Cheapest Designer Shoes We Could Get!


Today, we’re going to be talking about the cheapest designer shoes.

We have shoes from Off-White, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Gucci, Dior, and Rhude.

I know this might sound dumb because these brands are really expensive, but if you’re persistent, you’re always going to be able to find some pretty good deals.

Without further ado, let’s start from the lowest price to the highest price.

Cheapest Designer Shoes

Vans Bold Ni Rhude ($100)


This is a Vans Rhude collab meaning this is designer but also mixed in with kind of that normal-end sneaker. If you don’t know Rhude, they’re known for mainly their designer clothing.

Being Vans, it typically helps keep the price down and these are $100 straight up. You can’t beat $100, especially for a collaboration with Vans.

When you initially see these, you’re not going to be too excited. But once you put them on, they’re actually really good.

It’s low top and the bottom has that nice checkered pattern.

I think this is a nice simple shoe and jeans are perfect for sneakers like these.



  • Comfortable, clean, & fashionable
  • UltraCush insole


  • Gets dirty very quickly

The next cheapest designer shoe is Gucci…


Gucci Ace Sneakers ($245)


I don’t really shop too much at Gucci anymore because a lot of their stuff is very expensive.

We got these beauties from Saks Off Fifth at $245 (43% off). Some of the stuff there was like 70% off, but 43% is good at any rate.

I’ve seen on a couple of forums where people have found shoes like this there and say that it is hit or miss. They don’t have stuff like this online, but they have things like Ferragamo, Buscemi, and Saint Laurent.

I don’t know if these Gucci Aces are a defect pair or something. I also didn’t get the original box. I just got a box and silica gel and that’s it.

The Aces are the most simple pair of Gucci shoes. They have the slides which are $200, but these are pretty cool.

Overall, the Gucci Ace is a simple sneaker that does not scream Gucci and that’s why I actually really like this.

But it’s cool to find something that cheap because Gucci shoes are up there in price.


  • Comfy out of the box
  • Versatile with pretty much everything
  • Incredibly classic styling
  • No break-in needed
  • Quality craftsmanship


  • Gets dirty very quickly


The next cheapest shoe we’re getting into is actually an Off-White…

Off-White x Nike Zoom Fly Mercurial ($250)


This is not the main Off-White designer that they sell because those are just ridiculously expensive.

Designer shoes like Off-White are really expensive, but this collab is a very cheap option to get.

These are going for around $250 and $260 for some sizes and that’s still pretty high. But this is the cheapest Off-White and Nike Collab and the Zoom Fly Mercurial is technically an Off-White sneaker.

These bright shoes come with a cool dust bag, but I don’t know if I can see myself wearing these because of how bright they are.


  • Eye-grabbing little details & color scheme
  • Upper is super comfy on foot


  • Feels stiff and requires a break-in period
  • A little bit unstable


Next for my favorite designer brand right now…

Dior BO1 Sneaker ($590)


I don’t have a lot of items from Dior because they’re very expensive, but I have a few things and this is my favorite item that I have from Dior.

So, the absolute cheapest Dior shoes that I could find check in at $590. That is a lot, but this is a designer shoe with great quality materials, and the design on this one is not that bad.

The box comes with a Dior dust bag and the sneaker itself. It is a black low top with some nice suede on the toe.

The inside is a whole leather interior which is going to require some break-in period just like the majority of designer shoes.

This looks exactly like a Mason Margiela Low Top meaning it has the exact same structure on the toe.

For $590, that’s a good deal for Dior because they’re a very expensive brand.


  • Minimal, retro-inspired design
  • Smooth Italian calfskin & suede
  • Clean cut sneakers
  • Lightweight & comfortable rubber memory sole


  • Expensive


Next up is going to be Balenciaga…

Balenciaga Match Logo Print Canvas Sneakers ($595)


I think nobody needs to pay this amount of money for shoes that retail for $595.

That is ridiculously expensive, but this is the cheapest Balenciaga shoe I found in Neiman Marcus.

So, for $595 you’re getting a black canvas shoe that looks like it’s been worn down. There’s dirt stains on it and it looks like it’s been worn so down and half of the logos are cut off the bottom.

What is Balenciaga doing? As much as I like showing you these cheapest designer shoes, this is just stupid.


  • Durable white canvas


  • Expensive


The next shoe is Louis Vuitton…

Louis Vuitton Arizona Moccasin ($660)


The cheapest Louis Vuitton shoe is your dad’s golf sneakers or your dad’s driving shoes coming in at $660. But the cheapest LV was actually a pair of slides and they were $525 if I recall.

The packaging is very simple and comes with two separate dust bags.

This kind of reminds me of a Cole Haan sneaker and it’s got the driving bottom. It’s all leather and I’m sure when you break these in, these are going to be insanely comfortable because their leathers are very nice.

I think Louis Vuitton has a lot of good shoes, but this one’s a little bit different. It’s more like a classic silhouette that I feel like more people would always go to.


  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Flexible
  • Supple outsole with rubber pads


  • Expensive


Louis Vuitton Match Up Sneaker ($675)


This Louis Vuitton style retailed for $675 and was the cheapest sneaker they had.

This style is their monogram sneaker that looks exactly like the Yeezy Calabasas on the outsole.

It’s just a classic thick leather monogram that says Louis Vuitton Paris on the inside and the bottom.

The Louis Vuitton Waterfront Slides were $620.

People say this design will not go out of style because it is like their monogram and it will stay longer. This is may be true but Louis Vuitton is definitely a brand for ballers.

The huge box comes with a Louis Vuitton pamphlet, pretty cool laces, dust bags, and the shoes themselves.

I’ve heard in the past that Louis Vuitton doesn’t do sales, unlike Gucci where you can get some things on sale.

I’ve also heard that Louis Vuitton burns the bags that they don’t use because they want to keep it brand exclusive.

Again, this is a very classic low-top silhouette that I think could last a lot longer and can hold its value, and have more longevity in terms of wearing it.

These are more worth the quality for sure than, for example, a hypebeast Off-White Jordan. So, that’s more about the hype and this is more about the quality.


  • Smooth & polished leather panels
  • Insole is lined with premium leather
  • Clean, minimalist design


  • Expensive


Next up is another Balenciaga…

Balenciaga Speed LT Trainer ($795)


The other cheapest Balenciaga shoe was $795 and I could not find a cheaper pair in the store.

The Balenciaga Speed LT comes with one big dust bag for both shoes.

When I put these on, they were actually really comfortable and they looked good with my jeans.

I think they look good better than I thought and I think they’re really comfortable and I was not expecting that.


  • Like a spa to the feet
  • Bouncy & comfortable
  • Sock-like fit


  • Whole sizes only
  • Runs small

Online shops to buy these designer shoes…

So, out of all of these shoes, which is your favorite pick?

My favorite pick for value and look is the Vans x Rhude.

It’s $100 and it looks good; why would you not go for that?

Thanks for making it to the end of this cheapest designer shoes and see you in the next one 🙂 

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