9 Destination Marathons – A Great Personal Feat With An Amazing Vacation

If you can combine a great personal feat, with an amazing vacation, why not, right? Here we’ve outlined some of the best marathon destinations in the world, and some things to do while you’re there. That is, if you are too tired after running over 26 miles.

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  • Reggae Marathon – Jamaica

The Reggae Marathon is a full marathon, half-marathon and 10K, slated for December 1, 2018. Talk about a fun-in-the-sun race! This event is known for being a laid back and supremely fun trip, and is a race that’s frequented by both marathon enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Run the mostly flat race along the beach, and there’s nothing to worry about! There’s tons of parties and events surrounding the race itself, so plan for having fun while you’re there.

What’s there to do?

Negril, Jamaica boasts some of the most beautiful beaches, bluest water, and tropical times you can find in the Caribbean. Take in a Reggae show at the Seastar Inn, or eat some amazing food at The Blue Mahoe, and tour a gorgeous island.

  • The Cayman Islands Marathon – Cayman Islands

Scheduled for December 2, 2018, the Cayman Islands Marathon is a full, half, and relay marathon, located in one of the most beautiful courses imaginable. There’s nothing that eases the pain of running 26 miles like doing it beachside in a tropical environment, looking out at the ocean. The relay is a nice touch that most races don’t offer, which makes it great for groups of friends. There’s also a Kids Fun Run, so if you bring the whole family, everyone gets to participate.

What’s there to do?

While you’re there, don’t miss out on the amazing jazz music scene at your fingertips. You can snorkel in water that is practically clear, and eat at over 150 restaurants, providing the freshest seafood, and 140 different nationalities of food fare. Oh yeah. Did we mention you can lie on a beautiful beach and recover? You can totally do that too.

  • Bermuda Race Weekend

Tropical and all-around fantastic, Bermuda Race weekend features a marathon, half marathon, 10K and invitational mile, providing a fabulous weekend of running. And the tropical destination can’t be beat. Are you noticing a theme here? We’re trying to get you to run in beautiful places! They also over the Bermuda Triangle Challenge, which is for the brave and bold who want to run all three, marathon, half marathon, and 10K in the three days back to back. No one said it was easy. But you come out the other side with some serious bragging rights.

Scheduled for January 18th – 20th, 2019

What’s there to do?

Home to some of the most amazing resorts, gold courses, and beaches in the world, this small island gives you warm weather, and warm people. There’s clubs and bars aplenty, impeccable dining options, golf, spas, and tours of the amazing island sites.

  • Marathon Bahamas – Nassau, Bahamas

Home to one of the most gorgeous race paths available, you can run a marathon, half marathon, or relay in the Bahamas. The registration for the 2019 race has already begun for the 2019 race. Not to mention, if you live in a winter climate, what better to escape to and achieve a big personal goal than the Bahamas in January!

What’s there to do?

What isn’t there to do might be a better question to ask. Compiled of 14 different islands, the Bahamas provides little things to do on each of it’s islands. Wheter you want to shop, gamble, go to spas, take in the food, go out dancing, swim with dolphins, or more this tropical destination really does have it all. Their main industry is tourism, so they’re bound to have what you’re looking for.

  • Walt Disney World Marathon – Orlando, Florida

The upcoming 2019 race will be the 26th anniversary of the Walt Disney World marathon, so you may want to get on board for a fun and big event! This one is one of a kind, as your race course takes you through the Disney parks and gives you all kinds of fun events, a food and health expo, a series of speakers, and a family 5K run as well. When it’s at Disney, and it’s a 26 year anniversary, you know they’ll pull out all the stops to have the best even possible, so this one really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Act like a kid, have a ball, and complete that race!

What’s there to do?

This one is pretty self-explanatory. When you’re at Disney World, you’re open to doing pretty much anything and everything they have to offer. Games, rides, food, drinks, and some of the nicest resort accommodations in the country. Not to mention you’re just miles away from some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches.

  • Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series – AZ, CO, NV, CA, TN, LA, TX, WA

One of the coolest things about this marathon series, is that they’re a traveling marathon that lands in cities literally all over the country. We didn’t even list every state that they go to, and their list is always changing. There’s bound to be one within traveling distance to you, so it’s a marathon series for literally anyone and everyone. That’s an exciting thing. Not everyone can afford to go to the Bahamas, but everyone can jump a couple states over and participate in a really cool event.

What’s there to do?

That all depends on where you are, but the Rock’n’Roll Marathon series lands in some really cool cities, and they provide really cool entertainment surrounding the event, so you’re bound to have a blast.

  • Virgin London Marathon – United Kingdom

It’s breathtaking to be in the heart of London, and nothing’s better than getting run a marathon right through it. This epic race has been going for over 36 years, and continues on strong, being one of the most popular and fun races to be a part of. With a rich history, and culture, as well as a fun route, this marathon is a destination not to be missed.

What’s there to do?

Everything. Check out an amazing old-style pub or wine bar scattered throughout the city, see an amazing theater performance or art exhibit, check out a game of football (soccer for us Yanks), and more. London is chock full of amazing cultural things to keep you busy when you’re not focusing on your big run.

  • Kauai Marathon – Kauai, Hawaii

Not many get the chance to run on the second-best island in the world, but here’s your chance. There’s a full marathon, half marathon, and a relay marathon that all will take you through the rolling and lush hills of Kauai, finally landing you beachside for some rest and recovery, while you relish in your triumph. Once again, a tropical destination that can’t be beat for the beauty of the course and the time you’ll have.

What’s there to do?

From botanical gardens, to ocean finishing, natures abounds in Kauai, and will provide you with an amazing race backdrop as well as an amazing vacation backdrop. Check out Old Koloa Town, to see plantations from the past, and enjoy breathtaking coastline from a well respected island, worldwide.

  • Maratona di Roma – Rome, Italy

Coming up on April 7th 2019, the Rome Marathon is surely an ultimate destination for marathon runners. Highly attended, and absolutely gorgeous, you’ll find yourself running across Rome’s cobblestone streets and past it’s finest in tourist attractions and old time culture, including the Tower of Pisa and more.

What’s there to do?

It’s Rome! The city is steeped in architecture, art, people, design, food, and of course wine. With over three hundred hotels and enough skinny side streets for you to get lost for a lifetime, there’ll be no shortage of things to do when you get there!

Have fun!

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