Birkenstock EVA Arizona Review – Cheaper But Still As Stylish


Today I’m going to be doing a Birkenstock EVA Arizona review.

These sandals are actually ones that I wear quite a bit in the summertime.

So, I’m going to be talking about why I like them, what my thoughts are, how to style them, how to clean them, and also how they compare to the regular cork footbed.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it…


Birkenstock EVA Arizona Review



First of all, these EVA Arizonas are very similar to the original Birkenstock in the way that they fit and some of the support that they provide.

If you look on the inside of this EVA Arizona, it’s molded quite similarly to the cork version. It still has the classic Birkenstock tread on the bottom and of course, the adjustable straps.




The upper is made out of EVA and it’s one piece across the entire sandals even though it looks like several pieces.

Because it’s all one piece, I do not think you’re going to have those slight tears that people typically get on sandals. I feel like this is super important because it’s going to increase the durability of the sandals considerably.



One thing I always had an issue with with the regular Birkenstocks is that you can’t get them wet.

For me, summer means going to the beach and going to the lake. I would always find that I was worried about destroying the Birkenstocks that I had when I was growing up because I would go swimming and then I’d put them on and I’d feel like I was just going to wreck them.

The upper has two straps with two buckles. These buckles are not metal like most other traditional Birkenstocks. So, with the EVA construction and the plastic buckles, you can go into the water and they get dry really easily.





The midsole looks like it has some type of corky structure to it. It’s not cork, it’s just imprinted that way to give it that Birkenstock look.

The midsole is also made out of EVA, but it has the same anatomical footbed. There’s a deep heel cup and the forefoot has a raised area which your toes can grab on while walking.

What is also important about this footbed is when you first put it on, you’re going to think it’s a comfortable shoe but not a great shoe.

However, after wearing the shoe for two to three different times, the footbed is going to conform to your foot. So, when you slide your foot in, it feels like the entire midsole and insole completely conform to your foot and that feels amazing.



EVA vs Leather

Initially, with these shoes, I did fear with a plastic shoe that obviously it’s not going to soften up like a leather version would.

A leather sandal is going to soften up with your foot and then a plastic sandal obviously doesn’t have the same kind of give in it.

However, the EVA Arizonas are made of a soft enough material. It’s kind of like spongy and foamy that it’s not going to just like constantly be cutting into your foot.




You also have the same Birkenstock rubber outsole pattern. It looks exactly the same and it’s made out of the same EVA.

Price Point

Compared to your regular Birkenstock Arizona, buying this cheaper version is a really great way to get that look for a lot less if you’re after the style.

Personally, I didn’t want to spend over a lot of money on a summer sandal. So, getting a pair of these EVA Arizonas is a more affordable way to have that Birkenstock trend and get that style.

I actually didn’t spend that much money and I actually had bought two pairs instead of one.

Having worn these sandals for two years now, I haven’t noticed any signs that they could be breaking or cracking. Everything was pretty much exactly the same as it was when I bought them.

So, I definitely think even though you’re paying this much money for a sandal that’s essentially plastic, to go with the name brand and go with the Birkenstocks is worth it over just cheaping out on a pair that is going to get trashed and get destroyed super quickly.



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Obviously, these Birkenstocks are not the most attractive or fancy sandals. They’re not something I would wear to a fancy dinner out and it’s not something that you’re going to want to wear to the club.

However, they are super comfortable, they are great to go with a variety of different looks, and I find that super valuable in a sandal.

I really like it when these sandals look great with dresses and with skirts particularly because those are something that I wear throughout the summer.

So, having a shoe that goes really well with a dress that could be a little bit more formal if you wore it with heels, I find it is a really nice way to make something a little bit more wearable for summer.

That’s one of the reasons why I got this white pair. I find that they look super nice with light denim and they look super nice with any of my dresses that I’m wearing for summer.

Then, of course, you can also wear them just with denim shorts or with jeans.

You can wear the Arizona if you’re on a camping trip, if you’re at the beach, if you’re walking your dog around the block, they’re just so comfortable for all of those things.

You can also just put on a nicer day dress for the summertime and they still look good and stylish with that outfit to feel confident to go and share your photos on your Instagram.


White vs Black


If you’re thinking between getting the black ones and the white ones, I actually wear my white ones more and I think it’s just because they are more summery and I just find that it kind of goes more with my overall vibe and the colors that I’m wearing in the summertime.

Obviously, the black Arizonas are classic and they still do go with everything, but I honestly do reach for the white ones a little bit more.


What’s great about the black pair is it kind of looks like leather all around. So, finding something to transition into nighttime is really cool because this black version looks like leather from far away.

Because of that, you can wear these with a nicer tropical beachy outfit and you can really kind of round out the nighttime aesthetic with this black pair.

There are other colorways like olive, pink, silver, copper, and turquoise.


In terms of sizing, I found that I am a 41 in Birkenstocks. I’ve been a 41 or a size 10 women’s shoe for a very long time.

I’m still a 41 in a regular Birkenstock, I’m a 41 in these Birkenstocks EVA Arizonas and that’s typically the shoe size that I wear.

So, I do find that the Arizonas are quite true to size.

For the most part, my experience with most German-based brands, size 41 is typically the size I need to go with and that is my true to size in those shoes.

I also purchased a pair of the black EVA Birkenstocks for my fiancé and he wears his all the time as well. He wears them just in the regular size of what he always wears and that is another vote of confidence for those shoes.

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The other thing that I love about these sandals is how easy they are to clean particularly when it comes to the white pair.

So, if you have had any type white shoes before, you know they get dirty around the edges so quickly, which just kills me.

I love shoes to be clean and pristine and look super nice like the day they came out of the box as much as possible.

I kind of slide my feet sometimes when I’m walking and I’ll just get the toes caught on the sidewalk and I have like black all over the front of the toes.

I wore these on a trip and I wore them biking. They just got black like all over the inside from the bike and from the gears and everything. It was terrible.

I didn’t think that I was going to be able to get them clean again, but what I ended up doing is just using like a household cleaner and spraying like my kitchen sink and like bathroom cleaner on them and just using a sponge and I was able to get them completely clean.

I do that every couple of weeks when they start to get a little bit dirty or if I’ve used them and gotten them particularly dirty for some reason.

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Another really nice feature of this particular shoe is how light they are. When you’re traveling, if you’re packing them, they are light as a feather.

This is really great for when you’re putting them in a suitcase, you can squish them down quite easily and you’re not going to hurt the shoe.

So, these are always sandals that I take with me when I’m going on vacation, but even if you’re just going around locally, that makes it easier if you can pack them without too much effort.

All in all, the Birkenstock EVA Arizona

  • is comfortable
  • is water-proof
  • has great traction
  • is very versatile
  • is very affordable

Everything about the Arizona is phenomenal and the price point is really good for a product that is typically double the price.

Thank you so much for reading this Birkenstock EVA Arizona review. I hope it was helpful if you’re thinking about purchasing them or you just wanted a little bit more information about what they’re like in this material.

If you have any other questions or there’s something else you’re wondering, please feel free to leave a note for me down in the comments and I will get back to you with my opinion or my answer as quick as I can.

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