Clarks Morse Tour Sandals Review – Step into Elegance and Comfort


Prepare to embark on a journey where style meets unparalleled comfort as we unveil the Morse Tour in all its glory.

In this Clarks Morse Tour review, we leave no stone unturned, exploring the intricate details, remarkable craftsmanship, and innovative technology that make these shoes a game-changer.

Join us, and let’s dive headfirst into the world of unmatched elegance and comfort – because the Clarks Morse Tour is not just a shoe; it’s a lifestyle.


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Clarks Morse Tour Review



Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the More Tour boasts a perfect blend of rugged durability and classic elegance. The sandal’s upper is primarily constructed from high-quality leather, providing a sense of timeless sophistication.

This not only enhances the shoe’s visual appeal but also ensures long-lasting wear. What truly sets the Morse Tour apart is the meticulous design that seamlessly combines the traditional desert boot aesthetic with modern outdoor elements.

Its sturdy hook-and-loop straps offer a secure and adjustable fit, while the padded collar and tongue provide exceptional comfort and support, making it an ideal sandal for extended walks and outdoor adventures.

With its breathable mesh panels strategically placed for ventilation and moisture management, the Morse Tour keeps your feet feeling fresh even on warmer days.



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The footbed features a cushioned OrthoLite insole that is a revelation in underfoot comfort. This not only offers plush padding but also wicks away moisture, ensuring a dry and fresh feeling throughout the day.

It contours to the shape of your foot, providing a customized and supportive fit that minimizes fatigue during long walks or hikes.

The OrthoLite footbed is also highly breathable, enhancing airflow and reducing the chances of overheating.

Plus, it boasts impressive durability, ensuring that your Morse Tour will remain comfortable and supportive through numerous adventures.



The midsole is constructed using an EVA which delivers a lightweight and responsive cushioning that significantly reduces the impact on your feet with each step.

This means you can comfortably traverse various terrains without feeling the strain on your legs and joints.

Additionally, the midsole provides excellent arch support, helping to maintain proper alignment and reducing the risk of discomfort or fatigue, especially during extended outings.

The sandal’s arch support makes it a good option for people with plantar fasciitis.

The EVA midsole also contributes to the shoe’s overall lightweight design, ensuring that your movements remain agile and effortless.


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The adjustable hook-and-loop straps offer a convenient and customized fit, making it easy to put on or remove the shoes. This feature not only ensures a snug fit but also allows for quick adjustments on the go, ensuring that your shoes stay comfortably in place.

The design of the straps complements the shoe’s aesthetic, adding a rugged and outdoor-ready vibe to the classic Clarks style.

They are made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of various terrains, making the Morse Tour a reliable choice for both urban and outdoor adventures.

Plus, these straps offer an added layer of stability and support, securing your feet in the shoe and reducing the likelihood of slipping or discomfort during your activities.


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Crafted from high-quality rubber, the outsole provides exceptional grip on both rugged outdoor terrain and urban surfaces, ensuring you stay sure-footed with every step.

The unique pattern on the outsole features deep, multidirectional lugs that are strategically placed to enhance traction and prevent slippage, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you’re navigating rocky trails, muddy paths, or wet surfaces, the Morse Tour’s outsole offers a confident and secure footing, allowing you to conquer challenging terrains with ease.

The rubber outsole is not just about traction but also about durability. It’s built to withstand the wear and tear of regular use, ensuring that your investment in the Morse Tour will provide lasting performance and value.



The Clarks does provide an exceptional level of comfort that keeps your feet feeling pampered throughout the day.

The insole cushions your every step with its plush and responsive padding. It not only provides a heavenly softness underfoot but also manages moisture efficiently, keeping your feet fresh and dry.

The sandal offers superior arch support, reducing the strain on your feet and minimizing discomfort, even during extended walks or hikes.

The midsole absorbs shocks, ensuring that your joints and muscles are protected from the impact of various terrains. This means you can enjoy your adventures or daily activities without experiencing the usual fatigue that often comes with footwear that lacks proper cushioning.

The adjustable hook-and-loop straps provide a customizable fit that adapts to the unique shape of your feet, adding another layer of comfort to the equation. They secure your feet in place, preventing any uncomfortable movement within the shoe.



The sandal’s construction is a testament to its ability to withstand the rigors of both urban and outdoor environments.

Starting with the upper, the use of high-quality leather not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures remarkable longevity.

Leather is known for its toughness and resistance to wear and tear, making it a solid choice for a shoe’s upper material. The Morse Tour’s leather upper is crafted to endure daily use and the occasional encounter with rough terrain, providing long-term value for your investment.

The rubber outsole resists abrasion and maintains the grip, even after traversing rocky paths and challenging surfaces. This ensures that your outsole can endure the demands of outdoor adventures and urban exploration alike.



Typically, Clarks shoes are considered an investment in quality and style. While they may fall in the mid to upper price range for casual and outdoor footwear, it’s important to remember that you are paying for not just a pair of shoes, but a combination of factors: top-tier materials, meticulous craftsmanship, comfort features, and a well-established brand known for its commitment to both fashion and functionality.

Now, let’s throw in some pros and cons about the Clarks Morse Tour…


  • Exceptional Comfort

The Clarks Morse Tour offers superior comfort with its cushioned OrthoLite® insole and EVA midsole, making them perfect for extended walks or all-day wear.

  • Stylish Design

These shoes strike a balance between a classic and rugged look, making them suitable for various occasions, from outdoor adventures to casual outings.

  • Durable Construction

The high-quality leather upper and robust rubber outsole ensure that the Morse Tour can withstand the rigors of everyday use and various terrains.

  • Customizable Fit

The adjustable hook-and-loop straps provide a secure and customized fit, catering to the unique shape of your feet.

  • Excellent Traction

The multidirectional lugs on the outsole offer exceptional grip, making these shoes suitable for both urban and outdoor environments.

  • Brand Reputation

Clarks is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, giving you the assurance of investing in a reputable and long-standing brand.


  • Price:

The quality and features of the Morse Tour come at a price, which may be on the higher side for some budget-conscious buyers.

  • Sizing Variability

As with any footwear, fit may vary slightly depending on individual foot shape and size, so it’s advisable to try them on before purchasing, especially if you have specific fit requirements.

  • Style Preference

While the style is versatile, it may not appeal to those seeking extremely casual or very formal footwear, as it falls somewhere in between.

  • Limited Color Options

Depending on the model, the Morse Tour may have limited color choices, which could be a drawback for those looking for a wider range of color options.


How To Wash Your Clarks

Cleaning your Clarks Morse Tour is essential to maintain their appearance and prolong their lifespan. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean them:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Soft-bristle brush or an old toothbrush
  2. Mild soap or leather cleaner
  3. Clean, damp cloth
  4. Leather conditioner (if your sandal has leather uppers)
  5. Newspaper or shoe trees

Cleaning Steps:

  • Remove Excess Dirt

First, tap your shoes together or gently brush them to remove any loose dirt or debris. This prevents the dirt from scratching the surface during cleaning.

  • Prepare a Cleaning Solution

Mix a small amount of mild soap with warm water in a bowl. If your shoes have leather uppers, ensure that the soap is appropriate for leather. If you have suede or nubuck uppers, use a cleaner designed for those materials.

  • Scrub Gently

Dip the soft-bristle brush or toothbrush into the soapy water and gently scrub the uppers of your shoes. Pay special attention to any soiled areas. For suede or nubuck, use a brush specifically designed for those materials to avoid damaging the texture.

  • Wipe Clean

Dampen a clean cloth with plain water and wipe down the shoe to remove the soap and any remaining dirt. Repeat this process as necessary until the shoes are clean.

  • Dry Thoroughly

Stuff your shoes with newspaper or use shoe trees to help them maintain their shape while drying. Place them in a well-ventilated area, away from direct heat sources or direct sunlight. Allow them to air dry naturally. This may take several hours.

  • Condition (for Leather Uppers)

If your shoes have leather uppers, consider applying a leather conditioner after they’ve dried. Follow the product’s instructions for the best results. This step helps to maintain the leather’s suppleness and luster.

  • Brush Suede or Nubuck (if applicable)

For suede or nubuck uppers, use a suede brush to restore the nap (texture) and remove any residual dirt. Brush gently in one direction.

  • Protect

Consider applying a waterproof spray or protector specifically designed for your shoe material to prevent stains and water damage. Follow the product instructions.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep your Clarks Morse Tour looking great and ensure their longevity.

Be sure to clean your shoes whenever they become noticeably soiled, and always follow the care instructions specific to the type of material your shoes are made from.

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Clarks Morse Tour FAQs

Are Clarks Morse Tour shoes suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, they are designed for outdoor and urban adventures.

Do Clarks Morse Tour come in various colors?

Color options may vary, but there are typically a few choices available.

Are Clarks Morse Tour shoes waterproof?

While they offer some water resistance, they are not fully waterproof.

How do I clean my Clarks Morse Tour?

Clean with a soft brush and mild soap for leather uppers; use a specific cleaner for suede or nubuck.

Are Clarks Morse Tour true to size?

Sizing can vary, so it’s advisable to try them on for the best fit.

Can I use Clarks Morse Tour for casual occasions?

Yes, their versatile design is suitable for casual wear.

What makes the insole special?

It provides cushioning and moisture management for exceptional comfort.

Do Clarks Morse Tour offer good arch support?

Yes, the Morse Tour features excellent arch support.

Are Clarks Morse Tour heavy or lightweight?

They are designed to be lightweight for agility and comfort.

What’s the typical price range for Clarks Morse Tour shoes?

Prices vary but generally fall in the mid to upper range for quality footwear.

In conclusion, the Clarks Morse Tour represents a remarkable fusion of style, comfort, and durability. It is engineered to meet the demands of both urban and outdoor environments, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

With its plush insole, exceptional arch support, and robust construction, it offers comfort and performance that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

While the price point may be higher for some, the investment in Clarks Morse Tour is an investment in quality, backed by a reputable brand known for its craftsmanship. The ability to customize the fit and the range of color options add to their appeal.

That’s pretty much it for this Clarks Morse Tour review and I’ll see you in the next one 🙂

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