16 Best Walking Shoes for Bad Knees – The Ultimate Guide!


In today’s article, we’re going to be reviewing 16 of the best walking shoes for bad knees in 2022.

We do want to get our steps in, we do want to move our bodies, and we know how rewarding that can be.

But sadly for a lot of us, bad knees get in the way.

Or do they?

The good news is the shoes we’ve reviewed have really helped tons of people either walk completely pain-free or walk all day with minimal knee pain.

Let’s dive right into it…


New Overlays

Another difference in the Sky Walk 2 is that in that toe box, there are less of those stitched overlays and more of those fused on overlays.

This means you don’t have anything that’s resisting the forefoot area. The new overlays actually add to the look of a performance shoe and the Sky Walk has that very sleek design.

So, Ryka is trying to work all of the components into the shoe so that you’ve got the function in there but you don’t sacrifice the look.

The upper is very soft and less restrictive. So if you have bunions, the shoe’s mesh panels are going to allow your bunions more space to splay.

Overall, your ankles, knees, and hips are going to be protected, and eventually thank Ryka.

As one of the best sneakers for bad knees, all you have to do is pick your color, get outside, and let the Sky Walk 2 do its thing.

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4 thoughts on “16 Best Walking Shoes for Bad Knees – The Ultimate Guide!”

    • I don’t think these shoes are designed for hiking. Yet, the Keen Presidio above has a version for hiking.

  1. I have bone to bone knees and hurting feet I need arch in walking shoes, I can’t spend a lot don’t have it but need something to help me walk without so much pain what will do. It

    • Hey Carol. I’m so sorry for your condition and I hope you find some really well-fitting shoes for you. Your condition needs some serious support and I suggest you visit a podiatrist as soon as possible. They will certainly know the amount of support you need and most of the time they would recommend custom orthotics. Good luck.


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