Hoka vs Brooks – Clash of Two Giants


In today’s epic shoe battle, we’ve got Hoka vs Brooks. Whether you’re a competitive runner or a lifestyle runner, one thing is universal – you have to replace your shoes a lot. If you’re putting in 20 miles a week, that means you’re going to get about 2.6 pairs a year. So, Hoka and Brooks …

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Converse vs Vans – Battle of The Classics


Welcome to today’s epic battle of the giants, Converse vs Vans. While there are tons of shoes out there that are intended to be the center of attention, Vans and Converse’s basic design is what has turned these shoes into must-have closet staples. Here’s what I found out after years of wearing Converse and Vans: …

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Saucony Triumph vs Brooks Glycerin


In today’s article, I’m going to be comparing two max cushion daily trainers. It’s the Saucony Triumph vs Brooks Glycerin. This is a head-to-head comparison of two very similar shoes, the Saucony Triumph 19 and the Brooks Glycerin 19. So how do you know which one to buy? If you’re looking at both of these …

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Altra Torin vs Escalante – Totally Different


Welcome to today’s comparison. This is my comparison of the Altra Torin vs Escalante. The Torin and the Escalante are quite different shoes for different purposes. If you don’t know that already, these are my two favorite road running shoes from Altra. And in this article, I’m going to compare the Altra Torin 5 and the …

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