Steadyfoot Running Shoe Giveaway Contest

We’ve very excited to run our first running shoe giveaway EVER. Every three months, we’re going to give away one of our favorite running shoes. So, keep coming back for future giveaways. Today, we’re giving away the one and only New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10. Enter the competition here below. Remember: the more friends you refer, …

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Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Size Chart & Guide


Today, I’m going to give the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner size chart and review. The Foam Runner is genuinely the most head-turning shoe that’s been released in years. When images of this shoe first came out, people really hated it and I could understand why. But as more people started to get it in hand …

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Adidas Yeezy 380 Size Chart & Size Guide

In today’s article, we’re giving you the Adidas Yeezy 380 size chart for men, women, kids, youth, and teens. The Yeezy 380 is a step forward in the Yeezy line. It is a step towards performance, it is a step towards actual functional performance upgrades versus just different colors and different styling. With that out …

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Adidas Yeezy 500 Size Chart And Fit


Today, we’re bringing you the Adidas Yeezy 500 size chart for men, women, kids, youth, and teens. There’s no doubt that Kanye West loves to push that design envelope making the most controversial silhouette that he can possibly make. The 500 is probably the most controversially designed Yeezy so far and the first Yeezy that …

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Adidas Yeezy 700 Size Chart And Fit


In this article, we’re going to give the Yeezy 700 size chart you might have been struggling to find. In this size guide, you’ll find the size chart for men, women, kids, youth, and teens. With the Yeezys 700 V1 Wave Runners, 700 V2, and the 700 V3, you’ve got the past, the present, and …

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Adidas Yeezy Slides Size Chart


In today’s article, we’re going to give you the Adidas Yeezy Slides size chart and guide for men, women, kids, youth, and teens. I know how frustrating it is to order your footwear online. The Yeezy Slides run small and the worst thing is they only come in full size. But don’t worry. Below are …

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Are Hoka Shoes Good For Flat Feet?


Becoming a necessity in most runners’ rotation, are Hoka shoes good for flat feet? Hoka divides their family into two categories, the Glide series and the Fly series. The Fly category is more of the faster, more responsive, and more performance shoes, whereas the Glide are more everyday comfort shoes like the Bondi. Originally, when …

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Are Nike Revolution 5 Good For Running? Cheap But Decent


While being cheap, light, comfortable, and flexible, are Nike Revolution 5 good for running? Nike made a commitment to make cheaper sneakers and the Revolution 5 is definitely one of them. A cheap shoe means we should not expect a great cushioned underfoot feel or some luxurious upper material. So, you’re probably looking at this …

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Are Adidas Vegan Shoes? Stan Smith Mylo, Superstar, Continental, Samba


If your new year’s resolution includes prioritizing sustainability and Adidas are your go-to shoes, you would certainly ask “Are Adidas shoes vegan?” Well, the answer is yes and no. Some models are still not vegan, but here’s some fantastic vegan news…. Adidas is going to not use any animal fur in any of their products any …

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How To Run A 5k in 20 Minutes or Less And Sub 20 Minutes


Today, we’re going to be showing you how to run a 5k in 20 minutes or less. A sub 20-minute 5k is probably up there at the top of the tree as a goal for aspiring newcomers or seasoned runners alike. It is a distance that most runners are familiar with and it’s a brilliant …

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How To Remove Paint From Shoes (Upper & Midsole)


Today, I’ll be showing you guys how to remove paint from shoes.  How To Remove Paint From Shoes How To Remove Paint From The Upper You need cotton balls and Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer. Shake up the bottle, put a little bit of the product on the cotton ball, and wipe off the scuff …

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How To Stretch Cowboy Boots At Home


Today, I’m going to show you how to stretch cowboy boots at home. A lot of people think they can’t wear boots because they have a high instep and they can’t get them on. Others have bunions that cause pain and they don’t have the time or the tools to break stretch their boots a …

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