Best Teva Katavi Sandals – Support and the Freedom to Explore


For the past twenty years, Teva has been one of the front-runners in walking sandals. A Grand Canyon river guide  realized there was a demand for sandals that provided support and the freedom to explore. From his simple ‘strap in and go’ philosophy, Teva has continually reassessed and modified their design to create the best walking sandal for busy people with adventurous spirits like the Teva Katavi Sandals.

1. Teva Katavi Outdoor Sandal

Teva Katavi Outdoor Sandall check today's price


The Teva Katavi Outdoor sandal is great for walking in wet conditions. With its durable rubber sole, these sandals are ideal for moderate terrain where you may come into contact with rocks and unsteady roadways. Many find these sandals ideal for fishing; especially fly fishing where you are dealing with a variety of conditions.

These sandals are lightweight enough to be packed into a hiking pack. They provide a great alternative to hiking boots and are recommended for wearing around the campsite.

The Teva Katavi Sandals are made from suede and mesh, allowing for quick drying no matter the conditions you find yourself in. The EVA topsole has been treated with an antibacterial treatment, so feet stay protected.

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One benefit of wearing an open walking sandal is that the foot has the freedom to breathe, minimizing the risk of tinea, especially in wet to dry terrain. These men’s walking sandals are equipped with three different straps, one across the front of the foot, over the base of the ankle and around the back of the heel. The straps are designed to be pulled to create the best fit for each individual foot.

2. Teva Katavi Slide Sandal

Teva Katavi Slide Sandal check today's price


The Teva Katavi Slide is a perfect outdoor sandal for those who are undergoing a large hiking trip and are looking for a sandal to wear during rest periods.

The heel of this slide is created similar to a walking shoe. Cradling the heel gives the wearer the protection and comfort that is desired after a long day on the feet. These sandals are ideal for those who do not like thongs, the thick strap covers enough foot to firmly keep the foot in place, whilst giving the toes plenty of room to wriggle and breathe.

Constructed from suede, mesh, and rubber, these men’s sandals by Teva are quick drying. They are perfect for walking in water (ideal for wearing in a public shower if you are staying at a campsite during your trek). Unlike many other slides, which have a flat sole, the Teva Katavi slide has a deep tread pattern, similar to many outdoor walking sandals.

Many people who have worn the Katavi slide to complete short treks have commented on the safety felt underfoot. Such a tread design also provides shock absorption, cushioning sensitive ankle and knee joints which most likely will deserve a rest after a long day’s hiking.

3. Teva Katavi Thong Outdoor Sandal

Teva Katavi Thong Outdoor Sandal check today's price


For those who want the freedom of a thong, with the stability and protection of a walking sandal, the Teva Katavi Thong is for you. Featuring a stylish suede and mesh design, these are ideal for wearing during the summer and are a great everyday sandal.

The suede lining of the top of the shoe is soft so there is a minimum chance of rubbing and cutting into sensitive foot skin, even in wet conditions. The nylon arch shank bed and rubber outsole cradle the heel, providing stability and support.

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Unlike the traditional rubber thong, which requires toe and foot pressure to stay on the foot, the Teva Katavi thong’s cradling design keeps the foot in place. These thongs give the wearer to run around without the fear of your thongs flying off in every direction.

Shock absorbing

The EVA midsole provides maximum shock absorption that running after the toddler will no longer create a jarring effect on your knees as is the case with many thongs. The Teva Katavi Sandals absorb all the shock for you, giving you the freedom to have the fun without the fear of foot and knee injuries.

The rubber sole is full of traction, so no matter the environment you find yourself in, this thong will have you covered. These thongs are ideal for busy men who are looking for a sandal that can be worn every day.

All three of these outdoor sandals are treated with an anti-bacterial treatment, so these sandals can go from wet to dry and back again without getting the dreaded musty smell.  If you are looking for a sandal that will take you across all sorts of terrain from a busy home life to rocky shores, an outdoor sandal from the Katavi slide collection is for you.

Teva has not only designed good walking sandals for men but also for women. Check out TEVA’s designed footwear that fits best for active women. Teva also designed Tirra sandals that are a perfect match for you, your hubby and your busy toddler.

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