Converse Size Chart + How To Fit Some of Your Popular Converse Styles


If you’re looking for the Converse size chart for men, women, kids, and babies and toddlers, we’ve got you covered.

The most common question we get is basically regarding Converse sizing. People try to figure out exactly what size they need to order for their kids, their wives, or themselves.

If you’re in that boat, you should not feel stupid because this is very confusing.

We went the extra mile for you and we’ll also cover …

  • Do converse run big or small?”
  • 4 Converse versions and their sizes.
  • Fit tips.
  • How to break in your Converse shoes.
  • How to stretch your Converse at home.
  • How to measure your feet at home to get the best Converse fit (+ video & infographic) 

But the best part is we’re going to give the floor to our reviewers to tell us whether they went true to size, sized up, or sized down in:

  • Chuck Taylor All Star
  • Converse Chuck Taylor 1970s
  • Converse Run Star Hike
  • Converse Fear Of God Essentials Chuck 70
  • Commes des Garcon X Converse

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Converse Size Chart

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Converse Men’s Size Chart

USUKFoot length
Foot Length
338 1/2″21.5cm
3.53.58 5/8″21.9cm
448 5/6″22.4cm
559 1/7″23.2cm
5.55.59 2/7″23.6cm
669 1/2″24.1cm
6.56.59 2/3″24.5cm
779 4/5″24.9cm
8810 1/6″25.8cm
8.58.510 1/3″26.2cm
9910 1/2″26.2cm
9.59.510 5/8″26.6cm
101010 4/5″27.4cm
111111 1/7″28.3cm
11.511.511 2/7″28.7cm
121211 2/3″n/a
131312 2/7″29.6cm
13.513.512 3/5″30.4cm


Converse Women’s Size Chart

USUKFoot length
Foot Length
448 1/3″21.1cm
4.54.58 1/2″21.9cm
558 5/8″22.4cm
5.558 5/6″22.8cm
6.56.59 1/7″23.6cm
779 2/7″24.1cm
7.57.59 1/2″24.5cm
889 2/3″24.9cm
8.58.59 4/5″25.3cm
9.59.510 1/6″26.2cm
101010 1/3″26.6cm
10.510.510 1/2″27.4cm
111110 5/8″27.9cm
11.511.510 4/5″28.3cm
12.512.511 1/7″n/a
131311 2/7″29.1cm
13.513.511 2/3″29.6cm


Converse Kids’ Size Chart


USFoot length
Foot Length
10C6 2/3″16.9cm
10C6 4/5″17.3cm
11C7 1/6″18.2cm
11.5C7 1/3″18.6cm
12C7 1/2″19cm
12.5C7 2/3″19.4cm
13C7 4/5″19.8cm
1Y8 1/7″20.7cm
1.5Y8 1/3″21.1cm
2Y8 1/2″21.5cm
2.5Y8 2/3″22cm
3Y8 5/6″22.4cm
4Y9 1/7″23.2cm
4.5Y9 1/6″23.6cm
5Y9 1/2″24.1cm
5.5Y9 2/3″24.5cm


Converse Babies & Toddlers’ Size Chart

USFoot length
Foot Length
n/a3 2/3″9.3cm
2C4 1/7″10.5cm
3C4 1/3″11cm
3C4 1/2″11.4cm
4C4 2/3″11.8cm
4C4 4/5″12.2cm
5C5 1/6″13.1cm
6C5 1/3″13.5cm
6C5 1/2″13.9cm
7C5 2/3″14.4cm
7C5 5/6″14.8cm
8C6 1/7″15.6cm
9C6 2/7″16cm
9C6 1/2″16.5cm
10C6 2/3″16.9cm
10C6 4/5″17.3cm


Do Converse Run Big, Small, or True To Size?

We’re going to talk about the low tops and high tops.

In terms of size, according to their website, Converse shoes run true to size, which means they claim their shoes don’t run big or small and so you don’t have to size up or down.

I wish it were the case. Since you’re reading this section, I think you have read somewhere that people get confused when it comes to Converse sizing.

But why?

The confusion basically comes from three different things.

The first one is that Converse shoes are made as a unisex style top to bottom.

So, if you’re a woman, you’re going to have to convert. But if you’re a girl and you wear a youth size, you don’t convert because there is no youth girl difference from youth boys.

This is also confusing because the same shoe is made in four different versions at four different price points.

The last thing and the thing that gets most people is the fact that…

… if you don’t know what size you take in a Converse, you need to make sure you think about what size you normally wear most of the time in shoes and go ahead and order a half size smaller because Converse shoes run long and a little narrow in the adult versions as well as the kids. Click to tweet this.

The exception is that the toddler shoe doesn’t really run narrow because they took into account that kids’ feet tend to be a little short fat feet.

Let me give you a rundown on the different Converse shoes…


4 Converse Versions

Converse Crib


The Crib Converse is canvas. It has a leather sidewall so it’s soft all the way around and it has a canvas bottom with little rubber grippers.

The Crib shoe comes in at $20 to $22 and is produced from a 1 to a 4 in whole sizes only.

Converse Infant Toddler


The Infant Toddler Converse has a rubber bottom and is produced a little bit wider than the rest of the shoes. However, the rubber bottom is quite a bit lighter weight than the bigger kids and the adult version.

The Infant Toddler shoe comes in at $25 to $27. It is produced in from a 2 to a 10 in whole sizes only.


Converse Kids


The Kids Converse is basically the same thing as the adult shoe just made in smaller sizes and at a lower price.

The Kid shoe comes in at $30 to $33 and is produced from a 10.5 to a 3 and it includes whole and half sizes.

Converse Adult


Last but not least, you’ve got the Adult Converse. That shoe basically comes in kids’ sizes all the way up to a size 18. If you’re a woman, you have to convert your size to get your size out of these.

The Adult comes from a size 3 which is the same 3 as the youth.

So, if you wear a 3, you can get a youth shoe at a cheaper price. It goes from a 3 all the way up to an 8 I believe. The retail price is normally from $40 to $45 depending on the color.


Picking Your Size in Converse

I’ve already talked about how you need to order a half size smaller than you normally would.

If you own a pair of Converse, the best way to figure out what size you have is just to look at the stamp on the bottom of the shoe.

If you’re a lady and you’re looking at the bottom of the shoe, even though it’s a lady’s color, the stamp on the bottom still is the men’s size.

So, if you are a woman and you wear a size 8, you’re going to need to order a Converse men’s 6.

But wait,

That’s just the conversion for what size you should order.

You need to remember that Converse fit big and that you’re going to have to order a 5.5.

So, again, if you’re a woman who wears a women’s 8 adult shoe, you would convert that down to a men’s 6 and then remember that they fit big and you’re going to have to go from there totally down to a men’s 5.5.

I hope this was helpful.


Fit Tips

In terms of fit on both the high tops and the low tops, we recommend you can still fit one to two fingers down inside the sneaker collar when they’re tied up fairly tight.

If your sneaker collar is way too tight, you might start getting blisters and that’s the last you’d want.

When it comes to the toe box, make sure it still offers plenty of wiggle room, which means the toe box isn’t going to pinch or restrict the movement of your toes.

A well-fitting toe box should give you about half an inch of space between your big toe and the front of the shoe.

In terms of sizing, we find the high tops and low tops run exactly the same. In terms of comfort, the high tops are a little bit more comfortable than the low tops.

Now for the fun part, our reviewers are going to tell you what size they got in their Converse shoes…

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sizing



These shoes do not fit true to size. I normally wear a size 9 in almost everything and occasionally, I go up to a 9.5 or 10.

As soon as I tried on the 10, they were way too big, and to my surprise, going a full size to an 8 fit perfectly.

If you have a flat or a wide foot, then maybe you might want to go a half size down, but definitely sizing up isn’t the way to go on these.

Outside of the sizing, the toe box is a little narrow, but you won’t really notice that it kind of narrows in at the top like most shoes do.

The tongue is really narrow canvas and so it doesn’t squeeze on your foot that much.

Again, if you have a bigger foot or just a wider foot than most people, you might want to only go a half size down rather than the full size down just to give you that extra room up at the front.

I said the toe box kind of curves in, but sizing down to an 8 still left a good amount of space in the toe box even with the toe being this rubber and having this extra rubber wrapping around it.

The heel of the shoe does have that cardboard insert called the Stiffener. This feature does help keep the shape of the shoe and it makes it a little bit easier to put the shoe on in general because, as we know, high tops are not the easiest to put on, especially leather and canvas.

The insole is actually surprisingly about half an inch thick at the heel and it makes a big difference in terms of comfort.

You’ll also see people lifting in these a lot because they’re flat at the heel and they wrap around your foot really nicely.

Converse Chuck Taylor 1970s Sizing



In terms of sizing, I would recommend going a full size or a half size down in the Converse Chuck Taylor 1970s.

With this style, you can actually even get away with going a full size down. I’m usually a size 10 in my Jordans and my Adidas and I went with a size 9.5 and I’m happy with the fit.

If you go down to a full size, you’ll have to break them in a little bit and it might hurt your pinky toe, which is the problem I have if I go too low, but half a size down no matter what.

If you go your true size, your feet will be swimming in these and you’re going to regret buying them. Again, just do yourself a favor and go half a size down in the Converse Chuck Taylor 1970s.


Why buy Chuck Taylor 1970

If you’re buying this Chuck Taylor 1970, you’re buying it to complete your outfit and have a nice really retro vintage aesthetic.

If you’re like on a long day of walking and you’re just doing a ton of stuff on your feet, this is not a shoe I could recommend.

But if you’re going to be standing and sitting like in school or work, you can get away with wearing these all day long.

Also, Chuck Taylors are also really good for the gym if you need a flat sole with no special tech to do your squats.

One thing I really liked about these sneakers, in particular, is that they age really well.

If you’re a fan of sneakers that continue to look good the more you wear them or you can beat them up and not feel bad about them, Chuck Taylors like the Air Jordan Ones or Vans are sneakers that will definitely fit your criteria.


Regular vs 1970 Chuck Taylor

In terms of comfort, Converse usually get a bad rap for being quite uncomfortable, but to be fair, there isn’t too much technology that goes into them, especially in the midsole.

So, if you are owner or previous owner of the regular Chuck Taylors, the 1970s are a slight upgrade from the regular Chuck Taylors.

The insole that they put inside of the Chuck Taylor 1970 is actually pretty nice. The insole has a good amount of padding to it. So, this is one of the reasons why you can tolerate the Chuck Taylor 1970s.

Fear Of God Essential x Converse Chuck Taylor 70 Sizing



When it comes to sizing the Fear Of God Chucks, if you’ve never worn a pair of Chuck Taylors before, I always recommend you go a half size down from true size.

These fit exactly the same and so I also recommend you go a half size down in these Converse Fear Of God Essentials Chuck 70.


As far as the fit goes, I got a men’s size 8 which is a women’s 10. I recommend you go a size down because I find it’s way too big.

Regular Chucks vs Fear Of God Chucks

This collab took probably the most iconic silhouette by Converse, the Chuck Taylor, and added a few touches here and there to create this Essentials Pack.

It’s pretty much a regular-looking pair of Chucks, but there are very few differences from a regular pair of Chucks.

First, the tongue is done in this tumbled leather as opposed to the regular Chucks which have a canvas tongue.

The other difference is Jerry added his own touch by taking the laces and looping them around the added pull tab.

Personally, I don’t particularly like how the laces go over the logo. It’s just a bit gimmicky-looking to me.

Converse Platform High



I wear 6.5 in Vans and Nikes, but I got the Converse Platform High Top in a size 6.5, and 6.5 is my true to size.

I know going a half size down to a 6 would still fit perfectly, which is what everybody is doing, but I went true to size because I have wide feet and I personally like the extra room in the toe box.

I personally don’t want to wear this as an everyday shoe just because they’re really nice and because they were really hard to find in my size.

Just like any Converse when you first get them, you do have to break them in a little bit until they feel as comfortable as any other Converse shoes.

Converse Run Star Hike



I would definitely say for your Converse to always go down a half size if not a full size down depending on how you like your shoes to fit. I can definitely say that the Converse Run Star Hike do run big.

I’m usually 8.5, and for all my Converse, I go down to 8 and they fit pretty good.

I like that platform because it gives me that little lift and because I find it to be super comfortable.

I am also kids. I have to convert my kids’ size to a women’s size in order for me to buy Converse shoes simply because Convers are unisex between men and women.



This is a funky-looking sneaker.

In terms of sizing, these fit exactly like a pair of Chuck Taylors, which is a half size down from my true size 11.

To compare the sizing to other sneakers, I would go down a half size from pretty much any Vans, Nike Air Max, or Jordans, but I would go one full size from the Yeezy 350 v2, though.


In terms of height, you’re looking at about 5cm in added height which is approximately 2 inches. That is pretty tall and I think tall people would look ridiculous in these.

When it comes to comfort, even though this is an elevated sneaker, I wouldn’t say they are uncomfortable or unstable. They feel totally fine.

Overall, the Converse Run Star Hike is a very modernized-looking version of the Chuck Taylor.

It has been really popular not because of the collab but because people have never seen a Converse with a crazy-looking heel like this.


Comme de Garcon X Converse


With this Comme de Garcon collaboration, you definitely want to size down.

I have heard of people going a size and a half down, but for me personally, I just went a size down from 10 in Vans to a 9 in these.

This is actually the second collaboration between Comme des Garcons and Converse. The first collaboration looks quite similar. It did feature the Comme des Garcons Play icon, but it was a little bit higher up the shoe and the entire heart was shown quite a lot smaller than this shoe.  

If you’re just starting at your collection, it’s a really good place to start. It’s an essential shoe, it’s inexpensive, and it’s really going to make your collection look legit even though you’ve only got like three pairs of shoes.

How to break in your Converse

To fully break-in your Converse, it might take you around four weeks. During this period, your Converse will stretch out very slightly and start to mold to the shape of your feet, which feels really good.

You can start wearing some slick socks and let the socks take the friction instead of your skin.

By the end of the break-in period, your Converse are going to feel as if they’ve been tailor-made for your feet.


How to stretch your Converse at home

So many times, you get a pair of shoes but they’re slightly too tight. Of course, your shoes are going to be so uncomfortable, but the best part is there are a lot of home remedies that you can implement today.

The most common trick people use is to put a water bottle inside your Converse and let it freeze overnight. Of course, ice expands and so will your Converse shoes. 

Below are two videos to demonstrate two super easy home methods to make your Converse shoe fit bigger.

These are some more advanced techniques to stretch your shoes at home.

How to measure your feet at home

As I mentioned earlier, we’re going to share a handy size guide that you can use to measure your feet accurately when buying Converse.


Converse size chart FAQs

Do Converse run big, small, or true to size?

Converse shoes are made as a unisex style top to bottom. Converse shoes run long and a little narrow in the adult versions as well as the kids. The exception is that the toddler shoe doesn’t really run narrow.

The Chuck Taylor runs big, but if you have a bigger foot or just a wider foot than most people, you might want to only go a half size down rather than the full size down just to give you that extra room up at the front.

Are Converse shoes true to size?

Converse standard shoes tend to run true to size, but the majority of their best-selling styles like the Chuck Taylors aren’t true to size. Read the full article for more detailed answers.

What size is a women’s 7.5 in Converse?

A size women’s 7.5 is US 7.5 (UK 7.5, 9 1/2″, 24.5cm)

How much should you size down on Converse?

In Converse, you would only need to go a half size down unless you have very narrow feet.

How many inches is a size 7 Converse?

A size 7 Converse is 9 4/5″.

Is Converse size the same as Nike?

Generally speaking, Converse shoes, especially the Chuck Taylor 70, are half a size up from most Nike shoes.

What do you do if your Converse are too big?

We all know how much of a struggle online returns and exchanges can be. To make your big Converse shoes fit just right, you need an insole, heel liners, or thick socks.

First, Grab an insole and slide it on top of the Converse insole. If your Converse is still not fitting right, grab some heel liners and carefully apply the liner into the back heel of your shoe.

If the heel is still slipping, use another line and you’re good to go. Of course, you can always go old school and wear some thicker socks.

How should Chuck Taylors fit?

Of course, your Chuck Taylors should fit snug but not too tight. Chuck Taylors tend to run big and so you need to go a half size down for the perfect fit.

Do Chuck Taylors fit like Vans?

No, Chuck Taylors do tend to run a little bigger than most Vans shoes.

Is Converse UK or US size?

Converse is available in US and UK sizes.

Are Chuck Taylors good for wide feet?

Yes. Converse Chuck Taylors run big, which makes them a great choice for people with wide feet.

Do Converse need to be broken in?

Yes, Converse shoes need to be broken in. You can fully break in your Converse shoes in up to 6 weeks. Of course, you don’t have to suffer during the break-in period because you can wear some slick socks and let them take the rubbing instead of your skin.

Do Chuck Taylors have arch support?

No. Chuck Taylors have no arch support whatsoever. They run on a completely flat platform.

That’s it for this Converse size chart.


  • Answered, “Do Converse run big, small, or true to size?”
  • Talked about how the four Converse versions differ.
  • Showed how to pick your size in Converse.
  • Gave some fit tips.
  • Demonstrated how six Converse shoes size and fit.
  • Demonstrated how to measure your feet.
  • Showed how to stretch your Converse at home.

Thanks for making it to the end of this article. I hope you’re staying safe out there and see you in the next one 🙂 

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