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Nike Metcon 4 Cross Training Shoe Review – Get It Or Keep Your 3?

Today we’re going to be reviewing and looking at the Nike Metcon 4.

The Nike Metcon 4 is Nike’s latest iteration for their famous cross-training shoe model, the Metcon. That been said, we’re going to look at the shoe’s construction, how it performs, who could benefit, and then we’re going to look at the pros and cons that come along with this shoe model.

So without further ado, let's get started ...

Nike Metco​n 4 Training Shoes

When it comes to the construction of the Nike Metcon 4, there are a few standout features worth mentioning. For this review, we’re going to work from the toe to the heel

The Upper

The upper features a sandwich mesh and has a kind of a gritty material on top and that helps with durability during rope climbs and other movements that might actually fray the mesh.

On the medial side of the toe area there’s an extra material and that’s going to be good for pushing off. It’s also not going to break down super quick and it’s going to make sure you’re not going to experience your big toe shooting out of the mesh for that matter.

Moving down the midfoot, there's Nike Flywire technology which is going to provide a little bit more natural movement and stability through running and other jumping movements and stuff like that. The Flywire is going to wrap the sides and go under the foot to kind of enclose and give you that natural feeling and a little bit of rebound in the shoe.

The midsole

The lateral midsole wraps up just like other Metcon models, similar to the medial side. This is to provide extra stability in rope climbs and kind of help with the long duration, wear and tear of the Nike Metcon 4.

The heel

Working towards the heel, the heel cup itself doesn’t sit very high. The clip is similar to other Metcon models, feels pretty sturdy and feels pretty good for what it’s worth.

If we look at the midsole on the heel, there’s a TPU layer and if you want to listen to it, it’s really tough. I think this is one of the toughest heels that I’ve actually seen on a cross training shoe model.

Does you heel hurt during workouts? It may be a case of Plantar Fasciitis. Check out this article: 

The outsole

There’s a sticky rubber material. Nike said it’s kind of used to grip on multiple surfaces, whether it’s rubber, top of the box or if you’re outside for that matter.


When it comes to the performance test for the Nike Metcon 4, I did four tests. The first was a 185-pound power clean, the second was a 275-pound back squat, the third was a 415-pound deadlift, and then lastly I did some box jump burpees. In every test I was assessing something different.

For the power clean, I wanted to assess how the forefoot and midfoot flexed and then how I sat on the heel. I think the front of the shoe bent pretty well. It had took a little time to break in than I’m used to with some cross-training shoes, but all in all, it did pretty good and didn’t hinder my performance whatsoever.

In the back squat I wanted to see how stable the shoe felt and if I rocked to the side (I even put some weight back in my heels in the low bar squat). The Metcon 4 did pretty good complementing all the weight I was putting in different areas. It displays pressure pretty well. I felt confident squatting in this shoe even over 200 lbs, maybe close to 400 lbs.

Next, I did a deadlift with 415 lbs. My main concern with that was to see how the outsole compresses. Some cross-training shoes can compress under 400 lbs and more, and the Metcon 4 held pretty stable and I didn’t notice any compression on my last rep. I even bounced a little bit at the top and again I didn’t exeprience much compression which I was pleasantly surprised by.

Last, I did some box jump burpees and my main concern with that was the outsole. I know I’m going to get a lot of toe drive from the lip up in the front and the extra material on the toe box. I wanted to see how the sticky rubber performed when hitting the box. That all been said, when I hit the box I almost felt like a dart. These shoes have no movement at the top which is really cool. I think this is a great feature especially if you’re working out on a floor that might be a little bit wet from sweat. It's also great for keeping stability and ensuring you’re not going to slip on a box.


There are three pros I realy like about the Nike Metcon 4. First and foremost, I like the heel. I think this is the most stable heel I’ve ever tried in a cross training shoe. You can really feel the TPU layer which sits very firmly under deadlifts, squats and any kind of movement.

Next, I like the midsole and how it wraps up on the lateral and the medial side compared to previous models. That’s a nice feature for keeping the shoe healthy for a long amout of time. Also, it helps with things like rope climbs and grabbing a ball between the feet.

Lastly, I liked the sandwich mesh and the Flywire. I think they complement each other very well and they provide the foot with a lot of stability, breathability and a lot of natural reaction to movements. That’s a big plus for comfort and long duration workouts.

All in all, those are my three pros.


When it comes to cons of the Nike Metcon 4, I actually don’t have any cons in terms of constrcution. My cons come with the functional fitness athlete who’s maybe reaching for this shoe and who needs a specific purpose.

That been said, I think if you’re an athlete with a wider foot who wants full toe splay, this shoe might feel a little bit limiting. It fits a little bit tighter and its toe is a little bit skinnier compared to other cross-training models in the market.

Next, if you’re a functional fitness athlete who wants to perform a workout with more cardio movements, this shoe maybe a little bit tough. The bottom is really stable and really hard which is a great perk to the shoe. But at the same time if you’re going to do a lot of running or any other kind of cardio-based movement and a lot of jumping, it might a little bit tougher on the legs.

Those are all potential cons that come down to the individual, not necessarily cons that come down to the shoe’s construction.

Who could benefit with the Nike Metcon 4

As a whole, I think a lot of functional fitness athletes can benefit with this shoe. I think the Metcon 4 is probably the best Metcon produced to date. It feels so sturdy and feels very stable in workouts. I think it’s going to benefit a wide variety of athletes.

Yet, I would say that the Metcon 4 is great for skinnier-footed athletes because it fits pretty snugly on the foot and does not offer a lot of wiggle room. So if you have a skinnier foot without a lot of toe splay, the Metcon 4 is great option for you.

The Metcon 4 is also great for the functional fitness athletes who really want a hard outsole. The outsole is TPU and it’s pretty hard that you can hardly notice any compression during your lifts.

So I think those two niches within the functional fitness athlete realm would benefit most.

I was a fan of the Nike Metcon 4 because it’s definitely one of the better cross-training shoes I’ve tried and I’ll definitely give it 9/10.

And that concludes my review of the Nike Metcon 4.

Now, let's talk a little bit about the Nike Metcon 1, 2 and 3.

Here we go ...

Nike Metcon 3 Training Shoes

before I start talking about the Metcon 3, I'd like you to know that when a reviewer from steadyfoot puts some new training shoes to the test, they write a review according to their experience with the shoe. So for the Metcon 1 and 2 below, the reviewer didn't actually like them because they felt way too big for him and he found they just looked like clown shoes on his feet. Does this mean all other athletes think the same? Absolutely not.

That's where comes in. Runrepeat pulls reviews of running, hiking, training, basketball and football shoes from all over the web and just gives them a 0-100 score. You can read about their corescore on their website.

So the next time you read someone's review, it's kind of too soon to form your judgement. Insead, head over to Runrepeat to read about what others think and just see what opinion you find yourself more comfortable with.

So, after reading the Nike Metcon 3 quick review below, read Runrepeat's review: 10 Reasons to/NOT to Buy Nike Metcon 3

Very clean and simple, the Nike Metcon 3 is ready for your most demanding workouts. Whether you’re sprinting, climbing or weightlifting, the Metcon 3 is cushioned and stable for high-impact training. But where the Metocn 3 do perform well is weightlifting and especially with lower body lifts.

Its embroidered reinforcement in high-wear areas means the Metcon 3 is strong enough for intense training yet also light enough to help you stay fast while on your feet. The engineered mesh on the heel and ankle provides nice breathability to keep you cool and comfortable.

Also, Flywire cables in the midfoot offer a powerful lockdown without restricting natural movement. It has a flat platform and a firm rubber heel which help give you the perfect stability you need for explosive lifting. Because of the flat platform you won’t be leaning forward when squatting which can cause some knee pain for some people. This is one of the main selling points for me as I want to be able to sit back as much as I can when squatting and deadlifting.

The midsole

The Metcon 3 offers a dual-density drop-in midsole that’s firm in the heel to handle heavy lifting yet softer and more flexible in the forefoot to provide your foot with comfort and cushion while running. Talking about running, if you’re going to do any long distance running, you’d rather get yourself a good pair of running shoes like the Kayanos from Asics.

The outsole

The shoe has molded flex grooves to allow for natural flexibility. As for the outsole, the Metcon 3 has firm rubber in the heel to provide you with durable stability for high intensity intervals. You’ll find excellent traction with the sticky rubber in the forefoot while the thin web rubber in the midfoot wrapping from the outsole onto the upper, your feet are protected from abrasion.


As far as comfort, these Nike Metcon 3 shoes are right up there with my Nike Free Run shoes that I absolutely love. Shoes can sometimes feel stiff when wearing them for the first few times, but that wasn’t the case with these Metcons. The first time I tried them off the comfort was amazing and I knew I would love training in them.

If your workouts demand intense traction, flex and comfort, The Metcon 3 is a great training shoe for you. So far I’m loving the Nike Metcon 3 training shoes and I will be rocking them as my go-to shoes in the gym as long as I can keep them pearly whites somewhat clean.

Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoes

The Metcon 2 and 1 were reviewed by the same reviewer, but different from the one who reviewed the Metcon 3.

Just like the original Nike Metcon 1, the Metcon 2 just didn’t fit my feet great. It was still comfortable and I think they looked awesome on my feet. Yet, there was just something about the shoe that didn’t feel right. It kind of reminded me of clown shoes on my feet because it was big.

the toebox

Generally, the toe box on crossfit shoes is pretty wide and I actually liked that. But for some reason, the first two Nike crossfit shoes out there just didn’t sit great on my feet because they felt way too big all the way aound. With that said, ignoring the fact that the Metcon 1 and 2 are not probably the right shoes for my feet, I have friends that absolutely loved the fit of these shoes. So it’s definitely a person-by-person thing.

The Metcon 2 had a toe box area that was further reinforced which did help with durability a bit. With the Metcon 1, a lot of people had complained that they were getting the toe box area chopped up.

Regardless of what I think, these were killer crossfit shoes and a big number of athletes were just loving them. The metcon 2 was exactly the same as the original Metcons but with a few minor changes most of which didn’t make a big difference in terms of performance.

the heel

The heel area on the Metcon 2 featured a new slider, which was actually just a little bit of a plastic strip. This new feature did actually help athletes slide against the wall for handstand push-ups and that actually worked perfectly. I was a little bit concerned that it was more of a gimmick but it ended up being my favorite thing about the metcon 2.

The other thing is that the Metcon 2 had a little bit more stable of a heel not like the Rich Froning Crossfit shoes but a little bit more stable than the original Metcons.

rope resistant panels

Other than that, the Metcon 2 still had that ultra-durable rope resistant panels in the inside and the outside of the shoe. The panel actively gripped for rope climbs.

The tread on the bottom was great for the gym and for road running though I used to keep my workouts to under 2 miles with these shoes.

The Metcon 2 has a 4-mm heel-to-toe offset which is pretty standard for crossfit. The Metcon 2 wasn’t designed for running but I’d say it was probably better for running than a lot of other crossfit shoes at the time. Also,  it was pretty breathable and it had decent lockdown though.

I think that’s really it with the Metcon 2 actually. It was breathable and durable, it looked awesome, and it was comfortable. The Metcon 2 did actually run 1 size small like all Nikes do and it weighs around 11oz.

It was not the right crossfit shoe for my foot but again, it was hugely popular because a lot of athletes loved and swore by it.

Nike Metcon 1 Trainin​g shoes

If you didn’t know, the Metcon 1 trainers were Nike’s crossfit shoes though they were not in any way connected to Crossfit, the company. That did not stop Nike from trying to enter the market in a big way.

First off, they sponsored some of the biggest athletes in Crossfit like Lauren Fisher, John Bridges, Kenny Leverage, just to name a few and they rolled out a massive social media heavy marketing campaign that really seemed to get a lot of people fired up so much so that when the shoes finally hit the market they sold out almost instantly. 

I have to say that I liked them at the time, but they just didn’t seem to be the best crossfit shoes out there at any rate.

Here’s what you need to know about these shoes ...

First up, the Metcon 1 fits one size small as is common with Nike shoes. It has a 4-mm heel-to-toe drop just like the Nanos, which really seems to be the sweet spot in terms of a drop for a lot of crossfit shoes. Actually the Metcon 1 is very cushioned throughout particularly in the heel and the forefoot, which I thought made it ideal for running, but there is quite a lot of compression when you’re doing lifts.

Also, it has very thick but grippy rubber that surround bot the inside and the outside of the shoe, which helps protect against wear from the rope. That not only protects but actually grips the rope, which is really nice and not alot of shoes take this approach. Generally, it’s more about protection and not so much about trying to actively grip that rope.

Related to the grippy rubber that’s on the side of the shoe, the outsole is great and sticky and is pretty good for most surfaces.

That’s the basic overview stuff, but the real questions is how did they perform?

Well, the Metcon 1 training shoe was very comfortable and there was no doubt in my mind it would be a durable shoe. But despite the fact that the Metcon 1 was lightweight and breathable, it was a big shoe. It featured a lot of material and I think it was a lot wider than I anticipated at the time. The toe box was wide and I liked that, but the whole shoe fit very wide and that meant that most athletes could not get the fit they were hoping for. Also, my heel kept slipping, which was kind of annoying.

The Flywire cables on the outside did help a lot to lock down the midfoot, but I just could not get the shoe fit quite right. I also found the Metcon 1 to be inflexible and rigid especially when compared to the CrossFit Compete 614 shoes.

So overall, I really did like the Nike Metcon 1, but I was not sure it was right for me. I think it looked really great and it was certainly among the best-looking crossfit shoes at the time. There was no doubt that it was breathable, lightweight and very durable, but I was not sure that it was going to be my go-to crossfit shoes.

That's it folks. If you made it this far, thanks for your time. I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below and I'd love to know which of the versions above you've had and how your experience with them was.

Keep ... working out.

12 Best New Balance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis According To Podiatrists

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. It’s classically known for causing pain in the heel at the first step in the morning. The pain can feel like a Stone Bruise, A Sharp Dagger, Deep Throbbing or a Dull Ache.

You want to hear the good news?

Leading footwear manufacturers like New Balance have finally discovered what makes a shoe good for Plantar Fasciitis and embedded that technology right into the soles of their shoes.

Below are 12 of the best New Balance shoes for Plantar Fasciitis to get you back to walking or running. But right before that, here’s a quick review of the top rated 4.

New Balance 990v3
  • NEW BALANCE 990V3 (4.6/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: nubuck leather/pigskin
  • THE LINING: breathable mesh
  • THE OUTSOLE: Ndurance rubber
New Balance MW877 running shoes
  • NEW BALANCE 577 (4.3/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: leather
  • THE LINING: textile
  • THE FOOTBED: Walk-specific comfort
  • THE MIDSOLE: Polyurethane with ABZORB/isoprene rubber
  • THE OUTSOLE: Rubber with Walking Strike Path
New Balance 847 Health Walking Shoes
  • NEW BALANCE 847 (4.4/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: synthetic/mesh
  • THE LINING: seamless PHANTOM
  • THE FOOTBED: Ortholite cushioned textile
  • THE MIDSOLE: ABZORB with a built-in ROLLBAR
  • THE OUTSOLE: rubber with Walking Strike Path
New Balance 411 Health Walking Shoes
  • NEW BALANCE 411 (4.3/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: breathable leather
  • THE LINING: breathable mesh
  • THE FOOTBED: cushioned GelFOM
  • THE MIDSOLE: flexible AIM-EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: grippy rubber with Walking strike path

Walking shoes

New Balance 990v3 for Walking and Running

New Balance 990v3 for Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s


Whether for everyday wear, work, walking or running, the 990v3 is one of those shoes recommended by most Orthopedic surgeons. This shoe is by far the best New Balance shoes for Plantar Fasciitis hands down. Extremely comfortable, the 990v3 provides all the support, cushion and stability your Plantar Fasciitis needs. Its ample support and stability will bring your foot back to level allowing you to run as long as you want while absorbing all the harming shock your foot is subject to.

People who have walked or run in the 990 swear by its efficiency and a great number of them say this shoe is the only one that really cured their Plantar Fasciitis.

Some people say the 990 also cured their bad knees, bad ankles, arthritis of the foot, back pain, heel spurs, shin splints and calf problems. The 990 is durable and obviously built to last and last and last

All in all, the 990 is a great supportive and stability shoe that will certainly let you stay on your feet all day without all the aches and pains you might have been dealing with.


Sizing is pretty close but maybe a tad narrow for their normal sizing.

New Balance 927 Walking Shoe

New Balance 927 Walking Shoe Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s

New Balance 927 Walking Shoe

If you’re planning for an upcoming vacation, you should know you’ll be supposed to walk for long periods of time. However, why all the trouble planning a vacation if you experience fatigue or foot pain during the walk afterwards?

Recommended by most podiatrists, the 927 is a comfortable shoe with great arch support making walking and prolonged standing even on concrete much enjoyable for people who suffer from heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

The 927 is in the walking category. It’s one of the most recommended styles in the medical industry. It has a nice wide toe box and comes in multiple widths. So if you have a wider foot and really need something to accommodate your orthotic, the 927 is fantastic for that.

It also has a deep heel cup for stability and the ROLLBAR TPU medial and lateral posting. The Rollbar is a graphite feature built in the heel and designed to minimize rearfoot movement. This means it’s going to keep your feet aligned so they don’t pronate or supinate offering a really nice motion from heel to toe. Adding to that, stability is even more enhanced with the TS-2 posting that provides the ultimate in motion control.

It also features a rocker outsole with NB Walking Strike Path which is going to facilitate the transition for you and correct your gait when you walk.

So those people who have Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Achilles Tendonitis or any kind of sensitivity in their feet are going to find the 927 really nice for them.

New Balance 847 Health Walking Shoe

New Balance 847 Health Walking Shoe Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s

New Balance 847 Health Walking Shoe

The 847 is a men’s and women’s walking shoe for people with Plantar Fasciitis who need a lot of support and motion control but don’t want something heavy or stuffy.

This is a walking shoe that really looks more like a running shoe. The first thing you’ll notice is how much synthetic rubber and mesh is built in to the upper. This makes the front of the shoe a lot more flexible and a lot more breathable. It also has mesh on both sides, which serves as a bunion panel for people who have the swelling on their bunions.

The styling is also just a little bit more current and colorful. But style isn’t everything now and this shoe still has it where it counts. It’s built on an SL-2 Last, which basically means it’s got a little bit a wider forefoot and more of narrow heel.

What’s nice about this shoe is that it is lightweight and it has a Graphite Rollbar all around the heel with medial and lateral support for enhanced stability and support. Its Walking Strike Path on the outsole keeps your walking gait going straight with every step while offering a nice and smooth transition from the heel to the forefoot.

You’ll also find a Lightning Dry Lining to wick away moisture and an Ndurance outsole for maximum durability.

One benefit to this shoe is whether your arch collapses and your feet roll inwards or whether you tend to roll outwards more this is going to be a great shoe for you.

New Balance 411 Health Walking Shoe

New Balance 411 Health Walking Shoe Today's Price


New Balance 411 Health Walking Shoe

Get moving in a supportive and comfortable shoe with the New Balance 411 and don’t let your Plantar Fasciitis or any heel pain get in your way.

It has a really sturdy construction and will provide amazing comfort no matter what type of conditions you’re walking and your feet will feel great. It features a sturdy man-made leather upper with the logo detail for added appeal and synthetic overlay for durability. The inside features a fabric shoe lining with a foam cushioned footbed for added comfort and great moisture wicking.

The lace-up system gives you a secure fit with a padded collar and tongue for additional support. You have perforations throughout the upper giving you some added breathability. It also features an EVA midsole that’s going to help keep the shoe super-lightweight but always provide that comfort and shock absorption.

It all sits on a rubber outsole featuring the Waking Strike Path right in the middle that’s going to help guide your foot throughout the gait cycle keeping it feeling nice and steady while delivering a great flexibility.

Dunham by New Balance Winslow Oxford

Dunham by New Balance Winslow Oxford Today's Price


Dunham by New Balance Winslow Oxford

Plantar Fasciitis needs as much support as possible, and New Balance is one of the few companies that have done a great job so far catering all widths and sizes.

The Winslow is made of really nice leather. There’s added cushioning all throughout the shoe while its removable footbed gives you a ton of support, cushioning and comfort and it’s going to leave room for your orthotics.

The Winslow is a well-constructed shoe that provides incredible arch support, ankle support, and heel support. Its two hook-and-loop straps are there to make sure you have that customized fit and also spare the arthritis sufferers the trouble of bending over to tie shoelaces.

There’s a Rollbar technology in the back which is going to make sure your feet stay nice and stable inside. Its slip resistant outsole has a really nice flat platform to give a ton of stability. You have Abzorb cushioning in the forefoot and in the back, and this is the same stuff New Balance use in their athletic shoes to give you that performance and comfort you’re looking for.

It’s also great for back pain, knee pain, heel spurs, and swollen feet

All in all, the Winslow is supportive, comfortable, lightweight, durable, water resistant and easy to put on and off.

In short, the Winslow is a real winner with a perfect fit and great support for Plantar Fasciitis.

New Balance 577 Walking Shoe

New Balance 577 Walking Shoe Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s

New Balance MW577 Walking Shoe

The balance and support the New Balance 577 offers is going to be long lasting and also very dependable for your Plantar Fasciitis.

The 577 walking shoe has an incredibly tough rubber with a ton of reinforced stitching. It offers a lot of heel stability with a reinforced panel at the toe. The lace-up system offers a secure fit while the pillowy soft lining in the collar and at the Achilles together with the removable footbed provide added comfort. The footbed offers a lot of shock absorption giving a great comfortable feeling to your feet.

It features a big thick layer of Abzorb EVA which absorbs the shock and dissipates it taking all the beating. It also has a very stable and supportive base and a textured outsole that has the Walking Strike Path.

New Balance 877 Walking Shoe

New Balance 877 Walking Shoe Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s

New Balance MW877

It’s an incredibly comfortable supportive walking shoe making it one of the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

Comfortable and supportive, the New Balance 877 walking shoe is made with incredibly soft suede with breathable mesh panels all throughout to keep your feet cool. It features a lot of cushioning around the collar area as well as in the tongue. There’s a comfortable and shock absorbing footbed that is going to give you some added cushioning or leave room for your own orthotic. There’s Abzorb cushioning in the midsole, which helps keep the weight down and take all the beating thanks to its highly shock absorbing material. It also has a wide toe box and sufficient support for walking.

There’s a really nice flat platform on the outsole with the Walking Strike Path to help keep your feet aligned.


A lot of users say the MW877 falls a little bit short in arch support.

Running Shoes

New Balance 1260v3 Running Shoe

New Balance 1260v3 Running Shoe Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s

New Balance 1260v3 Running Shoe

The premium stability 1260 series continues in its third version to deliver the ultimate plush experience for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers.

With the 1260V3 stability is still guaranteed mile after mile. It continues on the PL-8 last with an 8mm offset (drop in mm from heel to toe). The 1260V3 is lower to the ground and heel cushioning is at a maximum thanks the Nitrogen infused N2 Technology that continues in this series. It features a segmented Abzorb crashpad that allows for safer strides slowing down negative forces that cause the feet to roll inward (pronation). In its third generation, the 1260V3 once again boasts T-Beam at mid-stance to ensure important torsional stability as well as ground contact through the midfoot to allow for a smoother transition and security.

The dual-density cushioning is geometrically structured along the medial side to counteract any additional negative forces. The result of all these things is a very stable shoe. Its Abzorb cushioning complements a plush blown rubber forefoot. This makes the runner not only stabilized through the shoe’s shape and structure, but enjoy maximum plush cushioning in its footprint.

The upper is made of soft PU material and structured differently from the medial side to the lateral side to enhance the in-shoe feel while keeping the runner secure in every step. An Asymmetrical Heel Counter design ensures rearfoot stability through its intuitive shape and smart design.

The 1260V3 is not only lighter in weight but more flexible than the competition without losing any torsional rigidity and support.

The 1260V3 delivers new ways of cushioning, new ways of stabilizing and enhances the overall plush premium stability experience for the long run.

New Balance 1540 Running Shoe

New Balance 1540 Running Shoe Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s

New Balance 1540 Running Shoe

The M1540 is one of best New Balance’s running shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

This amazing motion control shoe is completely breathable with tons of mesh all over the upper. Motion control shoes have a medial post on the inside of the shoe  that’s designed to stop the foot from rolling too much to the inside for somebody who overpronates. Yet, in a lot of cases with a motion control shoes especially if they’re being coupled with an orthotic, they can tend to overcorrect the foot. The good thing with the New Balance 1540 is that it has the medial post and a lateral post as well to limit the amount of break down on the outside of the shoe.

There’s even a removable footbed you can completely customize the shoe by putting in your custom orthotics which is pretty sweet. But all the main tech is in the midsole which offers tons of added stability, shock absorption and pronation control exactly where you need it the most. Plus the Rollbar is gonna give you a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off. You even have an Impact Guidance System in the bottom as well, plus its super-duper flexibility.

If you need added support and tons of comfort in a great running shoe, look no further. The shoe also has a very good rocker so as you walk it rolls you through. It’s great for a lot of different conditions.

It does come in multiple colors and multiple widths.

New Balance Vazee Pace Running Shoe

New Balance Vazee Pace Running Shoe Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s

New Balance Vazee Pace Running shoe

Getting your feet into the Vazee Pace is like a nice welcome hug from a relative you haven’t seen in a long time. This whole line of Vazee shoes from New Balance is replacing the 890 series. The Vazee Pace is more of a traditional trainer that’s going to put in a lot more miles. The REVlite midsole is a great material New Balance has been using in a lot of their shoes as it’s responsive and has cushioning in it. Its responsiveness mixed with the softness provides such a nice feeling.

It features a wider and stretchier toe box which gives ample room for your toes to move comfortably when you push off. The welded overlays provide more security and fit.

Right around the ankle, it’s really grippy and catches on to your feet and your ankle really well helping the foot not to slip at all. The collar is cushioned and foamy making walking around or running in this shoe very comfortable. The back of the shoe has some firm ridges that help secure your heel and your Achilles.

The outsole is segmented and has deep grooves and a high durability rubber tread that are durable and help with transition. The arch has like a boot-like, kind of massaging and hugging piece.

It’s also really similar to the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, but it has some differences that make it stand out as a quality mid-distance more responsive version of that shoe.

All around, it’s a very comfortable shoe.


Some users find the upper to be less durable.

New Balance 940V2 Running Shoe

New Balance 940V2 Running Shoe Today's Price

Women’s / Men’s

New Balance 940V2 Running shoe

Built with maximum support and cushion, the performance-driven M940V2 really goes the distance. An attractive synthetic and mesh upper keep the feet secure and dry on longer runs. Moderate to severe pronation is thoughtfully addressed in this shoe with its medial post and a unique T-Beam support shank.

For flexible mobility with each step, New Balance has also added deep flex grooves to the forefoot. And finally, it features N2 low-to-the-ground cushioning which allows for a plush bouncy ride while maintaining a low profile fit.


What’s Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is the tearing inflammation and degeneration of the Plantar Fascia, a long ligament on the bottom of the foot. The inflammation is the result of small micro-tears within the Plantar Fascia. The inflammation causes pain at the inside of the heel where the Plantar Fascia inserts on the heel bone. The traction on the heel bone from stress to the Plantar Fascia may cause a heel spur to form. Although heel spurs are commonly seen on X-ray, they are rarely the cause of pain. The cause of Plantar Fasciitis is multifactorial.

The abnormal motion in the feet, usually overpronation, in combination with an unsupportive pair of walking or running shoes and overuse can cause microscopic tears in the Plantar Fascia and start the process.


Some common conservative therapies for Plantar Fasciitis include:

  • Supportive shoes
  • Icing.
  • Stretching.
  • Heel lifts.
  • Weight loss.
  • Taping.
  • Orthotics.
  • Night splints.

Supportive shoes

Supportive shoes are one of the most important steps. A shoe that is too soft and flexible will strain the Plantar Fascia with each step. Think about the shoe as a brace to the ligament protecting it while it heals.


An ice massage with a frozen water bottle for 15 minutes, two to three times a day will both stretch the Plantar Fascia and decrease inflammation.

Stretching is one of the most important treatments that should be done multiple times a day, including before stepping out of the bed. The Plantar Fascia-Specific Stretch has been shown to be the most beneficial

A heel lift can decrease the stress on the Plantar Fascia.

Tight calf muscles lead to the heel coming off the floor early, which places excess stress to the Plantar Fascia, which results in tearing inflammation and pain.



Taping is a method designed to take stress off of the Plantar Fascia to allow it to heal. The method shown is the Low Dye Strapping and can be an effective short-term treatment.


Orthotics are rigid devices placed inside the shoe and designed to control abnormal motion and prevent arch collapse. By placing the foot in the correct position, it will take stress off the Plantar Fascia and allow it to heal.

Night Splints

Night splints can be very beneficial as they help keep the Plantar Fascia stretched out while you sleep. When sleeping, the foot is in a relaxed position. During the night, the cap and the Plantar Fascia contract and tighten and in the morning, they are in a tightened shortened position. When the full body weight is placed on the foot, the Fascia becomes overstressed and tears. Night splints hold the ankle up and hold the toes back stretching both the calf and the Plantar Fascia during the night allowing the Fascia to heal in an elongated position.

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9 Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis – Never Stop Running

Today we’ll be reviewing 9 of the best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis.

It is an ailment that takes its name from a Greek warrior, Achilles. Like him, you could be battling your own worthy opponent called Achilles Tendonitis. It’s most likely a nagging pain in the back of your ankle.

But today’s your lucky day because below we’ve reviewed 9 best running shoes for your Achilles.

4 Asics best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Asics Gel Nimbus 18

Available for women and men

Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Today's Price

asics gel nimbus 18 running shoes for achilles tendonitis

The Asics Gel Nimbus 18 are the best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis and heel bumps hands down. Read what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it.

It is a premium daily running shoe designed for the neutral to underpronator looking for high energizing cushioning. One of the key updates to the Nimbus 18 would be the new heel counter. The heel counter offers a little bit more support to the runner in conjunction with a new FluidFit upper. The men’s has a 10mm heel-to-toe drop and the women’s has a 13mm drop. The women’s version has 3mm of extra comfort for Achilles tension. The tongue and collar are pretty plush and is going to feel great on your ankles and Achilles tendon.

Known for its plush cushioning, the 18th version of this series utilizes a new gel placement designed to improve adaptability on the road.

The upper

It has a mesh upper with synthetic overlays along with FluidFit upper technology that adapts to the foot for a really glove-like fit and feel. It also has a breathable seamless upper construction which reduces the likelihood of irritation as well as a nice lace-up closure for a nice snug fit.

The inside has a nice and soft fabric lining that feels really great next to your skin as well as the Comfordry X40 sockliner so you’re feeling fresh all day long.

There is a FluidRide technology in the midsole that provides the ultimate combination of bounceback, lightweight responsiveness, and cushioning properties. There’s also rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning systems to help attenuate shock during impact and toe-off phases. With this new version, we have Convergence Gel which is closer to the foot helping with cushioning properties and really makes sure you’re floating on clouds.

This shoe also has gender-specific cushioning that uses a lower density midsole top layer that allows the ladies to better enjoy midsole compression benefits.

At the bottom, you have a Guidance Trusstic System that supplies and enhances the gait efficiency without compromising midfoot structural integrity. Everything comes on an AHAR rubber (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole which really helps with durability and traction.


8 Best walking shoes for Achilles Tendonitis
20 Best sandals for Achilles Tendonitis

Asics Gel Kayano 21

Available for women and men

Asics Gel Kayano 21 Today's Price

asics gel kayano 21 running shoes for achilles tendonitis

These are the best shoes for Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar FasciitisRead what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it.

Updated from the Kayano 20, the Kayano 21 is a well-cushioned stability shoe designed for mild to moderate overpronators. Two main features the Kayano 21 kept from the Kayano 20 is the stability system offered by Dynamic Duomax and also the FluidFit in the upper which gives a form-fitting wrap around the midfoot.


One of the biggest updates to the Kayano 21 is the reduction in weight. The men’s size 9 weighs in at 11.3oz and the women’s model, which comes with gender specific cushioning, only weighs in at 8.9oz making both shoes the lightest Kayanos yet. Another update to this shoe is the redesigned crashpad providing a smoother transition from the heel to the midfoot and slowing the rate of pronation.

It does have a form-fitting appeal to it in large part due to the FluidFit in the upper which gives a good wrap around the foot and I also felt the toe box to be a little wider. The Kayano 21 feels more like the Kayano 19 whereas the 20 feels a little narrow in the forefoot. I like the responsiveness of this model compared to the previous models. Also, I really enjoyed the cushioning in this model. Asics has added more gel in the heel and the forefoot.

So things I like about the shoe: It’s definitely softer than the 20 and the gel unit from the heel to the forefoot makes this a smoother ride. The wider toe box is a lot better and allows more room for the toes to splay with each stride. Likewise, I felt it’s more supportive in the arch as a runner with low arches, the more arch support I can get in a stability shoe the better.

Asics GT 2000 3

Available for women and men

Asics Gel Kayano 21 Today's Price


The GT 2000 3 is a great shoe for Achilles Tendonitis and bad kneesRead what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it.

This the ideal shoe for the mild to moderate overpronator. The support in these shoes is provided by the Dynamic Duomax Support System in the arch of the shoe. Just like its predecessor, The GT 2000 3 uses Asics’ trademark gel cushioning system. This tried and tested cushioning makes the shoe a great choice whether you’re a new runner or training for a marathon.

This updated model has Asics’ new FluidRide midsole for a more responsive and bouncy feel. It also has a brand new external heel clutching system specifically designed for mild to moderate overpronation. This new system gives great heel support and provides more support in the medial side of the shoe.

Even with all these new additions, the new 2000 3 is the lightest ever edition.

Asics Gel Contend 3

Available for women and men

Asics gel contend 3 Today's Price

asics gel contend 3 running shoes for achilles tendonitis

If you stopped running because of your Achilles Tendonitis, the Contend 3 from Asics can get you back to your active lifestyle. Read what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it.

These neutral trainers are ideal for the new and low mileage runner. It has an open mesh upper with supportive synthetic overlays throughout for style and functionality. It has a lightly cushioned collar and tongue for added comfort. The laces-up system helps lock the foot into place. It comes with rearfoot gel cushioning to give you excellent shock absorption and a super comfortable midsole to keep your feet feeling great with every step.

The inside has a soft fabric lining along with a removable sockliner so you can accommodate a custom orthotic.

It all sits on a durable rubber outsole that provides lightweight cushioning and a ton of flexibility.

Get ready to contend in the Contend 3.

3 best Mizuno running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Mizuno Wave Rider 18

Available for women and men

mizuno wave rider 18 Today's Price

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 running shoes for achilles tendonitis

The Rider 18 is a must-have running shoe as it provides great protection for the Achilles Tendon. It also a great running shoe for high archesRead what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it.

With the 18th version of the Rider series, runners will find a neutral daily running shoe with firmer cushioning and a smooth feel for an effortless transition on the road. Along with a redesigned two-peace upper, the Rider 18 improves upon its previous generation while still providing a classic Mizuno feel.

Upon trying on the Rider 18, runners noticed a firm responsive cushioning that gave this shoe a slightly faster feel. Through the shoe’s lightweight U4ic midsole, the Mizuno Rider 18 provides plenty of shock absorption without sacrificing performance. This versatile neutral trainer is a great option for distance training but firm enough to be used for your occasional tempo run. Even up to the Marathon distance, this shoe is going to provide a cushioned yet lightweight option.

Year after year, the Rider series is known for its smooth transition allowing runners to run effortlessly mile after mile. Upon hitting the roads, runners noted a consistent underfoot feel at a variety of paces. The continued use of Mizuno’s trusted Wave Plate creates a springy sensation along with increased torsional rigidity between the heel and forefoot. While the shoe is extremely smooth, runners did notice the 12mm drop as paces increase.

The upper

On the upper, you will be impressed with an improved fit felt similar to the 16th version of the Wave Rider. With a revamped two-piece air mesh upper, the wrap of the Rider 18 provides a snug breathable experience. While the upper is not quite as plush as the previous version, runners felt the Rider 18 felt true to the classic Mizuno feel. While fit of the Rider 18 is standard, you’ll notice a slightly lower volume design which provided a snugger midfoot wrap with slightly more room in the forefoot.

With firm cushioning and a smooth transition, Mizuno Wave Rider 18 provides runners with a versatile neutral daily running shoe ready to go the distance.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

Available for women and men

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Today's Price


Relieve the pain in your Achilles with these Awsome looking shoes from Mizuno. Read what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it. The Wave Inspire is also a great option for unfortunate runners with bunions.

The Inspire series is Mizuno’s core stability shoe. It’s designed for the overpronator runner whose foot lands and then rolls too far inside placing a lot of extra pressure on the arch and the big toe. Mizuno combats that by using a plastic Wave Plate to reinforce the medial side and holes on the lateral side to help the shoe to compress.

This is has been in Mizuno’s line-up for ten years. The 10th version underwent a very big change, a new midsole and a new upper. The 11th version of this series carries over the same midsole but with a new upper on top. The Inspire 10 has completely welded overlays on the upper, but the Inspire 11’s only welded overlay is found on the lateral side in form of plastic panel. The 10 has printed Runbird logo, but the 11 has like a thermoplastic sewn on logo. All these add up to make the shoe a little bit more structured.

The outsole of this shoe is blown rubber along with Mizuno’s XT 10 carbon rubber for better durability. The midsole foam is Mizuno’s U4ic foam which is a reformulation of AP+ Foam. Mizuno claims the foam to be lighter while still retaining all the cushioning and stability properties of the previous AP+ Foam.

Also in the heel, there’s a wedge of SR Touch Foam that also further cushions and dissipates shock on heel strike.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4

Available for women and men

Mizuno Wave prophecy 4 Today's Price

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 running shoes for achilles tendonitis

The Prophecy 4 is a nice shoe for Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis. Read what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it

For those who have never tried on a Mizuno before, the Wave Prophecy 4 is Mizuno’s ultimate cushion running shoe and boasts the ultimate in Mizuno Wave Technology. The shoe’s infinity double Wave provides full foot cushion, transfers energy smoothly from heel strike to toe-off, and gives runners a sensation that they’re floating across the ground. In fact, the shoe has an almost springy feel that makes for a fun running experience.

The upper

For those familiar with the Wave Prophecy, Mizuno have refined the upper on the Prophecy 4 to give you a lighter weight more breathable mesh. They’ve returned to the two-piece construction in the midfoot with the stitched on Runbird logo to really wrap and hug that arch. They’ve continued with the same improvement that the Prophecy 3 brought with a more flexible forefoot, a softer heel and a lighter overall construction.

The Prophecy 4 is kind of stiff and also heavier than many other running shoes. Mizuno have extended the Wave Plates all the way to the front of the sole making the shoe durable and highly responsive. The Prophecy 4 is well suited for major mileage or for runners who need a break from the more minimalist styles that are so common.

The foam used in the midsole is Mizuno U4ic compound which does help to keep the weight of the shoe manageable. The outsole is fairly flat and not designed for trails at all. But on the roads and hard pack flat trails, this shoe comes on its own and exemplifies what Mizuno calls Mezamashii, a brilliant and eye-opening run in Japanese.

The Prophecy 4 is visually striking as it’s inspired by color-shifting cuttlefish. The upper breaths well and it’s very comfortable. The fit is similar to other Mizuno shoes and the feel is comfortable if a bit firmer underfoot.

The Prophecy 4 is a 12mm drop weighing 12.3oz for men size 9 and 10.2oz in a size 8 for women.

If you are looking for a durable supportive road shoe that will feel lighter than it is and carry you as many miles as you can handle while also drawing some intrigue looks from other runners, the Wave Prophecy 4 may be just what you’re looking for.

2 best New Balance running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay

Available for women and men

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay Today's Price


The Boracay is a shoe that’s great for Achilles Tendonitis, Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain) and Plantar Fasciitis, Read what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it.

New Balance actually split the Fresh Foam Line into two different shoes. The Boracay is actually the update to the original 980 that launched back in 2014.

The big thing with the Boracay is cushioning. New Balance uses what they call Fresh Foam midsole, all one density with no plastic shank giving the runner a smooth transition through the shoe no matter where they strike. So if you’re a heel striker or if you’re more of a forefoot runner, or even if you tend to strike on the outside a little bit more, the Boracay provides a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off.

Another unique feature to the Fresh Foam midsole is New Balance’s ability to get stability through geometry. What I mean by that is that if you take a look at the midsole, you’ll see there are certain areas of the foam that are concave and certain areas that are convex to add more support in certain areas where runners need it and more release in where they don’t. So where the foam is convex, generally runners need a little bit more stability. Conversely, if you take a look at the lateral side, most of the foam is concave, meaning that generally in those areas runners don’t necessarily need as much stability.

The Upper

Another key update to the Fresh Foam Boracay is the upper. New Balance uses a two-way stretch mesh which should provide a little bit more of a generous fit than the original Fresh Foam 980. New Balance also uses some heat welded overlays to provide additional stability but keep the shoe lightweight. Also, New Balance added a little bit of a neoprene piece so where the tongue ties into the shoe, you can still pull and it has a little bit of give to it. So after you tie the shoe you can still be able to pull on the tongue without getting any of that creasing or pulling in the toe box.

The Boracay still maintains that 4 mm hell-to-toe offset that was originally found in the 980. So checking in at 9.3oz on the men’s side and 7.6oz on the women’s, you can still expect a lightweight cushioned ride from the Fresh Foam Boracay.

This is one of the first times New Balance has named a shoe rather than giving it numbers. The idea on the Boracay is because of the plush ride and the smoothness of the shoe New Balance has named the shoe after a Beach in the Philippines, super-soft, exotic and beautiful.

New Balance Vazee Rush

Available for women and men

New Balance Vazee Rush Today's Price

New Balance Vazee Rush running shoes for achilles tendonitis

Run pain-free in the Vazee Rush. Read what runners with Achilles Tendonitis say about it.

The Vazee Rush is a great option for the neutral runner after nice snappy lightweight ride. This neutral shoe is built with the versatility to withstand high-performance running and in-gym training sessions. It has a nice lace-up system with a midfoot saddle to hug that foot and make sure everything stays locked into place during those multi-directional movements. It has a deconstructed heel counter in the back with a no-sew overlay for added support.

The Vazee Rush is one of the lightest additions to New Balance range. The Rush is all about speed and lightweightness aimed to keep the runner close to the ground with a fast aggressive ride. It features a highly breathable mesh upper with lightweight synthetic overlays to give you some added structural integrity without weighing the shoe down. It features a lightly padded tongue and collar, soft fabric lining and a removable insole to give you the option to use your custom insole.

This shoe utilizes REVlite Technology, New Balance’s foam which is 30% than their traditional cushioning midsole technologies. The REVlite midsole foam delivers energy return with every stride you take. It has a really durable blown rubber outsole with a Podular design to really give the runner that great first feel underfoot and encourage quick heel-to-toe transition. On top of that, there’s a bootie construction to allow the foot to feel nice and snug within the shoe.

The Achilles Tendon is the strongest tendon in the body. Connecting the calf to the heel bone, the Achilles Tendon helps propel us when we walk, jump or run and it keeps that spring in our step. But when it’s irritated, you can feel it burning. So how do you know if you have Achilles Tendonitis? Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Swelling, warmth and redness in the back of your lower leg.
  • Pain in the back of your ankle, about 2 inches above your heel.
  • Noticeable pain after you stretch your calves.

If you have any or all of those symptoms, then you may have Achilles Tendonitis. Now let’s talk about the cause of this condition.

Causes of Achilles Tendonitis

  • Tight calf muscles due to improper stretching.
  • Injury caused by repetitive overuse of the Achilles Tendon, for example from long distance running. These can cause inflammation and burning pain in the back of the ankle.
  • Overpronation, or excessive rolling of your foot inward.
  • Flat feet.

If left untreated, Achilles Tendonitis sometimes causes a deformity of the heel bone. Although this is rare, we recommend you consult a podiatrist for a professional diagnosis. Most doctors agree that stretching and exercise can help prevent Achilles Tendonitis. You can stretch your calf muscles before physical activities, and you can strengthen your calf muscles by doing exercises like calf raises. (pic).

If you feel irritation, the best treatment can be rest. Stop all physical activity that causes pain in your Achilles tendon. As the pain goes away, make sure to massage and ice your leg for up to 20 minutes three times a day.

There are other smart solutions to help keep the mighty Achilles Tendon stretched out and free from discomfort. I recommend you just lift it. Lifting can help to reduce tension and relieve the inflammation. You can use heel cushions in your shoes to lift. Support straps can also be used to help compress the tendon and lift the heel for some relief. And, try running shoes with at least 1 inch heel. You can also stretch your Achilles tendon. Wearing a night splint can help to gently stretch the tendon overnight. A specialized stretching device can be used to relieve pain and strengthen your Achilles tendon. Finally, just stabilize it. If you tend to overpronate, select and orthotic insole to help correct your walk, stabilize your foot and absorb the shock.

8 Best Sandals for High Arches According to Podiatrists in The USA

I think you would agree with me when I say:

A lot of companies claim their shoes offer great arch support, but once you put the shoes on, you immediately notice the arch support is absolutely ridiculous.

Yet, there are some shoes that offer great arch support that’s sure to help alleviate the pain associated with high arches or Plantar Fasciitis.

Today is your lucky day because we’re going to go in depth with 8 best sandals for high arches. But first, here’s a quick comparison of the best 4.

birkenstock-arizona-sandals-for-achilles tendonitis
  • Birkenstock Unisex Arizona (4.5/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: suede and Birko-Flor
  • THE LINING: suede-covered
  • THE FOOTBED: anatomically correct cork and latex
  • THE OUTSOLE: renewable EVA
vionic-with-orthaheel-amber-sandals-for-achilles tendonitis
  • Vionic Orthaheel Amber (4.3/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: man-made or natural cork
  • THE LINING: microfiber
  • THE FOOTBED: podiatrist-designed, biomechanical orthotic
  • THE OUTSOLE: durable rubber
teva verra sandals high arches
  • Teva Verra (4.5/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: Water-ready polyester webbing
  • THE LINING: fabric
  • THE FOOTBED: contoured EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: Spider Original rubber
Vionic Mojave Sandal
  • Vionic Mojave 4.4/5
  • UPPER MATERIAL: faux Leather
  • THE LINING: neoprene
  • THE FOOTBED: podiatrist-designed, biomechanical orthotic


Best running shoes for high arches
33 Best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Today's Price


All Birkenstock sandals carry the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

First off, the Arizona is one of the best Birkenstock sandals for high arches, Plantar Fasciitis (walk around all day with absolutely zero pain), Morton’s Neuroma, flat feet, bad knees, bad hips and chronic back pain.

This sandal is built for easy living thanks to its slip-on design that’s completely adjustable with two fully functioning buckles across the top of the foot to give you a secure fit and accommodate any foot size. The straps feel fantastic to the touch and soft next to your skin.

The magic of the Birkenstock footbed

The footbed is lined with suede and made with a combination of cork and latex which provides you with fantastic support and cushioning with each and every step. You’ve probably seen some Birkenstock sandals and noticed that the heel, the arch and the toes are kind of printed on the footbed. But out of the box, the sandal comes with a flat footbed that’s going to take a little time to mold to the unique shape of your foot until they are insanely comfortable, better than going barefoot.

The footbed is anatomically correct and is contoured to fit your foot perfectly. It also has a raised toe bar in the front to help with the gripping motion of your toes and really make sure your foot stays locked into place as you’re walking around. Most importantly, the footbed offers pronounced arch support for your high arches, which also helps keep Plantar Fasciitis pain at bay. There’s a neutral heel profile and a deep heel cup that’s going to help to keep the natural padding of your foot where it belongs which is right underneath the heel to help distribute your body weight a little more evenly along the shoe. This is also going to help align your ankles, knees and hips – that’s fantastic for your body. This helps with better posture and circulation as well. Last but not least, the footbed has a roomy toe box for toe splay.

In short, the cork and latex footbed offers lots of comfort to help keep your feet feeling great from sunrise to sunset.

The outsole

There’s a flexible and really durable EVA outsole that offers lightweight shock absorbing protection and stability especially because there’s such a great dose of texture throughout the entire outsole.


The best thing to do is go to the nearest store and size these sandals in person just for your piece of mind. However, if you’re going to order them online, definitely select one size down from the sizes they give you. Also, because it’s a unisex sandal it’s a little wider to fit a man’s foot. They may feel large just until they mold to your foot.

N: narrow feet (go for “N” only if you have abnormally narrow or very small feet)
M: medium (“regular” width, normal to wide feet)
W: wide (only for extra wide feet)


You may want to wear Birkenstock sandals around the house for a couple of days until your feet get used to the true arch support feature the sandal  features.


  • is insanely comfortable and even gets more and more comfortable as you go
  • offers great arch support for your high arches and most foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis and knee pain
  • conforms and molds to your unique foot shape


  • takes some time until you taste the magic of the footbed

The best part about a gorgeous pair of Birkenstocks is that they only get better with time. So break these in and you’re going to love them pretty much for life. When your feet move to the state of this Arizona, they’re going to just simply say AHHHH.

KEEN Venice H2 Sandal

Keen venice h2 sandal for high arches Today's Price

keen venice h2 sandal for high arches

The Venice H2 provides great support and cushion for high arches.

It’s also great for:

  • knee issues
  • arthritis
  • bunions and hammer toes
  • flat feet
  • narrow heels
  • wide feet
  • Morton’s Neuroma

Like all Keen footwear, the Venice H2 sandal has been developed to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible to protect your feet during those warmer months walks. Having a look at the fabric used to create the Venice, you can see it has polyester webbing combined with suede detail on the ankles and the front. This sandal is really tough and sturdy. It is shaped into these open straps which will keep your foot nice and cool. The inside is lined with a soft and hydrophobic mesh lining which protects the inside of the shoe from any water

You won’t have to worry about your foot sliding around and becoming irritated thanks to the V-strap forefoot capture design which allows you to gather the shoe in to fit perfectly by adjusting the bungees.With an Aegis Microbe Shield Treated Lining, you will experience fast drying comfort that won’t irritate your skin when the sandal gets wet. To help you put the shoe on, the sandal has a sturdy loop on the front and the heel.

The footbed

The Venice H2 sandal uses Keen’s metatomical EVA footbed. This has been created in such a way to support your foot in its natural shape. This sandal features a fantastic arch support while the footbed itself has been molded to cradle your foot in its natural contours to give you as much comfort as possible.

The outsole

The TH3 outsole has been created using non-marking rubber and has been molded into a razor siping with a multi-directional lug pattern to give you superior grip on an array of terrain. So from water to trail, the Venice H2 keeps you on your feet so you can enjoy the great outdoors.

The toe bumper

Coming around to the front of the shoe, there’s the patented toe protector which Keen sandals are famous for. The toe bumper will keep your toes safe from rocks, sharp objects, and particularly crustaceans.

Whether you’re walking on the beach or through the countryside or if you raft, sail, camp or fish around the water during the hottest months of the year, Keen’s Venice H2 is your go-to outdoor sandal for the summer.


Try to go up half a size.

Oofos Ooahh Sandals

oofos ooahh Sandals for high arches Today's Price

oofos ooahh sandals for high arches

The Oofos are great for

  • High arches
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bad feet and knees
  • Joint issues
  • Achilles Tendonitis/Tendinopathy
  • Arthritis
  • Sore feet and knees after workouts.

The Oofos are specially designed sandals that are both for people who have issues with their feet like high arches and Plantar Fasciitis but they are also great for athletes to help their feet recover when they’ve been stressed. So for the athletes, the Oofos help soothe and reinvigorate feet after those tough workouts. They’ve got an easy slip-on design that’s shower and beach ready.

Read what Sunny’s Mom say about the arch support of the Oofos on Amazon.

These sandals are made out of Oofoam and they’re a bit deep in the forefoot to help get your foot in the position that needs to be so it can recover from stresses. Also, the sandal offers great arch support for your high arches. The footbed offers lots of cushioning and comfort while the treaded outsole has an interesting layout designed to both support the arch and also absorb the shock you put on your feet on a daily basis. So your foot has a chance to recover whether from athletics or from injury. The Ooahh is both supportive and cushy which is a nice feature. This sandal’s got moisture and odor-resistant material on the inside to keep those feet feeling and smelling fantastic.

It’s like a gel that responds just after you take the step and that’s the key to the material that’s in these sandals. Rather than rebounding your foot like a running shoe does, this material is meant to absorb the shock. After you’ve been running, these are one of the most comfortable ways to let your feet recover from the stress that you’ve put them in.

We would almost say that the Oofos Ooahh makes you walk slowly as it doesn’t provide that rebound effect to the foot so your foot goes forward when it’s good and ready to the next step. That takes a lot of the pressure off and the sandal makes you walk further because your heel or arches aren’t hurting.

Around the house

The Oofos is a great sandal to put on when you’re puttering around the house as it’ll help provide some support and comfort to your feet throughout the day.


  • Most people return this sandal because of its high arch, which is great for those of you who have high arches.
  • It’s squishy heaven and once on almost forgettable.
  • It’s great for those long walks on the beach.
  • It helps reduce stress on sore feet, knees lower back and keep you feeling fantastic.


  • The Oofoam tends to be a bit sticky in hot weather. in this case, put on some ankle socks and you’re good to go.
  • Not a lot of colors to choose from.
  • Not that fashionable (but who cares when things hurt)

For those times when your feet don’t feel that great, slip these on and your feet will definitely say Ooahh.

Teva Women’s Verra Sandals

teva verra Sandals Today's Price


The Verra is great for:

  • High arches (Emily from Amazon has extremely high arches. Read her love story with the Verra sandal)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Knee, back, ankle pain
  • Bunions
  • Metatarsalgia (or ball of foot pain)
  • Flat feet
  • Wide feet
  • Narrow feet
  • Achilles Tendonitis /Tendinopathy

This is a nice lightweight summer sandal which is going to be ideal for your coastal walking as well as your holiday walking and is sure to keep up with you. It’s got a nice lightweight structure to it and nice simple kind of adjustment systems so you can get a nice and perfect fit.

Taking a look at the front section, it’s got a durable nylon webbed upper that can be completely adjusted with two hook and loop tabs for a perfect fit. It has a really easy standard loop system which interlinks nicely. You can loosen up or tighten up the straps to get a nice hold over the front part of your foot – nice, quick and easy.

On the back, you’ve got a traditional Velcro strap system together with an ankle support strap to give you added support on the back as well. This is going to hold the back part of your foot in place if you’re doing a bit of low level close to walking.

The footbed is contoured to fit your foot perfectly providing you with great arch support whereas the deep heel cup helps keep your feet steady. It’s going to be a lot more comfortable and it’s going to work with your natural arch in your foot making it a lot comfortable. Even if you’re doing long-distance hiking or walking, you know it’s going to be comfortable pretty much from the word go. The footbed is super soft and squishy too for added cushioning and it has been treated with Microban technology which makes it completely anti-microbial to help fight odor causing bacteria. There’s a Shock Pad in the heel for added cushioning.

The outsole looks very basic and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It is made with durable spider rubber that’s flexible and supportive as well. It’s got great depth to it so no matter what sort of terrain, it’s going to give you a nice grip.

Steer your direction towards the Verra today.


  • The ankle straps cannot be adjusted, so if you have large thick ankles, they might not be a good fit.
  • The material on the upper takes a bit longer to dry.
  • The sandal’s rubberized footbed tends to make some people’s feet hot and therefore sweat.

Vionic with Orthaheel Amber Women’s Sandal

Women’s Vionic by Orthaheel Amber Sandal

All Vionic sandals have received APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Women’s Vionic by Orthaheel Amber Sandal Today's Price


The Amber is great for:

  • High arches
  • Overpronation
  • Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.
  • Flat feet
  • Wide feet
  • Bunions and hammertoes
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Arthritic knees.

Podiatrist-designed Orhtaheel technology

The Vionic Amber is fantastic style and features innovative built-in podiatrist designed Orthaheel technology that provides superior orthotic support for your high arches and relief and stability to help realign the feet back to their natural position thanks to its super comfortable footbed and its deep heel cup. This can also help relieve associated common aches and pains like arch pain from high arches, heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain and lower back pain.

The Amber is also given the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and it’s been proven to reduce pronation and keep your feet feeling fantastic the whole day through. An optimal vegan option, this slingback is made of impressive leatherette in a natural cork or snake patterned look with two gorgeous stones at the front for a little bit of added blink. The little jewel detail isn’t glued but actually faceted in there beautifully, and that really speaks of quality that you’re getting with Vionic as well.

Read what Becky from Amazon says: “Great for high arches!”

Four points of adjustability

It features four hook and loop straps which provide you with easy on an off and the absolute perfect fit every single time you wear them. You can actually slide off the strap that holds the stone adornments so it just transforms right into a four-strap sandal which is really cool because it gives a lot of versatility, and you know how much you ladies love versatility. The Amber also features a man-made interior lining with a soft microfiber insole.

This sandal has a lightweight flexible EVA midsole that helps to absorb shock and reduce stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. You’ll also find a durable rubber outsole with a patterned tread all over for stability no matter where you may roam. The Amber is also easy to clean and you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth and air dry under direct sunlight only.


The Amber has a bit longer toe area and this makes it look a bit bigger if you have short toes.

With a built-in podiatrist designed technology sitting underneath the foot, a footbed covered in soft microfiber and an outsole featuring a botanical tread design for improved traction, the Amber is an extremely comfortable and versatile sandal that feels great and looks great too.

Vionic Mojave Sandal with Orthaheel Technology

Women’s Vionic mojave by Orthaheel Amber Sandal Today's Price

The Mojave is great for:

  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bad knees and backs
  • Flat feet and wide feet
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Shin splits
  • Bunions

The Mojave is a sporty casual shoe which is something that you kind of need to have for this summer time. The instant you put these sandals on, they feel different as they provide one of the best support levels you’ll ever feel from such an open shoe.

Read what an Amazon customer says about the sandal’s high arch level.

The technology behind the Mojave is not visible but it’s built-in. The Mojave features a built-in biomechanical orthotic footbed that provides three different densities sitting underneath the footbed. The heel has a softer density EVA right where the heel sits, the arch area features a slightly firmer EVA, and right under where that big toe joint sits there’s again a softer EVA material. The feeling you get when you slip into these sandals is that really stable, supportive sort of feeling provided by the three different densities underneath your foot.

It’s lightweight and flexible in the forefoot. It features an elasticized toe ring and a leather upper with hook and loop adjustable straps to allow for a customized fit. The Vionic  Mojave has a TPR durable rubber outsole with a wave pattern which offers fantastic traction and stability on a variety of surfaces to maintain your confident stride.

With softer sections in the heel and the forefoot for cushioning and then medium density through the arch for control, the Vionic Mojave absorbs shock to reduce stress on your foot and provides premium comfort. Last but not least, the Mohave is one of the few options than can actually accommodate custom orthotics.


At first, all Vionic sandals feel different to what your feet are accustomed to, so wear them for a few hours at a time for the first few days.


Size down if you wear a half size.


The toe post does not accommodate bigger big toes.

Earth Origins Bianca Open Toe Suede Sport Sandals

Earth Origins Bianca Open Toe Suede Sport Sandals Today's Price


These are great sandals with good arch support. If you’re on your feet a lot during the day, or love exploring the great outdoors, having a comfortable pair of shoes to support your high arches and your active lifestyle is a priority. Investing in a pair of walking shoes for high arches that are designed for your foot’s individual requirements needn’t be confusing. As mentioned, a flexible sole is a priority. The Earth Origins Bianca Women’s Sandal has a rubber sole, a material that is best suited to absorb the impact on your feet as you walk. This should prevent future pain or damage from developing.

The Bianca sandal by Earth Brands is also designed to offer you comfort and relief if you already suffer from daily foot agonies. The stylish suede walking shoe features a hook and loop closure system that is adjustable to alleviate nerve tension caused by your high arches. It also makes it super easy to slip the walking sandal on and off so it’ll never slow you down!

Comfort levels are also boosted thanks to latex cushioning in the midsole, and impertex sock lining, which is a breathable and waterproof material, alleviating sweating and further discomfort. If you’re looking for a walking shoe for high arches, you’ll also want good grip to cut down on stumbles and slips. The Bianca walking shoe has a TPR outsole, giving you the grip you need, whatever the surface. You don’t need to skimp on style either – this Earth Origins sports sandal has a feminine, non-bulky look, with a leather upper and contrast stitching.

2 – Keen Women’s Class 5 Flip Sandal

Earth Origins Bianca Open Toe Suede Sport Sandals Today's Price


When you think of flip shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the traditional rubber shoes you love to kick back in when the weather is warm. There’s something liberating and refreshing about wearing shoes with toe pegs, but if you have high-arched feet, you could be setting yourself up for trouble. They simply don’t offer you the support you need.

The Keen Women’s Class 5 Flip Sandal has a reinforced rubber sole to offer extra shock absorbing qualities and plenty of tread, with fabric bands and toe pegs so the flip sandal fits your foot comfortably and securely. You won’t get that “flip-flopping” sensation you get with old-school flip sandals. While these are great everyday shoes, they have a polyurethane (PU) foam midsole, which also makes them suitable as flip walking sandals, thanks to their support and shock-absorbing qualities.

The upper is also made of microfiber meaning it dries quickly and draws moisture (such as perspiration) away from the foot. Even better, they only weigh 6.4 oz, making them light sandals that won’t slow you down or bulk up your travel pack.

Scared of losing them in rapid-moving water? Don’t worry – thanks to the materials used in the Keen Women’s Sandals, they will float in water. The fabric used in the Class 5 flip walking sandals also sets them apart from other sandals for high arches. Geometric designs on the fabric gives them a classic look and feel that will look great with all your other walking gear.

Keen makes a number of other top sandals for women you can read about.


Feet come in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re suffering from foot pain when walking or standing, there may be something about the structure of your feet that’s setting you up for a set of problems. One of the issues you could be facing is a foot condition called pes cavus – more commonly known as a high arches.

A foot specialist known as a podiatrist can diagnose this for you, but taking a look at your footprint could give you a clue that this is something you are suffering from. A high arched foot may leave a thin footprint. This is because most of the arch area is not making contact with the ground. You can test this out by wetting your feet and then standing on a concrete or stone floor to see if your footprint is very thin.

If you find that you are rarely able to find comfortable shoes, or often find shoes too shallow, this could also indicate you have high arches. Shopping problems aside, having high arches causes foot, knee, back and leg pain because your feet are not properly able to absorb shock created when your foot hits the ground. If you have high arches you may also experience nerve irritation across the top of your foot caused by shoes being too tight as a result of your high arches.

The solution? Foot orthotics can help by relieving the pressure on your heel and forefoot, but if it’s spring, summer, or fall and you want a pair of sandals, you’ll need to look for walking sandals for high arches that have a thick, flexible sole to absorb shock.

15 Best Walking Shoes For Diabetics Reviews – Amazingly Comfy Shoes


I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s really hard to find shoes that fit properly and provide appropriate protection against foot irritation and pressure points.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, just because you are diabetic doesn’t mean you should limit your daily activities. Now, there are super comfortable shoes that proved to provide diabetics like you with the fit, support and comfort you’re looking for.

And in today’s post we’re going to review 17 of the best walking shoes so that you can, again, find the pleasure of walking and standing on your feet longer. But first, lest’s compare the best 4.

4 Best walking shoes for diabetics

  • NEW BALANCE 577 (4.2/5)
  • STYLE: hook-and-loop
  • UPPER MATERIAL: leather
  • THE LINING: breathable mesh
  • THE FOOTBED: walking-specific
  • THE MIDSOLE: polyurethane
  • THE OUTSOLE: solid rubber
  • Medicare / HCPCS code = A5500
  • Propet Stability Walker (3.9/5)
  • STYLE: lace-up
  • UPPER MATERIAL: full-grain perforated leather
  • THE LINING: brushed nylon
  • THE FOOTBED: Arch-supporting PU
  • THE MIDSOLE: lightweight molded EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: Slip-resistant rubber
  • Medicare/HCPCS Code = A5500
  • HUSH PUPPIES GIL (4.5/5)
  • STYLE: Velcro/slip-on
  • UPPER MATERIAL: smooth leather
  • THE LINING: fabric mesh
  • THE FOOTBED: contoured EVA
  • THE MIDSOLE: Shock absorbing Elon
  • THE OUTSOLE: long-wearing Rubberlon
  • might not be eligible for Medicare
  • SKECHERS GO WALK (4.4/5)
  • STYLE: slip-on
  • UPPER MATERIAL: FitKnit mesh fabric
  • THE LINING: soft fabric
  • THE FOOTBED: cushioned GOga Mat
  • THE MIDSOLE: GO Pillars technology
  • THE OUTSOLE: multi-directional GO Pillars
  • might not be eligible for Medicare

New Balance 577 Walking Shoe
Women / Men

check today's price

Great because they:

  • Can accommodate compression wraps.
  • Have good support for diabetes feet.
  • Are extremely comfortable for all day use.
  • Are comfortable out of the box and fit great.

Great for:

  • Bilateral Sensorimotor Peripheral Neuropathy, swelling, Morton’s Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain, ankle pain, back pain, flat feet.   

The 577 are the best New Balance shoes for diabetics hands down (wide toe box, no rubbing, good fit out of the box). Also, they’re great shoes for diabetics with swollen feet, neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, arthritic knees,  high arches, bunions, wide feet, 

This walking shoe has a ton of reinforced stitching on the upper. There are two hook-and-loop straps making on and off a breeze. The inside soft lining feels great to the touch while the Achilles notch gives you added comfort as well.

The footbed is entirely removable and has a ton of shock absorption and support. The midsole is EVA which helps dissipate the shock and helps you to walk better and longer.

The outsole has texture with a Walking Strike Path designed specifically for walking.

The MW577 is really stable, really comfortable, and it’s going to be a good-looking shoe.


People with wide feet might find the Velcro straps a bit short.

New Balance 411V2 Walking Shoe
Women / Men

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Great because they:

  • Fit perfectly.
  • Are very soft and comfortable and roomy in the toes.
  • Are called “Squish”.
  • Are comfortable right out of the box.

Great for: 

  • Diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, bad knees, Morton’s Neuroma, high arches, wide feet

These comfortable shoes have a man-made leather and mesh upper with perforations throughout the outside to give great breathability. You have two adjustable hook-and-loop closures on top to easily grab and lock your foot into place.

The inside offers plenty of comfort thanks to the very soft fabric lining and the padded collar and tongue for additional support and comfort. There’s an EVA midsole and a removable cushioned footbed that provides good padding and gives plenty of cushioning and extra energy return as well.

The bottom features a sturdy rubber outsole with a Walking Strike Path zone on the outside that will help keep you really steady while always providing fantastic flex and traction.

If comfort is what you’re looking for, you can’t do any better in these guys from New Balance.


Not enough arch support

Propet 3851 Wash & Wear Slip-On
Women / Men

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Great because they:

  • Are a life-saver if you have a hard time finding shoes that provide the best support and comfort for your diabetic feet.
  • Are easy to put on and off if you can no longer bend over to reach the laces.
  • Feature a large toe box to help you walk so much farther without pain.
  • Are very good-looking and very durable.
  • Feature an outsole that provides superb traction and support especially for the elderly who are unstable on their feet.

Great for:

  • Diabetes, neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, edema, Plantar Fasciitis, Osteoporosis on the knee, bad ankles and hips, falling arches, bunions, flat feet, Morton’s Neuroma, Metatarsalgia.

These lightweight slip-on leather shoes feature an upper made from machine washable full-grain leather for ease of care. They look great straight out of the box and far beyond and are designed for easy cleaning with a quick spin in the washer and an air dry so they’ll stay looking new longer.

They’re the perfect shoe to slip on when you go for a walk. Inside, your feet are supported thanks to the construction of the insole. This insole is there to provide underfoot cushioning and comfort while being removable to accommodate orthotics for a fit just right for your foot.

They’re suitable on any surface because of superior traction provided by the super sticky rubber outsole. It’s lightweight and helps absorb shock even on hard surfaces and they come with the Propet’s 1000 mile guarantee so they’re in it for the long run. They’re designed to keep your entire foot feeling good all day long.

A quilted leather or a nubuck leather upper sports a nylon and neoprene padded collar that doesn’t chafe providing the sensitive skin of your upper foot and ankle with maximum comfort. The collar is stretchable and it’s going to provide a proper fit for you. There’s also a pull loop at the heel for easy on and off.

Keep it clean and comfy and keep your go-to slip-on looking new longer with the Wash & Wear Walker from Propet.


The shoes need some breaking time till everything gets loose and cushy.

Propet Stability Walker Strap
Women / Men

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Great because they:

  • Are so comfortable that you would want to sleep in them.
  • Make walking comfortable again
  • Fit well and have noticeably more room in toes (wider) without being too big .
  • Are great for bad circulation.
  • Keep people stable as they walk.
  • Roomy enough for orthotics.
  • Are approved by most podiatrists and orthotists.

Great for:

  • Diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, big heavy guys,  Plantar Fasciitis, knee problems, lower back pain, arthritis, Achilles Tendonitis, high arches, wide feet, hammer toes.

The Propet Walker are great for diabetics (very comfortable and roomy enough for orthotics), diabetic neuropathy. They are also great shoes for diabetics with swollen feet, Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain,

This shoe is made of a full-grain leather upper. It’s nice and soft and it’s got great stitching details throughout. It’s also got a double hook-and-loop strap closure for a nice easy fit. There’s light padding around the tongue and collar with a soft brushed nylon lining that wicks away moisture to keep those feet dry. There’s also a removable polyurethane insole which has a gel heel pad and cushioning at ridges to give you all day comfort.

It does have a built-in contoured heel stabilizer and a wide unit sole for sure footing. It’s all on top of a durable rubber outsole that is designed to deliver traction and grip on a variety of surfaces.

Treat yourself to comfort and accessibility with great shoes like these ones from Propet.


The laces tend to wear quickly.

Women’s walking shoes for diabetics

Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime

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Great because they:

  • Are available in many sizes and give toes plenty of “wiggle” room.
  • Are very comfortable straight out of the box and Fit perfectly from toe to heel and from side to side.
  • Are easy to slip and take off as you don’t have to tie anything.
  • Have a great arch and heel support.

Great for:

  • Diabetics, diabetic neuropathy, swollen feet, wide feet, Charcot feet, Plantar Fasciitis, knee and back issues, bunions, hammer toes, Morton’s Neuroma, arthritis, edema, Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), high arches, flat feet.

The Traveltime is Easy Spirit’s number one selling style of all time for the last 10 years with over 10 million pairs sold. Ten million people cannot possibly be wrong. It’s also one of the best womens diabetic walking shoes.

These shoes are lightweight and feel like an extension on your feet, which means comfort all day. They’re great to slip on for any daily activity and the durable rubber outsole not only gives you excellent traction, but means you’re set for all day wear. They have resilient cushioned Elon insoles that are cushier than standard EVA insoles. You can also remove the insole to insert your own custom orthotics if you need to.

The breathable upper lets air circulate over your feet for a dry and cool comfortable wear every time you slide them on. It also offers excellent stretch all the way throughout.

It’s like a dressy sneaker you can slip on and off and you can wear it almost everywhere. It’s also perfect for travelling. The quilted black model in the picture really looks high-end and very designer-like.

For all day comfort that cushions every step, the Traveltime from Easy Spirit makes the perfect companion. It fits perfectly and holds in your foot.


The description doesn’t mention the sparkles on the shoes.

Easy Spirit Women’s Romy 

check today's price

Great because they:

  • Are recommended by most doctors.
  • Are great for walking, running errands, shopping, etc.
  • Are very comfortable and feel like walking on a cushion.
  • Are good for circulation.
  • Do not rub the toes at all and feet don’t get sore or hot for walking too much.
  • Fit great, don’t slip and the width is perfect with socks.
  • Do not sweat or ache the feet.

Great for:

  • Diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, people with high instep, Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain, Morton’s Neuroma, edema, arthritis, bunions, hammer toes, supination (outward rolling of the foot).

This great level one walking shoe is perfect for lightweight walking and leisure activities. It features a leather upper that is breathable and molds to your feet for added comfort.

On the inside, you’ll find a removable padded sockliner that helps provide cushioning and shock absorption. It also has a soft fabric lining that will feel great against your foot. On the bottom, you’ll find a lightweight rubber outsole that ensures a durable finish.

Whether you plan on going for a walk or going for a light run, these shoes will make a great addition to your daily activities.


The laces seem to push into the ankles, so try to use a loop lacing method to tighten the shoe around heel.

Drew Shoe Women’s Flare Walking Shoe

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Great because they:

  • Do not hurt diabetic feet.
  • Are wide enough and deep enough to accommodate problem feet and to support an orthotic and a foot with a high instep.
  • Help control supination / underpronation.
  • Do not pinched toes (no need to limit your walking due to sore toes).
  • Are great to shop for groceries, run errands, or even do housework.
  • Provide great cushioning, support and comfort even for heavier people (a wide front and padding is all over).
  • Fit well, feel good, and can be worn all day.

Great for:

  • Diabetes, wide feet, high arches, hammer toes, bunions, fallen arches, bad knees, ball of foot pain.

The Flare is Drew’s motion control shoe. It has a wide shank area.

It has an extended firm medial heel counter which gives ankle stabilization. This is excellent for someone with ankle valgus.  The heel counter gives you additional support for the arch area of the foot which helps a great deal with overpronation.

The Flare also has a rocker sole built into it and it’s built just before the first and the fifth metatarsal heads on the shoe, and the purpose is when you toe-off you take the weight off of the metatarsal heads.  So any forefoot or underfoot pain (Metatarsalgia) the individual has is likely to be eliminated just by the rocker.

This shoe also has a tremendous steel shank that is for torsional stability.

The Drew Flare has two removable insoles: a 3/16″ insole as the core insole and an additional 3/8″ filler. This gives a total of 5/16″ of depth in that shoe to accommodate prescribed orthotics or a diabetic insert.


Not many colors to choose from.

Aravon Women’s Farren

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Great because they:

  • Fit really well and feel pretty comfy right out of the box (no sore feet or blisters).
  • Are great support.
  • Are able to accommodate wide feet and custom orthotics.
  • Are good for pronation issues.
  • Are available in sizes and widths needed.
  • Let you feel ground as you walk.
  • Look dressy for work.

Great for:

  • Diabetes, arthritic knees, bad feet, edema, neuropathy, pedal neuropathy, flat feet.

The Farren has a polyurethane outsole which makes it super lightweight and ultra-flexible with every step you take. Abzorb in the heel and in the ball of the foot acts as more comfort, padding, and shock absorption for your heels, knees, and lower back. The T-Frame Stabilizer runs from heel to toe giving you stability with every step.

Farren features soft luxurious leather which wraps the foot in full-comfort and support. The lace-up system is perfect to give you that perfect fit each time. The removable footbed is loaded with memory foam and takes the shape of your feet. There’s also a layer of EVA that will act as a shock absorber for your heels, knees and lower back. The footbed also features a stability cradle that comes around your arch and in your heel area, again, acting as more comfort and more stability.

Go walking in style with the Aravon Farren from New Balance.


The laces are on the shorter side if the opening is spread further apart.

Men’s walking shoes for diabetics

Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford

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Great because they:

  • Cause no wear spot and blisters.
  • Have a lot of room for toes.
  • Have a soft tongue that doesn’t cut into the top of the foot.
  • Have neoprene which is wonderful because it’s very form fitting.
  • Are wide enough to accommodate heavy hunting socks

Great for:

  • Diabetics, deformed feet toes, bunions, wide ankles.

This shoe is supremely comfortable and lightweight coming in at just. It has an upper crafted from durable leather and stretchable nylon with plenty of detailed stitching throughout. This will give a perfect fit that will stretch with you easily.

It’s also completely adjustable with a hook and loop tab to provide you with a proper fit. It’s got a padded collar while the inside is lined with a wonderful double removable Propet extra volume insole system to provide great underfoot protection and comfort throughout the course of your day. What that means is that you receive two insoles with these shoes allowing you to customize your comfort level. You can use just one or the other, both or take them both out or even replace them with your own custom orthotic.

The midsole is lightweight EVA to help flex with you and absorb shock. The outsole is made out of rubber that will make walking enjoyable rather painful.

Go ahead and get your walk on with an amazing pair of shoes from Propet.


The sole is not very durable.

Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker

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Great because they:

  • Allow for good circulation in the feet.
  • Have good arch support.
  • Are comfortable out of the box.
  • Give a very stylish, fitted look even at a 5E size.

Great for:

  • Diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, edema, numb feet and toes, ingwron toe nails, siatica, Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain, back pain, goutbunions, corns, flat feet, high arches, swollen feet, arthritis.

These shoes are crafted out of an extremely durable material with some perforations throughout to give you great breathability. It has two hook-and-loop closures on top to give you a snug secure fit. It also has a ton of padding on the inside and lots of comfort down there in the footbed as well. The footbed is completely removable and gives you some added cushioning with every single step you take.

The bottom features an extremely durable rubber outsole which is going to keep you nice and steady. It’s also very flexible where it should be.

The perfect shoes to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

Men’s SAS, Journey Walking Sneakers

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Great because they:

  • Are probably the most comfortable pair you’ll ever wear (like walking on pillows according to a customer).
  • Hold up extremely well.
  • Fit like a glove.
  • Have added depth in the forefoot with lots of toe room.
  • Have rounded toe box (excellent wiggle room for toes.)

Great for:

  • Diabetics, edema, neuropathy

When it comes to comfort SAS is one of the very best at providing you with plenty of it. The shoe is made from a foot-shaped last which is developed and crafted by the SAS shoemakers and it’s designed to follow the natural shape of your foot to provide you with plenty of all-day comfort.

The upper is made of leather which is very soft and breathable so you’re going to get a great experience out of that. There’s a lace-up system upfront for a nice secure fit along with some cushioning around the collar and tongue. The Journey also features a removable SAS CootSTEP footbed which is designed to keep your feet nice and cool. It’s also moisture-wicking, which is an added perk.

The inside of the shoe has a Tri Pad Comfort System and that’s going to give you plenty of cushioning around the three pressure points of your foot which include your heel, inside ball and outside ball. The shoe offers plenty of shock absorbency to add to support. The SAS features a SteadyTrac  midsole which is very lightweight.

On the bottom, the shoe features the Comfort Outsole and this is made out of a durable rubber compound to give you plenty of stability for all day wear.

Be prepared for that long journey ahead with the Journey from SAS.

Skechers Sport Men’s Equalizer Persistent

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Great because they:

  • Are light and extremely comfortable
  • Do not cut off any circulation
  • Are a breeze to get on and easily able to kick off.

Great for

  • Diabetes and blood circulation issues, non diabetic neuropathy, bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, bad knees and hips, bunions, high arches, flat feet, wide feet.

When you first pick up the shoe you notice it’s incredibly lightweight with that breathable mesh on the upper. The mesh on top adds a bit of breathability even though there is a layer underneath.

Obviously, the big thing missing is any kind of shoes laces. Instead, there are two dual elastic fabric panels with stretch goring on the tongue so you can slide in and out very easily. This truly makes these shoes very easy to get into and sort of slip in, but you’re going to need your hand because the rear is too soft to sort of wiggle in with just your foot.

It features some added cushioning all around with the famous Skechers’ footbed which is gel-infused with memory foam so as you put your foot in there it’s just going to sink right there and give you that perfect customized fit.

It also features a very nice Dual-Lite midsole that helps keep the weight down.

In short, it’s made of a very lightweight, shock-absorbing material that’s going to give you really great flexibility and protect your feet.


There’s almost zero support on the side and no arch support, so don’t try doing any kind of sport activity or longer walks in these shoes.

Propet Men’s M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On

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Great because they:

  • Fit comfortably, are fantastic for comfort and support and prevent blisters.
  • Features soles that are soft and mild on diabetic feet.
  • Offers plenty of room wide and swollen feet.
  • Are a good option for heavy people, yet they’re not too heavy in weight
  • Features a great hook-and-loop closure that keeps the shoe on without pressure on the top of the foot.

Great for:

  • Diabetics, diabetic neuropathy, leg/feet edema, knee issues and knee replacement, sensitive feet, Plantar Fasciitis, high arches

These shoes are going to be incredibly comfortable. They feature a hand stitched construction making these incredibly flexible. It’s got an easy to use hook-and-loop strap making these easy to get in and out of.

The footbed is cushioned and is moisture wicking and helps fight odor. It’s also removable which leaves room for your own custom orthotic.

The midsole/outsole combination is durable polyurethane with a shock absorber in the heel.

Your feet need to be comfortable and protected and that’s where this walker comes in.


Some customers complain the shoes squeak a bit.

Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoe

check today's price

Great because they:

  • Are kind on the feet, super comfortable and feel super soft from inside.
  • Don’t make feet sweat.
  • Have great straps for feet that swell off and on all day.
  • Fit perfectly and fit the bill.
  • Feature Velcro that makes for easy on and off.
  • Are Great for older sensitive feet.

Great for:

  • Diabetes, badly swollen feet that are in rough shape, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, mobility issues, flat feet, Plantar Fasciitis, knee and hip issues.

This fantastic shoe is quite flexible and lightweight in construction with an upper crafted from beautiful smooth leather with plenty of stitching details all throughout including a moc toe.

There’s a hook-and-loop strap closure to provide a proper fit. Under the hood, there’s a completely removable contoured EVA footbed to provide all kinds of comfort and cushioning throughout the course of your day. All that sits very comfortably atop a super sticky shock-absorbing outsole.

Your feet will feel great in Gil.

Propet Men’s M4070 Village Walker Oxford

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Great because they:

  • Are instantly comfortable and  lightweight for walking.
  • Have a nice fit and are true to size.
  • Have superb support, are well constructed and made with high quality leather.
  • Are built to last forever and also look great (Gary from Amazon said he owned a pair for twelve years).
  • Feature a thick and very durable sole to protect your feet from the elements. Yet, they’re light on the feet.
  • The super extra wide size has plenty of room for your toes to splay and wiggle. (no rubbing or pressure spots).
  • Come with 1000 mile sole wear guarantee.

Great for:

  • Diabetes, neuropathy, gout, wide feet, edema, deformed feet, Plantar Fasciitis

This super walker is quite flexible in construction and has an upper crafted from beautiful full-grain leather. There’s a lace-up closure to provide a proper fit with a lightly padded collar for added comfort. It’s also got a completely removable insole that’s nicely padded that’s going to add underfoot cushioning and comfort for you. All of that sits quite confidently on a sticky rubber outsole.

Whether you’re walking to a village or perhaps some other type of geographical location, feel the comfort with Propet.

Quick Tip: Living with Diabetes? Start Walking

Best Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis – According to Podiatrists

Just a few years back podiatrists used to hate sandals and flip-flops for the only reason they are very harmful to the feet.

Surprisingly, a lot of podiatrists now recommend some sandals and even some flip-flops to those who suffer from Achilles Tendonitis.

Why is that?

Well, some sandals do provide relief for most foot issues like Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, etc. because they feature ample arch support, a deep heel cup, healthy contoured footbed, and stable outsoles.

Today is your lucky day! Below, we’ve reviewed 20 of the best sandals for Achilles Tendonitis. But let’s start with the best 4.  Keep reading…

4 top rated sandals for Achilles Tendonitis

vionic-tide-II-sandals-for-achilles tendonitis
  • VIONIC TIDE II (4.5/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: Woven polyurethane
  • THE LINING : foam
  • THE FOOTBED: original Orthaheel
  • THE OUTSOLE: Durable TPR with wave-patterned tread
skechers-reggae-rasta-sandals-for-achilles tendonitis
  • UPPER MATERIAL: Soft nubuck and web fabric
  • THE LINING : fabric
  • THE FOOTBED: memory foam
  • THE OUTSOLE: Flexible rubber traction
birkenstock-arizona-sandals-for-achilles tendonitis
  • UPPER MATERIAL: different materials
  • THE LINING: depends on upper
  • THE FOOTBED: anatomically correct cork and latex
  • THE OUTSOLE: renewable EVA
ecco-yucatan-sandals-for-achilles tendonitis
  • ECCO YUCATAN (4.7/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: sturdy Nubuck leather
  • THE LINING: stretch fit textile
  • THE FOOTBED: Dual density, Agion treated, CMEVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: omni-directional rubber

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20 Best sandals for Achilles Tendonitis
Sandals for women and men / unisex sandals 

Best Women’s sandals for Achilles Tendonitis

Vionic Tide II

All Vionic footwear have received the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Today's Price

It’s really difficult to find orthopedic supportive footwear that looks stylish. And everything about Vionic turns around providing comfort and support in stylish footwear.

The Tide II, the icon of Orthaheel technology, is a pair of flip-flops, but not your traditional flip-flops because those cheap plastic, flat thong flip-flops are horrific on your feet.

Podiatrist-designed biomechanical orthotic footbed

The most important feature that makes all Vionic sandals stand out is because they have built-in podiatrist-designed orthopedic technology. The footbed is not only super soft to the touch and squishy, but it’s also a podiatrist-designed biomechanical orthotic footbed that provides great arch support and a deep heel cup to help support, stabilize and realign the feet to their natural position.

Orthaheel is really helpful for flat-footed people (who overpronate) because it provides the support needed for their feet and prevents them from rolling inward and putting too much pressure on the Achilles tendon, Plantar Fascia, the joints, the knees and the lower back. So it can really help alleviate common aches and pains such as Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, bad knees, and even lower back pain.

The footbed features a subtle dot design and geometric patterned tread to improve traction on and underfoot which makes it perfect to grab the ground when you walk in it.

This sandal features a wonderful and flexible lightweight webbed upper with a stylish gorgeous trim and a genuine leather overlay. The upper comes with soft lining on the inside and a cushioned footbed for support. It is made with a lightweight flexible medium density EVA midsole that absorbs shock to help reduce stress while the bottom provides a durable TPR outsole with a wave pattern tread that provides traction to maintain your stride.

The Tide’s toe post

A lot of people hate flip-flips just because of the discomfort they get from the toe post between their toes. Unlike those sandals with a plastic toe post, the Tide’s toe post is nice, soft and flexible that as soon as you put your foot in there you’re going to have that instant feeling of comfort between the toes as well  – doesn’t hurt, doesn’t wear or rub when you’re walking.


If you sit on the half size, we recommend that you size down.

What you’re getting with Vionic Tide II is a technology that’s all wrapped around great looking materials and fantastic vibrant colors as well.

Vionic with Orthaheel Amber

Today's Price

vionic with orthaheel amber

The Amber is one of the best shoes for achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

The Vionic Amber comes in a variety of uppers. It’s a really nice casual sandal style that features some stone adornments. Not only that, all the four straps are fully adjustable with a hook-and-loop closure to give you easy on and off wear as well as a more customized fit. This allows this gorgeous sandal to be completely tailored to your foot. To make this look truly unique, the middle strap can be removed and you can convert the Amber into a completely different style.

The footbed is covered in a soft microfiber that is smooth to the touch while the superior built-in orthotic provides support and stability to help realign your feet to their natural position. There’s a flexible EVA midsole that absorbs shock to reduce stress on your feet, ankles and knees. Research supports Orthaheel technology’s success in reducing overpronation which is going to help alleviate associated common aches and pains.

To complete this sandal, a durable rubber outsole with pattern tread will keep you upright on a variety of different surfaces.

With refined style, sophisticated technology and incredible comfort, the Amber is sure to make it to the top of your list.

Keen Whisper

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Get ready to conquer any terrain with this classic silhouette from Keen. The Whisper is stylish, washable, waterproof and odor-resistant. This is the famous Keen men’s Newport H2 comfort in a slightly narrower, lower-profile fit tailored just for women. The Keen whisper sandal is the ideal choice for the beach, Kayaking, canoeing, hiking up the trail, or just walking around town.

Keen have designed this spring and summer sandal with an amazing upper featuring polyester webbing lined with Hydrophobic mesh, which is going to be quick drying and comfortable all day long. The metatomical footbed provides more comfort and stability even in high activity situations.

There’s a pull tab at the back so you can easily slip the sandal on. You can adjust the Whisper with the QuickDry bungee lacing system so you can have a nice customized and secure fit while the EVA midsole cushions and supports the foot.

The Keen’s patented toe offers tons of protection at the toes so you won’t have to worry about any debris or stubbing your toes along the way. The EVA footbed is extremely cushy and it’s going to be really comfortable all day long.

Down on the bottom, the non-marking rubber outsole features really nice grooves that flex with every step you take. It’s also going to give you more stability and great traction across all sorts of terrain.

Machine washable

After a long day of hiking, trail walking or trudging through the mud, you can throw them right into the washer without any problem, a little bit of detergent on the gentle cycle and then let them air dry and you’re good to go.

For challenging the great outdoors or bopping around town, Keen Whisper is the perfect choice to keep your active feet happy.

Clarks Morse Tour

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The More Tour are great sandals for ankle instability.

The Morse is such a popular sandal and one of the best Clarks shoes for Achilles Tendonitis. It’s a leather sports sandal with leather and neoprene lining which makes it super breathable and super comfortable.

Three-point adjustability

What’s also great about the Morse is the three-point adjustability with one hook-and-loop closure across the top, one across the instep, and one back at the ankle. These straps truly provide a customizable and secure fit as well as an easy and off experience. This makes sure your foot is nice and secure and all the toes are fitting nicely with no flyaway pinky toe.

When you’re doing all that walking, all that travelling and sightseeing, you can easily customize the Morse Tour whether you’re swelling throughout the day, or you feel it needs tighter or looser, it’s just great to have all points of adjustability.

Anti-bacterial / anti-microbial footbed

The contoured Ortholite memory foam footbed is amazing and is super cushiony from heel to toe which makes the sandal feel like you’re walking on pillows. The footbed has some perforations that make the sandal more breathable. It’s also moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and really feels great against your foot. The footbed is bendable so this sandal is broken in for you the second you slide your feet in.

Again, if you’re going to those outdoor concerts, you’re going to those parties, you’ve got a long day ahead, you’re running around the errands, you’re on vacation, you’re going to the boardwalks, or you’re going to those amusement parks with the boys and you’re running after them, you have to absolutely be comfortable and stable lest you want to slip and slide around or end up with ankle pain, knee pain, heel pain, or Achilles pain. That’s what the Clarks Morse sandal does the best – provide the comfort for all that.

It’s incredibly flexible too with an EVA midsole to absorb shock and provide a nice cushioned ride while the outsole offers lots of grip, traction, and shock absorbency.

Cobb Hill by New Balance Aubrey

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Cobb Hill are known for their rich leathers and the Aubrey is one of their best-selling collections that’s fuled by the New Balance name. This combo gives us artisan quality of the leather on the outside, a wonderful technology and New Balance kind of sports comfort on the inside. It has a wonderful stitching detail, a beautiful cross weaving with the leathers and all the openwork, but it’s a closed toe sandal.

New Balance insole

The insole features the famous New Balance foam that runs all the way from the heel to the ball of your foot. The Aubrey provides so much support under the arch area and it’s all cushion.

Cobb Hill leathers

Cobb Hill have married everything with beautiful burnished leathers and they did a good job at antiquing and making the leathers feel soft and buttery yet rich and elegant. There’s also leather overlay strapping with a little bit of the tonal stitching that adds a little accent and pop.

The sandal’s cute little T-strap design is beautiful and the back has some beautiful detailing with leather intersecting. The ankle strap has a buckle that has some goring in there for some adjustability for that instep area. If you have a higher instep, the goring will help you fit better.

The bottom features a rubber outsole so you’re going to get some traction, stability and shock absorption for your heels, knees, Achilles and lower back. Cobb Hill have covered the whole circumference of the heel so you’re getting stability. The Aubrey has a little bit of a heel (1 3/4″) so you’re getting a little bit more of an elevated look.

If you’re tired of wearing boots and things like that, the Aubrey is a great transition shoe, and not just transition from season to season but also transition from day to night. The open sections of the sandal make the Aubrey more versatile and definitely make it more wearable because you get more bang for your buck.

Rockport Cobb Hill Angelina Dress Pump

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This is a retro style Mary Jane.

Its rubber outsole makes it super flexible for all day comfort and support. 1 1/2″ gives you a little lift without putting a lot of pressure on the ball of your foot. The model above is burnished with the little black undertones and it really can go with so many different colors, navy, maroon, khaki, black.

You also have some great contrast stitching with a beautiful T-strap running up the center adding that sophistication and style to your outfit. There’s some laser-cut edge detailing in the heel with the padded collar just adding that little bit of flare.

The Angelina offers adjustability with the buckle and elasticity giving you that perfect fit in the instep each time. The inside features all of that New Balance cushion and support that you may be used to from heel to toe.

Find your own handsome Pitt with the Angelina from Cobb Hill by New Balance.

Finn Comfort Jamaika

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What we have here is a super comfy shoe that features a leather upper along with dual adjustable hook-and-loop straps to give you a really custom fit. It’s really easy to slip on and off which is definitely convenient when it comes to getting ready when you’re getting out the door.

Removable footbed!!!

The inside features a really nice and smooth lining so that way it’s going to feel great against your skin. Speaking of comfort, the Jamaica features a completely removable footbed that’s washable and it provides that maximum support. Just take the footbed out and throw it in the washer (just follow the instructions). If you have your own custom orthotic you can definitely use it with this sandal so that you don’t have to be torn apart from those custom orthotics that you love. A removable footbed in a sandal is feature only a few companies offer.

The Jamaica offers a little bit of a heel so you’re definitely going to get a little lift there. Everything comes to you on a durable lightweight shock-absorbing PU outsole.

If you are looking for some really comfy shoes that are also easy to put on and are also super cute, then you may want to Jamaica this choice right here.

Mephisto Helen

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This sandal is absolutely fantastic for everyday wear with a simple design that looks great with just about anything. The Mephisto is available in a variety of uppers including soft leather patent or nubuck and has a variety of colors as well.

Relaxed soft Air-Relax contoured insole

There’s a relaxed soft Air-Relax contoured insole that’s lined with super soft suede for added comfort next to your skin. There’s a deep heel cup that features little holes that actually pump air through the entire insole keeping your feet feeling fantastic the entire day through.

The Helen also features a super cushioned midsole that’s infused with cork and latex to absorb shock with every single step and it’s backed up with lots of stability and support thanks to the texture on the amazingly lightweight and flexible rubber outsole. The cork softens overtime and conforms to your foot for proper heel, arch and foot support while you’re walking.

The Helen features an adjustable buckle at the side so you can get a really customized fit.

Add a little slice of heaven to your closet today. You’ll get a super cozy sandal that looks really great and your feet are going to feel amazing.

Alegria Carina

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You know when you’re packing up for a trip you ask yourself “do I want to be super comfortable or do I want to be super cute”. Sometimes it’s a compromise, but with the Carina you can be super comfortable and super cute.

Alegria started out as an orthopedic professional footwear company. If you think about those health care workers who are working 12-hour shifts, those are the ones who made Alegria so popular.

A thong sandal with adjustability

Usually with tong sandals you don’t have any adjustability. The Carina is one of the rare thong sandals that Alegria have built and designed as a thong post sandal for women who wanted that type with the adjustability on the top. It is a lot of fun thanks to the beautiful unique slip-on design. The upper is made with super soft genuine leather.

The Carina is really forgiving and has a generous amount of room in the toe box and if you do have a narrower foot, you can make that adjustment because there’s hook-and-loop where the embellishment is. You can tighten the strap up or loosen it if your foot is a little bit on the wider side or if your feet swell during the day. You can also adjust the Carina on the fly if you’re flying on an airplane.

The leathers and the colors are amazing but it’s really what’s inside and the marriage between the technology, the comfort and the colors that has made Alegrias so popular.

The footbed is a patented combination of cork, soft polyurethane and memory foam. So you’ve got comfort in the heel cup and through the arch support which is an almost an inch thick of arch support. It’s truly substantial and supportive and then through to the ball of the foot in the toes. The entire footbed conforms to your individual feet so you end up with a customized sandal.

The Carina is a great alternative for those dime store flip-flops.


Skechers Reggae-Rasta

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If you start looking at the bottom of the Rasta only, you would think you are holding a high-end, very expensive, very high tech sports shoe like something that can cost three digits before the decimal point in the price tag. When you flip it over and look at the top, that sports shoe becomes a great sports sandal, a category that not every company does.

The Reggae Rasta is actually a comfort sandal line. Skechers have had this sandal for so long women come back for it year after year. It’s for that woman that needs an attractive supportive rubber outsole sandal that she can really go all day in.

What Skechers did with the bottom is they gave us a built-up outsole. You have the flex grooves under the forefoot and you have the traction you need to really get out there and go for long walks and do you errands.

The footbed is perforated giving you that breathability. If you’re going to be by the pool or if you’re going to be at the beach, the footbed has a nice toe guard making sure your toes aren’t going to slip over the front of the shoe.

What’s really nice with the upper is it offers the adjustability across the top of the shoe with a hook-and-loop closure.

A toe post, seriously?

There’s also a toe loop so you’re really secure and really tight in the shoe. What’s also great about the toe loop is it has little bit of adjustability just like a wrap dress would. So if you have a little bunion issue or your toe is a little bit larger and sometimes you feel like you really don’t fit, you can get this and gently custom adjust the toe loop. Honestly, if you don’t like toe posts you really need to try the Rasta because it’s so soft and it’s not going to cause any rubbing.

As we get into these warm months our feet are going to sweat and are going to get hot and we’ve going to slide around, but in the Rasta you’re not going to have that rubbing and those blisters, you’re going to feel full on comfort all day.

The Rasta is a fabulous sandal if you’re going to the theme park or you’re on that vacation or you’re taking your day trip, al lot of community centers have like a bust trip here or a bus trip there and you don’t want to be worried about your feet, this is the sandal to slide in.

Skechers have given women a fashion forward upper on an athletic outsole giving you the best of both worlds and that’s what Skechers does best.


The Rasta is whole sizes so those half sizes go up.

Merrell Terran Convertible II

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The stylish Terran is great for getting out and about or sightseeing on those summer days in the sun. It is made with a stylish plush water-resistant nubuck leather upper for easy cleaning.

M-Select Technologies

The soft microfiber Remember Me Foam footbed is contoured to fit your foot perfectly and it’s lined with breathable Lycra and treated with M-Select fresh technology. It’s nice and soft too with Merrell air cushioning in the heel that works together with the footbed to offer cushioning, support and shock absorbency. The M-Select fresh treatment, helps combat odor-causing microbes to stay fresher for longer.

You have a quick and easy hook-and-loop adjustment system at the front of the ankle and two straps one on either side at the back of the ankle allowing this sandal to get the convertible name because the back strap can be completely removed to alter the shoe into a simple slip-on sandal if you want to.

The Terran Convertible boasts a seriously grippy non-marking water-friendly siped outsole thanks to Merrell’s M-Select Wet Grip technology. Together with the nylon arch shank, the outsole delivers stability and traction over wet and dry terrain.

The Terran Convertible is soft to the touch and it’s convertible, so no matter how you choose to wear it, you’re going to be comfortable.

Best men’s – women’s sandals / Unisex sandals for Achilles Tendonitis

ECCO Yucatan

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Ecco makes fit and function top priorities in all of their shoes.

The Yucatan is a durable performance sandal designed to be resilient and supportive in any off-road situation. It is part of Ecco’s performance collection and it’s really versatile because you can travel in it all day or you can even go for short walks in it.

Three-point adjustability

The great feature about the Yucatan is it has three adjustable Velcro straps, which means you can slide your foot in and fine-tune the fit to meet your needs.. The great feature to complement those three straps is the mesh lining that goes with them. The mesh lining just cradles your foot and makes it comfortable by reducing irritation to the outer surface of your foot.

The lightweight Direct injected PU (Polyurethane) midsole with Full-length Receptor technology provides strong support and cushioning while absorbing impact of each step. The soft added cushioning makes it much easier on impact for your foot.

The upper is a stylish combination of nubuck and oiled nubuck leathers designed to cradle your foot and offer the support you need for off-road travel.

The resilient rubber outsole is made with a sticky rubber compound great for wet and dry conditions and surfaces and even better for walking off the beaten track. It also offers exceptional grip, traction, durability and a better feel for the terrain that’s under your feet.

Treat yourself to the lightweight, breathable comfort of a Yucatan performance sandal.


Today's Price

Innovation and creativity collide in the fun and comfortable Uneek from Keen. They are made from just two cords, soft microfiber and a sole. The stability, comfort and durability of these sandals make them great for easy hikes, travelling, beach days and the city as well.

Innovative Free Moving Cord

Usually you can only adjust sandals in a couple of places, but with the Uneek you get an all-over custom fit. The innovative Free Moving Cord construction allows the shoe to adapt to the shape of your foot for optimal comfort and support. You’ve also got a Stretch Drawcord that makes the Uneek easy to put on quickly so you can get out and about ASAP.

The open design along with the water repellent polyester inside the cord means the Uneeks dry easily and don’t soak up water. This is a great feature to have when you’re crossing creeks, you’re on a trail or going to the beach.

You’ve also got a lightweight polyurethane midsole and microfiber footbed cover for durability and comfort. The anatomically designed footbed provides arch support and works with the natural contours of your foot. With the Uneeks, Keen has eliminated a lot of the norms of shoe making to create a sandal with superior comfort and support.

The high traction rubber outsole with Razor siping on the forefoot provides excellent grip for secure footing.

The outsole, midsole and footbed work together with the upper cord construction for all-over free movement, support and security. This makes them perfect for short hikes, travels, beach days and city life.

Spenco Siesta Slide Mule

Today's Price

The fantastic Siesta is probably Spenco’s best-selling style. You’re getting the normal Spenco 50-year technology embedded into the orthotics.

What happens with Spenco’s orthotics?

The Siesta features Spenco’s semi-curved, biomechanically accurate Total Support Contoured insole that is shaped to really support your foot, which is absolutely phenomenal. What happens is the second you hit the ground there’s a deep heel cup that cradles and aligns your heel.

There are three pods of different densities that actually straighten the foot out and allow it to roll into a nice medial and lateral inside and outside orthotic cradle arch. Then in the forefoot, there’s a crashpad which is a little bit lower density to allow that forefoot to move properly as you push off. Underneath the ball of the foot, they’ve added another cushion called a metatarsal dome. What this dome actually does is it spreads out the pressure across the metatarsals and provides extra support and that’s why it’s so good. This built-in dome is one of the things people with Metatarsalgia, or ball of foot pain, actually look for in an orthotic. The orthotics are removable and can be washed easily.

There are also a couple of bells and whistles people actually love more. Apart from the heel cup, there are two sections of goring that allow your feet to move. Also, the inside has a very nice soft man-made textile canvas upper which feels like butter. The forefoot is quite wide and very forgiving.

You don’t have to have a low or a high arch to wear this shoe as the way Spenco have built the platform accommodates any foot type.

Last but not least, the sandal has a durable rubber outsole that offers excellent stability on a variety of surfaces.

The Siesta is a summer shoe that’s going to take you all the way through fall and into winter if you put some socks on.

Teva Terra Fi Lite

Today's Price

Sports sandals are pretty simple, a rubber footbed, some combination of straps and a little bit of style is all they have to work with. Since inventing the product in 1984, Teva has been a leader in developing styles that make for happy feet and easy adventures. The Terra Fi Lite has several design patterns available for men and women to express their personality. It was designed to be the lighter and sleeker cousin of Teva’s classic sports sandal. The Terra Fi was originally designed in the Grand Canyon so they’re made for water.

The Terra Fi Lite has the familiar tree straps that are easily adjusted with strong hook-and-loop. The ability to dial in the fit to your comfort and preferences is part of what makes these sandals great.

The footbed is cushy right out of the box and in time it molds to the exact imprint of your foot. The shock pad in the heel and excellent arch support are better than many other sports sandals and make these just as good for jogging back to the car as they are on the water.

The outsole features the spider original rubber with a string tread pattern that grips well on whatever combination of rocks, trails, roads, and water your adventures require.

Last but not least, the Terra Fi has got Teva’s nylon webbing and universal strapping system that people have come to trust and love over the years.

Chaco Yampa Z2

Today's Price

The Yampa Z2 embodies the classic anatomic design Chaco is known for and takes comfort to the next level with the lighter design.

It’s got a wide injection molded lateral buckle at the ankle that provides you with a customized and secure fit. It features a gentle hugging toe for added comfort and stay-put.

There’s Chaco’s famous PU footbed that feels and looks great and has LUVSEAT technology that’s anatomically designed to provide ample arch support and cradle your foot in lasting comfort. But don’t just take our word for it, this footbed also carries the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

You can’t see it, but there’s a nylon shank in the midsole that offers a stable platform when you’re on the trail for example keeping you steady and upright.

All of these outstanding features sit on the top of a lightweight grippy Vibram TC1 rubber outsole with 3mm of lug depth for ultimate traction and durability.

So there you have it, a lightweight cushiony supportive doctor approved sandal for all your summer adventures and your all-day walking and errands.

Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post 

All Birkenstock sandals are APMA approved (Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association).

Today's Price

Offering a great combination of comfort and support in a simple yet stylish flip-flop, the Wave sandal is a must-have for the warmer seasons. This awesome sandal is constructed of a very soft material that’s going to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

This sandal features Vionic’s built-in biomechanical orthotic footbed with triplantar motion control, a great arch support for pain relief and a deep heel cup to help keep your heel in place. It’s very lightweight and flexible in the forefoot. It has a soft padded upper with a fabric toe post for a comfortable fit. It also has a foam lined padded strap that feels great against the skin and a comfortable toe post for comfort between your toes.

The bottom features an extremely durable and flexible outsole with a cool wave print on it to provide you with traction and keep you nice and steady.

All comes atop a shock absorbing EVA midsole and durable rubber outer sole.

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex 

All Birkenstock sandals are APMA approved (Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association).

Today's Price

One of the basic questions a lot of people ask is “Are Birkenstocks good for Achilles Tendonitis?”. Well, the answer is simply YES.

This Arizona style basically has been around for decades, and like anything that’s been around for decades you’ll find some controversial opinions about it. If you read reviews online, some people hate the Arizona and others are lifelong fans. The style above is Habana, which is basically the real oiled leather that’s going to feel great against your skin. They also come in different other materials according to people’s preferences.

It features two adjustable buckle straps on top to give you a snug secure fit. The inside of the straps features soft breathable lining.

It’s got an anatomically correct footbed with cork material that’s going to give you tons of support and comfort to keep your feet feeling great all day long. The footbed has a deep heel cup and very nice arch support. Because there’s no toe post, the forefoot has a very useful raised ridge that is located underneath the toes and serves to really make sure your foot stays locked into place as you’re walking around.

The midsole is thick as well and it’s going to help with shock absorption while the bottom has a thick rubber outsole that is going to provide tons of tread and stability.

Telic Unisex Flip Flop

Today's Price

What makes Telic so unique?

It really comes down to three things. First and foremost, this product is actually made in the USA. That doesn’t sound that spectacular, but do you know that less than 2% of the shoes worn in the USA are actually built in the USA?

Secondly, Telic sandals use a blend of a resilient polymer compound called Novalon that is pillow soft, very light, waterproof, durable and elastic. Most importantly, Telic has a soft shock-absorbing rebound that makes you feel like you’re floating above the ground.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, is the design of the sandal itself. When you first pick up a Telic, you’re going to notice that it has a traction control outsole which is important when you have a single injection molded shoe like this in order to give you some traction on wet and dry surfaces.

If you turn the Telic sideways, you’ll notice it has a rocker bottom. This acts to give you the support needed underneath the arch to really evenly distribute the weight and pressure below your foot. So when you stand on this sandal, you’ll see it bends down and then you have most of the materials underneath your arch. Also, your heel will sit back a bit and this enables you to stand up straighter and give you better posture.

The footbed itself is textured, has an orthotic great arch support, and a deep heel cup. That textured footbed allows a cooling airflow underneath the foot and actually gives you a gentle massage as you’re walking.

So the next time you’re in the market for some comfortable sandals, think of Telic. They’re American made, affordable, and one of the world’s most comfortable sandals.

OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal

Today's Price

Oofos might be the most fun sandals ever to wear in the history of sandals. My favorite thing about Oofos sandals is just how mushy, comfortable and wonderful they are under your feet. People with problem feet have a lot of impact absorption and great arch support that it even accommodates people with really high arches. It has a kind of thick firm arch which provides a lot of support in that area.

Oofos are known as recovery shoes that give you the best feeling when you’ve gone for a long run or a long hike and your feet are hot and sweaty and they just hurt. They’re so soft but still support your feet.

So If you are a marathoner, someone who does triathlons a lot, someone who just gets out there and pounds those 10.000 steps every single day, or if you’re someone who’s on their feet a lot or you’ve gone to a wedding and you stood way too long in those high heels, the Oofos Ooriginal thong sandal is a must-have recovery option for those feet.

A lot of people wear Oofos all the time outside the house doing errands or doing yard work while others use it inside the house to get some relief on walking around on tile or hardwood floors.

They’re easy to wash and you can just throw them in the washing machine and you’re good to go.

33 Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis – The Definitive 20182017 Review Guide!

Countless women and men suffer from a very common foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis (often called the flip-flop disease). The Plantar Fascia is a thick band of fibrous tissue that connects the heel bone to the ball of the foot forming the arch of the foot.

Plantar Fasciitis sufferers experience sharp pain under the heel especially first thing in the morning and also after periods of inactivity, such as sitting. In short, the best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis have to offer ample support to prevent the Fascia from stretching and causing pain.

Here’s a quick comparison of the best 4.

  • 4.6/5
  • UPPER MATERIAL: waterproof polyester webbing
  • THE LINING: hydrophobic mesh
  • THE MIDSOLE: Compression molded EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: durable non-marking rubber
  • STRENGTHS: promotes healing and prevents recurrence of plantar fasciitis excellent arch support comfortable waterproof/ washable great grip and traction patented toe guard odor-reducing Aegis Microbe Shield everyday use and water sports
  • 4.7/6
  • UPPER MATERIAL: waterproof Synthetic and webbing
  • THE LINING: stretch mesh, foam
  • THE MIDSOLE: Compression molded EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: durable non-marking spider rubber
  • STRENGTHS: promotes healing and prevents recurrence of plantar fasciitis amazing arch support comfortable waterproof/washable great grip and traction cushy deep heel cup shock-absorbing ShockPad Technology everyday use and water sports/ fits true to size
  • 4.5/5
  • UPPER MATERIAL: suede and Birko-Flor
  • THE LINING: suede-covered
  • THE FOOTBED: anatomically correct cork and latex
  • THE OUTSOLE: renewable EVA
  • STRENGTHS: promotes healing and prevents recurrence of plantar fasciitis pronounced arch support/ original magic Birkenstock footbed deep heel cup/ raised toe bar/ roomy toe box moisture wicking properties/ snug customizable fit errands, city tours
  • 4.4/5
  • UPPER MATERIAL: waterproof polyester webbing
  • THE LINING: hydrophobic mesh
  • THE MIDSOLE: Compression molded EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: durable non-marking rubber
  • STRENGTHS: promotes healing and prevents recurrence of plantar fasciitis excellent arch support extremely comfortable waterproof/washable great grip and traction excellent shock absorbency/ patented toe guard/ odor-reducing Aegis Microbe Shield/ everyday use and water sports


3 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis – UNISEX

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Today's Price


All Birkenstock sandals carry the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

First off, one of the questions that keeps popping out all the time is: do Birkenstock sandals help plantar fasciitis? The answer is yes. A lot of people have tried them and confirmed the sandals’ arch support helps with plantar fasciitis tremendously.

What makes Birkenstock one of the best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

The 1774 German shoe is totally back with really cool colors and lots of features that are really making it the go-to modern sandal. It has a medial and lateral edge with an excellent arch support with the help of which a lot of customers have reported complete blessed relief of their painful Plantar Fasciitis.

From hobbling to walking

The Birkenstock Arizona has the original magic Birkenstock footbed featuring pronounced arch support, a deep heel cup, a raised toe bar and a roomy toe box. The Birkenstock’s deep heel cup enables your body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot and ensures proper alignment providing you with optimal support. Also, the raised toe bar really lets your foot naturally grip the shoe.

The anatomically correct suede-covered footbed features cork and latex to mold to your feet’s unique shape and contours while providing ample support, relieving plantar fasciitis, and promoting a healthy walking motion. It features a lower jute layer, which is moisture wicking and an extra layer of cushion to help eliminate breaking time.

This sandal is the original Birkenstock design with two adjustable buckle straps for a snug customizable fit. Of the great features of the Birkenstock is the completely sustainable and renewable EVA outsole that provides healthy shock-free comfort. EVA is famous for being flexible, durable, lightweight, and sock resistant. The upper material comes in suede and Birko-Flor.

Apart from relieving Plantar Fasciitis, the Arizona helps alleviate knee, back and ankle pain, and helps improve posture and gait.

If you’re looking for a pair of sandals to promote healing and prevent recurrence of plantar fasciitis and bilateral plantar fasciitis, look no further.

All in all

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of Birkenstock sandals. So, if you’re walking on hardwood, concrete, road or going to festivals and concerts in summer, the Arizona is going to provide you with solid underfoot support to keep you comfortable all day long for wherever life takes you.

I recommend you start out slow! Put them on for 5 minutes and then take them off for a few hours. After that, I’m sure you’ll wear them around the clock.

How To Seal Birkenstock Cork

To extend the life of your Birkenstocks and any cork-soled shoes, make sure you keep the cork moisturized with products like Kelly’s cork Renew (Kelly’s Cork Renew, 2.4 Oz. – Seals and Waterproofs Cork Surfaces)

Birkenstock Unisex Milano Sandal

Birkenstock Unisex Milano Sandal Today's Price


The Milano is one of the best sandals you can get as it’ll help you eliminate your recurring plantar fasciitis issues. So, if you need ample arch support, these Birkenstocks are the perfect alternative to orthotics.

This sandal offers the same great features as the Birkenstock Arizona but adds a heel strap for extra security to fit it to your liking. It has a smooth upper and that classic silhouette. It has the same anatomically correct suede-covered footbed featuring a layer of cork and latex to mold to the shape of your foot. There’s a great pronounced arch support, a raised toe bar designed to match the natural gripping of your feet, and a deep heel cup to promote a healthy walking motion. The support provided by the Milano makes a remarkable difference in a short period of time.

It also features an extra layer of cushion to help eliminate breaking time and a punched lightweight EVA outsole which is flexible, durable and shock absorbing as well.

If you’re looking for a classic adjustable sandal that’s sure to stay on your foot and provide all day support, look no further. This sandal is great and fits perfectly.

OOFOS Unisex Ooahh Slide Sandal

OOFOS Unisex Ooahh Slide Sandal Today's Price


I hear a lot of people say their Plantar Fasciitis has made it impossible for them to keep wearing their beloved sandals and flip-flops and walk around with no pain. In fact, that would be true without a great supportive sandal like the Oofos Ooahh. Its patented footbed design combined with the OOfoam material makes it one of the best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis and probably the best recovery footwear I’ve ever seen.

With the Oofos, you can happily take those first steps in the morning without experiencing that excruciating pain. And this by itself is a dream come true for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers.

The Oofos have amazed customers because they’re lightweight squishy heaven and provide a great amount of healthy arch support for all foot types. The arch section stays really firm and dense and makes sure your arch is comfortably supported as you step into it.

This sandal offers unparalleled cushioning through its closed-cell foam that helps recharge and rejuvenate your feet. It’s also water-resistant. The OOfoam, a material that’s proprietary to Oofos Company, absorbs about 37% more weight and force than the existing traditional foam. In other words, less impact coming up to your body.

This technology gives a lot of responsiveness to the sandal so that when you step on it, your feet sink in and feel really nice and comfortable. In short, they’re like clouds on your feet.

You can even wear the Oofos in the shower when your Plantar Fasciitis is at its peak. It does not break down offering lasting support and recovery benefits.

The Oofos Ooahh is also great for flat feet, wide feet, and feet with bunions or bursitis.

Great as a recovery sandal

Known as probably the best recovery slides on the market, the Oofos are super squishy. They’re known to keep their form really well and make your feet feel great after all those miles and workouts.

Don’t forget, running is hard enough on the body and having a sandal that can actually provide relief for the athlete is what runners have been waiting for.

All in all

From all day standing to relaxing after a hard run, these sandals provide the soothing relief your feet will love. Last but not least, the Oofos Ooahh provides instant soft luxurious comfort ideal for workout recovery, joint alignment, and anti-fatigue.

The Oofos does take a little bit of time to get used to as it won’t feel like your traditional sandals.

23 Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis – Women’s

KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

KEEN Women's Whisper Sandal Today's Price


Summer is all about walking and walking and walking. But without a supportive comfortable pair of sandals, walking becomes almost impossible, and even if one insists on walking, they pay it expensive at night or early in the morning. That excruciating pain by Plantar Fasciitis makes people think a thousand times before saying “let’s go for a stroll”.

Well, sandals like the Keen Whisper are a Godsend since they make walking in them pain-free and enjoyable while letting your feet breathe.

The classic silhouette Keen Women’s Whisper sandal is the ideal choice for the beach, kayaking, canoeing, hiking up the trail, or just walking around town thanks to its level of support and comfort. The Whisper is a feminine twist on the famous Keen Newport H2 comfort in a slightly narrower lower profile fit tailored just for women. You’ll still get the ventilation and secure fit of the Newport but in a more streamlined and slender fit.

The Whisper is comfortable and supportive that you can do errands without Plantar Fasciitis flaring up. But one thing is sure, the support offered by the Newport above is a bit better than the Whisper’s.

The Whisper is also so comfortable for sensitive feet, bad knees, hammer toes and bone spur. They’re also great for high instep and wide feet and have a springy rubber heel that provides enough cushioning to walk on aggressive terrains.


The Keen Wisper features hydrophobic lining on the inside (feels a little bit like wetsuit stuff), so it’s nice and comfortable against your skin. Also, the Whisper features polyester webbing which is super cool and has odor-reducing Aegis Microbe Shield to keep those nasty niffs away. And talking about nasty niffs, the Whisper features a Metatomical EVA footbed individually shaped for each foot providing comfort and stability even in high activity situations.

The footbed is also patented with Microban to keep those bacteria away. You’ll love these sandals because after a long day of hiking, trail walking or trudging through the mud, you could throw them right into the washing machine and they’ll come back looking nice and fresh.


There’s an EVA compression midsole, and what that means is a seriously cushioned shock-absorbing comfortable pair of sandals.


The non-marking rubber outsole provides great traction.

It has Keen’s patented toe guard to protect your feet (nothing worse than stubbing your toes) and quick draw elastic laces for easy on and easy off flexibility. They’re stylish, washable, waterproof, and water-resistant.

Whether you’re hiking, biking, rafting, or just bopping around town, the Whisper is the perfect sandal to make your active feet happy.


Size up if you’re between sizes.

Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal

Teva Women's Tirra Athletic Sandal Today's Price


Are Teva sandals good for Plantar Fasciitis? Absolutely yes. Keep on reading.

Terrific and the Tirra from Teva go together. The Tirra is designed to deliver personal support and comfort with women’s specific fit.


Nearly every wearer of the Teva Tirra swear by the amazing arch support and level of comfort it offers. You can actually walk longer miles and stay on your feet the whole day without worrying about your Plantar Fasciitis’ flare ups.  Coupled with a cushioned deep heel cup, the Teva’s nice amount of support in all the right places helps realign your foot. Accordingly, the Tirra solves issues of overpronation, which is the leading cause behind Plantar Fasciitis.  These are the two most important factors that keep Plantar Fasciitis pain at bay.

The Tirra seems to do a great job with heel spurs, plantar warts, arthritic knees, neuropathy, high arches, bunions, Onychoycosis (the medical term for nail fungus) – you name it.


The Tirra is that kind of super-duper comfortable sandal you put on right out of the box, stand up and immediately go Ahhhhhh… This outstanding level of comfort is guaranteed by the shock-absorbing ShockPad Technology in the heel which delivers ample shock absorption, great cushioning and an uninhibited comfortable performance. It is also nicely lined on the interior with a contoured cushion women-specific design. It’s super soft and squishy.

It looks delicate but packs a punch thanks to its grippy athletic type outsole construction. The Teva’s durable original Spider Rubber outsole with water channeling lug design offers unrelenting grip and traction in wet and dry conditions. This means that the Teva Tirra is ideal for everyday use as well as water sports and summer walks. The Tirra is substantial enough not to feel every bump as you take every step.

Hook and loop closure

This sandal is supremely lightweight with a delicate strappy design. The three hook and loop straps are completely adjustable and hug the foot so there’s no slipping or flopping whatsoever. This beautiful strap design makes it possible for everybody to customize the fit exactly to their specifications. This in itself is a huge bonus as the people with a high instep or people whose feet tend to swell just have to loosen the straps a bit and they’re good to go.

Breaking period

A lot of sandals require a certain period of time to beak in. This is not the case with the Tirra as it’s comfortable right out of the box. All the straps are lined with what feels like neoprene, so you won’t have to worry about rubbing, blistering, chafing or arch discomfort.


This is the only sandal in this article I write a small paragraph about its fit as most other sandals either require you size up or down if you’re between sizes. The Tirra fits true to size and fits like a glove.  A lot of people have trouble fitting into a lot of sandals, but the Tirra comfortably accommodates high instep, wide width and left and right different sizes.

They’re attractive enough to go with jeans and some casual slacks and skirts. It’s easy to clean even if it gets muddy, just throw it in the washing machine and it nicely comes out as beautiful as new.  The Teva Tirra is indestructible and stylish.

If you’re the kind of girl who likes style, function and an indestructible sandal, the Tirra is for you.

Crocs Women’s A-Leigh Mini Leather Wedge

Crocs Women's A-Leigh Mini Leather Wedge Today's Price


No one in the world is going to believe that this is a Crocs you’re wearing. 

If you’re looking for a good wedge summer shoe, look no further. Wedges with slight heels seem to take the weight off the tendon. The A-Leigh is quick pain free solution for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers.

Arch support

If you’re planning to go walking for long periods of time without discomfort, the Crocs a-Leigh has the right arch support and the right heel height to help you get through the day. The straps sit up higher on the foot, which adds to the support and comfort.

Premium leather

These sandals have beautiful premium leather straps with a textile lining underneath making it soft and comfortable against your skin and feature a little bit of goring at the side to move with you with every step.

Croslite footbed

The footbed is very lightweight and comfortable and it is made of Croslite material so you get a fit that forms to your foot and comfort you’ll really only get with Crocs. With squish throughout the footbed, the A-Leigh provides you with comfort for all day. Just like nearly every Crocs’ style, the A-Leigh Mini Wedge has little nubs along the footbed. It has a platform in the front to take some pressure off of your heel.


It’s super flexible as well. It has a cork-wrapped midsole for great shock absorption and lightness, which is really going to boost you out. The cork wrapping adds to that richer look. There’s also a ton of stability and support built into a beautifully textured outsole to keep you on your feet all day long.


The Crocs A-Leigh is cute and can be worn with jeans for a casual look, and with a maxi dress/skirt for a dressier look.

Bottom line

The cushiness of the heel with the wedge style and arch support work together when you have flare ups or just want comfort.

Note: the “W” means only Women and not Wide!

Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandal

All Birkenstock sandals carry the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

Birkenstock Women's Gizeh Thong Sandal Today's Price


[su_quote]not as heavy as your typical Birkenstock and dressier than your flip flops. [/su_quote]

The Gizeh is another godsend by Birkenstock recommended by most Podiatrist and physiotherapist as one of the best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis. This was confirmed by an Amazon customer who says he bought them because his feet have become very sensitive and prone to swelling and stiffening after his Bilateral Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy surgery.

The Birkenstock Gizeh sandal provides all the advantages and benefits of the Birkenstock comfort system while being stylish and attractive on your feet! They come in terrific colors and patterns as well if you’re a bit of a fashionista.


You can actually wear them around the house as slippers, wear them after a run or workout, or you can even go to work in them. What’s more, they’re very versatile and you can wear them out with a cute dress or fancy leggings.


The Gizeh features the famous and unparalleled anatomically correct Birkenstock cork and latex footbed. The footbed is covered in suede to wick away moisture while its cork and latex is going to mold to your foot’s unique shape.

Moreover, it offers very substantial arch support for high arches and flat feet and great metatarsal support. All these features work together to make sure you have absolutely zero pain when you wear them!

Like the Arizona, the Gizeh features a great pronounced arch support, a raised to bar and a deep heel cup to promote healthy walking motion. There’s even an extra layer of cushioning to help eliminate breaking time. But don’t be discouraged if you feel uncomfortable in them as the cork will mold to your feet over time.

Birkenstock create shoes that follow your foot’s shape and contours. The Gizeh is contoured with a deep heel cup for balance, which enables your body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot and to ensure the foot alignment provides you with optimal support.

It features Birko-Flor that is made of acrylic and polymer felt fibers and is really easy to clean and maintain. This material is a soft fabric with a smooth leather-like finish.

It comes with a synthetic upper that is really nicely lined with a fuzzy material that makes it really incredibly comfortable and breathable right off the bat.

The strap offers an adjustable buckle closure for a snug and customizable fit.

The Gizeh’s spacious toe box allows your toes lots of room to move while its round toe post provides great comfort in between your toes.


The outsole material is EVA which is flexible, durable, shock resisting, and lightweight. It is treaded for stability adding great flexibility and plenty of traction to the sandal. The platform provides balance and prevents improper pronation, which is the leading factor to Plantar Fasciitis.


If you’re in between sizes I would recommend you size down.

If you’re dealing with a flare-up of Plantar Fasciitis, and if you’re after a really comfortable sandal while being as close to bare feet as possible, the Gizeh fits the bill with no pain.

Women’s Vionic by Orthaheel Amber Sandal

All Vionic sandals have received APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Women’s Vionic by Orthaheel Amber Sandal Today's Price


Podiatrist-designed Orhtaheel technology

Walk with pleasure again

Once diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, you definitely have to change all your footwear. Vionic makes one of the most trusted and most effective sandals for Plantar Fasciitis. The great arch support system, the comfortable heel, and the softer foot bed the Vionic Amber provides are superb and unbelievably relieve pain associated with overpronation and Plantar Fasciitis sooner than you think. Moreover, Vionic Amber is a fashionable alternative to those sandals that look very matronly or nurse-like and actually feel good on the feet all day long. The Amber beautifully and comfortably accommodates even the largest of feet. In short, the Amber is supportive, fashionable and functional.

According to other wearers

It helped relieve pain associated with overpronation, Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.
It’s great for high arches, flat feet, wide feet, bunions, hammertoes, Achilles tendonitis, and arthritic knees.

Step out in all day comfort with the Amber sandal with natural cork upper and painted design for added style.

Orthotic technology

Research supports Orthaheel technology’s success in reducing overpronation, which is going to help relieve associated common aches and pains like Plantar Fasciitis.

It features a biomechanical orthotic in the footbed (covered in soft microfiber) for great arch support and a deep heel cup to help realign your feet back to their natural position. Orthaheel orthotic technology lifts the arch and helps support and realign the foot, which often provides stability and relief from common aches and pains associated with overpronation. This technology is found in orthotics and it’s built right in the Vionic Amber.


The Vionic Amber features four adjustable Velcro straps for a completely customized and personalized fit especially if you have narrow feet or heels or when your feet tend to swell. The Amber is made with impressive leatherette in a natural cork snake-print look. This allows this gorgeous sandal to be completely tailored to your foot. To make it look truly unique, the middle strap can be removed and you can convert the sandal to a completely different style.


The outsole is EVA and features a durable botanical tread design for improved flexible traction to keep you upright on a variety of surfaces. The Outsole is lightweight and absorbs shock reducing stress on your ankles, feet and knees.


Size down if you’re between sizes.


With refined style and incredible fit and comfort while providing great support for your Plantar Fasciitis issues, the Amber is sure to make it to the top of your list.

What makes Fitflop sandals popular?

First, Fitflop is a brand that most podiatrists recommend to their patients.

FitFlops are known as the sandals with the gym built in. They’ve been designed to give you a workout while you walk. FitFlops are able to do this because they have a unique patent-pending, original Microwobbleboard Technology built into the sole of the sandal. This results in more calories being burned while your Plnatar Fasciitis is at bay and your posture improves without any effort. FitFlops are perfect to help you improve your fitness and your wellbeing.

FitFlop Women’s Flare Slide Sandal

FitFlop Women's Flare Slide Sandal Today's Price


Add some glam to your casual style with the Flare Slide from Fitflop. 

If finding great comfortable sandals for your Plantar Fasciitis is a major challenge, the Flare gives you “crushy” foot padding together with great arch support to keep your heel pain from kicking in. A lot of sufferers put the Flare on once they get out of bed to keep the heel pain at bay. If you’re into extensive walking like touring a city or if you’re spending the whole day in places like Disneyland, the Flare is a great comfy and stylish sandal able to keep your feet and legs from getting tired and achy after a long day.

According to a lot of people, the Fitflop Flare helped them relieve not only their Plantar Fasciitis pain but also their lower back and knee pain, which is a plus.

Not only are this sandal nice and comfortable but it’s also very fabulous. It’s got a great soft suede upper making it nice and durable. The suede material makes it able to stretch to the point of comfort for you. The Fitflop Flare has beautiful shimmering quality crystals bead detailing on the straps with a great open toe. It has a firm base, which adds to the support and a soft microfiber interior lining to ensure abrasion-free wear.


It comes with a triple density EVA midsole with the sophisticated Microwobbleboard Technology. What’s great about that is it increases the time your muscles are engaged with the high-density heel, low density midsection and a mid-density toe cap.


It has a great textured outsole for durability on a variety of surfaces.


The Flare  is not only great for everyday wear, but it’s also stylish and attractive enough to go with most outfits.

If you’re fighting with your Plantar Fasciitis every single day and want your feet to be in heaven, the Flare offers great support for your arches, is very comfortable to wear, is stylish, and gives you a little height. In short, it is hands down one of the best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis.

Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal

Skechers Women's Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal Today's Price


Casual comfort is the name of the game, so enjoy the warm weather and hit the beach in style with the cute and comfortable Rasta. It’s very sleek and soft and made with great materials that feel wonderful against the skin.

Is your planned trip to Disney World worrying you? No worries. The Skechers Reggae Rasta is able to neutralize even the most excruciating Plantar Fasciitis pain. The Skechers are good at preventing flare-ups of your plantar fasciitis. You can wear them all day long without pain thanks to their great arch support and heel cushion. What’s even more beautiful is you can enjoy all these of benefits without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money on summer sandals. They look great and feel even greater and are great for walking as they do not flip and flop.


It provides a ton of breathability thanks to its contoured perforated footbed that is extremely supportive and comfortable for all day wear. If you’re going get wet for some reason, the Reggae Rasta features a comfortable raised toe bar so your toes won’t slip over the front of the shoe.


The Rasta has a very durable upper because it’s made of a combination of leather and textile while the inside features a soft fabric lining. There’s a hook and loop strap across the top so you can get the perfect fit every single time you take a step, while the toe loop makes your feet secure in the sandal. The toe loop is so soft and (no rubbing) has a little bit of adjustability if your foot has a bunion issue or your toe is a little bit larger. This is going to offer a nice adjustable fit around your foot.


The Skechers Rasta is for that person that needs a traction supportive rubber outsole sandal that they can really go all day in comfortably. It has a heavy duty durable textured rubber traction pattern outsole with some flex grooves to go do your errands. This outsole helps keep you stable and supported and offers great flexibility exactly where you want it, the forefoot.


The Reggae Rasta wears well and looks great with summer capris, slacks, and shorts.

With this fabulous sport sandal on, you aren’t going to be worried when going to the theme parks or taking day trips a lot. Sketchers have given you a fashion-forward upper on an athletic outsole giving you the best of both worlds.

Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandal

Mephisto Women's Helen Thong Sandal Today's Price


When you’re shopping for a new sandal you want it to be attractive and stylish but also comfortable and supportive.

The Mephisto is capable of giving you immediate comfort and a structure conducive to relief. A customer says the Mephisto Helen is a Godsend for her severe overpronation issues as the sandal has, hands down, unsurpassed arch support fitting perfectly to the shape of the feet making Plantar Fasciitis a thing of the past.

Made in France, the Helen is one of Mephisto’s best-selling sandals of all time. It’s made with high quality materials and has an amazingly comfortable suede-line cork footbed which is ergonomic helping you to walk for miles without discomfort or blisters.

It contains the Mephisto Soft-Air technology, which means that it absorbs the shock form walking and is easy on the joints and the spine.

It features the Mephisto Air-Bag System, which is built in the heel and under the metatarsal arch and designed to protect the wearer’s spine and joints from the jarring effects of walking.

The Mephisto has the right arch support and it has a nice layer of latex foam, which makes it cushy too. It’s really to wear and get used to.

The bottom sole is incredibly durable and will last for years, saving you money in the long run.

Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal

All Birkenstock sandals carry the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandal Today's Price


What a relief to walk again pain free

A lot of people totally give up their cute sandals and flip-flops because their Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs have made walking in them a painful experience. Well, those days are long gone. After wearing the Birkenstock Mayari, sufferers have confirmed the sandal helped keep their Plantar Fasciitis at bay. Another wearer said her chiropractor recommended Birkenstock sandals for her Plantar Fasciitis and metatarsal stress syndrome (broken metatarsal). Others confirmed the Mayari helped them relieve knee pain, hip pain and back pain

Cute enough

Forget the image you get when you hear “Birkenstock.”. Now they’re quite as fashionable as any other sandal. The Mayari provides the versatility you need in your footwear and is girly, cute and stylish enough to wear with anything.


Make your feet feel happy and amazing once again with the Mayari. It features anatomically correct molded cork and latex footbed for extra comfort and a deep heel for extra stability. The footbed features a raised toe bar to help encourage the natural gripping motion of your feet. The deep heel cup helps support the padding of your foot and distribute your body weight more evenly. The footbed is suede-lined to assist with breathability and it’ll eventually break in and mold to tour foot giving you support made just for you. The mixture of the awesome firm arch support and the deep heel cup does wonders for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers.

After the short break in period, the sandal molds to your feet’s unique shape and becomes even more comfortable. The Mayari is a more updated and more feminine Birkenstock sandal with two crisscross straps at the toe and two adjustable buckles across the foot so you can find the perfect fit. It is more comfortable than most sandals with a toe thong because its toe strap is soft and comfortable and wraps around the side of your toe rather than in between your toes.

In short, the Mayari is so comfortable that your feet won’t hurt at the end of the day.


The outsole is made of EVA which provides you with a cushioned walk while being flexible, shock absorbing and lightweight that you would forget they’re on.


The Mayari tends to run a little bit big, so if you’re between sizes I do recommend trying the next size down.

If you’ve neglected to wear proper supportive footwear over the years and if it’s a daunting task for you to find stylish sandals able to support your arches, the Birkenstock Mayari does the trick.

Finn Comfort

Keep on walking in style as Finn Comfort has proved that not all comfortable orthotic sandals have to be ugly.

What makes Finn Comfort shoes great?

First off, Finn Comfort is a German line and every model they make is hand-stitched and lasts for years!

The Germans are very good engineers and very conscious about foot healthcare. All the Finns have a removable and replaceable footbed. It’s a cork and latex footbed that has very good longitudinal arch support. The footbed also features a bed of metatarsal support.

The cork and latex is a good pliable material that is heat activated, which means as you wear the shoe, your foot actually forms into the footbed. What is also great about the Finn Comfort is once the footbed wears out (after a long time) you can replace it.

If there was such a thing as the perfect foot, the Finn Comfort footbed has that shape. They help instantly relieve the pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsalgia, which is pain in the balls of the feet.

The footbed can easily be removed to accommodate custom orthotics, which is a great value, but many customers confirm they do not actually need to wear orthotics as the Finn Comfort footbed is far enough. The footbed has medial arch support and a metatarsal pad, which I believe is the key to the Finn Comfort’s success.

Finn Comfort Phuket (women)

Finn Comfort Phuket Today's Price


Slide into absolute comfort, luxury and confidence that, when wearing the Phuket, you’ll never looked back. 

This sandal is sure to give the relief from Plantar Fasciitis and torn tendons you couldn’t find in a lot of other sandals of the same category. With the Phuket, you can walk for long hours touring cities or stand the whole day at work. It has tons of support yet somehow manages to be great looking.

These lovely sandals have a lovely leather upper with an adjustable hook and loop closure for easy on and off wear, which is a nice detail as leather tends to stretch over time. The buckle you see on the front can be adjusted for a customized fit while the soft toe post will feel great in between your toes.

There’s a removable hand washed soft comfortable and supportive contoured footbed that provides cushioning and support. These are quite flexible. It all sits on a lightweight and shock-absorbing polyurethane outsole.

Very versatile

They go with casual dresses, skirts, shorts, and jeans.

Women’s Finn Comfort Gomera Sandal

Women's Finn Comfort Gomera Sandal Today's Price


Made from first class materials, the Gomera features a leather upper with metal ornaments for added appeal. It has three adjustable hook and loop closure straps providing a perfect fit and an adjustable buckle back strap that comes off with a great easy snap closure.

The inside features a smooth leather lining for an abrasion-free foot environment. It has a removable Finn Comfort soft suede-covered orthopedic insole for a glove-like feeling of comfort all day. The footbed is supremely comfortable and provides mevellous arch support your Plantar Fasciitis needs and a heel cup to align your feet back in their normal position. It also actually helps to wick away unwanted moisture to keep your feet really healthy and dry. The footbed is not only anatomical with a heel cup and a contoured midfoot medial and lateral arch, but it’s also removable to give room for your own custom orthotics. The Gomera will help you walk in a more natural, less twisty way.

It has a one and three-quarter inch heel and everything comes on a durable polyurethane outsole that’s both flexible and pretty lightweight offering a ton of shock absorption. The Gomera is well padded for extra comfort.

Vionic Camila Women’s Slip-on Sandals

All Vionic sandals have received APMA Seal of Acceptance. 

Vionic Camila Women's Slip-on Sandals Today's Price


When your feet are hurting, you won’t be able to have as much fun as you used to. The Camila, with that orthotic technology built in, offers stylish appeal and healthy features to keep your feet looking great and feeling great throughout the day. It provides reliable support, which is going make a big difference in how your heels react to walking.

Podiatrist-designed Orhtaheel technology

It features a manmade upper with a beautiful octagonal metal ornament for added visual appeal. It comes with a nice wide two-strap design that is adjustable by Velcro for a customized fit. This makes it easy to slip on and go. The inside has a fabric lining with a fabric-covered molded footbed for added comfort. It features the podiatrist-designed bio mechanic orthotic footbed with a deep heel cup. The soft and breathable microfiber lining and lined footbed help with breathability.

The lightweight EVA midsole helps absorb shock to reduce stress on your heels, knees, ankles and feet. It all sits on a durable textured rubber outsole that has an added tread to keep you upright on a variety of surfaces. The traction on these makes it wonderful because it’s not slip sliding around like you get in some other shoes.

Snake embossing

It has a great combination of materials with the snake embossing over the top strap and a smooth pearlized finish at the bottom. This is probably the sassiest pair of slip-ons Vionic have. If you like a Mule or a Mary Jane style, this might be a good one for you to try.


If you’re a half size, size down.

You can find your happy place with the Vionic Camila as your feet will feel happy again in a fashionable sandal.

Alegria Sandals

What makes them so good?

The Alegria’s footbed is a patented combination of cork, soft polyurethane and memory foam. What that means is that you’ve got comfort from heel all the way through the arch support, all the way down through the ball of your foot and through the toes. And what’s so special about this is that within a short period of time of wearing the Algeria, it actually conforms to the bottom of your foot, so even though two wearers are size 7 (37 in Alegria) the footbed would be and look different because one might have a higher arch, a higher instep or a wider foot, and both will get a customized fit with the Alegria.

The covering is a natural soft sueded leather so it does absorb any mild perspiration, which is inevitable in the summer. There’s no slipping or sliding and the rocker bottom is solid.

The Alegria is a one and half inch outsole that slightly tapers down in the front, but it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a heel whatsoever. The arch support and the cushioning for the heel are amazing for someone standing for ten hours a day, six days a week.

Alegria has kept the working professional in mind when designing their sandals. So, health care workers, salon workers, teachers, hospitality workers and all of those people who know how important a comfortable and supportive sandal means have found a supportive  yet fashionable sandal for their needs.

Alegria Women’s Colette Sandal

Alegria Women's Colette Sandal Today's Price


If your Plantar Fasciitis makes you uncomfortable and makes your heel feel terrible, the Colette makes a huge difference. This easy-going sandal will be your new favorite to slide on to as you will have absolutely no foot pain that night or the next day.  It features a high quality leather upper and an adjustable buckle strap for a perfect fit. This feature helps the sandal stay on great without being too tight providing a great deal of walking comfort.

It’s a great option for the nurses, teachers, beauticians, service workers, you name it.

Super comfortable straight out of the box, the Alegria sandals have great arch support embedded in the sole and excellent cushioning you need for healthy feet and heels.

It features an inch and a half rocker bottom with a slip-resistant rubber outsole. Basically as you walk, it shifts your weight back and helps you through that natural gait.

The inside features a smooth leather lining with a patented leather-covered cork and latex memory cushioned footbed for added comfort. The footbed is totally removable and has a patented locking system in it, so when you slip it in the sandal actually locks in place. It is soft and molds to your feet within a couple days.

A lot of women are super happy to have found a stylish yet supportive orthotic summer slip on shoe, whereas others who are supposed to be on their feet the whole day have found a sandal that feels like a cloud on their feet.

The butterfly trademark on the sole is just the icing on the cake. Last but not least, you can replace the footbed for about $20 and you have new sandal again.

Alegria Women’s Carina Sandal

Alegria Women's Carina Sandal Today's Price


One day, you will certainly say to a friend or a relative: “my foot and heel was miserable because of my Plantar Fasciitis until I discovered the Alegria Carina.” The Carina is not only one of the best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis, but it’s also great for osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, arthritis, ankle issues, bad knees and back pain. With the Carina, you can be on your feet the whole day without having pain at the end of the day or first thing in the morning. The Carina has superb arch support while being extremely comfy.

Be ready to reel compliments in as the Carina is a lot of women’s go-to summer sandal. The Carina measures 1.75″ at the heel and slips gently downward toward the toe propelling you through the gait cycle and resulting in less tired feet at the end of the day.


The Carina has the Alegria’s perfect footbed covered in a soft material built right in to the insole to wick away moisture. It’s cushioned with foam and it’s contoured for your foot and comes with a leather upper.

It comes with straps that are Velcro adjustable for a nice secure customized fit (there is no stretching the leather) and a toe post for comfort in between your toes. The straps are finished all the way around.

It also has a hand-sewn construction for durability and a butterfly watermark on the heel. You’ll love the curvature of the bottom which is a rocker style designed to reduce heel and metatarsal pressure and propel your foot forward as you go. The outsole is textured for more stability.

The Carina sandal comes in a great variety of prints, colors and decorative accents making it a really cute sassy shoe that feels awesome on the feet.

The Alegria Carina is not just about the fabulous fun, it really is all about amazing built-in comfort that you’re going to want one in every color. It doesn’t look like an orthotic or orthopedic shoe, so people who want that comfort, some personality and happy feet can wear the Alegria Carina.

In short, the Alegria Carina is supportive, comfortable, sturdy, eye catching and fits like a glove.

Cobb Hill Women’s Ramona-CH Flat Sandal

Cobb Hill Women's Ramona-CH Flat Sandal Today's Price


Add a little pep in your step with the help of Cobb Hill Ramona. 

The Ramona has terrific arch support that feels great with every step. It’s very comfortable and cushy making it one of the best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs.

It has a full leather upper in a T-strap silhouette. There’s a hook and loop closure along the back for an easy on and off wear as well as a more snug fit. It has a nice adjustable strap to tighten around the ankle.

The inside features a soft and breathable microfiber lining that feels amazing to the touch, so it’s going to feel great against your skin.

It also has a fantastic anatomical molded EVA squishy contoured footbed with arch support to give you all the comfort and support that you need throughout the day. And everything sits on a lightweight durable rubber outsole.

The Ramona is well crafted and super cute and can be worn with jeans, dresses, or whatever.

FitFlop Women’s Lunetta Thong Sandal

FitFlop Women's Lunetta Thong Sandal Today's Price


Stay super cozy with the Lunetta. 

The Lunetta offers wonderful arch support needed to prevent overpronation and relieve your Plantar Fasciitis pain. A lot of Plantar Fasciitis sufferers swear that Fitflops are the only sandals they can wear that don’t hurt their feet. They offer a great amount of support and their heel cup does wonders for stability to help put the heel back where it belongs relieving the pressure in all the right places. The thick outsole adds to the support and protection by taking the pressure off of each step and protecting you from the elements a bit.

Not only does the Lunetta relieve the pain associated with plantar Fasciitis, it also is a great sandal for lower back pain, joint pain, high arches, tendonitis, heel spurs, and pain associated with flat feet.

It has a thinner toe post for comfort between your toes and a raised toe bar to help encourage the natural gripping motion of your toes. It comes with a cushioned footbed for comfort and a midsole that’s going to help absorb shock.

The Lunetta does have a flexible design as well while being supportive.


The Lunetta is incredibly cushiony and comfortable and makes walking pain-free possible again. Women can spend the night dancing and the whole day walking for miles without worrying about that horrible out-of-the-bed morning pain.


The Lunetta is much more stylish than custom orthotic sandals and is really cute and dressy looking. It comes in different styles and colors. It can be worn around the house and neighborhood, but the Rhinestone embellishments at the top make it easily look nice for social occasions and fun with casual summer outfits.

Looking for heaven to walk in while enjoying the support your Plantar Fasciitis needs, the Lunetta offers great arch support, cushioning and stability. Worth every penny!

Crocs Women’s Patricia Miniwedge Sandal

Crocs Women's Patricia Miniwedge Sandal Today's Price


A lot of people sadly replace their beloved sandals with tennis shoes for Plantar Sasciitis to walk a lot again. These days are long gone as sandals like the Patricia have finally closed this case.

The Crocs Patricia is like walking on marshmallows or like putting on glasses to correct faulty vision. Being this fashionable, a lot of people can’t believe the Patricia is a Crocs. Crocs have made new stylish models and the good-looking Patricia is one of many.

Plantar Fasciitis

The Crocs Patricia is a great option for Plantar Fasciitis as it’s wonderfully comfortable and has enough arch support your feet need to be able to walk without pain. The Patricia helps keep the heel in a proper position thanks to its progressive heel incline, and this helps a lot to combat Plantar Fasciitis.


The Patricia is extremely comfortable and makes walking all day enjoyable rather than painful. They’re comfortable as house slippers that you can slip on easily right out of bed and comfortable enough on streets, beaches, zoos and the like. This comfort is due to the comfortable shock-absorbing soles and the extra cushion added in each step.

Thanks to the Patricia has helped people minimize their leg and back problems.

It’s very light and the Croslite foam footbed with tiny nubs provides a lot of cushion and comfort. It does have a very contoured design and it’s padded too for extra cushioning.

The strap pivots for a more comfortable fit. There’s a slight 2-inch heel for a just right amount of lift.

What’s Croslite?

Croslite is a wonderful material that has been in Crocs sandals from the very beginning. It’s a proprietary closed-cell resin, but it has very unique properties. Croslite material is very, very good at leveling the loads across the bottom of your foot. It’s also very good at absorbing shock.

Crocs have the US Ergonomic Certifications for a lot of their shoes including the Patricia.

The certifications from US Ergo show how effectively Crocs shoes spread the load out as the person stands and walks. Load leveling is the ability of a material to take the high pressure points away from your foot and spread them out over a broader area.

One of the things that make the Croslite material unique is its ability to perform both as open-cell and closed-cell foam. The magic of Croslite material is that it has the characteristic of being soft, light, durable and hygienic (not absorbing water).

Every time your heel hits the ground, you have the shock that goes up through your skeletal system, that’s why walking and standing causes your heel, knee and back to hurt.

Naot Women’s Kayla Wedge Sandal

Naot Women's Kayla Wedge Sandal Today's Price


Take strides of confidence because you’re going to look put together and chic with the Kayla from Naot. 

Take strides of confidence because you’re going to look put together and chic with the Kayla from Naot.

It’s recommended by podiatrists and orthopedic doctors all over the world because it offers all the features your Plantar Fasciitis needs and that’s good support, stability, and cushioning.

This adorable sandal has a natural leather upper that breaths to keep your feet feeling nice and cool. It also has a comfortable shock-absorbing cork and latex-covered suede footbed which offers anatomical support to distribute your weight evenly over the entire foot and absorbs perspiration so your feet are going to feel so fresh. The Kayla has a great supportive anatomical structure that encourages a natural and correct posture by way of giving you equal weight distribution and giving you less fatigue.

The Kayla comes with a wonderful adjustable hook and loop strap on the side for a nice and custom fit right out of the box. It has a flexible shock-absorbing outsole which will give you a good grip on a variety of surfaces. They’re super lightweight and you’re going to look and feel fantastic with them on.

Embrace the elegant shade of comfortable footwear with the Kayla from Naot.

Cobb Hill Women’s Ireland CH Enclosed Dress Sandal

Cobb Hill Women's Ireland CH Enclosed Dress Sandal Today's Price


This gladiator-inspired flat boasts both function and fashion. The T-strap runs all the way up around the ankle. It also has a buckle for adjustment, but if you don’t want to buckle, you can just easy zip in and zip out.

It features beautiful laser-cut detailing and sinuous woven straps around the heel for added support, but be prepared to reel in the compliments

The front of the shoe has beautiful laser-edging designs intercrossing with each other. This teal color is so hot.

The Rubber outsole makes the sandal super flexible and New Balance comfort padding inside just gives you that comfort and support from heel to toe.

Cobb Hill Women’s Hannah CH Wedge Sandal

Cobb Hill Women's Hannah CH Wedge Sandal Today's Price


This sandal is a ton of fun. The Hannah wedge sandal evenly distributes the weight of your foot so that you’re still getting that little height to add a little bit more to your skirts and shorts. Also you’re not walking on the ball of your foot. It also offers great arch support for people seeking that added feature.

How about you bedazzle your outfit with some gorgeous little jewels with intersecting straps that are super soft leather and will be buttery on the skin?

It features a little adjustable buckle on the side to give you the adjustment that you need and it also has some elastic goring as well. It also has a platform wedge to give you a steady boost to the sky. The inside, from heel to toe, has the New Balance foam that provides luxurious comfort that New Balance introduces to their athletic shoes.  The footbed is wonderful and stuffed with lots of comfortable foam cushioning and perforations for breathability.

It’s lightweight and extremely flexible with a great textured rubber outsole for more traction, support, and stability on a variety of surfaces.

It features a wood grain wrap, which gives the sandal that detail and sophistication.

Merrell Women’s Hollyleaf Sandal

Merrell Women's Hollyleaf Sandal Today's Price


Show off your pedicures and treat yourself to the gift of sweet comfortable relief today with the Hollyleaf.

The Hollyleaf is super comfy on the inside and provides excellent arch support enough to correct overpronation issues and relief pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis. It stays snuggly and securely on the foot and it’s tremendously stabilizing making walking them in, even for longer periods, enjoyable and making the feet feel pretty great.

You’re looking at a perfect everyday slip on sandal with a super soft upper that has touches of braiding, wonderful contrast stitching and even perforations. It really comes together gorgeously.

The microfiber footbed on the interior is very soft and supportive and is contoured to fit your foot wonderfully with a raised toe bar and added arch support. It features great cushioning making walking on tile, concrete, asphalt, and rocks a breeze with (no rubbing, pinching or discomfort. ) The microfiber material does not make the feet sweat like sandals with plastic footbeds.

Made with QForm® Technology, the midsole design helps absorb shock especially since it has an Air Cushion Unit too. It’s all on a rubber outsole that’s flexible and super durable.

In short, The Merrel Hollyleaf is marvelously comfortable, brightly colored,  well crafted, and most importantly superbly supportive.

Haflinger Women’s TS Pansy Dress Sandal

Haflinger Women's TS Pansy Dress Sandal Today's Price


The sandal is another great option for those with Plantar Fasciitis who find it difficult to put on sandals without their orthotics. It works great even for high arches and feel great after walking.

This sandal is all so soft to the touch. It comes in some fun color options including the cherry version in the picture.

The upper is made with rich genuine. The two straps have fun button detailing and actually conceal hook and loop for an easy fit that you can customize every day of the week.

It’s nicely lined in the interior with an all leather construction with suede on the footbed that is contoured to fit your foot perfectly with great arch support and a deep heel cup.

It’s made with a combination of cork and latex, which helps absorb shock and give great cushioning each and every step of your day.

The Halfinger looks cute and you will love it the moment you slip it on.

Spenco Dayku Supportive Slide (Women)

Spenco Dayku Supportive Slide Today's Price


Spenco is known for producing excellent flip-flops for Plantar Fasciitis and the Dayku is actually the only model I find suitable to help relieve the pain. It is very comfortable and its arch support helps keep Plantar Fasciitis from flaring up.

You’re going to be styling and profiling with this rocking new sandal from Spenco. It features a wonderful suede-like upper with textile detailing. There’s a hook and loop closure for easy on and off wear as well as a wonderful lining and total support contour footbed that does provide orthotic great arch support. It features ultra-fresh antimicrobial properties that reduce odor as well as deep heel cupping for a comfortable stride.

Then there’s the lightweight non-marking outsole which utilizes a two-part construction for great performance.

Comfortable and easy to put on and off, the Spenco Dayku doesn’t flip flop and will surely help to save your feet.


The sandal is a bit stiff, but the breaking time takes no more than a day.


5 Best sandals available for Women and Men

KEEN Newport H2 Sandal (Men/Women)

KEEN Newport H2 Sandal Today's Price


The Keen Newport H2 is selling like hotcakes. With this sandal on, your years of Plantar Fasciitis nightmare have come to an end thanks to its ample arch support and extreme comfort. After walking in it the whole day, people have no heel pain and no soreness. The Newport is also a great option for Morton’s Neuroma, bad knees, and back pain.

Hybrid sandal

This is the sandal that Keen is most famous for. It has the reputation of an incredibly versatile and durable sandal and that reputation is well deserved. The Newport is designed for a variety of terrains and outdoor activities and provides you with good support and grip. It is available in women’s, men’s and children’s sizing so you can outfit your entire family for an outdoor adventure rain or shine. Speaking of rain, the Newport has tons of features designed to deal with wet conditions and really shines in wet and muddy terrains.

Superior traction

The long lasting midsole provides excellent shock absorbency and the outsole is made from non-marking rubber with a multi-directional tread to specifically improve grip and traction in wet conditions. The tread of the sandal is molded into razor siping, which will aid the traction of the sole on wet surfaces. You can take them on really aggressive hikes and not have any problems as they stick really well. You don’t want to go backpacking in them, but for day hikes you really can’t go wrong with it.

The inner footbed has a soft cushioning for the foot and a metatarsal arch support to keep your foot in a neutral position.

Water resistant

The upper fabric is polyester webbing which is machine washable whilst the lining is a hydrophobic mesh. It has been treated in water-resistant material meaning it won’t suck up water and will dry quickly. Even though the upper looks like an individual strap, it’s actually backed by seamless mesh lining. Not only does this provide a better fit, it also keeps the sandal from pinching your skin.

Bungee lacing system

On top of this, there is an adjustable elasticated bungee lacing system that is very secure and comfortable making the Newport super easy to take on and off. You can pull up and zip on the pull cord down and it tightens up around the ankle and keeps it a little more secure so you’re less likely to roll your ankle and injure yourself if you’re hiking. It’s going to hug your feet and fit you nicely giving you a nice fit.

All-famous Keen toe cap

It features the recognizable Keen toe protection with the rubber wrapping all over the toe box to seal and protect the toe. While it is still flexible and light, the toe cap will keep you from stubbing your toes on routes and rocks.

Machine washable

Once you get the Newport nice and ready, it’s super simple to wash as all you have to do is throw them in the washing machine with a little detergent and then air dry them.

These come in a ton of great colors and I think they run a bit small, so you want to consider sizing up.

What really makes the Newport stand out from other similar sandals is the design and quality of the sandal. The Keen Newport H2 is a robust sandal with a fantastic fit, great support, and superior traction.

What I find funny about it is everybody wears it for a specific need:

  • The majority buy it for hiking and water activities.
  • Some buy it for vacation (city touring, amusement parks, festivals …).
  • Some buy it to run errands.
  • Some wear it around the house while others drop it by the bed so that they won’t hobble to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • Others skateboard in it with kids while others play football or basketball in it.

Chaco ZX/2 Yampa Sandal (Women/Men)

Chaco ZX/2 Yampa Sandal Today's Price


All Chaco sandals carry the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

Chaco ZX/2 Yampa sandal embodies the classic anatomic design Chaco is known for. It takes comfort to the next level with dual straps and a lighter design.


It has fantastic firm and extremely comfortable arch support that is able to accommodate very high arches to keep your feet from getting fatigued and achey. A wearer said she spent the whole day at Sea World in the Chaco Yampa and her Plantar Fasciitis didn’t bother her a bit!

The footbed is contoured and comfortably envelopes the base of the foot making the Yampa more supportive than most other sandals of its category.

Unique strap technology

The Chaco Yampa features the ADDSTRIDE technology, which means that the adjustable pull-through straps are all connected and are actually woven through the midsole so that when you tug on them you can get a completely customizable fit throughout the entire shoe no matter what your foot size is. This provides you with a fully customized and secure fit and a gentle hugging toe loop for added support. There’s also a slide buckle for easier on/off as well.


Then there’s the Chaco LUVSEAT footbed which is anatomically designed to provide ample arch support and cradle your foot in lasting comfort. The footbed has a nice webbing design that is slip resistant, which makes the sandal great for any kind of water activity like rafting, tubing, and kayaking. It’s also good for just general around town, walking, climbing over boulders, and searching through tide pools. It’s easy to take off with each of your heels if you have your hands full.

Yampa Vibram

What makes them even better is they do have a really nice non-marking lightweight grippy Yampa Vibram rubber outsole for superior traction and durability. The Vibram rubber is made of 25% recycled materials while being flexible yet supportive.

It also features a rigid nylon shank in the midsole that offers a stable platform when you’re on bumpy terrain keeping you steady and upright even on uneven surfaces.

Yampa is completely made of vegan-friendly materials and completely machine washable, so just throw it in your washing machine and you’re good to go.

It comes in a lot of colors and sizes. It’s a little less “luggy” than the Unaweep, so it’s quite a bit lighter and not as chunky as the old Chaco.


You have to bear in mind you’re supposed to do a vinegar soak with the straps and move them around to keep them nice and clean, otherwise, they’ll get challenging to move over time.

How To Adjust Chaco Yampa

The first time you get a pair of Chaco, you definitely going to want to follow the instructions on how to adjust the straps to your foot’s natural anatomy. And after you wear them a couple of times you’ll be able to fit them as loose or as tight in all the different areas of the shoe that you want to.

Chaco Z/2 Unaweep Sandal (Women/Men)

Chaco Z/2 Unaweep Sandal Today's Price


When your summer bucket list has you at the shore on a hike and camping out, the Z2 Unaweep sandal is ready for duty. You can absolutely wear it everywhere doing anything like swimming, hiking, going in and out of streams and wet watery places, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, trail running or just walking around town.


You’ll certainly love the amazing arch and heel support the Unaweep provides to fix your pronation and Plantar Fasciitis issues. Contrary to other sandals in its category, the Chaco Unaweep provides a lot of lateral stability when walking or even rock-hopping with almost zero foot fatigue, even after a full day of adventuring.

To take the support and stability to the next level, the Unaweep features a genius gentle hugging wrap-around toe loop that provides extra security when most needed. The toe loop is smooth and won’t chafe or irritate your skin. But don’t be scared of it, it is easy to adjust and adds some much needed support for hiking and uneven terrain. However, if you don’t need or don’t tolerate the toe loop, go for the Chaco Unaweep Z 1 instead.


The Z/2 Unaweep features quick and easy to fit straps that provide you with a fully customized and secure fit, ultimately providing an incredibly stable feeling sandal that moves perfectly with your foot. It is one of the easiest models to wear as it comes with only one single cinch to tighten or loosen getting in and out.

Then there’s the Chaco’s superb supporting LUVSEAT footbed which is anatomically designed and sculpted to provide ample arch support and cradle your foot in lasting comfort.

The comfort provided by the Unaweep is great once it is adjusted right, and broken in a bit.


Underneath all of that is the Vibram TC1 rubber outsole with 4.5 mm lugs for great durable traction when you’re off to beaten path (hiking or under the rain). The sole is super durable, thick and solid, and water friendly. It’s sufficiently thick, with a decent heft and incredible support. The outsole is indestructible and tough as nails even if you’re skidding around on concrete all day – truly trail grade. The Unaweep is so durable that so many wearers said it lived with them for more than 10 years with LOTS of abuse!

Breaking period

Your feet will certainly need some time to get used to the sandal’s textures, so give them some time of breaking before you start wearing them all day long. Luckily, the breaking period is short with no issues or blisters.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and non-intrusive sandal that looks as good as it performs then search no more.

ECCO Yucatan Sandal (Women/Men)

ECCO Women's Yucatan Sandal Today's Price


If you’re looking for a comfortable all-terrain sandal, the Ecco Yucatan is for you.

The Ecco Yucatan provides terrific arch support that lines up well with your foot. This is enough to keep your Plantar Fasciitis from kicking. The Yucatan is extremely comfortable that you can walk a long distance without worrying about your heel pain.

The level of support and protection provided by the Yucatan is great to accommodate relaxed arches, flat feet, heel spurs, pronation and supination issues, narrow heels, tendon damage, ankle issues and back pain.

The Yucatan is a durable performance sandal designed to be resilient and supportive around town or in any off road adventure. Ecco makes fit and function top priorities in all of their shoes. The Yucatan’s lightweight but durable construction is designed with your foot’s comfort, support and natural movement in mind.


The resilient rubber outsole offers excellent grip, traction, flexibility, support, and durability in all conditions. The Yucatan gives you a better feel for the terrain that’s under your feet.


The lightweight EVA midsole with full length Receptor technology provides the cushioned comfort and natural stride you’d expect from ECCO. It’s even got a dual density Agion treated covered CMEVA footbed to add another level of support and comfort and help inhibit bacterial growth as well as give plenty of odor reduction so your feet will be nice and healthy.


The upper is a stylish combination of nubuck and oiled nubuck leathers designed to cradle your foot and offer the support you need for off road travel. The Yucatan features stretch fit textile lining that’s going to feel great against your feet.

Velcro straps

The Yucatan has three adjustable Velcro straps to meet your needs (on toe, ankle and heel). That means you can slip your foot in any way you like.


This sandal is really versatile because you can travel in it all day or you can even go for short walks in it. Whatever you feel like doing, the soft added cushioning makes it much easier on impact for your foot.

Treat yourself to the lightweight breathable comfort of the Yucatan performance sandal. Your feet will thank you.

Teva Hurricane XLT Sandal (Women/Men)

Teva Men's Hurricane XLT Sandal Today's Price


Breathe through warm weather activities and get ready to taste that perfect fusion of comfort and performance of Teva’s Hurricane XLT sandal.

The Teva Hurricane offers excellent sturdy support and great comfort that your feet won’t hurt as hell at the end of the day. It features an ankle strap and that’s a good thing to prevent your toes from gripping the sandal eventually developing hammer toes. You can wear the Hurricane for walking, walking along the beach, hiking, zip lining …

This great durable sandal is made of textile material and soft textile lining on the inside and has an anatomically correct footbed with a deep heel cup not to mention an encapsulated shock pad right back in the heel for tons of cushioning, shock absorption, support and comfort. The footbed gives the feeling of walking on a sponge. It has Microban Zinc protection for added odor protection in your foot area as well.

The universal hook and loop strapping system allows you to create a secure yet snug fit making it easy on and off (one across the vent, one wraps around the front of the leg and one wraps around the heel).

Its great contoured drop-in EVA footbed helps support and cradle your foot providing comfort from dawn till dusk.

It’s extremely adjustable and very flexible.

The Hurricane sits on a non-marring river durable rugged outsole which gives you the grip and traction you need in the water and plenty of flexibility, support and stability. It actually needs zero break-in time.

This is the most stylish, comfortable, and supportive natural disaster people have ever seen.

I think this is more than enough, but if you or someone you know have tried certain sandals and think they helped with Plantar Fasciitis, please let us know in the comment are below this article. We’ll make sure to include your recommendations in the list above.


Regular sandals VS sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

All the man-made surfaces at home put our feet into the incorrect position. This has to do with excess of pronation, where your arch collapses. As you can see in the picture below, the horizontal line on the arch is completely a flat line, but if you just realign the foot back to the natural position, you can see there’s a nice arch to it. So, if you’re feeling any kind of aches and pain in the foot, ankle, knee or even lower back area, it could be due to the fact you’re excessively pronating. What’s more, when your arch collapses, your feet roll inward about half an inch.
best sandals for plantar fasciitis-arch-support-

Why are unsupportive sandals and flip-flops the most dangerous shoes you can wear?

Sandals and flip-flops are the staple of summer. But while they might feel a bit comfortable on a daily basis, the long-term effects can cause serious injury and pain.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]In fact, many experts say unsupportive sandals and flip-flops are the most dangerous shoes out there[/Tweet]


It all comes down to support. When you have no support under your foot and you’re walking on hard surfaces or you’re going to activity and amusement parks, you just keep pulling on that ligament in the bottom of the foot all day long. This causes a lot of issues in that respect.

Bone Spurs

Besides critical problems in the arch and heel including Plantar Fasciitis, wearing unsupportive sandals and flip-flops can also cause “bony problems”. If you have long-term arch or heel pain, then that can actually cause bone spurs, adding more to pain. Because you’re not getting the support your foot needs, your ankles tend to roll and that can also causes ankle pain.

The flip-flop shuffle

Believe it or not, wearing unsupportive footwear actually makes you walk differently. This is called the “flip-flop shuffle”. What happens is that we’re forced to take a shorter stride, which means a shorter gait. And when we do that, our toes crunch up very tightly to hold that flip-flop on. Again, we take shorter strides causing more knee and hip and ultimately back pain. Moreover, with those toes crunched all the time, you can get shortening of the tendons causing hammer toes in the long term.

Look for supportive sandals and flip-flops that offer enough arch support and preferably a heel cup to help control motion of the heel. That’s the main thing. And remember, if you develop unexpected pain somewhere else in your body, always consider your shoe gear first.

Most sandals for Plantar Fasciitis are a bit expensive, yes, but being Plantar Fasciitis pain free is priceless! Here’s a list of 33 best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis. We did our best to include the most positively reviewed sandals that users have found to be efficient in regards to their Plantar Fasciitis.  

What causes Plantar Fasciitis?

There are several reasons why the Plantar Fascia becomes painful and inflamed. These include being overweight, overuse, injury or unsupported footwear. However, the most common cause is overpronation, the inward rolling of the foot and lowering of the arches. When the arch lowers, the Plantar Fascia ligament under the foot becomes overly stretched. In turn, this leads to small tears or micro-tearing of the ligaments resulting in inflammation. Accordingly, people feel pain under the heel and in some cases under the arch of the foot.

Over time, a bony growth may develop at the front of the heel bone; this is called a heel spur. Nevertheless, heel spurs themselves are not the cause of heel pain; it is the inflamed tissue around the heel spur that causes pain and discomfort.

[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]A number of factors contribute to plantar fasciitis. While men can get plantar fasciitis, it is more common in women.[/Tweet]

Common Treatments?

There are different ways of treating Plantar Fasciitis such as cooling the area with a nice pack or even rolling a can, a tennis ball, or a bottle under the foot. Your GP may suggest a Cortisone Steroid Injection into the heel to target the inflammation.

Research suggests that in many cases Plantar Fasciitis can be treated biomechanically with orthotic insoles and exercises. Orthotics were developed to support and stabilize the foot. Lifting the arch and realigning the foot to its natural position will greatly reduce the tension on the Plantar Fascia ligament thereby treating the cause of this condition.

Moreover, Orthotics provide a natural and effective way to reduce pain and inflammation in the heel. When combined with some daily exercises such as calf stretches, the tension on the Plantar Fascia lessens even more resulting in a quicker recovery.

How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis in 1 week


Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet – 2018 Ultimate Review Guide!

Flat feet are one of the nightmares for people who love running. But the good news is runners with flat feet can still be very successful runners. From now on, you have to pay close attention to your running shoes and training. Below are 16 best running shoes for flat feet.

What kind of shoes does a runner with flat feet need? In short, the key words to remember are: stability, support and motion control.

A stability shoe is for someone that has what’s considered overpronation caused by flat feet. Overpronation needs to be controlled because it could lead to foot injuries like plantar fasciitis, bad knees, and hip and lower back pain.


A motion control shoe is for someone who has severe overpronation problems and needs a lot of motion control on their foot.


16 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Brooks Men’s Beast 14 Running Shoes

brooks beast 14 running shoes check today's price


What you should know about the Brooks Beast 14 is that it’s made for the moderate to severe overpronator and offers so much support and so much cushioning and stability for flat feet runners. So you’re looking at one of the best men’s running shoes for flat feet. It’s also recommended for people with other foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis.

Unlike most other shoes, the Beast 14 is nice and straight through the arch. This provides a lot more midfoot support especially if you have more of a flatter sort of foot or you feel you need more support in your everyday exercise, walking or running.

It features breathable mesh throughout with synthetic overlays which snug it up. It has a ton of cushioning around the collar and tongue. The footbed is removable and helps with long runs.

The midsole is what’s going to keep you running straight. It features the Progress Diagonal Rollbar which helps keep your foot supported and right where it needs to be. The saddle through the midfoot of the Beast allows the foot to be locked into the shoe, and this allows for people with flat feet who usually experience depth issues within the midfoot of the shoe to find a much tighter knit with the shoe’s extra saddle that Brooks have created through the midfoot.

The Brooks Beast has Full-length DNA which allows adaptive cushioning to control the runner’s foot making it a much softer feel under the foot.


The bottom features rubber and flex grooves, which makes the Beast 14 really great for wet and dry surfaces. There’s even gel cushioning which adds to the overall efficiency of the shoe.

So whether you’re heavier or lighter on your shoes, the Beast will provide the cushioning that you need for your run. They don’t call it the beast just for no reason at all.


Asics Gel Kayano 22 Running Shoes
Men’s – Women’s
Asics Gel Kayano 22 Running Shoes check today's price


The Asics Gel Kayano 22 is a high-end cushioned stability shoe great for that mild to moderate overpronator. This being a stability shoe, it keeps the foot from rolling to the inside. It also features three internal bands that kind of wrap around the foot, and that’s both on the lateral and the medial side. So with the internal bands on the medial and lateral side holding the foot in place as well the improved heel clutch system, the 22 is a great option for flat feet runners.

To top it off, Asics Gel Kayano 22 has the Engineered Mesh Layer on top to complete the FluidFit for a completely free-seam fit on the upper. It features a Stretch Mesh Layer underneath, which provides an irritation-free fit. Also, Asics have moved the heel in and up and extended it to give you that great heel fit.

What did Asics do in the midsole? Well not much from the 21. They kept that same great FluidRide 2.0 with that 20% bounceback feel and that 15% lighter bottom layer. So the Kayano 22 provides that same great ride that you had before with great gel on the lateral side keeping you cushioned from heel all the way to the forefoot toe off.


The outsole is super cushiony and provides great bounceback. I’ve tried a lot of shoes that are really cushiony but don’t fight back a little bit and I don’t like that. The Kayano 22 has a really soft inside sockliner which is great and feels nice on your feet.

These shoes dry faster and hold less water if you happen to run in the rain. Other than that, the Kayano 22 is pretty much the same thing as the 21 and that’s not a bad thing.

They do fit one half size small, which is standard with most Asics.

Runners who have tried the two shoes do prefer the 22 because its upper is lighter, more breathable, more flexible and just feels better on the foot as you have less overall material holding you down.


Nike Lunarglide 6 Running Shoes
Men – Women

Nike Lunarglide 6 Running Shoes check today's price


The Nike Lunarglide 6 are actually the best Nike shoes for flat feet. It is quite unique in the fact that it is a really soft cushioned supportive shoe, which is not typically found in a stability shoe. It’s for someone who wants to run in it every day wherever it is that their runs may take them. The idea was to create the most cushioned and supportive shoe without being gigantic like most stability shoes.

The new lightweight cushion material Nike have used in the Glide 6 update is going to bring a lightweight feel while still being very plush. So the Glide 6 is lightweight and responsive and is 30% lighter than before. For a more supportive ride, Nike is using angled dual-density midsole foam. This will slow down pronation earlier providing more stability than previous models.

The extra support is coming from Asics firm Phylon on the medial side that tapers into 100% Lunarlon cushioning in the forefoot, which helps smooth out the transition and pronation. Lunarlon is Nike’s softest, most cushioned and lightest foam compound.


Another major update to the Glide 6 is the redesigned outsole. By running over a pressure plate, Nike’s athletes helped design the Pressure-Mapped Outsole. The Outsole features a kind of concentric rings that work like a piston and are able to move up and down independently from each other. Not only will this allow the shoe to flex well, but it’ll also allow for it to flex independently, giving you a smooth natural stride.  Also, the grooves around them allow them to flex in a way that fallows that natural foot stride motion of the foot.

Another great update is the seamless Flyknit upper which uses a dynamic fit to give a lockdown snug fit, stability and support. Nike has coupled the upper with dynamic fit using Flywire cables giving you support and structure where you want it. Also, the supportive heel clip will continue to give this shoe a lockdown secure feel.

Whether you intend to use it as your everyday shoes or as your tempo or workout shoes, the Lunarglide 6 will certainly enhance that plush soft ride and provide more response to the overall ride and feel of your foot. That sounds like the best of both worlds really, cushioning, support, you got it all in one package.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoes check today's price


For the 11th edition, the Wave Inspire has been distilled down to the essentials of a great support shoe, putting less between the runner and an epic run.

With a 12mm heel drop, this standard daily running shoe is designed for moderate overpronators looking for a smooth ride with a blend of support, cushioning, more stability and more comfort. So it is a moderate support shoe which is going to fit an individual who has medium to lower more flexible arch, i.e, flat feet.


The Wave Inspire 11 achieves a high degree of support by using a double fan wave in the heel, a supportive upper fit that hugs the midfoot perfectly and a low toe spring that gives the runner a stable forefoot base. Lightweight U4ic technology provides optimal shock absorption and works with the supportive Wave Fan to guide the foot through the gait cycle. When you combine all these elements you end up with a smooth harmonious run that also guides the foot efficiently throughout the gait cycle.

With goals of increasing comfort, Mizuno introduced the revamped two-piece upper made of soft pliable mesh which creates a more ideal foot wrap while still maintaining Mizuno’s classic fit.


The outsole strategically employs X10 in high-wear areas and a lighter material in the forefoot for a tremendous underfoot feeling and ideal toe off, while the Barely-There Upper Pattern frames the foot perfectly with minimal uses of overlays.

Weighing in at 9.5oz, the Wave is perfectly suited to deliver a smooth ride while also achieving an ideal level of support.

Thoughtfully designed and refined down to the essentials, The Inspire 11 delivers what runners need in terms of ride, runnability and an ideal level support to keep them going faster and farther with every run.


Asics GT-1000 3 G-TX Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Asics GT-1000 3 Gore-Tex Running Shoes check today's price


Lace up and enjoy your run with confidence in the GT 1000 3

This is the first time the GT 1000 series has ever featured IGS, or Impact Guidance System. This basically means that the GT 1000 3 meets all of Asics’ really rigorous testing and performance standards. So it’s going to be right up there in Asics’ echelon of higher performance running shoes. The GTS system works in conjunction with the Guidance Line Technology to slow pronation for a very natural stride and gait.

It still features the Duomax Support System which makes it perfect for mild to moderate overpronators and the SpEVA Midsole which is really bouncy and fun, making the shoe a great option for a variety of runners. It provides great midfoot support with the stabilizing Trusstic System and gel cushioning system in the heel and forefoot to help absorb shock and offer a smooth transition as you are running.

It features a new breathable upper construction that has lightweight seamless welds throughout the quarter panel.


These awesome shoes are constructed with Gore-Tex Technology to help give you a wonderful water-proof experience. It has a traditional lace-up system with a very soft padded lining on the inside and a removable footbed to give you some added cushioning with every single step you take.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoe check today's price


With a 12mm heel/toe offset, the GTS 16 is a standard daily trainer designed for moderate to severe overpronators who require a combination of cushioning and great support and stability. Continuing the use of the BioMogo DNA midsole as well as the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB), this daily trainer has a gender-friendly cushioning design making for a dynamic, cushioned ride yet supportive ride.

In the midsole we see a small improvement with the use of deeper V-Grooves for a smooth transition as well as a more plush underfoot feel. The midsole is designed to promote progressive pronation control as well as smoother transition through the gait cycle.    Along with an updated No-sew upper, the Adrenaline provides an optimal wrap with plenty of breathability.

This shoe is breathable, and its moisture managing element mesh and synthetic upper protects the feet from various elements.

By the way, GTS stands for Go To Shoe and this sure to be yours.



Asics GT-2000 3 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Asics GT-2000 3 Running Shoes check today's price


This is one of Asics’ best-selling running shoes and the lightest version of the Asics GT-2000 series in over its 20-year history. It’s a really versatile all-round running shoe that still provides really great cushioning and really great stability. If you’re a mild to moderate overpronating runner, the Asics‘ Duomax technology is something that will provide you with enough support to really help control your stride.

In this update, we see the addition of the new and improved FluidFit midsole to help reduce weight and increase bounceback by 20% from foot strike to toe off. This great two-layer construction also allows the shoe to have Dynamic Duomax which provides really great but comfortable and lightweight stability for the mild to overpronator.

The breathable mesh upper features a brand new external Heel Clutching System that utilizes an Exoskeletal Heel Counter to improve support and create a snug heel fitting environment. This is specific to mild to moderate overpronators as it provides more stability on the medial side of the shoe. But what’s great about it is that it has seamless materials to reduce the potential for irritation caused by stitches and seams and help create a more glove-like feel.

It has very soft padded and breathable lining on the inside with a  removable footbed giving you a ton of added cushion.

It also features Impact Guidance Line Technology (IGS) that’ll help enhance the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe off.


The bottom has an extremely durable outsole made out of Asics’ High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) to give you a great durability in the high-wear areas of the outsole. It’s also incredibly flexible and features rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning for added comfort.

You can use it for shorter distance training and take all the way to your longer distance marathon running. The GT 20003 is also great for someone who’s just getting started and wanting a super comfortable stable shoe for everyday training.

Witt a 20-year life cycle of the 2000 series, the GT 2000 3 becomes the lightest version weighing in at 10.7oz for men and 8.4oz for women.


Saucony Guide 7 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Saucony Guide 7 Running Shoes check today's price


This is a shoe that is engineered to enhance the experience of the runner, and that runner would be the runner who has a degree of mild to moderate overpronation. It has a dual-density midsole that is key to manage the degree of pronation the runner experiences. Saucony have integrated a Dynamic Fit system with properly placed overlays, medial support to keep the foot stable.

Saucony really took their time in putting the 7th version of the Guide series on the market. The result is a really great running shoe. The Guide 6 was super popular for its lightweight support and cushion and the 8mm offset geometry.

The Guide 7 is still an 8mm offset shoe, meaning that the heel is 8mm higher than the forefoot. So it’s right in that sweet spot in between minimal and traditional shoes. It’s all about 1.5oz lighter than the Guide 6, so it’s very lightweight.

The biggest upgrade on this shoe by far is the switch from the lightweight ProGrid midsole to a sturdier full-length PowerGrid version for better cushioning and more responsiveness (0.40 pic in video). PowerGrid is a piece that is 15% lighter and 30% more resilient than the ProGrid. It is also used in Saucony’s premium high-end shoes as well. The result is more support and comfort underfoot, which in turn should mean more miles on the road.

Saucony have engineered the medial aspect of the shoe with some stability zones. These zones give additional surface area so the athlete can remain centered and balanced as they’re going through the gait cycle.

It features an SRC crashpad that has been decoupled in order to handle the first phase of the impact on heel strike, so it actually helps to maximize the shock absorption and to place the runner in a more balanced position going forward.


The flex grooves of the outsole have been enhanced. They’re notched a little bit deeper to make sure the shoe is very smooth on transition.

The flex grooves have been enhanced on the bottom of this shoe as well. They’re notched a little bit deeper and they radiate out from the ball of the foot, which makes for a really natural smooth transition when your foot hits the ground and you start to roll forward. The sole on the forefoot is also noticeably flared out so it offers a fully-centered, stable and balanced platform as the athlete is transitioning from heel strike and moving forward to toe off.

Almost everybody can run in the Guide 7. Overpronators will appreciate the light stability and guidance, while neutral runners will find it offers a touch of support without overcorrecting their foot through the gait cycle.



Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 Running Shoes check today's price


With a 12mm heel to toe drop, the Wave Paradox 2 is a premium daily running shoe designed for runners with moderate to severe overpronation. Designed for runners who want support without the weight, the Wave Paradox 2 promises the support of a maximum stability shoe without all the weight associated with them.

The newest edition of the Paradox series sees some small updates to the insole and upper to help improve ride while reducing weight.

The lighter mesh upper is also utilized with a PU printed design that wraps around the heel and midfoot for a lightweight yet structural wrap. It is constructed with security and flexibility in mind by using the design of the shoe to help hold and support the foot in the places you need most.

The Paradox 2 features a Double Fan Wave U4ric midsole in the heel for maximum shock attenuation at heel strike and a higher degree of underfoot support throughout the gait cycle. It has a wider platform that provides a sure footed base for added stability while flex grooves in the forefoot increase freedom of movement.

The Wave Paradox 2 breaks category norms providing maximum support and cushion without sacrificing the flexibility and the lightweight fluid ride. Supportive and light, a true Paradox.



ASICS Gel-Foundation 12 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

ASICS Gel-Foundation 12 Running Shoes check today's price


The Foundation 12 is in the motion control category. It is the successor to the Asics Gel Foundation 11 built for the moderate to severe overpronator who requires reinforced cushioning and a really supportive steady ride. You’ll get the stability you need to improve overpronation without adding extra weight thanks to the Dynamic Duomax Support System and Guidance Trusstic System that integrates the Guidance Line to increase gait efficiency.

The Gel Foundation offers a brand new upper that better accommodates orthotics for runners who need them. The breathable mesh upper features textile film for expanded durability and a lace-up system to lock your feet in.  The Gel Foundation 12 also has a breathable fabric lining on the inside with an ultra-cushioned Comfordry sockliner to give you a cooler, drier and healthier environment for your foot.

It has a SpEVA midsole that’ll give you excellent energy return with every single stride with rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning systems for a great shock absorption. This shoe also has a DuraSponge outsole that’s going to give you long lasting wear and amazing flexibility.



Saucony Omni 13 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Saucony Omni 13 Running Shoes check today's price


This is Saucony’s core stability trainer and it’s built for that runner who needs that combination of enhanced support, stability, and cushioning as it offers Archlock for a nice medial support.

How did Saucony enhance the support in this shoe?

Well, one of the key things Saucony did is they lined the platform a little bit so you get a little bit wider basis support. They have enhanced the stability of the midsection of the midsole by incorporating a little bit of a bridge pattern with the stability zone of the shoe again enhancing the overall stability, comfort, cushion, and the overall performance as you start to overpronate. They also made sure the Omni 13 features a support frame around the heel combined with the Full-length Power Grid so that your foot stays centered on the straight and narrow.

The upper is constructed on a very breathable lightweight mesh with welded heat-fused overlays to eliminate stitching lines to enhance the internal comfort of the shoe. The overlays are really going to snug it up on your feet right where you need it with no places for irritation as you’re toeing off.

The midsole is stiffer on the medial side for support while the rest of it is really nicely cushioned. The outsole has a combination of durable carbon rubber and blown rubber which is lighter and helps keep the weight of the shoe down and perform.  It has nice flex grooves all throughout giving you great flexibility that you need.

From a weight perspective, the Omni 13 stays consistent with the Omni 12.



Asics GEL-Noosa Tri 11
Women’s – Men’s

ASICS Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 11 check today's price


The first thing you’ll notice about the shoe is simply that you will get noticed. The Noosa Tri 11 is one of the best women’s running shoes for flat feet. It’s a stability shoe and great for overpronation problems. It’s specifically constructed to fulfill the needs of triathletes. One of the many nice things about this shoe is that it’s designed to take elastic laces and comes with its own elastic laces that are pretty easy to fit.

It has a seamless construction which helps reduce the likelihood of irritation while you’re wearing it and a breathable mesh upper with feather light synthetic overlays on top of that. It features plenty padding on the inside with a soft perforated fabric sockliner on the bottom to give you enhanced breathability and excellent moisture drainage. The tongue has stitched in loops and you can put your elastic laces through those loops. So when you put your foot in, the tongue will not slide all the way down through the shoe, a really clever little addition to the shoe.

It features IGS system in there to help the foot through its natural gait cycle and give you a really comfortable heel strike all the way to toe off.

You also have EVA properties in the midsole which is made of so light and shock absorbing material. There’s also rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning systems. The Noosa features what Asics call a Wet Grip Outsole which is basically a road sole, pretty flat and smooth and it’s designed to keep you nice and steady on wet or dry surfaces.


And of course you have that Guidance Line Technology on the bottom to give great vertical flex and help give your foot maximum stride efficiency. It’s not a trail shoe, but it has a reasonable amount of grip within the actual pattern.

The footbed is removable if you want to replace that with your own orthotic. If you’re a fan of Asics’ Gel technology, you will fall in love with the Noosa.

This shoe has been designed to be worn with no socks on, but obviously if you wear socks that’s no problem. It has a glow in the dark property throughout to help give you great low light visibility.

You’ll have the most comfortable feet in town when you are running all around with these awesome shoes.


Nike Lunargilde 7 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Nike Lunargilde 7 Running Shoes check today's price


It features a new Flyknit upper and Fly mesh (check) on the upper. If you prefer shoes with less cushion, the Lunarglide 7 is surprisingly lightweight for its frame. The Lunarlon outsole doesn’t feel clunky or slow. The cushioning is pleasantly soft and does not interfere with the foot’s strike or stride during faster pace runs. The new Flyknit and Flymesh upper feels both durable and breathable and the tongue is noticeably plush.

As a stability shoe, the Lunarglide 7 continues to support runners with mild overpronation. The 10mm heel to toe drop and the Pressure-Mapped Outsole keeps the Lunarglide from feeling too bulky underfoot. I thing it works best as a daily trainer on the road.

The Lunarglide 7 stands out from other running shoes because of the noticeably soft cushioning, the updated Flyknit and Flymesh upper, and by continuing to provide support for overpronation.

The upper is extremely comfortable because of the plush design and you’ll feel confident adding daily miles on the shoe without worrying about blisters or chafing. Fly wire cables are present around the laces to provide a secure fit, and the deep grooves cut into the outsole allowing this shoe to stay flexible and responsive.

Overall, I think that this shoe would benefit runners who prefer a noticeably softer ride without adding an extra weight.



Brooks Women’s Ariel 14 Running Shoe

Brooks Women's Ariel 14 Running Shoe check today's price


You’re looking at a shoe that’s been built specifically for the moderate to severe overpronator who’s looking for reinforced stability and tons of cushioning. This version is actually the successor to the Brooks Ariel 13. The 14th version has a completely redesigned upper that is made with breathable mesh and lightweight synthetic materials that help hug the foot for a more glove-like fit.

The upper design and sockliner have element moisture managing technology with them to move perspiration away from your skin for a quick-drying breathability. The footbed on the interior is completely removable and contoured to fit your foot perfectly. (pics0.50).

An updated BioMogo midsole provides you not only long-lasting plush thanks to Brooks DNA Technology within for added cushioning and stability, but there’s also a non-toxic additive within that allows for an even faster breakdown of this midsole once it hits the landfill.


There’s a full length segmented crashpad in the heel for fantastic shock absorption and a wonderful Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) designed on the instep to deliver maximum control to help reduce that overpronation.

From the bottom you can see the DNA technology (pic 1.28) in the heel and also the wonderful mega flex grooves on the outsole that allow for maximum flexibility for a powerful toe-off.


Asics GEL-Lyte33 2 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Asics GEL-Lyte33 2 Running Shoes check today's price



The Lyte 33 2 is a stripped-down and lightweight performance trainer designed for the neutral runner. In this update, this running shoe receives a top-down redesign. A brand new upper features a seamless internal sleeve for increased comfort around the midfoot and forefoot.

Underfoot, a two-layer SpEVA midsole offers a bouncy and responsive ride. Underneath, a FluidAxis flex groove in the heel gives the shoe a more efficient and smoother heel to toe transition.

Shoes similar to the Gel-Lyte33 2 are the Pearl Izumi EM Road N1and the Saucony Kinvara 7. Compared to these two shoes, the Gel Lyte offers a slightly softer underfoot feel as well as a bit more cushioning for daily training and higher mileage. Testers found the Lyte to offer a soft and resilient ride.

This shoe feels especially responsive in the forefoot and favors a mid to forefoot landing. It offers a lighter underfoot feel which is great for fast running and racing while retaining enough cushioning for daily training.

The upper is roomier and less constricting than the previous version fitting a variety of foot shapes with ease. Those with narrow feet will still be able to obtain a sung and secure fit by cinching hard on laces.

The Gel-Lyte33 2 is a great option for the runner seeking exceptional value and a lightweight and fast feeling shoe.



Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Running Shoes
Women’s – Men’s

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Running Shoes check today's price


The new Wave Alchemy 12 has a new upper. Mizuno reduced the overlays and focused the fit on the heel of the shoe. This way, the upper secures your foot better into the shoe. They’ve also reduced the collar on the ankle for less abrasions and lowered it on the heel for a better secure fit. They’ve also removed the lateral lace tab on the shoe shedding about half an ounce of weight making the shoe lighter and just as supportive and as controlling as it’s ever been before.

Additionally, the Alchemy 12 sees the continuation of AP Plus EVA Midsole, a three-quarter length Fan Wave Plate, and Mizuno’s carbon and blown-rubber outsole.



Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 & 12 Comparison – FDFAC – Dr. Jenny Sanders San Francisco


Strong arches are important to your body’s health. Having flat feet or “fallen arches” can cause pain throughout your feet, ankles and lower leg muscles, especially near the arch and heel.

With a fallen arch, your foot will tend to roll inward or overpronate, and the entire sole of your foot will come close to touching the ground.


What other symptoms can runners with flat feet experience?

  • Your feet tire easily.
  • Your feet feel painful or achy, especially in the areas of the arches and heels.
  • The inside bottom of your foot becomes swollen.
  • Foot movement such as standing on your toes is difficult.
  • You may have pain in the lower back, hip, knee, and leg.


Best Running Shoes For Bad knees

Overtime, flat feet can lead to more serious problems in your body’s alignment and may cause the angle of the joints in your hips, knees and ankles to change slightly putting strain on those joints.

Excessive strain on the ligaments and tendons that support your ankle and arch may cause the bones to collapse leading to:

  • Heel spurs or sever heel pain when you first stand up or walk after a period of rest. This is called Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Lower back and hip pain from not absorbing foot shock properly.
  • Ankle and knee pain from misaligned joints.
  • Arthritis which may develop overtime in the rearfoot joints.


Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Flat feet usually develop because of excessive foot stress such as:

  • Foot injuries, ankle sprain, or broken bones in your feet.
  • Failing to treat a foot injury without a proper heeling time or arch support.
  • Weakened muscles in the foot, ankles, and lower leg from aging or weight gain.
  • Standing or walking for longer periods of time especially in heels or dress shoes.
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes without proper arch support.
  • Or it could be hereditary.

Selecting Shoes For Flat Feet

People with flat feet need a little bit more supportive shoes than somebody with normal arched feet. Manufactures always claim that their running shoes are well supportive and they have special things built into the shoe to make it more supportive for people with flat feet. The problem is that very few of these shoes actually qualify as being supportive on the inside of the shoe.

So you have to take into consideration the construction of the shoe and how it’s going to support the foot. A person with a flat foot needs a stiff soled supportive shoe in order to keep the foot from over-rotating into the flat position. There are several components that one can use to evaluate a shoe and make sure that it’s supportive enough for a flat foot.


The first thing you need to check is whether or not the shoe will bend in the proper place. A shoe that bends straight in the middle where the arch is is not a good shoe because it won’t provide enough support for somebody with a flat foot. You need to test the shoe by bending it, and if it bends where the toes are supposed to bend, then that means the shoe is supportive enough.


The second thing to look into is how well you can twist or torque it. If you can twist or torque the shoe almost like you’re wringing a towel as many canvas style shoes will often do, then that means that the shoe really does not have a lot of support from one side to the other and isn’t going to be good for flat feet.

Heel counter

The final consideration you need to make is how stiff the heel is. A good stiff heel counter will help to resist the rotation of the heel bone as it often does when it flattens out. Try pushing on the back of the shoe, if it’s barely stiff and doesn’t want to yield, then that means you’ve got a good supportive shoe. However, if you can push the heel counter with your thumb all the way down, that means it’s fairly flexible and not such a good construction for a person with flat feet.

Fix Flat Feet – Exercise for Fallen Arches

Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

I guess that of all the foot injuries people could get, by far the worst one is Plantar Fasciitis. It can strike pretty much anyone at any time.

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition where the Fascia (the tendons in the arch of the foot) gets strained from spending too much time on your feet, abusing them with exercise or when your foot fascia cannot support your body weight.

The good news is:

We’ve reviewed 16 best running shoes for Plantar Fasciitis that have tremendously helped people like you get back to running pain-free AGAIN. But right before that, here’s a quick comparison of the top 4.

  • ASICS GEL NIMBUS (4.6/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: synthetic leather, TPU welding
  • THE LINING: synthetic
  • THE FOOTBED: ComforDry
  • THE MIDSOLE: Dual layer compression molded EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: Carbon / blown rubber
  • HEEL/TOE DROP Women’s: 11.5 mm drop Men’s: 7.8 mm drop
  • Women’s: 9.9oz. Men’s : 11.8oz.
Asics-Gel-Kayano-21-running shoes
  • ASICS GEL KAYANO (4.6/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: synthetic leather/TPU welds/spacer mesh
  • THE LINING: polyester
  • THE FOOTBED: comfordry x-40
  • THE MIDSOLE: FluidRide: Tri-density EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: carbon / blown rubber
  • HEEL/TOE DROP Women's: 12.3 mm Men’s: 7.9 mm
  • Women’s: 9.5oz. Men’s : 11.3oz.
  • UPPER MATERIAL: synthetic leather/mesh/3D printing
  • THE LINING: buttery soft
  • THE FOOTBED: built-in
  • THE MIDSOLE: dual layer compression molded EVA
  • THE OUTSOLE: Carbon / blown rubber
  • HEEL/TOE DROP Women’s: 9.2 mm drop Men’s: 9.9 mm drop
  • Women’s: 9.6oz. Men’s : 11.8oz.
  • SAUCONY GUIDE 7 (4.4/5)
  • UPPER MATERIAL: open mesh Hydramax
  • THE LINING: HydraMAX Collar
  • THE FOOTBED: 'Powergrid' perforated foam
  • THE MIDSOLE: Compression molded EVA foam
  • THE OUTSOLE: Carbon / blown rubber
  • HEEL/TOE DROP Women’s: 8mm drop Men’s: 8mm drop
  • Women’s: 8.2oz. Men’s : 10.1oz.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14





The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 is a tried and true shoe for runners needing dependable cushioning and plenty of support for overpronation and Plantar Fasciitis control. The GTS achived this because of that high-density foam support and the plastic diagonal foam Rollbar support in the middle of the outsole.

It’s actually the number 1 in the shoe market for stability. The most noticeable change to the GTS compared to the last model is the Caterpillar Crashpad. It’s a circular pattern on the heel stretching the entire length of the shoe. The idea behind the Caterpillar Crashpad is improved ground contact from heel to toe, so no matter where your foot hits the ground, you will get the perfect heel to toe transition. The Caterpillar system is effective and provides solid ground contact.

Another new addition is 3D Fit Print. The concept behind the 3D print is that the overlays are no longer stitched, but instead printed using a 3D printer. The end result is a more flexible lighter shoe with a no-stitch fit.

The toe box is still a plastic mesh with larger holes for improved breathability. The shoe does a have a tight grip. I used to believe the collar was too tight but after the “break in” period, the comfort was noticeable but more importantly supportive. Even after +100 workouts you can still feel that effectiveness.

The comfort of the shoe is the defining feature and the quality of the materials used is excellent. The tongue is the same thick but soft padded material as the rest of the collar in that area. The upper has been redesigned and the Asics lacing system makes the tongue tie up perfectly.

The Brooks DNA gives quality cushioning during use. The Adrenaline also features a removable insole with a built-in heel cradle for additional support. It’s a high-quality shoe and it’s ideal for anyone who does crossfit on a regular basis. It’s also an excellent choice for long distance running.

Again, The GTS 14 are the best Brooks shoes for plantar fasciitis.


  • Women’s: 9.4 oz.
  • Men’s : 11.2oz. 

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 11mm.
  • Men’s: 11mm. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   

Saucony Guide 7

Saucony "Guide" 7 check today's price


The Guide 7 is almost great for everybody. It’s one of the best Plantar Fasciitis running shoes for  sufferers as it offers a great level of stability and absorbs the impact of the ground It features a wide toe box and provides smooth propulsion. Pronators also appreciate its light stability and guidance while neutral runners find it offers a touch of support without overcorrecting their foot through the gait cycle.

The Guide 7 is a big improvement over the already excellent Guide 6. Before hitting the market, Saucony went all over the US conducting wear tests with real runners.

Saucony’s flex grooves are deeper and they radiate out, which makes for a really natural feel when your foot hits the ground and you start to roll forward. The sole on the forefoot is also noticeably flared out to enhance the feeling of support by displacing the force over a wider area underneath the toe box.

The biggest upgrade on this shoe by far is the switch from the lightweight ProGrid Cushioning System to the sturdier PowerGrid version for better cushioning and more responsiveness. PowerGrid is 15% lighter and far more durable than regular EVA. The result is more support and comfort on your foot, which in turn should mean more miles on the road.

It also has a redesigned medial midfoot section for a smoother ride. The Guide 7 is more comfortable and more responsive on the treadmill and indoor track. Runners were quite surprised at how the shoe held up outside in some pretty rough conditions as the outsole offers just enough traction without being too bulky.

The inside of the shoe is very plush and comfortable and it also has moisture wicking properties that help keep the feet relatively dry. It comes in four different colors for men and four colors for women as well.


  • Women’s: 8.2oz.
  • Men’s : 10.1oz.      

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 8mm.
  • Men’s: 8mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Asics Gel Nimbus 15

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 check today's price


The Asics Gel Nimbus 15 is a great shoe for all those who have Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles problems, high arches, knee and back pain.

Soft and plush, the Asics Gel Nimbus 15 brings a luxurious running experience to the maximum feature of high mileage training. This version introduced the dual layer FluidRide midsole design that offers a softer underfoot feel while the increased gel in the forefoot and heel lowers the impact forces in both heel and forefoot strikes.

The top layer is softer for increased plushness and under foot comfort while the bottom layer maintains a more responsive feel. In addition, both heel and forefoot gel units have been expanded for increased impact protection.

The upper features a multi-directional stretch mesh along the sides of the shoe. It’s supported by stretchy welded overlays for a customizable dynamic fit. The padded upper offers plenty of room for higher volume feet. Yet, it’s possible to achieve a secure personalized wrap around the midfoot thanks to the stretchy flexible side panels.

The Nimbus’ deep flex grooves provide faster and smoother transitioning from heel to toe. This offers an effortless ride for runners landing on both the heel and the forefoot .

The Nimbus 15 is a tried and true option for any runner seeking plenty of cushioning (Gel cushioning, molded EVA foam), a premium ride for high mileage training or just a runner seeking a plush running experience.

With the Nimbus 15, you can come back from a really hard workout and be fresh the next day and be able to put in a good workout day after day. It will get you the support even after running on it for a long time.

Last but not least, the Nimbus 15 will keep your leg healthy and fresh and keep you consistent, and remember if you can stay in balance while you run then you will prevent injury.

Sneakers most similar to the Nimbus 15 are the Nike Vomero (considered as best nike running shoes for plantar fasciitis) and Saucony Triumph 10. They all offer premium fit and feel I find in the Nimbus 15.


  • Women’s: 9.9oz.
  • Men’s : 11.8oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 11.5 mm.
  • Men’s: 7.8 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   

Asics Gel Kayano 21

Asics Gel Kayano 21 check today's price


This premium maximum support trainer is built for the mild to moderate overpronators looking for top of the class cushioning with plenty of pronation control. So it’s one of the best options for Plantar Fasciitis.

Along with a plush snug fit in the upper, the Kayano 21 creates a luxurious experience for daily road training. Upon trying on the Kayano 21, testers have immediately noticed the plush underfoot feel that the Kayano used to deliver in the past.

With additional gel in the forefoot and heel, the 21st version of this shoe becomes the most cushioned gel Kayano to date. The shoe is optimal for both short recovery runs as well as long distance training up to marathon distance. Runners were also quite surprised with the improved feel. With the addition of the new Comfordry X40 Sockliner, the shoe provides a smooth absorbing feel without being excessively mushy.

The 21st version of the Kayano seems to provide a stiff platform, but the lack of flexibility was made up for with a supportive feel. In order to further reduce the rate of pronation, the Kayano 21 features an improved heel crashpad and guidance line.

With a firm stable feel, even when fatigued, runners’ gait continues to feel efficient stride after stride. The length of the Kayano is standard and the use of FluidFit technology helps create a personalized glove-like feel. Bonded overlays also provide runners with a secure wrap with minimal to no irritations.

With a soft absorbing feel and plushly wrapped upper, sever overpronators can experience a feel of ultimate luxury in the miles ahead.


  • Women’s: 9.5oz.
  • Men’s : 11.3oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 12.3 mm.
  • Men’s: 7.9 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   

Saucony Kinvara 4





Read full review of Saucony Kinvara 7

A lot of runners with Plantar Fasciitis have found the Kinvara 4 able to correct their condition. The Saucony Kinvara 4 is a lightweight stripped-down neutral trainer. It features a 4mm offset platform (heel-to-toe drop) which gives a fast feel and promotes a midfoot to forefoot landing and an efficient striding.

In this update, Saucony have reduced the overlays around the forefoot for a more forgiving flexible fit as well as increased breathability.

The lining of the heel collar has been softened to reduce irritation around the Achilles tendon and the cushioning of the heel has been upgraded to PowerGrid for more protection.

Testers have found the Kinvara 4 to offer firmer cushioning delivering a responsive ride with plenty of energy return while retaining a protective feel. The low offset design does favor mid to forefoot striking. Some testers didn’t actually feel a firmer landing on the midfoot due to the presence of outsole rubber around the lateral edges. However, this was not noticeable after a few miles.

The upper on the Kinvara 4 is more forgiving and flexible than that of its predecessor making it more accessible to those with mid to higher volume feet or those having bunions. The Kinvara 4 works both as a go fast option from tempo run to speedwork or as a daily trainer for runners looking for a low drop low profile ride.

Lightweight low drop trainers similar to the Kinvara 4 include the Brooks Pureconnect 2 and the Proizumi Em Road N1 Trainers. The Saucony Kinvara 4 sits in the middle of the two in terms of weight but offers a lower heel-toe offset and a little bit more protection on the foot.


  • Women’s: 6.4oz.
  • Men’s : 7.6oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 4 mm.
  • Men’s: 4 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Asics GT 2000 2

Asics GT 2000 2 check today's price


Visually the GT- 2000 2 is very similar to Kayano 17 and it has taken a lot of features from that shoe. It uses a new Asics midsole called FluidRide which is lighter and softer than the previous foam cushioning. It also uses Dynamic Duomax support system for overpronation prevention.

However, they’ve had a slight tweak on it to make it slightly more stable by removing some of the pillars. That means the shoe guarantees a smooth flexible ride while offering slightly more support. It uses minimum overlays as there is not a lot of stitching going on which, again, cuts down on weight and makes the foot more comfortable inside the shoe.

The outsole once again is made of AHAR Plus rubber (Asics High-Abrasion Rubber), which is Asics’ most durable and “grippiest” rubber. The GT-2000 2 uses fairly deep flex grooves making it pretty flexible. It also uses Asics Guidance Line and Guidance Trusstic System for an efficient gait cycle, which means that your foot is basically trying to run along that line in the bottom so you get a nice and smooth lay down.

The GT 2000 2 is very snug in the heel, which Asics is quite well-known for. It uses a memory foam liner around the heel for a very customized fit in there.

The 2000 2 is more supportive than most other running sneakers while being just as cushioned and just as flexible.


  • Women’s: 8.3oz.
  • Men’s : 10.6oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 10 mm.
  • Men’s: 10 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Brooks Addiction 10

Asics GT 2000 2 check today's price


The Addiction 10 is very nice for people with Plantar Fasciitis, people with flat feet, people with a lot of forefoot width (to prevent excessive pronation) and people who have a low arch.

It features firm EVA in the midsole that extends from mid arch all the way to the heel and this is great for excessive pronation. The other feature is in the waist as the Addiction 10 doesn’t hourglass in the midfoot which is great if you have a wide foot and if you pronate excessively as that gives you much support and stability.

Both the Addition 9 and the 10 have the same flex grooves which run all across the forefoot. The upgrade that has occurred in the Addiction 10 over the 9 is the 10 has a little notch on the outsole the 9 doesn’t have, and that’s huge. Why is that? The more soft EVA that you have exposed, the more flexible the shoe is. So having that little notch tends to throw the foot to the outside and tends to bottom out the outside part of the shoe more.


  • Women’s: 11.8oz.
  • Men’s : 13.5oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 12 mm.
  • Men’s: 12 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 check today's price


The Alchemy 12 is a beautiful shoe for Plantar Fasciitis caused by overpronation. It’s a great stability shoe that doesn’t overbear you with a lot of weight as it has mesh on the upper. The overlays give it a lot if integrity. It has a tough toe, a tough heel and a footbed that is removable with a ton of shock absorption.

It has the Dynamotion Fit. It also features EVA cushioning in the midsole with the wave technology running from the heel to the midfoot. It has AP Plus EVA which is super lightweight to cut down on the weight of the shoe and to give you shock absorption.

It features a really tough blown and carbon rubber outsole that’s goning to be perfect for on-road use. It comes with X10 rubber at the back which makes the Mizuno a tougher and long lasting yet very flexible shoe. The Wave Alchemy 12 will certainly help your feet stay comfortable wherever you shall go.


  • Women’s: 9.2oz.
  • Men’s : 11.5oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 10.8 mm.
  • Men’s: 12.4 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Asics Gel Exalt 2

Asics Gel Exalt 2 check today's price


Comfortable, durable and featuring a very plushy and soft interior, the Exalt 2 is an awesome shoe for mild to overpronation and a great option for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers. It is highly cherished by runners seeking that great combination of stability, support and protection in one shoe.

It’s fairly flexible and lightweight in construction and it’s crafted from a super breathable mesh. Also, it has synthetic supportive overlays throughout the upper. You’ve got a nicely padded collar and tongue for added comfort.

The insole is completely removable which provides a bed of underfoot cushioning for you throughout the course of your day, and if you have your own insole you can always slip it inside. The shoe benefits from a full-length dual-density SpEVA midsole that offers maximized energy return and reduced midsole breakdown catering also a lot to the arch support of the shoe.

There’s also a rearfoot gel cushioning that will absorb shock and improve ease of movement. All of that sits atop of a very sticky AHAR rubber outsole.


  • Women’s: 8.8oz.
  • Men’s : 10.6oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 10 mm.
  • Men’s: 10 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Brooks Glycerin 11

Brooks Glycerin 11 check today's price


The Glycerin 11 is absolutely one of the best options for Plantar Fasciitis. It’s a very neutral shoe definitely designed for heel strikers.

The midsole features Omega Flex Grooves all along to dissipate impact all the way through your foot strike. These flex grooves permit dynamic runs without compromising cushioning. The shoes uses Brooks DNA System throughout the whole midsole so you get a nice cushioned responsive ride. It feels quite firm thanks to its double layer midsole.

The bottom is more responsive and the upper is very soft using a nice flexible mesh with seamless 3D printed layers on. Well, that saves on weight by saving stitching and also makes the Glycerin more comfortable.

Throughout the midsole, it’s a 10mm offset from heel to toe.  The inside is very, very plush. It’s got a Sockliner built-in so you get no irritation from the stitching. It’s very elasticated across the midfoot so you get a lot of support without being tight. The insole’s got high arch that you’ll feel if you have flat feet.

Also, Brooks have removed the Trusstic System from the outsole making it a lot more flexible with all that rigidity necessary for support and stability. Engineers have achieved this by making the entire outsole along the lateral and medial sides touch the ground.

The Glycerin 11 is nice and flexible and it’s going to guide your foot through a natural foot strike from heel to toe.


  • Women’s: 9.6oz.
  • Men’s : 11.8oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 9.2 mm.
  • Men’s: 9.9 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Brooks Beast 12

Brooks Beast 12 check today's price


The Brooks Beast 12 is proudly one of the best shoes for people with plantar fasciitis, excessive overpronation and low arches in need of the support and stability to run smoothly on grounds at a more comfortable ride.

The Beast 12 is Brooks’ iconic control shoe. It’s made for the ultimate motion control and excellent cushioning. The shoe has full-length DNA (adaptable cushioning system) and that’s encapsulated in the BioMoGo material. BioMoGo is friendlier on the environment and offers excellent cushioning and durability.

For support, it features Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB). This is the way the engineers progressively post the shoe from a softer material on the lateral side to a medium firmness to very firm material on the medial side. It decelerates the pronation and that is all encapsulated together by the DRB Accel which is the TPU piece that runs into the heel. The DRB Accel is a high-density post designed for better support and additional rigidity of the forefoot.

In the upper, there’s an asymmetrical arch saddle that stretches and hugs the foot, locks it onto the shoe and adds additional support especially on the medial side of the shoe. They’ve opened up the mesh areas of the upper and they’ve also added a more contoured modern design.

It’s very difficult to break the shoe down either by a heavy person or a very severe overpronator. They’ve added the Caterpillar Crashpad to deliver underfoot flexibility. To ensure the trainer has the ability to absorb shock during impact and toe-off, Brooks have integrated a Tuned Density Midsole.

They have broken up the heel into separate pieces and that will extend even into the forefoot allowing for smooth lay down. The Beast 12 will spread out the forces of impact at heel strike and make for a nice transition from heel to the forefoot area.

They’ve also enhanced the Omega Flex Grooves in the forefoot just to make for a more comfortable natural flexible forefoot feeling without compromising the cushioning and midsole integrity.


  • Women’s: 12.3oz.
  • Men’s : 13.7oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 12 mm.
  • Men’s: 12 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

New Balance 990v3

New Balance 990v3 check today's price


The 990V3 is underrated but is as great for working in as it is for running and working out in the gym. It offers a very specific fit and feel, which makes it very important for runners around the world. The stability-enhancing Abzorb cushioning is soft and supportive which is great for long runs but also if you’re on your feet all day.

It’s also very durable thanks to the tough rubber outsole. It features a premium pigskin upper with mesh inserts for breathability. It won’t feel as cooler or breathable as some other running shoes, but it looks great and the upper has a great secure feeling.

It has a full blown rubber outsole which gives it a more bouncy feel, and a carbon fiber shank that makes it more stable and lighter.

The 990 V3 is a great shoe for walkers and runners and people who just want sporty feeling sneakers as it’s the perfect blend of cushioning and stability.

All in all, the 990V3 is one of the best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis.


  • Women’s: 10.5oz.
  • Men’s : 13.4oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 12 mm.
  • Men’s: 12 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

New Balance M940V2

New Balance 990v3 check today's price


Moderate to severe pronation is thoughtfully addressed in this shoe with its medial post and a unique T-Beam support shank. This makes the shoe great for Plantar Fasciitis.

The 940V2 is built for the runner who needs that combination of enhanced cushioning and reinforced stability. The upper has synthetic overlays and a highly breathable mesh to keep your feet secure and dry on longer runs. M940V2 is also cushiony around the collar area.

The OrthoLite footbed is removable and it is in fact very shock absorbing. It has microbial properties to help fight odor. Under that, we have a full-length Abzorb Strobel Board offering another layer of cushioning. The New Balance N2’s low-to-the-ground cushioning is very shock absorbing and very responsive allowing for a plush bouncy ride while maintaining a low profile fit.

The inside of the midsole is where you’re going to get all of your support. It’s going to keep your foot running straight.

On the outsole, there’s high-density and high abrasion-resistant rubber. For flexible mobility with each step, New Balance has also added deep Flex Grooves to the forefoot for a ton of overall comfort and resiliency.

Built with maximum support and cushion, the performance-driven M940V2 really goes the distance.


  • Women’s: 11.3oz.
  • Men’s : 11.9oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 12 mm.
  • Men’s: 12 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

New Balance 1340V2

New Balance 1340 check today's price


With an improved upper fit and a whole new sole unit, the 1340V2 is a predecessor to the 1012. This optimal stability and motion control trainer is designed with both maximum stability and ultimate cushioning.

The New Balance 1340V2 features a new technology called N2 and T-Beam making it lighter than its predecessor offering the best in cushioning and support. Modern aesthetics to design materials and color brings richness to the motion control category. It’s made with a synthetic mesh upper, a foam lining, and a plush PU insert for instant gratification.

The midsole is made of N2 which is a new bottom cushioning unit that is a responsive, durable, and sustainable system with a low profile execution. A lightweight flexible TPU shank for optimal torsional stability and arch support is found in the arch area. Stabilicore for more support can also be found on the medial side. Last but not least, the 1340V2 features the Ndurance in the bottom making it resistant to wear.


  • Women’s: 11.42oz.
  • Men’s : 13.5oz.

Heel-to-toe offset

  • Women’s: 10 mm.
  • Men’s: 10 mm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

New Balance 587

New Balance M587 check today's price