Brooks Ghost 15 vs 14 – Battle of The Ghosts!


Here’s our 2023 comparison of the Brooks Ghost 15 vs 14. 

If you’re like me and you’ve been a fan of the Brooks Ghost series, you’re probably wondering how the latest iterations, the Brooks Ghost 15, stacks up against its predecessor, the Ghost 14.

Well, lace up your running shoes because we’re diving deep into this comparison to see what improvements, if any, have been made in terms of comfort, performance, and overall running experience.

Whether you’re a loyal Ghost enthusiast or considering upgrading, this side-by-side analysis should help you make an informed decision for your next run.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it…

If you’re curious how the Brooks Ghost 14 compares to the Ghost 13, make sure you check that article as well.


Brooks Ghost 15 vs 14

Quick Comparison

At first glance, these two look like twins separated at birth, with the most notable difference residing in the midsole.

Let me cut to the chase…

The Ghost 15 rocks the DNA Loft v2 in its midsole, while the 14 sticks to the OG DNA Loft. DNA Loft v2 is like a mix of rubber, air, and some fancy foam concoction, and according to Brooks, it’s a tad less dense.

Now, what does this fancy tech lingo mean for us runners?

Well, thanks to the DNA Loft v2, the Ghost 15 feels softer and a touch lighter than the 14. This is the biggie, folks, the game-changer that might tip your scale towards either the 15 or the 14.

Another comparison between the Ghost 15 and the 14 is that the 15 is probably going to be a little bit better for some of those slower days courtesy of its plusher midsole. I think the 14 is going to be slightly snappier with that firmer stiffer midsole.

Something else I noticed while running in these shoes is that the softer foam on the Ghost 15 translates into increased flexibility. It’s got a bit more give in the forefoot area and even has a smidge more twist to it compared to the Ghost 14, which is, you guessed it, stiffer.

Now, whether this newfound flexibility is your jam or not really boils down to your personal preference. In a nutshell, the 14 tends to be speedier, while the 15 thrives at a slower pace, thanks to that plush, softer midsole.

Up to this point, the major shift I’ve spotted in the Ghost 15 is in its midsole game. But I know you’re itching for more details, so hang tight and keep reading…


Ghost vs Glycerin

Now, let’s talk about the DNA Loft v2 in the Ghost compared to the nitrogen-infused DNA Loft v3 in the Brooks Glycerin. Just don’t expect the Ghost to provide that premium luxurious ride that the Glcyerin provides.

But, here’s the twist in the plot: I found that the Ghost 15 actually feels softer than the Glycerin. Wait, what? Yes, the DNA Loft v2 may feel softer, but it doesn’t quite match up to the nitrogen-infused DNA Loft v3 in terms of pure squishiness.

Let me explain…

The Ghost 15 comes in a sleeker package, not as bulky as the Glycerin, so it gives you that perception of being a tad softer. The Glycerin, however, doesn’t give in as easily; it’s got more bounce and energy return, making you feel like you’re not sinking as much into the foam, and that’s why it might come off as less soft compared to the Ghost 15.


What is the Brooks Ghost

Let’s dive into the Brooks Ghost 15 from a runner’s perspective. This shoe is a reliable companion for your everyday road runs, but it’s quite conventional in its design.

There are:

  • No crazy shapes or wild geometries
  • No high-tech foams
  • No carbon fiber plates to stiffen things up

What you get is a shoe with a fairly flat geometry, a flexible forefoot, and cushioning that doesn’t bounce like a trampoline. The Ghost sits right in the middle, not super soft, and not extremely firm.

Now, in terms of the running experience, it’s not going to blow your mind with extreme dynamics. But here’s the catch – that’s exactly what Brooks intended. The Ghost is designed not only for hardcore runners but also for folks who want an all-around comfortable shoe for various activities to stay active.

In a way, the Ghost 15 mirrors what many people wear day-to-day when they’re not out pounding the pavement. This versatility makes it an excellent pick for new runners.

If you’re just starting, you don’t necessarily need those super-stacked, rocket-like, or ultra-stiff shoes. What you do need is a shoe with a flexible forefoot and a flatter profile, and the Ghost checks those boxes.

But don’t get me wrong, the Ghost isn’t limited to newbies. If you find that it’s your perfect comfort zone, it’s a solid choice for daily training with a durable outsole. However, it won’t give you that heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping running experience because that’s not what it’s made for.

Thanks to its geometry, it’s also fantastic for all-day wear and walking.

I think if Webster’s Dictionary needed a shoe pic, the Ghost would be a strong contender – it just embodies the classic running shoe look and feel.

Now let’s talk about where the Brooks Ghost truly shines…


Where the Brooks Ghost shines

The Brooks Ghost is go-to choice when:

  • I’m out there casually clocking in miles,
  • Not in a rush to break speed records,
  • But not necessarily taking a super slow run either

That’s when I reach for the Ghost. It’s your trusty companion for those nice steazy days in the training routine.

I know some might think about taking it for a long run, but honestly, there are better contenders in the shoe lineup if want to build out that running shoe rotation.

Oh, and a shout-out to that roomy toebox – it’s a savior for those freezing winter runs when you need to bundle up in thick socks. This shoe’s got you covered.



Similar to the Ghost 14, the Ghost 15 is incredibly accommodating, offering a wide range of sizes and widths. It caters to runners of all foot shapes and sizes, stretching up to a generous men’s size 15 and even offering a 4E width option, not to mention the availability of narrow sizes, which makes this shoe a great option for people with narrow feet.

So, regardless of your unique foot dimensions, there’s likely a Ghost version that’s a perfect fit for you, which is a real bonus for us runners.


Weight & Stack Height

The Ghost 15 sheds a tiny bit of weight, now tipping the scales at 9.8 ounces. In terms of stack height, it holds steady at 35mm in the heel and 23mm in the forefoot, maintaining that same 12mm heel-to-toe drop that’s a signature of the Ghost series.

Brooks seems pretty committed to this 12mm drop, and it’s a preference that many Ghost enthusiasts seem to appreciate. However, if you’re new to the Ghost lineup and prefer a lower drop, the Ghost is probably not for you.


If you’re into high-drop running shoes, check these great 12mm drop running shoes.



We are looking at their DNA Loft V2 foam which is the same foam that you’re going to be picking up in the Caldera 6 in the trail side for Brooks. This upgraded foam blend features a unique balance of rubber and air, resulting in a slightly less dense feel underfoot.

Now, when it comes to durability, I put this midsole through the wringer, and there wasn’t a hint of creasing to be seen. Translation: This midsole is built to last, and it’ll keep on going mile after mile.




This is where Brooks said they did make some slight tweaks to improve the fit.

They’ve introduced an engineered Air mesh with 3D Fit Print technology in the upper, but to be honest, I didn’t notice a massive leap from the Ghost 14 in terms of this new 3D Fit Print tech.

Now, as for width, that toebox offers ample volume. If your foot’s got some depth or you’ve got a beefy forefoot, you’re in luck. You’ve got all the room you need for your toes to spread out and make themselves at home.

The tongue, well, it’s pretty much the same as the previous version – some moderate padding, and sadly, it’s still non-gusseted. Honestly, a gusseted tongue would’ve been a game-changer in terms of lockdown.

The laces are flat and quite similar to last year’s. Oh, and nothing particularly noteworthy about the eyelet chain – it’s pretty run-of-the-mill.


When it comes to the ankle, Achilles, and heel counter, they feel on par with the previous version. Although I must admit, the heel counter doesn’t fall into the ultra-plush category.


Overall, I’m pretty content with the upper. It’s got that classic Brooks Ghost feel – true to size and breathable, which is a plus.

My only gripe? You guessed it – I wish that tongue was gusseted. Apart from that, it’s a standard Brooks upper, and I didn’t spot any major differences.


If you happen to have flat feet, the Brooks Ghost may not be your ideal choice. Instead, turn your attention to its stability counterpart, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS. This shoe is designed to offer great arch support for flat-footed runners.


Here’s a runner’s perspective on something cool: Brooks has stepped up their sustainability game with the Ghost 15. They’re on a mission to make their shoe lineup greener, and guess what? Nearly a quarter of the Ghost 15 is now made from recycled materials.

To put it in perspective, last year it was about 9% recycled materials, but they’ve cranked it up to a whopping 24% this time around. Most of these recycled materials seem to have found their home in the upper and tongue of the shoe, which is a fantastic step in the eco-friendly direction.



The lug pattern remains pretty much the same, but there’s a noticeable change in the rubber type. It now has this gummy-like texture, which we’re hoping will amp up the durability.

The outsole has held its own so far, and the grip has left me quite satisfied. I remember some folks griping last year about their Ghosts wearing out too quickly, so it seems like Brooks made this rubber switch to address that concern, and it’s been a positive change in my experience.

The flex grooves are there but not screaming for attention. They give the outsole a little more flexibility to match our footstrike.

Again, it’s the classic Brooks setup – sturdy rubber at the back for added toughness. They’ve tweaked the forefoot rubber too, but overall, it’s your trusty, thick, everyday training shoe outsole.

Now, if you’re all about minimal rubber on your outsole, this might not be your jam. But here’s the silver lining – more rubber means more durability, and that might just mean fewer shoe-shopping trips in the next few months.

Where to buy Ghost 14 (not affiliate)
BrooksRunning Warehouse
Where to buy Ghost 15 (not affiliate)

Wrapping up, folks, let’s talk final thoughts on the Brooks Ghost 15 vs 14…

Final Thoughts

The Ghost series is pretty much your go-to daily running shoe – no surprises there.

At the end of the day, it really boils down to your personal running style. The Ghost 15 is like a softer version of the Ghost 14, thanks to that updated midsole compound.

If you lean towards a slightly firmer, snappier ride, the 14 might be your match. But if you’re all about that softer, squishier feel with a touch more flexibility, then the 15 is your ticket.

Brooks made a few tweaks here and there, but honestly, I didn’t spot any earth-shattering changes. The upper does its job, though I’ll keep wishing for a gusseted tongue. But overall, the Ghost 15 embodies that classic Brooks essence with a cushier midsole, and they’ve freshened up the outsole rubber.

Either way, both the Ghost 15 and 14 ate a solid Brooks offering with no major hiccups, just your trusty, classic, neutral daily trainer. Happy running!

Brooks Ghost 15 vs 14 – FAQs

What is the difference between the Brooks Ghost 14 and 15?

The Brooks Ghost 14 and 15 are very similar shoes. They’re both great daily trainers for those runs that make up the bulk of your training journey. However, the Ghost 15 is a bit softer, lighter, and less dense than the 14. Plus, the Ghost 15 is a little bit more durable through the outsole.

Is Brooks Ghost 15 a good walking shoe?

The Brooks Ghost is primarily designed as a running shoe, known for its cushioning and support for runners. However, it’s super comfortable for walking.

Which Brooks Ghost is best?

With its new DNA Loft v2 midsole, the Brooks Ghost 15 is probably the best Ghost Brooks has ever made. It’s lighter, softer, and more versatile. 

Are Brooks Ghost 15 good for standing all day?

The Brooks Ghost 15 isn’t just fantastic for runners; it’s also a lifesaver for those of you with jobs that keep you on our feet all day, like teachers, factory workers, and nurses.

Its cushioning is a dream come true, offering comfort without that cumbersome feeling. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or pounding the clock, the Ghost 15 has got your back (and feet)!

What is the lifespan of the Brooks Ghost 15?

Thanks to the more durable outsole, you can expect to get about 500 miles from the Brooks Ghost 15.

Does Ghost 15 have a wide toe box?

Absolutely. The Ghost series has always been known for those comfortable roomy toeboxes. What’s even more beautiful is the Ghost is available in various width options from narrow to 4E, making it suitable for a range of foot sizes and preferences. If you need a wide toebox, you can find a version of the Brooks Ghost with the appropriate width to provide a comfortable fit.

If you’re looking for some great running shoes that can accommodate a wide forefoot and a narrow heel, give that article a read! 

Why is Brooks Ghost so popular?

The Brooks Ghost has garnered popularity for several compelling reasons. First, it’s renowned for its exceptional comfort and cushioning, making it a top choice for runners and active individuals seeking a smooth, plush ride. Its versatile design suits a wide range of running styles and preferences, appealing to both beginners and seasoned athletes. The Ghost also boasts excellent durability and reliable traction, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily training. Brooks continually updates and improves the Ghost series, incorporating innovative technologies to enhance performance and comfort. Its reputation for delivering consistent quality and comfort has solidified its status as a beloved and popular running shoe choice among athletes worldwide.

Do Brooks Ghost 15 run big or small?

The Brooks Ghost 15 typically runs true to size, meaning that most people find that their regular shoe size fits comfortably in this model without needing to size up or down.

Is Brooks Ghost 15 waterproof?

The standard Brooks Ghost is not waterproof, so if you’re looking for a waterproof version of this popular running shoe, the Brooks Ghost 15 GTX (Gore-Tex) would be your best choice. The Brooks Ghost GTX is designed with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane, making it ideal for running in wet or unpredictable weather conditions while keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

This pretty much wraps up this Brooks Ghost 15 vs 14 comparison. Have you run in one of these shoes? Which one do you think is softer and which is one is more durable through the outsole.

Let us know down below in the comments.

Until then, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next one 🙂

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