Clarks Morse Tour Sandal for Women – Jill-of-all-trades Sandal

Just because you’re wearing a sandal to walk doesn’t mean it can’t have a little class. Maybe you’re just looking for a walking sandal that’s sturdy enough for walking down beaches and downtown, looking out of place in neither, rather than a sport sandal with elastic cords or bright colors.

Maybe you’re just looking for the basics done well; nice rich leather walking sandals that stay on your foot, stay comfortable and have a distinguished look. If that’s the case, you deserve a company with a long history of almost two hundred years in the shoe business making you some of the best looking walking sandals you’ve ever worn. What you’re looking for is the Clarks Morse Tour Sandal.

Clarks Morse Tour Sandal for Women

Clarks Morse Tour Sandal

First off, the Carks Morse is an effective sandal for Plantar Fasciitis issues.

With the Morse Tour Sandal, you’re getting a sandal designed with quality in mind. Just like on their men’s sandals, these sandals for women are full-leather and designed with Clarks’ signature style. The EVA foam outsole gives you a sturdy platform to stand on, while the OrthoLite footbed keeps your feet comfortable.

Of course, that’s all a moot point if the straps on your sandals are going to rub blisters onto the tops of your feet. Fortunately, with the Morse Tour Sandals, that’s not a problem. In addition to the adjustable hook-and-loop closure, the entire inside of the sandal is fabric-lined. It’s just like a much more cushioned, much more flexible upper on a walking shoe.

But how does this benefit you? Just like its name suggests, the Morse Tour Sandal is perfect for (can you guess?) touring. When we say “touring”, we mean the kind of touring that’s both inside beautiful cities and picturesque countrysides, the kind that isn’t just one or the other.

While you may want to wear a hiking boot to explore the Italian countryside in the morning, it might look and feel out of place at an upscale restaurant for dinner. The same is true in reverse; you wouldn’t wear formal women’s sandals anywhere without pavement, and even then, not for very long. With the Clarks Morse Tour Sandal, you get all the durability of a good walking shoe and the style of a formal sandal in the same package.

Anybody who’s ever done any touring will tell you not to weigh yourself down, and that definitely applies to footwear; if you can take just one pair of sandals that both look good and feel good, that’s one less thing you have to carry (and, more importantly, one less thing you can lose).

Features of the Clarks Morse Tour Sandal

When you have a pair of Clarks sandals, you really have the advantage of choice; whether you want to look formal or outdoorsy, these sandals can help you pull it off.

If you need sandals for walking through busy urban centers, you can really play up the temperate-to-tropical dressy angle with capris or a short dress. Once you get outside of the cities and into the woods, you can keep the Morse Tour Sandals and change out to track shorts, jean shorts, full jeans, or even zip-offs: both zipped on and zipped off.

No matter what you do, these sandals still mesh with your outfit; they’re not so bold as to steal attention and demand your outfit follow their lead, but they’re also not strictly utilitarian and ugly.

Reviews for Clarks Morse Tour Sandal

As expected from Clarks women’s sandals, the reviews are generally pretty positive. On Amazon, women love to talk about how comfortable these sandals are, as well as the arch support they provide, as well as the fact that they look good in most every scenario.

In particular, women who have had recent knee or back surgery and have had trouble walking comfortably find these sandals to be a Godsend. Because they have got more support than purely decorative fashion sandals, they’re much easier on your joints.

One thing you do need to watch out for on these sandals is the front strap. While it looks like a functional strap, the majority of negative Amazon reviews will tell you that it’s aesthetic and can’t be adjusted. Once you get around that minor detail, however, the sandals are adjustable pretty much everywhere else. If you’re having problems with the front strap, it’s easy to let out the heel strap a bit and move your foot back on the footbed a bit.

Conclusion? Buy It.

The Clarks Morse Tour sandals for women are a good pair of jill-of-all-trades shoes, perfect for looking good and feeling good wherever you are. As long as you take care of the leather, you really can use these for both formal occasions and hikes; take really good care of it, and you can probably do both in the same evening.

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