Brooks Adrenaline GTS 24 Release Date


The Brooks Adrenaline franchise has been around for well over 30 years now, which just goes to show how much folks love this running shoe.

It’s like an old friend that’s always got your back, you know? A real staple in the running community. People trust it because it’s got everything you need – solid support, stability that you can count on, you name it. And the fact that it’s been holding its own for decades? That’s saying something.

Now, when we’re talking about the release date of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 24, we’re going to share everything we learned from the Running Event 2024. Plus, I’ll be sharing my own experience with the Adrenaline 23, so stick around for that!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 24 Release Date


Considering the release pattern of the Adrenaline GTS 23 in June 2023, it’s possible that Brooks might revert to their typical November release schedule moving forward. If this holds true, we could anticipate the Adrenaline GTS 24 hitting the shelves around July 2024, maintaining a yearly cycle from the GTS 23 launch.

Luckily for the Adrenaline die-hards, the improvements Brooks brought to the Adrenaline franchise would definitely make the Adrenaline GTS 24 the Crème De La Crème for Brooks in 2024.

Let’s dive right into the Adrenaline GTS 24 and share everything we learned from the Running Event 2024 starting with the all-new midsole…


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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 24 – New Midsole


It’s like a double whammy of good news for Brooks fans! Just like the Brooks Ghost 16 set to hit shelves in May 2024, the Adrenaline GTS 24 is also getting a major upgrade with the nitrogen-injected DNA Loft V3 midsole. Talk about a game-changer!

Seems like Brooks is kicking things into high gear. They’re really ramping up the evolution of their core franchises, pushing the boundaries with new tech and sleek design.

And let me tell you, that new midsole? It’s going to make a world of difference. With a softer feel, a lighter weight, and smoother transitions, the Adrenaline GTS 24 is shaping up to be a real winner. Can’t wait to lace up a pair and hit the road!


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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 24 – GuideRails


The Adrenaline is going to continue using the same GuideRail support system which, like the previous Adrenaline, doesn’t just cover the medial side but also offers support laterally. And get this – they’ve managed to amp up the support without adding extra weight or bulky plastic components.

But there’s more! The Adrenaline 24 isn’t just about what’s under your feet – it’s about the whole package. They’ve widened the base, raised the sidewalls, and even beefed up the collar for extra ankle and heel support.


And let’s not forget about the upper – it’s not just functional, it’s stylish too. With subtle suede touches, it’s the perfect blend of form and function.


Plus, they’ve been clever with the outsole, carving out unnecessary material to keep things flexible without sacrificing durability.


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Brooks Adrenaline GTS – Our Verdict

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a reliable choice for runners looking for stability in their daily trainers. Its GuideRail technology offers subtle yet effective support, guiding your stride without feeling intrusive. Coupled with a snug and comfortable upper and reliable traction, it’s a solid option for those focused on consistent mechanics without sacrificing too much speed potential.

However, it’s worth noting that the Adrenaline may feel stiff and hefty to some, making it less ideal for speedwork or faster-paced runs.

In a market filled with competitive options, it didn’t quite clinch the top spot in our assessments. Yet, preferences vary, and for those prioritizing stability and comfort over speed, the Adrenaline could still be a worthy contender.

Rating Breakdown:


Brooks Adrenaline GTS: Pros


If you’re constantly on the lookout for stability in your running shoes, you’re in for a treat with the Adrenaline. The GuideRail stability and support system in these shoes is seriously top-notch and offers exceptional support, especially if you need a little extra help with alignment while pounding the pavement.

And the best part? The GuideRail system won’t feel like you’ve got bricks strapped to your feet. It’s there, doing its job quietly and effectively, without feeling intrusive during your run.

Let’s talk about comfort – because really, what’s more important than feeling good while you’re out there pounding the pavement?


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Upper & Comfort

With these shoes, you’re getting a seriously secure fit thanks to the engineered mesh upper. It’s like wrapping your feet in a cozy, supportive hug. Plus, they’ve thought about everyone’s needs by offering sizes for both narrow and wide feet, so you can kiss goodbye to those days of squeezing into shoes that just don’t fit right.

And let’s not forget about the plush cushioning in the collar and tongue – it’s like stepping into a cloud as soon as you slip these babies on.



These bad boys are specifically tailored for all you heel strikers out there. They’ve got just the right kind of support and cushioning to make those heel-to-toe transitions as smooth as possible. Whether you’re logging in those easy miles or just going for a leisurely jog around the block, the ADrenaline is a great option.


With the Adrenaline, you’re getting a seriously durable outsole that can take whatever you throw at it. And when it comes to traction, they’ve got you covered, even in wet conditions.


At $140, the Adrenaline is downright budget-friendly, but it’ll still deliver top-notch performance and comfort you’d come to expect from the Adrenaline franchise.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS: Cons

Forefoot Cushioning

While the Adrenaline excels in many areas, there’s one area where it could step up its game – cushioning under the forefoot. If you tend to strike with the front of your foot, you might find yourself wishing for a little more cushioning to soften the landing.

It’s not a deal-breaker by any means, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind, especially if you’re prone to discomfort in the front of your feet during longer runs.

12mm Drop

The heel-to-toe drop is one of those things that can either make or break a shoe depending on your preferences. With a 12mm drop, the Adrenaline definitely leans towards a higher heel position, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

If you prefer a more natural foot position or like to feel closer to the ground, this higher drop might feel a bit too much for your liking. It’s not necessarily a flaw in the shoe design, but rather a matter of personal preference.

So, if you value a lower drop for a more minimalist feel, you might want to look elsewhere for your perfect pair of shoes.

Upper Durability

The Adrenaline does offer decent breathability and a snug fit, but the upper might fall short in the durability department. Over time and with regular use, the mesh upper may start to show signs of wear and tear sooner than expected. This could mean fraying or even small tears in the material, compromising the structural integrity of the shoe. While it’s not a deal-breaker for everyone, especially if you prioritize breathability and comfort over long-term durability, it’s definitely something to consider if you’re rough on your shoes or expect them to last through heavy mileage.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is not exactly built for breaking speed records. In fact, it might feel a bit clunky when it comes to picking up the pace. It’s not that it can’t handle a speedy tempo run or a quick sprint, but it might not give you that same light and nimble feeling you’d get from a more performance-oriented shoe. So, if you’re all about pushing the pace and chasing those PRs, you might want to consider something a little more suited to speed work.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the anticipated release date of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 24 aligns with Brooks’ tradition of launching new models towards the end of the year, likely in July 2024.

Throughout our discussion, we explored the evolution of the Adrenaline series, highlighting the updates and improvements introduced with each iteration.

From the introduction of the DNA Loft V3 midsole technology to the enhanced support and comfort features expected in the GTS 24, Brooks has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of runners.

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