Best Shoes for Babies, Infants and Toddlers Reviewed In 2019

Walking shoes for babies

Guide to Walking Shoes For Babies

Babies typically start walking between 10 and 16 months. For the time before their first steps, they will have learned how to roll, crawl, and sit up. Children must learn how to walk before you buy the first pair of walking shoes for babies. This concept may seem strange. After all, walking around without shoes could be dangerous for your little one’s feet,

Right? However, shoving your baby’s feet into shoes directly after they begin walking can be detrimental to future development. Choosing the right walking shoes for babies depends on rate of development, flexibility of the sole, and material.

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Overview of baby feet characteristics

Babies’ feet are much more delicate than toddler or adult feet. Babies’ feet sweat twice as much as adults, often appear flat-footed, and are much weaker. Excess sweat is attributed to the high metabolic rate of babies. Their metabolism is much higher than adults because their bodies have to compensate for growth. Baby feet can appear flat footed because of fat deposits and waddling. Most babies waddle when they learn to walk, as waddling is a means of staying balanced. Baby feet are weaker than older toddlers or adults because the cartilage and bones have not stiffened. The first 18 months of a baby’s life are the most important for foot development. It is during this time that their feet can be molded. Think of the Chinese foot binding practice which was common in the upper classes. The feet would be bound so that the bones would mold together and be more “dainty.” In much the same way can baby feet become stifled and grow improperly if smothered in small shoes that fit incorrectly.

When to buy walking shoes for babies

All that said, there is a general standard for determining when you should buy walking shoes for babies. This standard is not based on time passed but on progress made. If your baby is walking comfortably (which means he or she does not fall or wobble often) then you should buy walking shoes. The reason is as follows: your baby needs to learn how to balance when barefoot for proper foot development. By learning to do so, the foot will naturally strengthen. If you buy shoes too early, your baby’s feet could be weaker because the shoes are “supporting” them. Walking shoes for babies are not meant to support the feet but to protect. These shoes protect babies from rough surfaces like concrete and gravel. Walking shoes provide more stability in slippery areas like linoleum or tile floors. They also protect feet from glass, sticks, and other sharp objects that could bruise your tender baby’s feet.

How to fit shoes correctly

Baby shoes must fit correctly. In the best scenario, you will visit a professional baby shoe store that has fitters for babies. The staff will measure your toddler’s feet and ensure the corresponding shoes are neither too snug nor too loose. If you do not use a professional fitter, you will have to stand in as one. There should be one to one and a half centimeters between the end of the shoe and your baby’s toes. The heel should fit snugly without slipping during walking or standing on tiptoe. The toes of your baby’s feet should lie flat without too much wiggle room.

Characteristics to look for in walking shoes

Now that shoe sizing has been explained, there are two main characteristics to look for in walking shoes for babies. These characteristics help make shoes more comfortable. As such, your baby will be more accustomed to wearing shoes and will (hopefully!) be less resistant when you put the shoes on.


The first is flexibility of the sole. As mentioned earlier, baby shoes do not need to support the feet. As such, the sole must be able to bend easily. By having this trait, your baby’s feet will continue to strengthen and develop naturally while being protected from pointy objects.


The second characteristic is material. Because baby feet sweat more than average, breathability is key. Leather and canvas are excellent materials for breathability. When the feet stay cool and dry, your baby is less likely to take them off and more likely to remain protected. You can choose between soft and hard-soled walking shoes. Both have a variety of benefits. Hard-soled shoes (ones with a tread) are better if your baby will be playing or walking outdoors or on a slippery surface. Soft-soled shoes are better for indoors: they do provide some grip on slick areas.

Baby Shoe Size Guide For Your New Walker

Now that baby has taken their first steps, it’s a great time to get educated about the needs of new walkers, and which shoes work best for the early stage of learning to navigate upright. With some help from our baby shoe size guide for your new walker, finding a great pair of footwear for your little one is easy.

What type of shoe?

How do baby shoes size up? What should you look for? The shoe you need depends on both the size of the foot and the stage of the walker. For “first walkers,” you’ll want to find an infant size shoe. Toddler shoes are slightly larger, and are meant for older walkers who have mastered their gait control and are ready for some more support in a shoe. For first walkers, you’ll want to stick with a shoe that closely mimics the natural contours and movement of the foot. For this reason, soft-soled shoes – typically composed of textured leather or suede – are best for a baby just learning to navigate on two feet. Your baby can then progress to shoes with a composite or natural rubber sole as their abilities improve.

How to measure up?

If you are going to shop online, the best way to find baby shoe size appropriate to your little one is to measure their foot to ensure a correct fit. Guessing about size is definitely not the way to go! To measure your baby’s foot, draw a long, straight line on a plain sheet of paper, and place it on the floor. Stand your baby up with the line bisecting the foot from heel to the longest toe. Mark the places where the toe and heel end, and measure with a standard ruler. Most reputable online retailers will have a baby shoe size chart available, so you can select the shoes closest to your baby’s current measurement. Even if you order online, you will still want to check for fit once the shoes arrive.

Fit Check

Put on your baby’s new shoes – the end of the day is preferable for fitting, when feet are slightly larger due to swelling and fluid intake. Have them stand while you inspect for fit. Baby shoe size appropriate to your child should have a little (but not too much) wiggle room both at the heel and the toe. As a general rule, you should be able to fit the tip of your little finger between baby’s heel and the inside back of the shoe. In the front, check to ensure about a finger’s width of play between the tip of the shoe and baby’s big toe. This will ensure that the shoes do not chafe as your little one starts to walk. As with any shoe fitting, watch your baby for a while – if they show any signs of discomfort or agitation, the shoe may be rubbing due to incorrect sizing.

Keeping Up

Prepare to replace your child’s footwear often as babies grow quickly, including those precious feet! With baby shoes, size can change in as little as two months. Check at least once per month for size, as well as any signs of wear which may indicate it’s time to move up. When your child needs a new pair, take the same care to find them another great fitting pair of shoes, so they can continue their journey into toddlerhood.

Soft Sole Baby Shoes

When your little boy starts to strut his stuff, it’s time to start the search for a pair of soft sole baby shoes for boys to help your little guy get the best start on his newest adventure! There is a wide variety of styles and features to choose from on the market, so it helps to have a little research to point you in the right direction. Here are a few suggestions of shoes your first walker will love as much as you will!

Baby Deer Conner Saddle Shoe

What could be more precious than an adorable saddle shoe, except perhaps the wobbly steps of the little one wearing them? Saddle shoes never go out of style, and Designer’s Touch makes a beautiful “Conner” version of this classic for those needing soft sole baby shoes. It features the well-known design with your choice black or cornflower blue accents in a creamy leather upper. They pair this with a soft, rounded sole and insole to keep the baby comfortable as they get to know the world from their lofty new vantage point. These shoes are stylish and are made for durability and safety.

For the fashion-forward tot, UGG has a line of upscale soft sole baby shoes perfect for dressing up a special occasion outfit. We love the “Zach” style from their Kids collection. Designed to reflect the style of a classic moccasin loafer, this two-toned, brown and blue suede style has white shoelaces and stitch detailing, as well as a secure Velcro enclosure. They’ve even added silicone detailing to their soft suede outsole in order to lend a little more traction to the first footsteps of your brand new toddler.

Are you looking for something cooler? While sandals are a great way to keep baby boy cool on hot days, you’ll still want a shoe with the safety features he’ll need when getting around in the outdoors. Fortunately, there are many soft sole baby shoes in sandal designs on the market. They offer the casual, cool look and feel you want, with enough traction to keep him moving. UGG Kids also offers a great, casual “Garie” sandal as part of its Kids line. This shoe is made of soft, flexible suede with traction soles, yet still incorporates closed-toe design and an stay-put closure to make sure those feet stay protected.

Puma Drift Cat

For something sportier, Puma Kids features a design of soft sole baby shoes for girls and boys, the “Drift Cat.” For boys, the “LW 4” is a great looking and stable design for your littlest sneaker enthusiast. This shoe, though marketed as a crib shoe, offers breathable leather uppers in a slick motor-sports inspired motif, with a wide-opening Velcro closure and textured leather soles for traction while perfecting his moves. This shoe features a synthetic, smooth textile lining to keep feet from overheating while practicing new those skills. Before you know it, your child will be running and jumping, but before then, these Puma shoes are a great introduction to sport shoes for your little athlete.

8 Top Rated Baby water shoes

Babies love water, it is only reasonable to ensure that they have water shoes for use. When buying these shoes, you need to consider both comfort and performance. Water shoes need particular features that make them ideal for summer wear and in wet conditions. Among the best baby water shoes are:

Arielle Water Shoe by OshKosh

This is a toddler shoe fit for use by infants. Its sole is made of polyurethane and the top body made in a breathable design. The shoe is ideal for girls and has an open and close strap for easy fitting and removal. It is decorated for added beauty and the inner body lined with nylon.

Daylin water shoe by Champion

This baby water shoe has a body made of polyester material. The top cover has a mesh that makes the shoe breathable. The top cover material is also water resistant. The sole of the shoe is 70% polyester and 8% Thermoplastic rubber making it soft and flexible. This shoe is stylish and has the hook and loop type of finishing for securing the shoe in place.

KEEN Kids’ Newport H2 Water Shoe

These are appealing wear for toddlers over the summer period. Their quick drying abilities make them ideal as water shoes. These shoes have a cord lace that is elastic and has Velcro straps. The sole is made of durable rubber and the body is made of polyester straps. The sole is designed to offer a secure foot grip on watery grounds. They come in various color themes.

Spirit by Dawgs

These are lovable baby water shoes for boys. They are made of rubber sole as well as EVA body and insole. This shoe is light in weight and has a thick cushioning for comfort and sock absorption.

This shoe is easy to clean and dry. It has holes on the body that allows for breathing of the feet. The sole is designed to offer secure grip even on wet floors.

Skidders Skidproof Water Shoes

These are petite baby water shoes for girls. The sole is made of thermoplastic rubber and the upper body is made of man-made materials. The insole of the shoe is cushioned making it comfortable. The upper section of the body has an elastic strap for securing the shoe in place. It has an appealing finish look.

Surfwalker water shoe by Speedo

This shoe is made of a durable thermoplastic rubber and an ethylene vinyl acetate insole. The insole is cushioned for comfort and the inner body lined. The top body has an elastic strap for pull looping to secure the shoe to the foot. It has a mesh cover at the top section of the body to allow for breathing.

Hybrid Goggles by Speedo

Speedo Hybrid has special features making them pass as hybrids between water shoes and sandals. They have a durable thermoplastic rubber sole and an ethylene vinyl acetate insole. The body section of these baby water shoes body is made of textile fabric and has vents. This allows for quick drying of the shoe. The insole of the pair is removable and the shoe when work is secured in place by a hook and loop strap.

Clog by Crocs Chameleon

Clogs are amazing baby water shoes that the kids will love. They come in a variety of colors. They have a translucent body, which changes color when exposed to the suns light. This makes the pair a kid’s favorite. They are light in weight and have a broad toe region making them ideal for those with broad toes. They are breathable, easy to clean, and easy to dry.


Classic Baby Shoes For Girls – The Mary Jane

If you have a little girl, you know the fun of dressing her up in an array of cute outfits – ruffly dresses, lacy bows, fluffy ballerina skirts – and all those beautiful baby shoes for girls! Nothing is more fun than choosing an adorable pair of shoes to go with a precious outfit. One of our favorite styles? The Mary Jane! Few shoes conjure up memories of childhood so completely as the Mary Jane. Whether in classic black or in any pretty color, these shoes are a staple of fashion for the newly toddling. Nearly every company dealing in children’s footwear has some version of Mary Jane style shoe. Here are three companies who make it shine while taking care of your baby’s precious feet from heels to wiggly toes.

Robeez Pandora Mary Jane-K

Robeez, a leader in footwear designed for pre-walkers and first walkers, was founded by a mom who wanted to make great fitting, safe baby shoes for girls and boys. They feature an adorable version of the Mary Jane style called the “Pandora.” It’s available in brown and pink, and features a soft sole, flexible design, and a stay-put strap to help keep them securely on your little girl’s feet. Robeez shoes are a great value and a great product, and these shoes are no exception.

Momo Flower Power Mary Jane

Momo Baby, who feature many soft soled baby shoes for girls and boys, has an assortment of Mary Jane style shoes for your increasingly mobile baby. Their line of shoes for early walkers and toddlers is designed with a focus on natural, safe products, crafted with care – in some cases from vegan and organic materials. They are well known for offering comfortable, safe footwear that doesn’t fall short on style. Their “Flower Power” style is sure to please. Crafted of soft suede and leather, this shoe comes in several lively versions with sweet color combinations, adorned with flowers and lacy leather detail work that your little girl will love to show off.

Pediped Natasha Mary Jane

If you’re looking for a classic, patent leather Mary Jane just like you remember from childhood, Pediped has a gorgeous version that aims to please. Featured as part of their “Originals” line of first walker baby shoes for girls, their “Natasha” style features a beautiful (and flexible) black patent leather finish, accented with a Velcro Mary Jane strap (great for putting them on and keeping them on!) sweet bow details, and non-skid soft leather soles for added traction. The Natasha is one of the few shoes that feature decent arch support. These shoes are designed with safety and fashion in mind, and have the American Podiatric Medical Association’s seal of approval for promoting healthy development of the foot.

With so many options for a functional, stylish Mary Jane shoe for your little girl, you are certain to find one that works for any foot, and any outfit. Your little girl will love showing off in her “big girl” shoes, and you’ll feel confident knowing she is wearing a great pair of shoes while she’s on the move.

Coolest Baby Shoes for Boys

Whether you’re visiting with family or going to a special event, there’s nothing cuter than a cool pair of baby shoes for boys. It’s fun to see some of the classic styles reborn as footwear perfect for your first walker or your older toddler. Here are some classic picks for your little one:

Converse All Stars Chuck Taylor Hi

No matter what age you are, you can’t go wrong with the classic Converse All Stars. With jeans or overalls, or even as a fun accessory to a more dressed up look, All Stars are making a big comeback in fashion. Fortunately, even the youngest member of your family can look cool in a pair of these great canvas kicks. The classic “Chuck Taylor” has been miniaturized and tailored for the needs of your little one. Featuring a soft sole and the classic high-top look that made this shoe a cultural icon, the “First Star” by Converse gets a lot of attention! Better yet, this shoe is flexible and safe, and because it is made of canvas, it’s very breathable. Baby boy will be stylish and comfortable out on the town.

Another iconic shoe that has found its way to the baby aisle is the classic slip-on shoe by Van’s. The original skater shoe is a casual favorite, easy to wear and hard to miss! Your little man may not be ready for the half pipe just yet, but his feet will certainly look the part in these park-inspired baby shoes for boys. Available in a seemingly endless array of colors and patterns – including the classic “checkered” Vans – these shoes are made of durable canvas. Better yet, they’re breathable and comfortable, so your baby can take his first steps in safety and style.

Many of us grew up with fond memories of getting our first pair of Toms, and now your little one can enjoy them too! Toms has introduced a collection of their “Classic” baby shoes for boys and girls. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, their original canvas deck shoe is a great choice to complete any look for your baby boy. They even feature the classic Velcro pull-over, so getting them on your little one’s feet is a breeze.

If the weather outside is frightful, you can still take your little man out with a pair of waterproof baby shoes for boys. Gumboots are a favorite, perfect for splashing in puddles and exploring on a wet day. They’re even a great, safe alternative to flip flops or sandals for cooler days playing at the beach! Aigle Kids has you covered with their “Baby Flak” waterproof baby boots, made for fun when you’re not in the sun. Lined with comfortable, removable cotton insoles and natural rubber exterior and soles, these boots are the perfect solution for outside play on a rainy day.

With so many great looks to choose from, it’s easy to find a pair of cool baby shoes for boys who want to keep in style

Best Wide Baby Shoes

Babies have adorable feet, which usually differ in width. You need to study the feet of your baby to buy them the appropriate shoes. Babies with wide feet do not have plenty of shoe designs in the market when compared to those with normal feet. Here is a sample of the best wide baby shoe designs.

See Kai Run Shoes

See Kai Run shoes are quality wide baby shoes for boys. They come in an attractive and colorful appearance and have appealing noticeable stitches to add to their appeal. These shoes are made of soft leather and have a thick lining for comfort. Their toe box is wider to accommodate wide feet. The shoes are flexible and have Velcro straps for securing the shoe. The rubber sole is flexible and is designed to offer traction.

Matilda by See Kai Run

This is yet another appealing comfortable shoe design by See Kai Run. This shoe is designed for girls giving them comfort from the wide toe box and comfortable cushioning in the shoe. These wide baby shoes are made using leather for the body and rubber for a flexible outer sole. The round front of the foot prevents the baby from falls when making steps. This shoe is generally appealing for the girls.

SRT SM Sanya by Stride Rite

Babies that have wide feet have a cleverly designed shoe for their use. The toe box of the SRT SM Sanya is wide providing ample space for the feet. It is made of a suede body and rubber sole. The front of the shoe is rounded to protect the young one from falls. The shoe has inner padding for added comfort. The body comes in patterns and beautiful butterfly motifs adding to its beauty.

SRT Ross by Stride Rite

These are classy wide baby shoes for the boys. This shoe is made of black leather and can give your boy the most official or casual look you will want. The SRT Ross also provides plenty of comfort for the feet. The inner lining is cushioned and the insole is well padded for added comfort. Its sole is made of flexible rubber offering bendable features for the baby. It has a single Velcro strap to secure the shoe when worn. This shoe has a simple yet appealing look.

Baby girl’s Pink Canvas Shoe by Joe Boxer

These wide baby shoes have a classy look and are ideal for wide feet baby girls. The shoe has a wide toe box and is made of comfortable inner lining. The sole is made of PU that has been designed to offer traction. The side of the sole has a pink stripe for an appealing finish. The body is made of canvas material and the insole is padded for added comfort. The shoe has a Velcro strap to secure the foot while in use.

Baby Sneaker Cruiser – White by Athletech

These are attractive sneakers for the baby that matches any outfit color. These sneakers are made of soft leather and have a stylish sporty design. They have 2 Velcro straps to secure the shoe. The wide toe box region is perforated to allow for the shoes breathability. The inner walls of the shoe are cushioned for extra comfort. These are the best wide baby shoes for babies.

White baby shoes

White baby shoes are amazing for use at all times. White color brings in elegance and gives the best look for babies. These shoes are advantageous for the babies since they go along well with different colored outfits. White shoes are available for both boys and girls in different designs. The best designs include:

Baby Bud White Patent by Stuart Weitzman

These are adorable white baby shoes for girls. They are made of white soft leather and a white quilted sole. These shoes match well with all sorts of colored dresses for girls. They have an elastic strap to secure the shoe in place. The flower bud only adds to the shoes beauty while the inner lining and the padded insole adds to its comfort.

SRT Tulip by Stride Rite

These are ideal white baby shoes for girls. They have a rounded front and have a body of white leather straps. The sole is made of leather and its innersole is cushioned for comfort. This shoe allows for tons of breathability. For easy wearing and removal, it has a hook and loop-closing strap.

SRT SM Freddie by Stride Rite

This is the ideal boy shoe made in white color. It has a white leather body and a rubber sole. The body has laces for securing the shoe and a cushioned inner section for comfort. The rounded sole prevents the young baby from stumbles and adds to the shoe’s unique style.

Calie by Umi

These classic Mary Jane white baby shoes are comfortable and designed to give a captivating look. These shoes are built to help the young one make their first steps in comfort. They also protect babies from easy stumbling. They are made of soft leather and rubber for the sole.

Champion Leather Toe Cap by Keds

This is a perfect comfortable shoe for girls. It is designed to offer a good look with every type of clothing. The body is made of soft leather and the inner section of the shoe is made with cotton lining. The sole is made of rubber and has been designed to offer traction. The body has laces to secure the shoe on the foot.

Milk Junkie Shoes by Silly Souls

These are special made white baby shoes made of athletic leather. The milk junkies have a soft inner lining and a cushion insole. The extra padding is comfortable for the feet. For added beauty, the shoe has a collar Velcro strap and stitch pattern to add the shoes appeal.

Josmo 8192

These are white baby shoes made of soft leather. The body has punctured small holes that make the shoes breathable. The shoes have a round toe design and laces up for a secure fit. The only brown section of the shoe is the rubber sole. The bootie design offers ample foot support.

Precious White Leather Dress

Shoes with Satin Ribbon Ties by Angel Baby Shoes

This is a bootie design shoe made of leather for the baby. It is made of soft white leather and has a soft lining. To add to its beauty, it has ribbon ties for laces. Both boys and girls can use these shoes.

Boys White Leather Dress Oxfords Shoes by L’Amour

These shoes are comfortable and attractive. They are made of soft leather and have extra padding for comfort. The sole is made of rubber and neat stitches attaching the leather to the sole are evident, giving the shoes an appealing finish.

Top 10 Desirable Baby blue shoes

There are a variety of blue shoes in the market for babies. Blue shoes are not necessarily for boys since there are amazing baby blue shoes for both boys and girls. You need to be selective when choosing a pair of blue shoes. All blue shoes captured here are amazing pairs that are baby feet friendly. These include:

Toddler Tennis Shoe by Obaibi

Toddler tennis shoes are an amazing pair of casual baby shoe. This shoe offers both support and flexibility to the young one. The shoe is made of textile fabric all round making it flexible and a perfect fit for toddlers. The shoe has an inner lining that offers added comfort. The hook and loop straps on the body of the shoe add to the shoe’s style.

Blue Espadrille booties by Jasper Conran

These are amazing blue textile fabric booties for the young ones. They have an appealing navy blue trimming to add beauty to the shoe. With a tape strap at the top, they are adjustable to fit different feet widths. It has an elastic on the upper body and a soft inner lining for added comfort.

Jordan 1st Crib by Jordans

These are amazing sporty girl shoes for toddlers. It is made of soft leather with careful stitches to make the shoe comfortable and appealing. The inner section of the shoe has added lining and padding at the inner sole section of the shoe for baby’s added comfort.

Converse First Star by All Star

The First Star is made from both canvas and leather. The upper body is made of flexible canvas while a white leather strip covers the strip between the body and the sole. The sole is made of quilted canvas and the body has laces. The shoe has an inner lining and extra padding on the inner sole.

Nike Kobe VIII

The Nike Kobe is yet another amazing sporty shoe for the toddlers. This shoe is light in weight, made of breathable material, has bright color schemes, has comfortable lining, and has extra padding on the insole. This shoe offers both comfort and stability. It is ideal for the walking baby. The upper body is made of mesh fabric and the outer sole of rubber.

Adidas Originals Samoa

This shoe has an amazing look with leather body material that has stripes for a colorful look. The sole is made of rubber and the midsole of EVA. This shoe offers added comfort through the thick cushioning in the shoe. Both the insole and the heel support section are well padded for extra comfort.

Nike Free 5.0 by Nike

These are ideal toddler girl’s shoes in blue color. They are light in weight and made of breathable material. The shoe offers added support to the feet and the outer sole provides traction. The body of the shoe has mesh to allow breathing of the feet.

Slip-On Pram Shoes by Marks and Spencer

A baby needs cozy shoes for the feet. The Slip-on pram shoes are perfect baby blue shoes that will keep the feet warm. They are made of soft textile fabric and the inner walls lined with spot trim fluffy fabric.

Round Toe Slip-On Dog Pram Shoes

These shoes are designed to offer the young one comfort. They are made of textile material and have a soft lining. They have elastic at the foot hole section for adjustable fitting.

Inch blue

Inch blue has a wide range of blue baby shoes for the toddler. This product line consists of handmade soft leather shoes for the young ones. The wide range of blue shoes for the baby includes Buzzy blue, Barney Blue, Panda blue, Squeak blue, Leo blue, Polka dot Turquoise, and Car Turquoise/ chocolate. These comfortable shoes are made of soft leather and suede.

Best Baby Ballet Slippers

Baby ballet slippers are cute shoes that give all baby girls an appealing look. These shoes look good when worn along with stockings and a cute dress. They are a pair able to make a princess out of any baby girl. For the best look, moms do well to match the shoe color along with that of the dress. Appealing ballet slippers for little girls include:

Baby ballet slippers (Angelic white) by Cheeky Little Soles

These are ideal shoes for the little baby that wants to dress up. They are beautiful, comfortable, and readily available in the market. This pair of shoes comes in an angelic white color. They match different outfits of different color thus making them the best fit for little girls. The angelic white slippers are made of soft leather that is comfortable for the little feet. They have a flexible sole that allows ease of use by the young ones. The shoe design allows for easy fitting and removal.

Baby ballet slippers by Pitter Patter

Pitter Patter slippers are ideal shoe pairs for babies as they learn to walk. The shoes upper cover is made of soft leather that fits the feet well. It has elastic at the top that allows for a proper fit. The insole of the shoe is lined with padding and leather for added comfort. They are stable shoes that imitate the feel of bare feet. The pitter-patter slippers help the baby’s feet to develop. It allows breathing in the feet area as well as flexing of the feet muscles. They are recommended for use among crawling and walking babies.

Gold metallic ballet slipper by Dance Class

The gold metallic ballet slipper is a unique soft shoe design for little ones. This dance shoe allows your baby girl to float on the dance floor. The upper body is made of light and soft leather. This adds to the comfort of the feet. The insole consists of a cushioned footbed and the sole is made of leather. All these features add to the lightweight of the shoe and comfort. This shoe has an elastic strap to secure the shoe on the foot.

Lime floral Studded Ballet slipper by Empress Arts

These are comfortable uniquely designed ballet design shoes especially for the little ones. They come in lime color. The shoe body is made of 100% polyester material. The body is also designed using floral gems to add to the shoes beauty. The soles are made of leather and the insoles cushioned for added comfort. This shoe is light and thus ideal for use by little girls. They are easy to slip on to give the feet an appealing finish marked with cute shinny stones for decoration.

White Lil Tay Ballet Slipper by One Ruby Lane

All little girls learning to walk can have an amazing pair of shoes.

These baby ballet slippers are made of soft leather and added sequins for beauty. An elastic strap is present in each shoe pair to hold it to the foot. The sole of the shoe is made of soft leather designed to mimic the feel of feet walking on ground.

6 Top Rated Hard Bottom Baby Shoes

Hard bottom baby shoes are not simple to find in the market. Many baby shoe brands consist of flexible rubber soles. The soft-soled shoes were good when the baby was small but now it is time for the baby to make real hard steps into the world. Here is your guide to hard bottom baby shoes.

Girl White Sneaker with Flower by Little Wonders

These hard bottom baby shoes have a white sporty look and is designed for the girls. This sneaker is made of leather and a rubber sole making the shoe a flexible yet hard soled pair. The shoe has an inner lining and extra padding on the sole. The walls of the shoes body are also padded for extra comfort. The design of this shoe is built to offer support to the foot ankle region. This shoe design is secured by laces and has a flower finishing on the side. The sole of the sneaker is built to offer traction.

Botas Tiny by TOMS

These are hard bottom baby shoes with an appealing look and features. The shoe has a hard rubber sole and a body made of canvas. The inner shoe body is cushioned and covered in cotton lining. The inner sole is also heavily padded to absorb shock. The shoe has no laces and has a collar in the upper body. The Velcro closures at the collar are adjustable and used to secure the shoe.

Baby Boys First Steps Sneaker by Little Wonders

This shoe is a white sneaker that avails the boys a sporty look. This sneaker has a white leather body while the sole is made of rubber. The sole has a secure grip offering traction to the babies. The ankle region of the sneaker is designed to offer support to the feet. The shoe is secured to the foot using laces. The white leather body has perforations on the side to offer breathability. The inner walls of the shoe are lined and the sole padded for comfort.

Champion Crib Shoe by Keds

These are sneaker design hard sole shoes with an attractive laced up top. The body of the shoe is made of soft leather and has a textile lining for comfort. The insole is padded to provide a cushion feel while the outsole is made of rubber and are designed to offer traction. They are easy to care for and come in different colors.

Girl’s Hard-Sole Denim by Koala Kids

This is an attractive girl shoes by Koala Kids. The shoe is made of Denim upper body with lining to offer a soft feel for the feet. The shoe has a white rubber sole with a rounded front. The shoe has a stylish design that is girlish. The insole is padded for comfort and the shoe has a hook and loop strap design for securing the shoe.

Boy’s Hard Sole Lace-Up Shoe by Koala Kids

Koala Kids has this ideal hard bottom baby shoes for boys. It is attractive and can be worn along with anything. This is a lace up shoe made of attractive faux leather along with a canvas body. It has a rubber sole to match the attractive visible stitches on the shoe. The shoe has extra padded walls and insoles for added comfort.

10 Amazing and Comfortable Baby squeaky shoes

As toddlers begin to walk, you need shoes that will help their feet develop as well as get them excited about walking. Squeaky shoes offer them the incentive to make more steps by exciting encouraging sounds. Baby squeaky shoes need to be comfortable and specifically designed for babies’ delicate feet. Top squeaky shoes for toddlers include:

Shoes for girls

Purple Posies by Little Squeaky Shoes

These are stylish lilac squeaky shoes made of pure soft leather. They have a white trimming around the sole and added flowers on the body for added beauty. They are made of a flexible rubber sole and have a padded insole for extra comfort.

Blossum by Little Squeaky Shoes

These are baby pink colored Baby squeaky shoes with flowers for added beauty. They are easy to clean breathable shoes. Their sole is made of rubber and the insole has extra padding for comfort. The shoe has a Velcro strap to secure it to the foot.

Lollipop White by Wee Squeak

This is a white open toe squeaky shoe sandal design for baby girls. Its straps are made of faux leather and the sole made of flexible rubber. The toe and heel straps are adjustable. It has an appealing look and decorated using lollipop and bow motif on the straps.

Clip Mary Jane White by Wee Squeak

This squeaky shoe for baby girls comes in the Maryjane shoe design. Its body is white and made of soft leather. The sole is made of rubber and cushioned insole for added comfort. It allows room for attaching and detaching flowers and bows. You can attach and detach them as you please.

Squeaky Shoes Crystal Flowers

This amazing black soft leather squeaky shoe pair is a delight. It has petite white daisy motifs and crystals for added beauty. The shoe sole is made of rubber and the insole is padded. The inner walls of the leather have a lining for added comfort.

Shoes for boys

Squeaky Shoes Moccha

These are cute shoes for the baby boy. They body is made of brown mocha soft leather and has visible white stitches to enhance the shoes’ appearance. This shoe has a Velcro strap for easy fitting and removal of the shoe.

Pantha by Little Squeaky Shoes

These are stylish black soft leather breathable baby squeaky shoes for boys. The pair has a Velcro strap for easy use of the shoe. It also has white stitches for added beauty to the shoe. It is made of a rubber sole and the insole has added padding for comfort.

Charlie Saddle shoe by Little Green Trike

This pair of baby squeaky shoes is made of soft leather. It has a flexible rubber sole, which is bendable, and extra cushioning on the insole. It is light in weight and the squeakers in the shoes are removable. This shoe has a mix of chocolate brown leather and beige leather on the body giving it a stylish look.

Wee Squeak Suede Shoes

This is an amazing squeaky shoe for little boys. It is made of a rubber sole and a suede body. Its brown color is ideal for the boys. The inner section of the shoe is lined with soft leather and an extra padding on the insole. The squeak in the shoe can be removed and inserted again if needed.

Wee Squeak Tennis Shoe 

Wee Squeak has yet another amazing shoe for the boys. The Tennis shoe is a beautiful navy and white color. It is made of a flexible rubber sole and unique canvas for the body. This

design of baby squeaky shoes have white laces and added white stripes on the body. The visible white stitches only add to the beauty of the shoe.

Infant Walking Shoes

The first time you see your infant walking, shoes instantly go from being a cute accessory to a major necessity! Babies on the move require a little support when they’re navigating in the outside world, to protect them from the elements, help them tackle obstacles, and give them a little grip as they build confidence in their stride. Infant sneakers are a great option for protection and comfort when you and your little one head out for the day. Here are a few to consider when looking for baby’s first set of sneaks!

Stride Rite Kelsey

Stride Rite has been specializing in children’s shoes for nearly 100 years. For first walkers, their Step 2 line of infant walking shoes is perfect, and their “Kelsey” style is sure to be a hit with your little girl! Featuring modern sneaker styling, metallic leather uppers and breathable pink or purple mesh accents, your baby girl will feel like one of the big kids. She’ll be safe as she travels, too. Step 2 products feature wrap-up treading to cover toes and heels, super flexible soles using their Smart Response Technology (SRT), and an easy-on strap to keep the feet on the ground and your little girl’s focus on building confidence in her stride.

Stride Rite Chip

If your little man needs some snappy infant walking shoes to get his feet moving, Stride Rite also offers Step 2 products for boys. The “Chip” Soft Motion SRT shoe has all the same fabulous safety features of the Kelsey, in three trendy versions: royal blue and orange-accented versions with a handsome charcoal leather upper, and a silver leather version with an attractive lemon lime accent.These shoes also feature the easy-on feature, so getting your little boy suited up with his new kicks is a snap. No matter what you’re looking for in an infant walking shoe, you’ll find it with the SRT lineup.

Pediped Grip-N-Go

Once your little one gets the hang of movement on two feet, you’ll want to move them to infant walking shoes more suited to a seasoned, confident walker. Pediped’s Grip ‘n’ Go line of toddler shoes makes a great transition from first walkers to a more stabilizing, grown up shoe. They offer sneakers for boys and girls that have the great safety features you’ve come to expect from this brand.

Pediped Dakota

For the ladies, their “Dakota” sneaker is a favorite, designed to evoke the adorable look of a Mary Jane with the functionality and styling of a sneaker. These come in a variety of colors she’ll love, such as lavender, sky blue, brown (with cute mauve accents), and fuchsia.

Pediped Grip-N-Go Adrian

For the boys, Pediped makes a great style, the “Adrian” infant walking shoes for the confident little man in your life. Styled in beige and chocolate brown with white accents, this shoe is versatile and very safe, employing the same stability features as the other offerings in the Grip ‘n’ Go line. These shoes make a great daily walker, or a perfect solution for outdoor play that requires a little more traction control than navigating inside the house.

Infant Girl Shoes For Special Occasions

Shopping for your young walker can be a challenge, especially when you’re in search of a pair of infant girl shoes for a special event such as a wedding, or reunion. There are quite a few options available for dressy shoes, but how do you know which ones are best for your young walker? We’ve done a little research and come up with some shoes we’re sure you and your baby girl will love. These shoes are full of sparkle, and sure to please!

If you’re looking for a dressy patent leather shoe to go with a special occasion dress (or even just for playing dress up!) Robeez “Gracie” mini flat is a lovely choice. Available in black with shiny yet flexible patent leather, or creamy white matte leather, this shoe features stitching and pinhole detailing around the front, and sweet flower bud detailing in the insole. Your little girl is sure to love this versatile dress shoe. Even better, Robeez are known for offering safe, long-lasting products that meet the needs for your infant walker.

For something with some subtle glitz, See Kai Run’s line of infant girl shoes is a great pick for a safe, reliable shoe that your little princess will fall in love with! Their “Chao Qun” Mary Jane is a big hit, and will bring a perfect polish to a holiday dress, a first birthday outfit, or anything that calls for a little extra pizazz. Available in a metallic silver or metallic gold finish, these shoes feature a soft suede sole, perfect for a first walker who is gaining confidence in their stride. These are made of breathable leather and have a hook-and-loop Velcro strap, meaning these shoes are easy to put on and off. They’re so adorable, they’re sure to stay on all day, as your little one will love showing them off!

Pediped Grip-N-Go Betty

If you’re looking for infant girl shoes for your more confident walker, Pediped’s Grip ‘n’ Go line of footwear is a great place to start. For something a little dressy, check out their “Betty” style. This shoe starts with the great construction and safety Pediped is known for, and completes the look with a shimmery silver metallic leather upper, a pretty bow at the front, and a sweet eyelet lace design that will go nicely with any number of dressier outfits. It’s a great choice if you want a safe shoe that can be used on many different occasions.

For something truly eye catching, Stuart Weitzman Layette’s “Baby Bling” line of infant girl shoes is sure to please. These shoes are safe, with a flexible rubber sole and a stay-put strap. They’re also adorable! Featuring shiny sequin material and a fluffy bow detail at the ankle strap, these shoes are perfect for a fancy dress party, a holiday gathering, or even something extra-special for the flower girl in your wedding party. These glitzy shoes come in classic black, a sweet pink, and a bright candy apple red, so there are plenty of options to match any outfit for any outing.

Infant Boy Shoes For Your Early Walker

If you are the parent of an infant toddler, you know that traction is everything. Early walkers are often a little less steady on their feet than their cruising counterparts. For this reason, you need to be extra careful in selecting a great pair of shoes with the proper flexibility and traction. Trying to find your infant boy shoes to keep him safe doesn’t have to be stressful, though! Here are some selections for the best shoes for your early walker.

The most important thing in new footwear is to find your infant boy shoes he will enjoy wearing. Getting the proper fit makes it much more likely your little man will spend his time practicing his new skills instead of trying to pry his new kicks from his feet. Skidders are a great transitional shoe for early walkers who may not be ready for a traditional shoe, and who are spending most of their time navigating in an indoor environment. Somewhere between a sock and a shoe, these bootie-style treads have soft knit uppers accented with modified soles that curve up and around the foot and toes. These give your little walker the protection he needs when getting around on his own two feet.

Umi Scuttles Pre-Walker

For new walkers still little shaky on their feet, you’ll want to get your infant boy shoes that make his stride a little steadier as he learns and gains confidence. The Umi “Scuttles Pre-Walker” shoe is designed with the needs of very early walkers at its core. These shoes wrap at both the toe and the heel to avoid stubs and other injuries as your mobile baby learns to take on the world one step at a time. They are comfortable enough for little ones who are just starting their adventure in walking. These are available in a variety of colors, and come with a Velcro closure and heel tab to make putting them on as easy as walking in them.

Stride Rite Skip

Stride Rite has also designed a line of infant boy shoes for those early toddlers who need to perfect their stride while protecting their feet. Realizing that the earliest walkers have different requirements from their later-toddling peers, the “SRT SM Skip” features design that closely mimics the experience of walking barefoot. This gives your boy the traction he needs to gain skill while moving upright. This shoe is great for indoor and outdoor use, and is breathable and comfortable enough for even the earliest walker.

Now that you have some options for infant boy shoes designed with the needs of your early walker in mind, you can confidently choose the pair that works best for your little one. Finding a great pair of shoes is the best way to introduce him to the sensation of wearing something on his feet as he navigates. He will be thrilled with his “big boy shoes,” and you will be thrilled to know he’ll be practicing his newfound talents in safety and style.

Best toddler shoes

Best toddler shoes may seam easy to buy, but for those who have tried this, that has not been the case. Selecting quality shoes is important for the young one. A purchase of the wrong shoe type may inhibit their feet from developing well thus leading to complications. Purchasing the best toddler shoes is not about the cost of the shoe but about comfort and support. A list of these shoes includes:


Rileyroos shoes have style and are designed with great functionality features. They are girls shoes built with a curled front made to protect the toes as well as make tripping less likely. The shoes are leather made and have a soft inner lining. The insole is padded for comfort and the outer sole designed with traction for a grip.

Stride Rite SRT Shoes

These best toddler shoes offer comfort, style, and safety. They are made of flexible rubber sole and a soft leather body. The inner body is lined and cushioned for comfort and the sole is bendable to take the angle of baby’s footsteps. The front sole is rounder to take the shape of the baby’s foot and to minimize falls.

Umi Infant pre-walker shoe

This is a European designed best toddler shoes for the young. It is ideal for the kids in a rush to walk yet still have a measure of clumsiness in their steps. This shoe is made of soft leather and a measure of rubber sole. The leather also extends to the sole of the shoe. The rubber section is designed to offer traction. The ankle body region has elastic to help secure the shoe.


These are booties made from soft leather body and suede soles. The inner section of the shoe is lined with comfortable fabric. The shoe is light and the best in use for baby’s first steps as they are able to get sufficient grip on the floor. The shoe has an elastic designed ankle to secure it in place. You can select your loved color from the wide color range.


These best toddler shoes are of superior quality and easy to wear, they are leather made using soft leather on body and sole. The shoe has a Velcro strap to secure the shoe on the foot. They inner sole are padded for comfort. In addition to comfort, the shoes are stylish.

See Kai Rum Smaller

This is another ideal toddler shoe for the boys. It offers both comfort and style to the boy. It is made of leather and has a thick padding on the insole. The outsole is made of soft rubber that has anti-slip effect. This shoe is stylish in design.

Pediped originals

These are simple yet stylish toddler shoes. They are made of leather sole designed to offer traction. The body of the shoe is part leather and part mesh fabric thus offering breathing for the foot. The insoles are cushioned and the top body has a Velcro strap making them easy to wear and remove.

Best Toddler Rain Boots for the Wet Season

Spring is a wet season since the snow is melting. It also means plenty of rain in other regions. It is important to keep the toddlers feet away from the cold water, which may be the cause of respiratory illnesses caused by cold conditions. With the best toddler rain boots, you can let your toddler play outside in puddles without fear. You can also take walks through wet park grounds.

Bogs Baby Boots

These beautiful toddler rain boots have the look of snow boots as well as rain boots. They are waterproof and designed to keep the feet warm through the Neo – Tech insulation technology. The lining of the boots is designed to keep the feet warm yet prevent them from sweating. They are the perfect foot boots for use in regions that have mild snow and rain weather. They can be machine-washed and have pull up handles that makes them easy to wear.

Crocs Handle It Rain Boots 

These are the perfect toddler rain boots for the toddler with wide feet and who have difficulty finding a suitable pair of boots that fit well. These toddler rain boots are light in weight and are made of Croslite material. They can be worn with or without socks while giving the feet comfort. These boots are also antimicrobial making them safe for the toddler’s feet at all times.

Capelli New York Zebra Ankle Rain Boots 

These are amazing ankle boots for the young ones. The boot is made of rubber and has beautiful zebra prints on the body. The rubber sole is designed to offer traction while the whole boot is waterproof. It is a pull on boot with the ankle opening hemmed using natural fabric. This hem serves for comfort and style.

Capelli New York Black Leopard Rain Boot

The Black leopard rain boots are an amazing pair designed for toddlers. They are designed to keep the feet dry with the lower rubber body while the upper is fabric designed and padded to offer comfort to the feet. These boots are waterproof and light in weight.

Purple Pony Rain Boots by Firefox

These toddler rain boots are made of a rubber body and a firm sole. The boots are waterproof and designed to offer dry conditions to the feet. The inner of the boot has  thin fabric to keep the feet dry while preventing sweating. The sole is designed to offer traction and provide a waterproof environment. They have appealing prints and handles for easy wear.

Desert Horses Rain Boots  

These toddler rain boots are made of rubber and are 100% waterproof. This keeps the boots interior dry and warm. The inner lining is made of cotton for extra comfort. This boot is light and the sole is designed to offer traction.

Sorel Rain Boots 

These are unique boots designed to keep the feet warm over the cold weather. They have thick fleece lining inside the boot while the outer section of the boot is made of rubber. These boots are a special pair designed to give added comfort to the toddler. The soles are non-slip offering good grounding even under wet conditions. While it may have leaking lapses if exposed to the rain for long periods, it offers added comfort especially in winter weathers.

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