and the colors that has made Alegrias so popular.


The footbed is a patented combination of cork, soft polyurethane, and memory foam.

So you’ve got comfort in the heel cup and through the arch support which is almost an inch thick of arch support.

It’s truly substantial and supportive through to the ball of the foot in the toes. The entire footbed conforms to your individual feet so you end up with a customized sandal.

The Carina is a great alternative for those dime-store flip-flops.


Here’s the official Alegria size chart + sizing guide you need to check to get the best fit out of your Alegrias.

Skechers Reggae-Rasta



If you start looking at the bottom of the Rasta only, you would think you are holding a high-end, very expensive, very high-tech sports shoe like something that can cost three digits before the decimal point in the price tag.

When you flip it over and look at the top, that sports shoe becomes a great sports sandal, a category that not every company does.

The Reggae Rasta is actually a comfort sandal line. Skechers have had this sandal for so long women come back for it year after year.

It’s for that woman that needs an attractive supportive rubber outsole sandal that she can really go all day in.


What Skechers did with the bottom is they gave us a built-up outsole. You have the flex grooves under the forefoot and you have the traction you need to really get out there and go for long walks and do your errands.


The footbed is perforated giving you that breathability. If you’re going to be by the pool or if you’re going to be at the beach, the footbed has a nice toe guard making sure your toes aren’t going to slip over the front of the shoe.

What’s really nice about the upper is it offers adjustability across the top of the shoe with a hook-and-loop closure.

A toe post, seriously?

There’s also a toe loop so you’re really secure and really tight in the shoe. What’s also great about the toe loop is it has a little bit of adjustability just like a wrap dress would.

So if you have a little bunion issue or your toe is a little bit larger and sometimes you feel like you really don’t fit, you can get this and gently custom adjust the toe loop.

Honestly, if you don’t like toe posts you really need to try the Rasta because it’s so soft and it’s not going to cause any rubbing.

As we get into these warm months our feet are going to sweat and are going to get hot and we’ve going to slide around.

However, in the Rasta, you’re not going to have that rubbing and those blisters, you’re going to feel full on comfort all day.

The Rasta is a fabulous sandal if you’re:

  • going to the theme park,
  • on that vacation,
  • taking your day trip,
  • visiting a lot of community centers,
  • having like a bus trip here or a bus trip there

… and you don’t want to be worried about your feet.

Skechers have given women a fashion-forward upper on an athletic outsole giving you the best of both worlds and that’s what Skechers does best.


The Rasta is whole sizes so those half sizes go up.

Merrell Terran Convertible II


The stylish Terran is great for getting out and about or sightseeing on those summer days in the sun.

It is made with a stylish plush water-resistant nubuck leather upper for easy cleaning.


The soft microfiber Remember Me Foam footbed is contoured to fit your foot perfectly.

It’s lined with breathable Lycra and treated with M-Select fresh technology. It’s nice and soft too with Merrell air cushioning in the heel that works together with the footbed to offer cushioning, support, and shock absorbency.

The M-Select fresh treatment helps combat odor-causing microbes to stay fresher for longer.


You have a quick and easy hook-and-loop adjustment system at the front of the ankle and two straps one on either side at the back of the ankle.

This system allows this sandal to get the convertible name because the back strap can be completely removed to alter the shoe into a simple slip-on sandal if you want to.


The Terran Convertible boasts a seriously grippy non-marking water-friendly siped outsole thanks to Merrell’s M-Select Wet Grip technology.

Together with the nylon arch shank, the outsole delivers stability and traction over wet and dry terrain.

The Terran Convertible is soft to the touch and it’s convertible. So no matter how you choose to wear it, you’re going to be comfortable.

Best men’s and women’s sandals for Achilles Tendonitis

ECCO Yucatan



Ecco makes fit and function top priorities in all of their shoes.

The Yucatan is a durable performance sandal designed to be resilient and supportive in any off-road situation.

It is part of Ecco’s performance collection and it’s really versatile because you can travel in it all day or you can even go for short walks in it.


Three-point adjustability

The great feature about the Yucatan is it has three adjustable Velcro straps. This means you can slide your foot in and fine-tune the fit to meet your needs.


The great feature to complement those three straps is the mesh lining that goes with them.

The mesh lining just cradles your foot and makes it comfortable by reducing irritation to the outer surface of your foot.


The lightweight Direct-injected PU (Polyurethane) midsole with Full-length Receptor technology provides strong support and cushioning while absorbing the impact of each step.

The soft added cushioning makes it much easier on impact for your foot.


The upper is a stylish combination of nubuck and oiled nubuck leathers designed to cradle your foot and offer the support you need for off-road travel.


The resilient rubber outsole is made with a sticky rubber compound great for wet and dry conditions and surfaces and even better for walking off the beaten track.

It also offers exceptional grip, traction, durability, and a better feel for the terrain that’s under your feet.

Treat yourself to the lightweight, breathable comfort of a Yucatan performance sandal.

Spenco Siesta Slide


The fantastic Siesta is probably Spenco’s best-selling style. You’re getting the normal Spenco 50-year technology embedded into the orthotics.


Spenco’s orthotics

The Siesta features Spenco’s semi-curved, biomechanically accurate Total Support Contoured insole.

This insole is shaped to really support your foot, which is absolutely phenomenal.

What happens is the second you hit the ground, there’s a deep heel cup that cradles and aligns your heel.

There are three pods of different densities that actually straighten the foot out and allow it to roll into a nice medial and lateral inside and outside orthotic cradle arch.

Then in the forefoot, there’s a crashpad which is a little bit lower density to allow that forefoot to move properly as you push off.

Underneath the ball of the foot, they’ve added another cushion called a metatarsal dome.

What this dome actually does is it spreads out the pressure across the metatarsals and provides extra support and that’s why it’s so good.

This built-in dome is one of the things people with Metatarsalgia, or ball of foot pain, actually look for in an orthotic. The orthotics are removable and can be washed easily.

There are also a couple of bells and whistles people actually love more. Apart from the heel cup, there are two sections of goring that allow your feet to move.


Also, the inside has a very nice soft man-made textile canvas upper which feels like butter. The forefoot is quite wide and very forgiving.

You don’t have to have a low or a high arch to wear this shoe as the way Spenco has built the platform accommodates any foot type.


Last but not least, the sandal has a durable rubber outsole that offers excellent stability on a variety of surfaces.

The Siesta is a summer shoe that’s going to take you all the way through fall and into winter if you put some socks on.

Teva Terra Fi Lite



Sports sandals are pretty simple, a rubber footbed, some combination of straps, and a little bit of style is all they have to work with.

Since inventing the product in 1984, Teva has been a leader in developing styles that make for happy feet and easy adventures.

The Terra Fi Lite has several design patterns available for men and women to express their personality. It was designed to be the lighter and sleeker cousin of Teva’s classic sports sandal.

The Terra Fi was originally designed in the Grand Canyon so they’re made for water.


The Terra Fi Lite has the familiar three straps that are easily adjusted with a strong hook-and-loop. The ability to dial in the fit to your comfort and preferences is part of what makes these sandals great.



The footbed is cushy right out of the box and in time, it molds to the exact imprint of your foot. The shock pad in the heel and excellent arch support are better than many other sports sandals. This also makes these sandals just as good for jogging back to the car as they are on the water.



The outsole features the spider original rubber with a string tread pattern that grips well on whatever combination of rocks, trails, roads, and water your adventures require.

Last but not least, the Terra Fi has Teva’s nylon webbing and universal strapping system that people have come to trust and love over the years.

Chaco Yampa Z2


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The Yampa Z2 embodies the classic anatomic design Chaco is known for and takes comfort to the next level with the lighter design.


It’s got a wide injection molded lateral buckle at the ankle that provides you with a customized and secure fit. It features a gentle hugging toe for added comfort and stay-put.


There’s Chaco’s famous PU footbed that feels and looks great and has LUVSEAT technology that’s anatomically designed to provide ample arch support and cradle your foot in lasting comfort.

But don’t just take our word for it, this footbed also carries the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).


You can’t see it, but there’s a nylon shank in the midsole that offers a stable platform when you’re on the trail, for example, keeping you steady and upright.


All of these outstanding features sit on the top of a lightweight grippy Vibram TC1 rubber outsole with 3mm of lug depth for ultimate traction and durability.

So there you have it, a lightweight cushiony supportive doctor-approved sandal for all your summer adventures and your all-day walking and errands.

Vionic Women’s Wave


Offering a great combination of comfort and support in a simple yet stylish flip-flop, the Wave sandal is a must-have for the warmer seasons.

This awesome sandal is constructed of a very soft material to keep your feet comfortable all day long.


This sandal features Vionic’s built-in biomechanical orthotic footbed with Triplantar motion control, great arch support for pain relief, and a deep heel cup to help keep your heel in place.


The sandal is very lightweight and flexible in the forefoot. It has a soft padded upper with a fabric toe post for a comfortable fit. It also has a foam-lined padded strap that feels great against the skin.


The bottom features an extremely durable and flexible outsole to provide you with traction and keep you nice and steady.

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex 

All Birkenstock sandals are APMA approved (Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association).



One of the basic questions a lot of people ask is “Are Birkenstocks good for Achilles Tendonitis?”.

Well, the answer is simply YES.

This Birkenstock basically has been around for decades and it’s super mega popular. Like anything that’s been around for decades, you’ll find some controversial opinions about it.

If you read reviews online, some people hate the Arizona and others are lifelong fans.

The style above is Habana, which is basically the real oiled leather that’s going to feel great against your skin. They also come in different other materials according to people’s preferences.

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The sandal features two adjustable buckle straps on top to give you a snug secure fit. The inside of the straps features soft breathable lining.


The Arizona has got an anatomically correct footbed with cork material that’s going to give you tons of support and comfort to keep your feet feeling great all day long.

The footbed has a deep heel cup and very nice arch support.

Because there’s no toe post, the forefoot has a very useful raised ridge that is located underneath the toes and serves to really make sure your foot stays locked into place as you’re walking around.

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Midsole & Outsole

The midsole is thick as well and it’s going to help with shock absorption while the bottom has a thick rubber outsole that is going to provide tons of tread and stability.

Read the full review of the Birkenstock Arizona.

Telic Energy Flip Flop


What makes Telic so unique?

It really comes down to three things.

First and foremost, this product is actually made in the USA. That doesn’t sound that spectacular, but do you know that less than 2% of the shoes worn in the USA are actually built in the USA?

Secondly, Telic sandals use a blend of a resilient polymer compound called Novalon that is pillow-soft, very light, waterproof, durable, and elastic.

Most importantly, Telic has a soft shock-absorbing rebound that makes you feel like you’re floating above the ground.


Thirdly, and probably most importantly, is the design of the sandal itself. When you first pick up a Telic, you’re going to notice that it has a traction control outsole which is important when you have a single injection molded shoe like this in order to give you some traction on wet and dry surfaces.

Rocker Bottom

If you turn the Telic sideways, you’ll notice it has a rocker bottom. This acts to give you the support needed underneath the arch to really evenly distribute the weight and pressure below your foot.

So when you stand on this sandal, you’ll see it bends down, and then you have most of the materials underneath your arch.

Also, your heel will sit back a bit and this enables you to stand up straighter and give you better posture.


The footbed itself is textured, has orthotic great arch support, and a deep heel cup.

That textured footbed allows a cooling airflow underneath the foot and actually gives you a gentle massage as you’re walking.

So the next time you’re in the market for some comfortable sandals, think of Telic.

They’re American-made, affordable, and one of the world’s most comfortable sandals.

OOFOS OOriginal


Oofos might be the most fun sandals ever to wear in the history of sandals.

My favorite thing about Oofos sandals is just how mushy, comfortable, and wonderful they are under your feet.

People with problem feet have a lot of impact absorption and great arch support that it even accommodates people with really high arches.

It has a kind of thick firm arch that provides a lot of support in that area.

Oofos are known as recovery shoes that give you the best feeling when you’ve gone for a long run or a long hike and your feet are hot and sweaty and they just hurt. They’re so soft but still support your feet.

So if:

  • you’re a marathoner,
  • you’re someone who does triathlons a lot,
  • you’re someone who just gets out there and pounds those 10.000 steps every single day,
  • you’re someone who’s on their feet a lot
  • you’ve gone to a wedding and you stood way too long in those high heels,

… the Oofos Ooriginal thong sandal is a must-have recovery option for those feet.

A lot of people wear these shoes all the time inside the house to get some relief from walking around on tile or hardwood floors while others use them outside the house doing errands or doing yard work while others.

They’re easy to wash and you can just throw them in the washing machine and you’re good to go.

Keen Uneek


Innovation and creativity collide in the fun and comfortable Uneek from Keen. They are made from just two cords, soft microfiber, and a sole.

The stability, comfort, and durability of these sandals make them great for easy hikes, traveling, beach days, and the city as well.

Innovative Free Moving Cord

Usually, you can only adjust sandals in a couple of places, but with the Uneek you get an all-over custom fit.

The Innovative Free Moving Cord construction allows the shoe to adapt to the shape of your foot for optimal comfort and support.

You’ve also got a Stretch Drawcord that makes the Uneek easy to put on quickly so you can get out and about ASAP.

The open design along with the water-repellent polyester inside the cord means the Uneeks dry easily and don’t soak up water.

This is a great feature to have when you’re crossing creeks, you’re on a trail, or going to the beach.

Midsole & Footbed

You’ve also got a lightweight polyurethane midsole and microfiber footbed cover for durability and comfort.

The anatomically designed footbed provides arch support and works with the natural contours of your foot.

With the Uneeks, Keen has eliminated a lot of the norms of shoemaking to create a sandal with superior comfort and support.

The high traction rubber outsole with Razor siping on the forefoot provides excellent grip for secure footing.

The outsole, midsole, and footbed work together with the upper cord construction for all-over free movement, support, and security.

This makes them perfect for short hikes, travels, beach days, and city life.

That’s it for this blog post. These were some of the best sandals for Achilles Tendonitis. See you in the next one.

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Eric Barber is a happy father of two little angels, a husband, and a runner. He eats, sleeps, and dreams anything foot related: running shoes, walking shoes, sneakers, you name it. It all started when Eric was a shoe store specialist watching and fitting people's feet day in and day out.

2 thoughts on “Best Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis According to Podiatrists”

  1. Oofos are squishy wonderful, but I can’t tolerate the rocker bottom and HIGH arch, so sad! Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy UpBov SandalI was cushy, but also had the low heel extra arch. These would be good for someone who like that.
    I find the Allegria to be hard. White Mountain are more comfortable and less expensive than Birkenstocks. I’m still searching for a around the house slip-on sandal. I’ll keep wearing my White Mountain until I find something with more cushioning. Thanks for the reviews. I ordered the Vionic Pacific Elite and the Sketcher Reggie Rasta to try. I’m having surgery soon for my achilles, so maybe by next year the whole shoe thing will be better.

    • Hi Lorna. I hope everything goes really well for you. There are some really great sandals for the house like the Hoka Recovery sandals.


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