Catching Up

By Daniel Nickels

First and most importantly, I want to say a big “thank you” to any and every man and woman who has protected or is protecting our country. We owe you so much gratitude and appreciation. I also want to give a shout out to my cousin who’s joining the National Guard after her high school graduation-I couldn’t be more proud of you!

I’m supposed to be at the gym right now, putting in a few miles on the treadmill and taking a Body Sculpting class. Instead, I’m drinking coffee in my sweats and catching up with all of you lovelies. I’ve been having some pain in my lower body for the past week or so and decided it would be a good idea to rest. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s being smart, not lazy.

I spent half of last week in Nebraska with my family and it was fantastic. I got to go to my mom’s Jazzercise class and take a yoga class with my favorite instructor, not to mention spending time with my best friend and her little boys and the best surprise: my brother came home! (Major run-on sentence, sorry about that).

My grandpa, who we don’t get to see very much, was in town so my brother came up for a night. It was great to have some family time. We even got to run together. My brother was supposed to do the Pumpkin Pie 10k with my mom and I this weekend but had to back out because of travel. So when I found out that he would be in town, I signed him up to run the Warrior Run with us. I’m such a nice sister.

The race is for a really great cause (90% of the money raised goes to supporting local veterans and their families), but it’s a small race and they have some logistical issues. Last year, the 5k turnaround wasn’t clearly marked (or marked at all according to my mom). That’s how my mom and several others ended up running their first 10k on accident. This year, the routes and turnarounds were just as confusing. My brother was the first 10k runner to cross the finish line- turns out he ran the 5k route instead of the 10k route back to the finish line, meaning he only ran around 5 miles. We know at least two other people that accidentally ran the wrong route as well and probably more because it wasn’t marked.

Although I ran the correct route, it wasn’t a great run for me. My Garmin measured the course long at 6.55 miles and a time of 1:06:17. That’s an average pace of 10:08 (for the longer distance)- not bad but not where I wanted to be either. According to official results, my average pace was 10:40 but I’m going with my Garmin!

My mom and I would like to volunteer at the race next year. It’s for such a great cause, but people aren’t going to run it if there are issues with the course every year. We already decided that we’ll make huge signs to tell people where to go.

So that was my week. Whew! Sorry didn’t mean to go on for so long! Now it’s your turn.

Tell me about your week! Did you do anything special? Have you ever ran a race where you didn’t know where to go?

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