Brooks Men’s Ghost 5 Running Shoes

By Brian 


Choosing the best running shoe like the Brooks Ghost 5 Mens can be a daunting task for even the most experienced runners. I do not fall into that category, :-).

The last time I ran was when I was in high school during P.E. However, this year I knew things had to change. As I wanted to become a healthier person, I knew exercise would be the fastest way to that goal. That’s why I needed to find a running shoe that would provide the support I needed while giving me the comfort I desired. I know the saying is “No Pain, No Gain”, but I really didn’t want to suffer if I didn’t have to.

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Brooks Ghost 5 Mens Review

Brooks Ghost 5 Mens Running Shoes Today's Price

Rave Reviews

“A versatile shoe that can handle whatever workouts you throw at it”

The first thing I looked into was other reviews of running shoes. The first thing I noticed about the Brooks Ghost 5 Mens running shoe is that it had won the editor’s choice award three times in a row in the Runner’s World Fall Shoe Guide. They described it as a “versatile shoe that can handle whatever workouts you throw at it”. This, of course, piqued my interest. I also subscribed to the motto of “Go Big, or Go Home”, so I wanted a running shoe that would be able to keep up. The makers of this running shoe took the best of the Brooks Ghost 4 mens designs and mashed them into one with a few tweaks to make this amazing running shoe.


I read up on Amazon’s reviews of this shoe and found that a lot of the compliments were down to the fact that the shoes lasted a long time. Quality workmanship is apparent in these amazing running shoes. It’s also a common consensus that these are some of the most comfortable shoes out there for men. I don’t deal well with pain, and I knew if I was going to be serious about getting into shape I was going to need to find a shoe that would keep me as comfortable as possible.

Compared to Brooks Ghost 6

I had initially started out wearing ASICS, but I felt they were a lot heavier than what I was looking for. I had also brooks-ghost-6-review
looked at the Brooks Ghost 6, but it was quite a bit more expensive. To be honest, it turns out the only major difference between the Ghost 5 and the Ghost 6 is the fact that the Ghost 6 is lighter and comes with a GORE-TEX membrane to keep feet dry. I’m really not looking to go running through puddles on a daily basis, so I didn’t really need something so high-tech. The Ghost 5 shoes have turned out to be more than I could have ever wanted in a shoe. It has become very obvious why this shoe has become Brooks’ best-selling neutral running shoe.

Brooks Ghost 5 Mens – Special Specs


These running shoes for men boast of what they call “anatomical Brooks DNA” which gives a custom cushioning for your feet. They also have Omega flex grooves for enhanced flexibility while running or walking. The Brooks Men’s Ghost 5 running shoe also introduces an industry first in biodegradable midsole. Made out of a non-toxic, natural additive, the Brooks BioMogo actually degrades 50x faster than other shoes without compromising the integrity of the shoe itself.

The segmented crash pad also helps transition your stride from heel to toe as smoothly as possible. This running shoe also has an HPR Plus Outsole which provides an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole that helps the tread last longer.

Appearances Aren’t Everything

Oddly enough, a lot of the people on Amazon were talking about how they thought the shoes looked “dorky”. I didn’t have that issue and actually thought the shoes offered a very classic appearance that would work as a daily shoe as well. I’ve actually taken to wearing these shoes out and about for daily errands. They are just as comfortable on my morning jogs as they are during the day at work or home.


Although they provide an insane amount of cushioning, they don’t feel squishy when I’m walking. They seem to have been constructed solidly enough to provide the support and cushion I need to keep my feet comfy throughout the day. It doesn’t hurt that when I go out for my jog every morning that I don’t have to change shoes once I’m done. These shoes have proven to be just as comfortable on the track and trail as they are off.


When I made the decision to get healthy, I knew I would have to truly stick to my guns. I knew that if I picked a running shoe that made me regret my decision every time I stepped out to run that I wouldn’t last very long. I read up on the reviews in magazines as well as from every day users and found that the Brooks Ghost 5 Men’s running shoes would honestly be my best bet.


I wanted a shoe that would stand up to the rigors of my every day morning jogs. I wanted a shoe that would transition from running to every day wear without compromising appearance or quality. These shoes have done all of that and more. I don’t regret making the decision to start exercising more. I actually feel better about myself having made the leap into the world of fitness.

Since I started my foray into running every day I’ve not only dropped the pounds, but I just feel better in general. I’ve been a diabetic my whole life, so it is incredibly important for me to stay in shape. These shoes help me do that. Because of the diabetes I have to watch out for blisters and abrasions on my feet as they are harder for me to heal. Lucky for me, though, I have yet to experience any sort of discomfort that could lead to sores with these shoes.

It certainly helps that these shoes are on the lower end of the spectrum when considering prices as well. The other shoes I looked at that were comparable were so much more expensive. I’ve been satisfied with these running shoes, and I feel confident enough to recommend them to others as well.

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