Top Rated Crocs Walking Sandals – 2 Models That Don’t Look Like Giant Rubber

About 50% of Americans aged 20 to 60 suffer from foot pain, much of which can be attributed to wearing the incorrect shoes or sandals for walking and running.

In order to feel comfortable, you have to wear sandals that fit you properly because otherwise you could end up with calluses and blisters. You also need to consider the sandal material, as well as your arch type and foot shape.

Simply put, you need something that combines long walks, motion control, cushioning features and stability. Enter Crocs sandals for walking.

There are many Crocs sandals that are relatively thin and combine function and fashion. Regardless of what you need for this summer, we’ve got the right sandals for your walking pleasure. Check out these two popular Crocs walking sandals and choose your favorite.

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1 – Crocs Women’s Meleen Sandal

Crocs Women’s Meleen Sandal Today's Price

Crocs Inc. needs no introduction. All shoes under this brand feature Croslite which is a substantial innovation in footwear. Due to this material, Crocs are lightweight, comfortable, soft, non-marking, odor-resistant and superior-gripping shoes.

The Crocs Meleen for women come in a sporty slide with mini wedge feel. Made of Croslite material, they are extremely comfortable and lightweight. They have an easy on and off design and, of course, the signature Crocs comfort everyone loves.

You can’t go wrong with these long-lasting and comfy shoes produced from quality materials. You will instantly fall in love with the magical massage-like feel. They come in different color combinations: black/smoke, espresso/petal pink, khaki/stucco, and nautical navy/bijou blue.

Features of Meleen Sandal by Crocs

The Meleen Crocs womens sandals are lightweight sandals (2 pounds) with a modern design. Following are some of the features these crocs sandals have:

  • Non-marking Croslite material outsole;
  • Footbed nubs that create a lovely massage-like feel;
  • Fully molded Croslite material – lightweight cushioning;
  • Sporty slide with strappy upper, as well as mini wedge heel;
  • Product dimensions: 12” x 8” x 4”;
  • Heel measures about 1”;
  • Manmade sole;
  • Synthetic and comfortable.

Women who have slender feet know how difficult it is to find sandals that fit. The great thing about the Crocs Meleen is that the footbed width is a perfect fit for narrow feet. Those who suffered any injuries in the past will find the necessary foot support in these sandals. They might be a little tight at first, but they will stretch and conform to the shape of your foot in no time and will fit like a glove.

Pros and Cons


  • They are so comfortable, that some people prefer crocs over sneakers;
  • Not only do they feel great, but they also look great;
  • Great in wear and very practical;
  • They are neither too tight nor too loose;
  • Come in great colors and color combinations that perfectly blend with everyone’s summer wear.


  • Might not run true to their size;
  • Straps might not fit the foot in the right place.

2 – Crocs Women’s Patricia II Wedge

Crocs Women’s Patricia II Wedge Today's Price

Crocs Patricia II is an updated version of the Crocs Patricia I. These Crocs Wedge Sandals are perfect for any occasion. Doctors often point them as one of the most comfortable walking sandals currently on the market. They are perfect for long outings and you can wear them for a substantial amount of time without feeling foot pain or discomfort.

These Crocs sandals are specifically designed to satisfy people who want to take a good care of their feet. If you are familiar with Crocs Patricia I, you will notice that this model has slightly different straps, which makes this sandal way more flattering than the previous model. You might need to wear them a few times in order to break in the Wedge sandal. This way, you will have a better arch support.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing these Crocs wedge sandals is that your feet will never sweat nor they will smell. You have to admit; you won’t experience this with other shoes. Crocs Patricia are so stylish that you can wear them with different outfits.

Features of Patricia II Wedge by Crocs

Following are some of the features of this model:

  • Manmade sole;
  • Circulation nubs;
  • Slip-on design for easy and quick on and off;
  • Non-marking Croslite outsole;
  • Croslite footbed that conforms to the heel;
  • Dimensions: heel height – 2”, weight 5 oz;
  • Classic wedge midsole that adds an extra style touch.

With these sandals, you can be sure that your money will be well invested. They will provide you with hours of well being and comfort. Oh, and get ready for many compliments because not only do they feel comfortable, but they are cute and stylish as well.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and practical;
  • Relaxed fit;
  • Great color combinations;
  • Give great comfort to the arches;
  • Complements any outfit;
  • Supportive to different foot shapes.


  • Too tight straps;
  • Might not run true to their size.

We all love summer because of beaches and barbeques, but your feet love summer even more because it’s their breathing time. As lightweight footwear silhouettes, you can’t go wrong with Crocs Meleen and Crocs Patricia II. These interesting models are suitable for different outfits as well as all kinds of outdoor activities and excursions.

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