Building Community

By Vegan Megan

I’ve been thinking a lot about community and, in particular, a running community.  I’ve always thought I prefer to train alone.  But I realize I’ve never trained alone.  Yes, I run alone most of the time.  But I don’t train alone.  My former personal trainer provided a community (a small one, granted), my family & friends provide a community (even if they’re not all that interested in every detail of my workout) and other runners provide a community (both in person and virtually).  So I have a community of sorts.  But I need to build it.  Why?  I want others to motivate me when I’m not, to discuss training theories and ideas, to vent about hard workouts, to celebrate successes and to pick me up when I’m down.  Not too much to ask, right? Ha.

So, I started by launching this blog.  It’ll take some time to get going but I hope it adds to the running community.  And I’m on twitter where the running (& vegan) community is great.  Between RunChat,VegRunChat and the daily posts it’s hard not to stay focused and goal-oriented.  And I always know that I’m slipping & going down the wrong path when I avoid Twitter.  It means I don’t want to be encouraged or supported..I just want to wallow in my laziness and chips.  Not that those are bad, mind you, but an extended period of wallowing is no good for anyone.

But I’ve decided I need an in-person, face-to-face community, too.

So I’m in search of a running group!  Or at least a running partner.  I attended an informational session on a local group (Boise Area Runners (BAR)) and it was great.  Unfortunately, their training run times don’t really fit my schedule.  The search continues….

Do you belong to a running group?  If so, how did you find them?  Do you see the benefits of a group in your training?

Or are you a solo trainer?

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