Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big, Small, or True To Size? + AF1 Craft Review


Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big? Do they run small? Are the AF1 true to size? How do they fit for men and women?

These are all great questions to ask especially if you haven’t bought a pair of the AF1 yet.

I’m going to answer these questions and right below that, I’m going to review the all-new Nike Air Force 1 Craft.

You might be surprised because the Crafts have taken the Air Force line to a whole new level. So make sure you read the review below.

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Without further ado, let’s dive right into it…


Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big, Small, True to Size

The Air Force 1 tends to run slightly bigger than most other silhouettes. If you prefer a more roomier fit, I’d recommend you stick to your true size. However, for individuals with narrow feet or those who prefer a snug feel, going half a size up might be the more suitable choice.

Now, let’s break down the fit of different Air Force 1 models individually…

Air Force 1 Craft


For those wondering how the Nike Air Force 1 fits, either go true to size or down a half size. Absolutely do not go up any sizing at all because the Nike Air Force 1 do fit a little big.

I’m a true size 9 slightly on the wider side. I can go either a half size down or true to size depending on the release.

For example, with a standard Air Force 1 White on White from Foot Locker, I’d probably go down a half size to a 8.5.

With something like the Stussy Air Force 1 or the Travis Scott Air Force 1 with the shroud on top of the tongue, I can stick true to size with a size 9.

So, I’d say that despite the Air Force 1 Craft having a slightly more padded insole, they feel fine going a half size down.

It gives me a very nice snug fit, but it isn’t snug in a way that was uncomfortable.

So, with the Air Force Crafts, I’d recommend sticking with your normal Air Force 1 size, which probably is going to be a half size down.

Again, in my opinion, either go true to size or down a half size but never go up.



As far as the fit goes, the Air Force 1 Crafts fit pretty true to size.

I got these in a size 10 and I would probably suggest if you have super wide feet, you definitely can go up half a size, but generally, for the majority of people, I would recommend just going true to size with the Air Force 1.

Make sure you read the Air Force 1 Crafts review below.

How do the Air Force 1 Nike Connect NYC fit?


Air Force 1 Nike Connect NYC

The AF1 Nike Connect fits just like any other AF1 Low. For me, it’s true to size. For you, it might be something different, but I would definitely suggest going for your regular AF1 size.


Travis Scott Air Force 1

The Travis Scott Air Force 1 Low does seem to fit true to size or at least just like every other Air Force 1 Low.


Air Force 1 Low React

As for sizing and fit, the Air Force 1 Low React does seem to fit true to size. In fact, it fits very similarly to a standard pair of Air Force 1 Lows but maybe a tad bit more snug.

But as I always suggest, if you’ve never owned or tried on a pair of AF1 before, I would definitely suggest going down to your local sneaker store and trying a pair on just to make sure the sizing is right for you.


Nike Air Force 1 Craft Review


For the sake of this section, I’m going to review the Nike Air Force 1 Craft in the Summit White colorway.

I’m going to go through some of the pros, some of the cons, and if you should buy it.

This is a shoe that actually dropped back in 2020 and the actual retail price for this shoe is $120. The official colorway for this shoe is White, Summit White, and Vast Gray.

At first glance, this pair of Air Force 1 looks very simple and very clean. However, as the name of the shoe suggests, Air Force 1 Craft, this is a much elevated and much higher quality version of your standard Air Force.



The Air Force 1 Craft comes in a black AF1 box which is a little different than the gray AF1 box. On the top of the box, we have the Nike Air, the swoosh logo, and Air Force 1.

As you open the box, it has the premium star Air Force 1 tissue paper. What I found interesting with this tissue paper is that if you look really closely, it has a print on the tissue paper that has a few stars and it says EST. 1982. This is kind of a small detail, but I thought it was really cool.



As far as the upper goes, the AF1 is constructed using a very premium very soft tumbled white leather. I think this is a really nice touch because the leather upper looks super buttery and also feels super buttery.

On the toe box, you have your standard look with the perforations found throughout. Then we have another overlay of this tumbled white leather around the outer edge of the toe box.

This same leather covers the eyelets of the shoe, the mid panel as well as the swoosh on top.

The only exception to this leather is on the top of the back heel where instead of your normal Air Force 1 branding, the heel patch is covered in this very hairy brushed gray suede.


Beneath this, there’s this cutout of tumbled leather which has the Nike swoosh and AF1 branding. Then there’s more leather running down the center of the heel.

Underneath the laces, you have your tongue which is constructed out of white-colored nylon, and at the top, again, we have the Nike swoosh and Air Force 1 branding.



On the bottom of the laces, these come with a dubrae, or lace lock. It looks gray at first, but it’s actually done in this pretty nice iridescent finish and again, we have the Nike swoosh and AF1 branding.

This pair comes with no extra laces in specific. It comes with higher-end more luxurious laces compared to a typical Air Force 1 and the lace tips are metal, which adds to the whole premium and elevated feel of this shoe.



I feel like the insoles on this pair are slightly more padded than your normal Air Force 1. They’re lined in this white color at the top and there’s more Air Force 1 branding stamped on the heel.



The upper of these Air Force 1s sits atop this white-colored midsole and as usual, we have AIR branding on the lateral side of the back heel.

Encapsulated within the midsole but not visible to the eye, there is Nike Air sole technology for cushioning.



Then turning the shoe over to the bottom, you have your standard Air Force 1 outsole. The outsole has the circular traction pattern on the forefoot and the back heel along with Nike branding in the middle of the medial side.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Comfortable?

In terms of comfort, the Air Force 1 Craft is actually pretty comfortable. Again, I feel like the insole is a little bit more padded and on top of that, the upper is very soft and it feels very broken in already straight out of the box.

There’s no stiff breaking time required, and even with the first step, it felt very molded to my feet. While the Air Force 1 Craft is still a little bit on the heavier side, this is still, after all, an Air Force 1.

I feel like these will be a pretty good shoe for just an everyday sort of shoe and one that you can leave by your door without worrying about them too much.

How does the AF1 Craft compare to a standard AF1 in terms of the materials used?




In terms of the quality and the craftsmanship, I’m sure you know by now that the quality of the materials is definitely A+.

The cut of leather feels very nice and thick but at the same time, it’s very broken in and has a very nice soft feel to it.

Compared to the standard version, I would say that this Craft version of the Air Force 1 definitely has a lot more cushioning in the tongue and I would say equally as much cushioning in the insole.

There’s just something about the Craft that makes me feel like it’s more comfortable.

So, from an actual craftsmanship standpoint or how Nike put the shoe together, I felt like this pair is very solidly well-built. My pair had no visible issues and no flaws whatsoever.


The Air Force 1 Crafts are super clean shoes and super easy to wear. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, pants, joggers… However you want to rock it, just do it. (Send me the check, Nike)


To get the Air Force 1 Craft, you’re going to need to pay $120, which is $30 more than than the regular AF1.

Getting these in hand, honestly, this was a very solid pair. Even if I was to pay the actual retail price for this shoe, I’d feel like I’d be getting my money’s worth.

And I feel like if you’re the type that wears a lot of White on White Air Force 1s and you’re the type that goes and buys the All-white Forces from Foot Locker, for example, I’d probably recommend paying the extra 30 or 40 bucks or whatever that price difference is and grabbing something like this.

The quality between this pair and the Foot Locker Air Forces is really night and day. I feel like once you get these in hand, you’ll really understand and appreciate the quality.

All in all, for the price point that you’re paying, you’re definitely getting very good value.

Now for the pros and cons…


My first pro is that the quality of the Air Force 1 Craft is really premium.

I know that they have an up price of $30 compared to the typical AF1 which is only $90. But I definitely think that the premium quality in these justifies the value and price for what you’re paying for.

There’s some really soft padding on the inside of the shoe but also on the tongue and that kind of further justifies the 30 up charge along with the other premium materials.

The AF1 are really comfortable. I say that with a lot of Air Force 1s, but these in specific are a relatively more comfortable AF1.

The AF1s have a really subtle and timeless look to them. They look like they’re a little more worn in and a little more vintage-looking.

So, I can definitely see this shoe aging a lot better than the standard Air Force One. The tumbled leather on these and the back heel tab have a really vintage feel to them.


The only con I could find is the AF1 Craft is a little bit more expensive than your standard AF1. If you can’t afford the 30 upcharge, these won’t really add that much value compared to the typical Air Force 1.

Some of those premium materials don’t really mean that much to some people, and if that’s the case, then just go with the $90 typical regular Air Force 1.


I would say that the Nike Air Force 1 ‘7 Craft is a premium take on the original version. This version is a lot more cozy, worn-in, and a little bit less structured. It’s a little bit different than the more stiff leather structured look that the original Air Force 1 has.

It’s really up to you as far as your preference and your budget go, but I would definitely recommend the Craft if you have the standard AF1 already.

I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually after the dunk hype slowly starts to slow down, we start to see more models like the Air Force 1 being more and more hyped up.

If that’s the case, I feel like this would be a very great value shoe to add to your collection right now. You guys won’t be disappointed.

Let me know in the comment section down below what you guys think about this Air Force 1 Craft and the Summit White colorway.

How do you guys feel about this colorway specifically and what’s your take on the Air Force 1 silhouette in general?

Which one do you like better, the $120 Crafts or the regular $90 version?

So, do Nike Air Force 1 run big, small, or true to size? I guess you have the answer now.

See you on the next one… 

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  1. Hi. Regarding the regular AF1s. I tried size 10 but it’s a little tight, I cannot wiggle toes. Then I tried 10.5, but there is too much empty space in the toe box. What size would you suggest?

    Also, do the Crafts fit like the regular AF1s?

    Thank you


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