Choosing the Best Teva Sandals for Women – Omnium, Zirra


The past twenty years has seen Teva’s footwear range grow from their basic ‘strap in and go’ philosophy to create shoes that are ideal for every situation. Knowing that many view outdoor walking sandals as clunky and unfeminine, Teva has put in many creative hours to create walking sandals for women that are just as stylish as they are supportive.

1. Teva Omnium Walking Sandal

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Teva’s Omnium is a shoe that provides the support of a hiking boot with the freedom of a sandal. This hybrid shoe has been designed with the female body in mind.

It boasts a Shoc absorbent heel pad which gently cradles the foot, with a curved midsole ensuring the foot is in correct alignment.  These shoes are designed to be worn for hours on-end, without overloading sensitive muscles and joints.

Their lightweight design means that even during a full day’s hike, your feet will not feel burdened down with the weight of a hiking boot. The Omnium hybrid sandal has a bungee cord and toggle lacing system. The cord can be tightened to your personal comfort level.

The Teva Omnium features three adjustable fastenings – a quick release buckle on the side of the foot, an ankle strap and a heel strap. So no matter your foot shape this Teva hiking sandal can be adjusted to fit you to perfection. The last thing any woman wants is a stubbed toe during a strenuous hike.

The Teva Omnium has a closed toe guard which keeps delicate toes protected. The synthetic and mesh straps over the foot provide optimal ventilation to keep the foot feeling free while providing maximum support. This upper, combined with the rubber outer sole, is tough and fast drying. This combination makes this hybrid walking sandal ideal for both wet and dry excursions.

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2. Teva Tirra Athletic Sandal

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If you’re the type of girl who likes practicality and style, the Teva Tirra is the sandal for you. It has a spider tread outsole, which gives optimum traction especially near water. This sandal allows you to walk on wet rocks, up gravel path ways and on dirt roads with the comfort that your shoe will not slide.

The Teva Tirra has three adjustable hook and loop straps that go over the foot, so no matter your foot shape you can trust the Teva Tirra sandal will fit you like a glove. It has a compression-molded EVA midsole which molds the foot into the optimal position for even weight distribution.

The 1.25-inch heel and accompanying Shoc pad give the wearer the security of knowing that even after a long day pounding city pavements, traipsing across the beach or hiking up a hill, your knee and foot joints will not be put under unnecessary strain. The Tirra comes in twenty different colour choices, allowing you to choose one that will match personal colour preferences.

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3. Teva Zirra Sandal

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The Teva Zirra sandal is a great sandal for light day-to-day excursions such as shopping trips and heading to the beach. The minimal strap design gives you the flexibility you need to ensure a snug fit without the height of multiple straps.

The Zirra sandal has a microfiber footbed which is super soft on the bottom of your foot. Even after a long day of walking, these sandals will feel as soft and comfortable as when you first put them on.

As with the previous two Teva sandals for women, the Zirra also has spider tread outsole. Even though it may look like there is not much keeping your foot securely on the ground, the traction lugs on this sandal will ensure that it does the business in both wet and dry conditions.

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The straps feature a hook and loop strap which is adjustable to your specific foot shape. The nylon shank keeps the foot stable and in control. The insole has a water-channelling lug pattern, so even if you fully immerse your feet in the water, the water will quickly drain away, ensuring hat you are not left with that sticky ‘shoe and water’ feeling.

The patented Shoc pad keeps your foot and knee joints protected from tension based injuries, as the body’s weight is evenly distributed. The ergonomic midsole further enhances joint integrity. The Teva Zirra sandal comes in a variety of colors. It looks just as good with a summer dress as it does paired with your hiking gear.

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Choose Your Option

All three of these Teva sandals for women are made with Teva’s custom Microban antimicrobial technology. So even if your escapades find you in the most unusual of places, you can be sure your shoes will stay free of bacteria and fungi. This fights off the dreaded ‘stinky foot’ smell many shoes get after a long day’s exploring. The antimicrobial technology also works hard to prevent bacterial and fungal foot infections such as tinea.

No matter what kind of situation you find yourself in, Teva has the shoe to match. By matching style with practicality and support, Teva has forged a well-deserved reputation for creating the unparalleled sandals for the active woman.

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