Do Asics Run Small or True To Size (Kayano, Ride Series, Nimbus, Metaracer…)


Today, I'm going to answer the question: do Asics run small or true to size?

If you do not have the opportunity to try on your favorite Asics running shoe in store and want to order them online, then this article is for you.

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Do Asics Run Small or True To Size?

Asics Gel Nimbus 23


Is the Asics Gel Nimbus true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size. It’s the perfect fit through the midfoot, the heel pocket, and the toe box.

It has an engineered mesh upper that’s not very breathable, but the lockdown is solid.

It has a FlyteFoam midsole material with Gel through the heel. It doesn’t feel incredibly bouncy or responsive.


It’s great for somebody who likes neutral shoes with a hint of stability through the foot strike.

If you like a stable ride and you don’t feel like you’re going to roll your ankle, this is a good option.

This is a daily trainer and not an easy-day shoe because it’s a bit on the heavy side.

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  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (9.7 oz / 255g)
Men’s size 9 (10.9. oz / 283g)

Asics Gel Nimbus Lite


Is the Asics Gel Nimbus Lite true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size. If you’re wearing thinner socks, you could easily pull off a half size down. If it’s a thicker sock in wintertime, you should go true to size.

This is a neutral shoe with a wider platform. It has a bouncy ride but not like the Novablast.

It has a nice roller feel through your gait cycle, which is great for heel strikers.

The FlyteFoam midsole comes with IGS technology (Impact Guidance System), which translates to a very stable ride.


I’ll use this shoe for daily training. This is a classic daily trainer shoe and it’s too heavy for a tempo day, but it’s leaning in that easy-day shoe direction.

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  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (8.5 oz / 243g)
Men’s size 9 (9.5 oz / 270g)

Asics Dynablast


Is the Dynablast true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size. The Dynablast is a shoe that's roomier through the toe box. The knit upper is way more flexible and stretching and the lockdown is great.

This is a neutral road running shoe with a knit upper vs an engineered mesh in the Novablast.

It has a FlyteFoam Blast midsole that is much more stable than the Novablast.


I would use this shoe for daily training and probably leaning in the direction of an easy-day shoe.

It’s great for somebody looking for a value buy knowing you can easily go 500+ miles in it.

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  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (7.3 oz / 198g)
Men’s size 9 (8.4 oz / 238g)

Asics Novablast


Is the Asics Novablast true to size?
No. It runs bigger. The toe box has a little too much space and maybe you should go a half size down.

This max cushion shoe has a jacquard mesh upper which is so breathable and great for those hot days in the summer times.

The geometry of the FlyteFoam Blast midsole is cut in a particular way to help create more bounce in the shoe.

The shoe offers a bouncy almost like a trampoline feel through your foot strike thanks to the great decoupled groove on the outsole.


This is definitely a neutral road running shoe. If you need any sort of stability, don’t pick the Novablast up.

I do believe the Novablast is a fun shoe to run in and it’s able to accomplish a lot of different tasks.

It could be a tempo-day shoe because it is light enough and it's a shoe that has enough energy return through the midsole.

You could also use it for a middle-distance day and for a long-run day because of the stack height.

I wouldn’t use it as an easy-day shoe because it has so much potential for energy return and I think you’re going to want to run a little too fast.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (8.3 oz / 226g)
Men’s size 9 (9.5 oz / 255g)

Asics Roadblast

Is the Asics Roadblast true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size with no issues with fit as far as the length of the shoe.

However, it’s a little snug through the toe box. If you like a little room in your toe box, just bear that in mind.

It has a very minimal gender-specific knit upper with no bells or whistles. The lockdown is pretty solid and there’s no slipping at all through the heel counter.

It has a FlyteFoam Blast midsole with AmpliFoam which is very soft and comfortable. It offers a good ride but definitely not as bouncy compared to the Novablast.


It falls right between daily trainer and easy day, but it’s light enough it could go a little further past an easy day.

It’s great for somebody that really appreciates saving money on a brand-new shoe and looking for ground contact feel under the forefoot thanks to the 14mm stack height.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Men’s size 9 (8.7 oz / 247g)

Asics Metaride

Is the Metaride true to size?
Yes. Going with your normal running shoe size is surely the way to go. The toe box is wide enough to not feel too cramped.

The upper is made of two different types of material, a circular knit right above the toe box for comfort and breathability and some stiffer mesh around the toe cap and midfoot for better lockdown.

It has two layers of FlyteFoam to give you both cushioning and responsiveness. There’s also a layer of Gel to create a softer landing zone for you.

Even though this is a zero-drop shoe, it doesn’t feel that way because of that rocker geometry.

Like all the shoes in the Ride series, the Metaride has the Guidesole technology which Asics claims is supposed to lessen fatigue by making your muscles work less.


It’s great for when you kind of want to build those weekly miles and log the miles without injury. Also, you’re going to enjoy it for your recovery runs.

Then, if you’re someone that has more of a heel-toe foot strike, the Metaride is going to be good for you not only for your slower and moderate days, but also for your faster days as well.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (8.8 oz / 249 g)
Men’s size 9 (10.8 oz / 306 g)

Asics Evoride


Is the Asics Evoride true to size?

If you normally wear thin socks, you may want to go a half size down.

It has a very breathable mesh upper. If it’s freezing out, you would want to wear very thick socks.

The big selling point with the Asics’ Ride lineup (Metaride, Glideride, and Evoride) is that they want to help reduce the amount of work that your ankles have to do, which Asics claims is supposed to help save your and keep your legs fresher for longer.

The midsole has the rocker technology through the forefoot to give you a nice kind of launch-off feeling and a really nice toe-off.


It feels lightweight, snappy, and poppy. It’s great for tempo days 100% and I don’t think it’s an easy-day shoe. 

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (7.4 oz / 198g)
Men’s size 9 (8.8 oz / 249g)

Asics Glideride


Is the Asics Glideride true to size?
Yes. You can go true to size with no real issues with the fit at all. It’s not too narrow through the toe box nor the midfoot.

The upper is Monofilament engineered mesh with solid lockdown.

It’s a neutral shoe but it’s really guiding your foot strike. It has a FlyteFoam midsole and Guidesole technology with a hardened EVA plate inside the midsole.


It’s designed for the runner who needs a little bit of help through the gait cycle to keep their feet moving in the right direction.

The Glideride needs higher speeds as it feels awkward and kind of uncomfortable at slower paces. It feels way better at 6.30 to 7-minutes a mile.

This is not a soft easy-day type of shoe. It shines at middle distances and long runs. It’s great if you want to buy one shoe that’s just going to go forever and ever.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (8.1 oz / 229g)
Men’s size 9 (10.5 oz / 283g)

Asics Metaracer


Is the Asics Metaracer true to size?
Yes. You can go true to size. If you have a really narrow forefoot, you may want to go a half size down.

The toe box is perfect and you won’t feel too scrunched for a racing shoe.

If you have a wider forefoot, you’re going to be happy with the Metaracer.

This is a neutral carbon fiber road running shoe and it’s really breathable, which is perfect for hot-weather racing.

It has a FlyteFoam midsole with the Guidesole technology to help reduce your ankle flexion, which is supposed to help save your calves.


If you enjoy ground contact feel in racing shoes, the Metaracer is a winner for you.

It is going to shine at a half marathon and it almost feels like a 10k-shoe.

I’m a little perplexed and I just don’t know if I would be taking this 14mm forefoot stack height to the marathon distance.

It’s great for someone who loves ground contact feel and someone who prefers lower stack heights and doesn’t want to feel wobbly out there in their racing.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (5.9 oz / 168g)
Men’s size 9 (7 oz / 198g)

Asics Hyper Speed


Is the Asics Hyper Speed true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size with really no issues at all. It has a nice snug feel through the toe box and there’s no slipping at all through the heel counter. 

If you have a wide midfoot, I do think it’s a little on the narrow side through the midfoot. 

The upper is that classic thin jacquard mesh design that’s incredibly breathable with awesome lockdown though.

It has a classic EVA midsole foam which produces a pretty decent energy return through the foot strike.

I’m amazed that it’s still coming in at a pretty lightweight category even though it does have so much rubber on the outsole.

I guess Asics wanted to give us a very lightweight shoe that could last a long time.


If you really strike on your heel, you might want to consider staying away from the Hyper Speed.

You can use the Hyper Speed for tempo-day training, interval days on the track, 5k, and 10k racing.

I would limit it to that 8 to 10-mile range and I wouldn’t recommend it for a 16-mile day because it’s just a little too lean for that.

So, if you want to save some money for a 10k or a 5k road racing, this is your shoe.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (6.3 oz / 178g)
Men’s size 9 (7.4 oz / 209g)

Asics Gel Kayano 27


Is the Asics Kayano true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size. If you’re someone with a wider foot, you’re going to love the Kayano.

 It has a dialed-in upper. It’s going to wrap around your foot really nicely with some really good midfoot and forefoot lockdown.


This is a stability shoe for unstable overpronators

So, if you’re someone who needs a little bit more guidance and doesn’t mind that little bit more of a structured feel, look towards the Kayano.

It’s great for long runs and some shorter recovery runs, but it’s heavier for any speedwork or tempo runs.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (9.7 oz / 255g)
Men’s size 9 (11 oz / 311g)

Asics Gel Kayano Lite


Is the Asics Kayano Lite true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size and there’s no issues with the length of the shoe.

However, there’s a little too much wiggle room through the toe box for narrow feet.

The Kayano Lite is an ounce lither than the regular Kayano.

It has a recycled content polyester upper that’s very breathable through the toe box. The lockdown is solid and the shoe is plush through the collar.

Stability shoes used to have a really solid medial posting to help with overpronation issues. With the Kayano Lite, you’re not going to feel that.

So, Asics have created a midsole with a newer geometry concept to slow the rate of overpronation and add the right amount of support through the midfoot.

The midsole is a little firmer than expected, but the Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) is a little softer and a little pliable through the forefoot, which is great for forefoot strikers who don’t want too firm of a landing under the forefoot.


It falls into the daily-trainer category. If Asics makes the next Kayano Lite a little lighter, it could fall more closely into that daily-trainer and tempo-day category.

It could also be an easy-day trainer if it weren’t for the weight and the fact that the midsole cushion is not ideal if you just want to baby your legs when you’re going a 9-minute pace for example.

It’s best for you if you like a snappy feel, a little bit of stability, and a really plush upper.

If you need a lot of stability, I think you might need to look at a different shoe that has an actual solid post on the medial side.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (8.9 oz / 252g)
Men’s size 9 (9.9 oz / 280g)

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 13


Is the Asics Noosa Tri true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size with no issues at all. It doesn’t feel too narrow through the midfoot and there’s no slipping through the heel pocket.

The Tri 13 is a neutral road running shoe that has some features built into it that are geared more toward the triathletes.

It has a soft engineered mesh with a smooth liner (avoid slick socks) and it’s very breathable.

It has FlyteFoam with an EvoRide Platform with Guidesole technology, which offers a snappy responsive ride and a smooth heel-to-toe transition.


It’s designed more for the half marathon, but I wouldn’t race a marathon in it.

If you like a little firmer ride, this shoe is for you. It would also fall into more of 6 to 10-mile tempo days.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (6.5 oz / 184g)
Men’s size 9 (7.9 oz / 224g)

Asics Gel Cumulus 22


Is the Asics Cumulus 22 true to size?
It fits true to size and it’s not too short or too long and definitely not too narrow.

It has a 3D engineered mesh upper that wraps around the foot really well and offers a really good lockdown.

It’s a little bit shallow and kind of dips down on the toe box and hugs your foot a little bit closer.

It has a FlyteFoam midsole with Gel giving the shoe a firmer and more responsive ride.


It’s a nice and reliable neutral daily trainer with a great feel underfoot but just without a lot of the excessive stuff that past models had.

Because of how firm it is, it can definitely hold up on those tempo days and it has some balance and some response so it can definitely go long as well.

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  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (8.2 oz / 226g)
Men’s size 9 (9.2 oz / 255g)

Asics GT 2000 9


Is the Asics GT 2000 true to size?
Yes. It runs true to size and the fit is comfortable.

This is the mid-tier stability offering from Asics. It sits right underneath the Kayano and right above the GT 1000.

It has a twin-layer mesh which is flexible yet durable with no points of irritation. The heel clutching system really hugs the collar and the heel really well.

The Kayano has the FlyteFoam Propel in the forefoot but not the GT 2000, which makes it so the ride of the 2000 is a stiffer ride and a bit unforgiving with not a lot of pop to it, but it is responsive.


You are not going to go wrong if you need stability with this shoe because it holds your feet in place securely and provides that stability that you may need.

So, if you overpronate or your ankle rolls in a little more excessively or maybe you have weak arches, the GT 2000 provides that stability built into the midsole.

If you like the Kayano, the 2000 is a light version of that. It has the support but not as much Gel.

It’s a stability training shoe for daily use. It’s not super cushioned for long runs, but it’s not super light you want to go fast.

  • Weight

  • Drop

  • stack

Women’s size 8  (8.4 oz / 226g)
Men’s size 9 (9.9 oz / 255g)

Do Asics Run Small or True To Size?

So, there you have it. As you can see, Asics sizing differs from model to model.

If you've ever had an issues with Asics sizing, please tell us your experience down below in the comments section.

Until then , stay safe 🙂

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