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So you’ve got your Yeezy. Congrats. In today’s article, we’re going to be talking about some of the best socks to wear with Yeezys.

Socks can make or break an outfit and so they’re definitely worth paying attention to.

The problem with the sock game is we grab a pack of six and we think we’re good.

But in the back of your mind, you know these are going to look awful after a couple of washes.

There are always a few new brands that come out every year, but I’m confident that you’ll find something perfect for you in this list.

Let’s dive right into it…


Best Socks to Wear With Yeezys

Yeezys are really expensive and so it doesn’t make sense to have an expensive sneaker and not have a high-quality pair of socks to go with it.

Top Pick: Bombas



If you’re unfamiliar with Bombas, they make high-quality socks and everyday essentials.

Why Bombas? Why not just buy the regular Gold Toe socks?

The Gold Toe socks that you buy at Macy’s or Nordstrom do feel good for the first couple of wears, but after that, they significantly drop off.

A lot of socks can give you that good comfortable feeling right out of the box, but do they repeat that after they’ve been washed?

Are they all pilling? Do they keep their shape? Do they keep their color?

When you put Bombas on for the first time, they are some of the most comfortable socks you’ve ever put on.

Plus, they’re going to hold up really well and are going to be on that top drawer of your dresser for over a year.

A great place to start with Bombas is their multi-color pack. It’s got navy black, white, and then a very light gray.


Comfort & Sizing

One of the key parts about comfort with a sock is how breathable they are. Bombas are totally cool and breezy when you’re wearing them.

Sometimes, if a sock is too thin and it stretches as you put it on, you can see your skin underneath it and it just looks cheap, but Bombas are thin without losing their color.

Overall, if you want something that’s more fitted, Bombas sells socks in specific sizes, which allows for a greater overall fit.


  • Excellent quality
  • Very comfortable and seamless
  • Very durable
  • Won’t pull off even if you take off your jeans


  • Expensive

If you skip just one of those purchases for a year and you just invest it in a pair of nice Bombas socks, I’m telling you it’s going to make your experience wearing shoes and your whole style experience better.

In hot weather, your feet are going to start sweating, you might even get blisters, you might get some odor, and you can combat all of that by not wearing the same shoes two days in a row or using shoe trees or foot powder.

But a great solution is to just wear no-show socks, especially good no-show socks that don’t slip off of your feet throughout the day.

Where to buy (not affiliate)

Best No-show Socks for Yeezys

As the famous rhyme goes, if you can’t see the sock and the shoe’s cut low, then you’re pretty much good to go.

No-show socks are a game-changer for men who want that stylish sockless look without stinking up their feet and their shoes.

Also known as invisible socks or loafer liners, these summer staples aren’t much of a secret anymore.

No-show socks let your ankles breathe and you get that whole carefree sockless look without actually having to go barefoot.

Good no-shows…

  • Are available in small and large sizes.
  • Stay on your foot throughout the day.
  • Hold up through a lot of wears and laundry cycles.

Unlike with loafers and boat shoes, I like no-shows with a little bit of extra padding for my sneakers.

Also, sneaker socks don’t have to be ultra-low cut like a loafer sock because sneakers tend to have a higher collar than loafers or driving shoes.

If you have some loafers and wonder whether or not you should wear socks with loafers, make sure you check the article. 

These are three brands I really like…

Smartwool Sneaker Cushion



Some of my favorite socks in general like boot socks and hiking socks are from Smartwool.

I’ve always loved how this brand offers different levels of padding in their crew and over-the-calf socks, and they do the same thing with their no-shows.

This Sneaker Cushion no-show is cut a little bit higher, but they’re still going to be invisible in most Yeezys.

They have extra padding around the heel and the ball of your foot.

They come in three different sizes and colors and they just have a high-quality feel that you would expect from a brand like Smartwool.

Quick note, Smartwool does make a regular no-show sock that’s thinner and lower cut. I like those too, but I feel like the cushion version is better for Yeezys, Vans, and other sneakers.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best no-show socks to wear with Yeezys, look no further.



  • Comfortably padded
  • Come in 3 sizes
  • Great quality
  • Stay in place


  • Might be invisible with very low-profile sneakers
Where to buy (not affiliate)
Smart Wool

But, if you’re looking for something a bit more wallet-friendly, Ninja Socks and CelerSport are some of my top affordable picks for no-show socks in general…


Affordable Quality Pick: Ninja Sox


Available in four sizes, Ninja socks will run you just $5 or $6 per pair depending on how many you buy. They are available in a cotton poly spandex blend or merino wool as well.

They have all the hallmarks of more expensive socks like silicone heel grips, a compression band for arch support, and padded terry soles for moisture absorption.

These are a bit thicker, which isn’t a bad thing at all unless your shoes are already very snug or it’s really hot weather.

In fact, a thicker no-show sock can be very comfortable, especially if you have some extra room between your foot and your shoe.


  • Affordable & comfortable
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Good quality & materials 
  • Compression band for arch support
  • Moisture absorption


  • Silicone grip is a bit disappointing 
Where to buy (not affiliate)
Ninja Sox


Cheapest Pick: CelerSport


These Athletic Cushioned Low Cut by CelerSport are really good ankle socks with decent quality, nice cushioning, a great design, and durability.

These have the ankle tab to keep the socks from sliding down into your shoe when you’re wearing them, which is a lot of people’s number one requirement.

They come in various sizes (printed on the inside), which is absolutely necessary because a one-size-fits-all sock is just stupid and shouldn’t exist.

These are made to be breathable. They’re thinner on the top but also made to offer the cushion and support you need through the heel and down to the toe.


  • Comfortable & breathable
  • Fit is great
  • Ankle band is not too tight
  • handle the wear and tear of daily use


  • Might shrink after washing

When it comes to what kind of shoes regular no-show socks work with, they’re great with low-top sneakers, dress shoes, loafers like driving mocs or penny loafers, espadrilles, and boat shoes.

Always remember that loafers are pretty much the main reason why no-show socks exist in the first place.

Overall, a great no-show sock should be comfortable, breathable, fit well, hug your feet, stay put, and not feel restricting.

Other socks to consider include…

  • Fruit of the Loom Dual Defense Low-cut Socks
  •  Yeezy Calabasas
  • Adidas Trefoil Crew Socks
  • Sparkling Performance Athletic Compression Ankle Socks
  • WANDER Athletic Running Low-cut Socks
  • Reebok Low-cut No Show Socks
  • Heatuff Athletic Ankle Socks
  • Rainbow Flower Athletic Running Low-cut Sports Socks
  • Adidas Superlite No Show Socks
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Newt, let’s talk about the different types of socks…


Types of Socks

Crew Socks


Probably the number one sock that people have in the world are crew socks.

Crew socks are my daily go-to when it comes to Yeezys. I’m in these pretty much all the time and they’re the most versatile sock in my opinion.

These are what you want to rock with like your Mitchell and net shorts or any time that you’re tucking in your pants into the socks.

For hiking and sports, I would choose a bit of a thicker crew sock. For the winter, you could even go for a wool crew sock, and for the summer and daily casual wear, I just go for a regular cotton sock.

Athletic crew socks are going to be more expensive, but they do come with technology.

These are the socks that are more geared towards specific sports and whatnot.

They have reinforcements in certain areas like being thinner in the arch area and more reinforced in the toes. Plus, there’s grooves everywhere.

I’m not saying you can’t rock these for your everyday casual purposes, but since they are pricier, you want to be careful with them.


No-show Socks


No-show socks, aka invisible socks, do exactly what their name states. You can’t see them when you’re wearing your shoes.

So, why wear socks at all if you can’t see them anyway?

If you don’t wear socks, the sweat from your feet will go directly into your shoe causing them to smell.

These socks will still give you that sockless look, but they create a barrier between your foot and the shoe and so they’re going to absorb some of that sweat.

These come in different thicknesses, but my advice to you would be to pick these up in a thin material because you’re more than likely going to be wearing them in the summer.

These socks are typically worn with low-profile slim shoes like your loafers, boat shoes, or espadrilles, and they’re also warm with low-profile sneakers, too.

But you’ve got to make sure your no-show socks feature a no-slip rubber guard. This is kind of a silicone gel that’s going to give you the lockdown and security you need on the back of your heel.

Trust me, the last thing you want to deal with is having to keep adjusting your sock all day long.

Also, make sure your no-show socks come in a variety of sizes. If you have particularly large or small feet, this can result in the socks slipping and bunching inside your shoe, which can be super uncomfortable.

No-shows are generally worn with shorts in the summer, but you can wear them with your chinos, trousers, and denim if you like that sockless look.

There are some no-shows by Uniqlo which are really affordable. They have thick and thin ones and a lot of options.

Material-wise, you can’t go wrong with cotton, but you could always go with a cotton spandex blend or tensile if you’re looking for something lighter to go with the warmer weather.

Next up, we’ve got low-profile socks…

Low-profile Socks


Low-profile socks are pretty similar to the no-show socks apart from you can see some sock poking out the top of the shoe.

If you like that no-show sock look, then these are just going to offer you a bit more protection and they’re not going to slip as much.

When playing sports, no-show socks can sometimes slip off your foot and it’s really irritating.

With low-profile socks, I choose a mid-weight or slightly thicker material because you want some cushioning for your foot when you’re playing sport.

Next up are the ankle-length socks…


Ready to make a stylish statement with your Birkenstocks? Don’t forget to check out our related article, ‘Do You Wear Socks with Birkenstocks,’ for all the tips and tricks to rock this trend with confidence!

Ankle Socks


Ankle socks are designed to be visible and provide a protective barrier between the ankle and the side of the shoe, which is why I think they’re fine to wear when you’re working out but never outside of that as it really does look like an eyesore with every possible outfit you might wear.

I think if you wear these with casual fits, it does just look like you’ve turned up in your running socks, but it’s up to you, you can wear what you like. That’s just my opinion.

Like the ankle socks, I choose something with a bit of cushioning so your feet are more comfortable when playing sport.

Overall, I’d recommend going for crew socks or ankle socks when wearing shoes that are going to rub your ankle like athletic shoes, high-top sneakers, or lace-up boots.

This will prevent any unwanted friction and discomfort, which is the last thing you want when you throw on a pair of shoes. 

Mid-length Socks & Long Socks


Mid-length socks go mid-way up your leg, hence the name and long socks go anywhere above your calf.

I wouldn’t generally wear these socks on a daily basis with your Yeezys and sneakers in general, but I would wear them more with smarter looks.

The reason why you want to wear longer socks with smarter looks is because if you’re in a suit for example and you sit down and your trouser leg rides up, you don’t really want to be showing off any of your leg because it can look a bit messy.

These socks do the job of covering up your leg so you don’t have to worry about any poking out.

A general rule of thumb is the thicker the sock, the more casual the look is going to give off.

So, when dressing smart, choose a thinner cotton sock, or if you’re feeling fancy, go for a silk sock. Treat yourself.

Textured Wool Socks


Textured wool socks look really cool in my opinion, especially when a sneaker doesn’t have a lot of personality.

Let me explain…

When you’re looking at a sneaker like the Off-white Prestos, those have a lot of personality. The Prestos will stand out on their own and you won’t need to rock those with wool socks.

I think wool socks are good when you’re trying to compliment more of a plain sneaker like your Air Force One or the all-whites in general.

As far as who makes good ones, Costco and Beam (Japanese brand) are great. The Beams don’t have that thickness of the Costco ones, but you still get regular thickness.

Branded Socks


When it comes to branded socks, I am a big fan of wearing branded sports socks. It can tie the look together really well in my opinion.

So, if I’m wearing Nike somewhere in my outfit, then a pair of Nike socks is just going to tie the outfit together nicely.

I don’t think you can overdo it. You could wear a full-on Nike fit if you want. It’s entirely up to you.

Next, let’s talk about sock colors and patterns…

Sock Colors, Prints & Patterns

Neutral Color Socks

Neutral colors are the easiest to style. What I mean by neutrals are black, white, beige, gray, navy, and all the shades in between. A genral rule is if in doubt, choose a neutral sock.

The reason neutrals are easy to style is because they don’t clash with anything. So, you can wear them with pretty much anything else in your outfit and they’re going to work.

To be honest, the majority of my sock drawer is made up of black cotton socks and white sports socks because they go with pretty much anything.

If you don’t want to draw too much attention to your socks in an outfit, then wear a pair of socks in the same color as your trousers or denim.

You can also match up the color of your socks to the color of your sneakers to give off a bit of a high-top effect because it kind of looks like an extension of your shoe.

When it comes to shorts, the majority of the time, I’m in a pair of white sports socks and a pair of high-top or low-top sneakers.

If I’m not wearing a pair of crew socks with my shorts, it’s probably because I’m wearing a pair of espadrilles or sandals for example.

Let’s move on to the more colorful socks…

Colorful Socks

Colorful socks are great to wear with Yeezys for a change because they can add a playful feel or some more detail to your outfit.

What I like to do with colorful socks is use them to pick up a color that I’m wearing in my outfit.

This could be something small like a bracelet or a cap I’m wearing, or it could be something bigger like a t-shirt or a sweatshirt.

By wearing a pair of socks in the same color as your t-shirt or sweatshirt, for example, it can tie your look nicely together.

You can also wear an outfit that’s made up of different shades of the same color, and then wear a pair of socks in the same color, too.

Or, you could use a pair of socks to break up a neutral or monochromatic fit and bring a different a pop of color to your outfit.

Tie Dye Socks


I bought a pair of tie dye socks and I only wear them around the house when there’s no one seeing me.

For some reason, tie dye socks look corny in my opinion, but if you’re able to pull them off, good for you.

When I look down and I see tie dye socks sitting on top of whatever shoe I’m wearing, it’s going to take too much attention away from the rest of your outfit.

When it comes to prints and patterns on your socks, in my opinion, less is more…

Prints & Patterns

When it comes to prints and patterns on your socks, in my opinion, less is more.

Some simple stripes around the top of a white crew sock can bring a lot to a look without being too over the top.

You can also wear different textured socks to bring some more detail to your outfits like a ribbed sock for example. I think they work really well with smarter looks or a slob knit which works well with casual looks.

Where to Buy Good Quality Socks

My favorite place at the moment for good quality simple affordable socks is Arket. They’ve got a load of different styles and a load of different colors, and each pair that I’ve had from them has been really nice quality.

If you want something even more affordable, then Uniqlo offer a great range of socks. However, I would say that the quality isn’t quite as good as Arket. But the price is better.

When it comes to sports socks, I normally just pick them up from any old sports shop, although Asos has a really decent selection too.

Styling Tips

Outside of the athletics brands, I feel like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, maybe even Nautica, and Lacoste are great brands because you can rock any shoe with those socks.

When it comes to wearing the white crew socks, you got to stylize it a little bit.

Just like jeans, there needs to be some sort of good stacking when it comes to rocking the crew socks with shorts. Go like 20% up to your calf. This isn’t dodgeball.

If I’m wearing a black pair of trousers and a red t-shirt, a red pair of socks is going to tie the outfit together nicely because they’re going to complement my t-shirt.

I’d advise that you pick one color to work with throughout your outfit because the more colors that you add, the more chance there is of them clashing.

If you do want to wear more than one color, then you can use things like a color wheel to see which colors work well together.

I think the only problem with the color wheel is it can sometimes limit you to wearing the colors that it suggests, and sometimes you can find some nice colors that work well together that aren’t suggested by a color wheel.

Shorts are a definite yes and should be worn with no-show socks 99.9% of the time.

However, with long pants like jeans or chinos, you want to make sure that they break either at or just above the ankle.

This can be achieved by buying shorter pants, hemming the cuff, or either rolling or cuffing the bottom of your pants.

When it comes to brands, I’m a little particular about my socks and I’m not going to wear Nike or New Balance socks with my Yeezys.


Wrap Up

I know a lot of you guys just don’t take shopping for a good pair of socks seriously.

I know sneakers are more fun, and shirts are more fun and flashy, but your socks are an essential component of your wardrobe.

I’d say a good percentage of your day is spent wearing them on your feet. So, if you’re going to be wearing socks all day long, they need as well be comfortable, stylish, and durable.

But you really have to Spend the extra $5 or maybe $10 on your socks especially if you’re going to be wearing them as a fashionable item. It’s worth it.

I think this article on the best socks to wear with Yeezys only skimmed the surface when it comes to socks, but I really didn’t want to overcomplicate things.

Thanks for making it to the end of this article and I’ll see you guys in the next one 🙂

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