David Guetta Emerges as the Preferred Artist for Runners When They’re Running!

David Guetta The Go-to Soundtrack for Runners' Every Stride!

In the world of running, two types of joggers prevail: those who engage in their run with headphones or earphones, and those devoid of any accompanying music or podcast.

When the latter crosses paths – or overtakes – the former, the inevitable curiosity arises about what the other is listening to.

Well, a recent study sheds some light on this mystery. WhistleOut, an internet and mobile phone review service, conducted an analysis of nearly 1000 Spotify playlists with the keyword ‘running.’ While the analysis may face criticism for its lack of scientific rigor or be denounced for its perceived low significance, it nonetheless provides some illuminating insights.


David Guetta, Undisputed Leader

Upon examining the results, it is evident that runners have a penchant for energetic music—hardly a surprising revelation. In this realm, French DJ David Guetta stands out, claiming a substantial lead. Among the 964 playlists analyzed, he is associated with over 1000 tracks.

Yes, it means that some people listen to several tracks from the artist to boost their spirits. The highly rhythmic and uplifting nature of his music undoubtedly contributes to this phenomenon.

Following closely in the rankings is another DJ, this time hailing from Britain. His name: Calvin Harris. Once again, it’s in the electro genre. He tallies 804 tracks, just over 200 less than his French counterpart. Bravo!

To find an artist outside the electronic music genre, one must turn their attention to the third spot on the leaderboard. It is claimed by Canadian rapper Drake. With 789 tracks in the catalog, he narrowly edges out another rapper, Kanye West.

The first woman in this ranking is Dua Lipa, securing the 8th position. She is notably preceded by ‘Fearless Motivation’ (7th), a media outlet specialized in content intended to motivate its listeners.


Blinding Lights, the Preferred Track

While David Guetta claims the top spot among artists, the same cannot be said for the most popular song among runners. He secures the 5th position with his track ‘Titanium,’ featuring Sia. Still not too shabby.

The top of the ranking is claimed by The Weeknd and his track ‘Blinding Lights.’ Among the 964 playlists analyzed, the song was featured 96 times.

It narrowly surpasses the track ‘Head & Heart’ by British DJ Joel Corry in collaboration with MNEK. While these names may not ring a bell, their song is sure to jog your memory.

The podium is completed by the remix of the track ‘Roses’ by Kazakh DJ Imanbek. Once again, if the name is unfamiliar, the song, which has garnered several awards, should strike a chord when heard.

Dear runners, devoted wearers of headphones, you are now equipped for your next jogging adventure.

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